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Smith, C. mss., 1929-1978

Papers, 1929-1978, of Carleton Smith at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Electronic finding aid encoded by Beth Benda.

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Smith, Carleton, 1908-1984

Smith, C. mss.,1929-1978

Collection no
LMC 2159

ca. 31,000 items

Materials are in English.

Consists of the papers of educator, consultant, musicologist, and journalist Carleton Smith, 1908-1984.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions
This collection is open for research.
Acquisition Information
Gift. 1986, 1987
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Smith, C. mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Biographical Note
Smith was the director of the National Arts Foundation and organized the International Awards Foundation to establish awards in fields not covered by the Nobel Prize. Smith was instrumental in establishing the Pritzker Prize for architecture and the Getty Wildlife Conservation Prize. He taught music appreciation at the University of Illinois from 1926 to 1929, economics and foreign trade at De Paul University from 1928 to 1934, and music history at Oxford University from 1931 to 1939. He was the music editor of Esquire and was European correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune. During the late 1940's he helped recover many music manuscripts that were lost during the war. Through his extensive travels Smith befriended many politicians, musicians and other luminaries of his day.

Scope and Content Note

Consist of the papers of educator, consultant, musicologist, and journalist Carleton Smith, 1908-1984. Included are a collection of transcripts and notes for articles for Esquire and other magazines; photographs of various celebrities and public figures; correspondence involving the Nobel Prize and the Pritzker Prize, as well as with various celebrities, politicians, musicians, and other public figures, such as Joan Crawford, Dwight D. Eisenhower, J. Paul Getty, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jean Sibelius, and Thomas Merton.

Additional Physical Form Available

Some audio materials have been reformatted for use in the repository only.


Organized into the following series: I. Business/Professional; II. Writings; III. Personal; IV. Miscellaneous; V. Mixed Media.

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    • Names
    • National Arts Foundation --Presidents.
    • International Awards Foundation.
    • Smith, Carleton, 1910-1984
    • Smith, Carleton, 1910-1984 --Correspondence.
    • Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969 --Correspondence.
    • Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973 --Correspondence.
    • Getty, J. Paul (Jean Paul), 1892-1976 --Correspondence.
    • Crawford, Joan, 1908-1977 --Correspondence.
    • Sibelius, Jean, 1865-1957 --Correspondence.
    • Merton, Thomas, 1915-1968 --Correspondence.
    • Topics
    • Musicologists --Correspondence.
    • Motion picture actors and actresses.

Series: Business/Professional,

Contains correspondence and other materials relating to Smith's career. Arranged alphabetically by subject. Subject headings are taken for the most part from original folder labels, followed by date span of materials and the contents of each folder.

Box 1 Africa, 1978-1981 

Correspondence; "The Afrikaner" by Alan Paton (photocopy)

Alex, Stephen H., 1966 

Correspondence; biographical sketch of Bob Hope

American System Council Dinner, 1976 

Transcript of dinner discussion

Anderson, Dame Judith, 1978 


Art and government, 1953 

Correspondence; press release; H.R. bill 452; and H.R. 5397; notes

Art Works, 1955-1966 

Correspondence; inventories of art works

Athenagoras, I, 1966 

Correspondence; miscellaneous

Atticus [column about CS in New York Times], 1975 

Correspondence; photocopy of article about Carleton Smith

Atwater, Vernon S., n.d.




Correspondence; notes

Account of Expenses, 1966-1967 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Ambassadors, 1966 


Anti-Semitism, n.d.


Attacks, Personal, 1967 


Cables, 1964-1965 

Correspondence; notes

Chamber of Commerce, 1966 


Consulate Generals, 1963-1967 


Consul General, Gleissner, Dr. Heinrich, 1967 

Correspondence; notes

original contracts, 1960-1965 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; clippings

Contract Agreement, 1961-1967 

Correspondence and contracts; outline of Smith's consulting services; notes

Contract: Office rent, etc., 1966-1968 

Correspondence; receipt; notes

Decorations by Austrian Government, 1962-1975 

Correspondence, 1962-1966, 1975; miscellaneous; lists of names

Foreign Ministers, 1966 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Fortnight, 1965 


News Items, 1962-1966 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Newspaper Correspondents, n.d.

list of names

Salzburg Festival -Austria, 1963-1967 

Correspondence; agenda; press release; notes

Salzburg Festival, 1976 


Salzburg Seminar et al., 1963-1965 

Correspondence, 1965; "Foreign Policy and Public Opinion," lecture by Bruno Kreisky, 1963 (photocopy)

Dr. Werner Sauter, 1966-1967 


Viennese Opera Ball, n.d.

Announcement; seating arrangements; Salzburg Festival Program

miscellaneous, 1963-1965 

Correspondence; magazine article; press release; people-to-people report, notes and rough notes

Baker, Philip C., 1963-1966 


Beckett, G. Campbell, 1967 


Belknap, Chauncey, n.d.

Biographical sketch

Bement Centennial Corporation, 1955 

Correspondence; press releases; articles; notes

Benavides, Felipe, 1973-1975 

Correspondence; miscellaneous

Benton, William, 1967 


Berlin, Isaiah, 1982 


Bernhardt, Sarah, 1916 


Bernstein, Leonard, 1974 


Bircher-Benner, Ralph, 1982 

Correspondence; notes

Blackmun, Henry A., 1983-1984 Correspondence; notes

Bledsoe, William A., 1956 

Correspondence; Bledsoe's Curriculum Vita

Bliss, Mildred (Mrs. Robert Woods), 1962-1966 


Bobleter, Dr. Carl H., 1966 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; biographical sketch of Bobleter

Bock, Fritz, 1963-1967 

Correspondence; speech (untitled); Interview of Bock; biographical sketch of Bock; notes

Bolling, Frances M., 1978-1983 


Bolling, Landrum, 1983-1984 


Boorstin, Daniel, 1983 

Correspondence; biography; Council of Scholars of Library of Congress list; notes

Boucher, M. Jean, 1967 

Correspondence; notes

Boulanger, Nadia, 1966-1967 


Bowra, Sir Maurice, n.d.

"Useless Knowledge" by Bowra (2 copies); notes

Boyer, Gaye (secretary), 1963-1967 

Correspondence; time sheets; notes

Brandon, Mabel H., 1984 


Brandt, Willy, 1964-1966 


Brewster, Kingman, Jr., n.d.

Biographical sketch

Brisk, Melvin J., 1967 


Bromfield, Louis, n.d.


Brown, George R., 1963 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Buckingham, Kate S., 1927-1982 


Buckingham Palace, 1951 


Box 2 California - Colleges, n.d. notes

California University, 1966-1976 

Correspondence; notes; Academic Plan, California University, 1966-1976

Canham, Erwin Dain, 1967 

Correspondence; biographical sketch

Carlock, M.E., 1964-1967 

Correspondence; Speech: "The Basis of Effective Advertising Strategy" (copy); notes

Carpenter, John A. and Ellen, 1949,   1965 


Carter, Amon, 1964 


Casals, Pablo, 1967 

Correspondence; press release; biographical sketch; notes

Chagall, Marc, 1977. 

Biography; press release; invitation to Chagall's America Windows exhibition

Checketts, Sir David (Buckingham Palace - Prince Charles), 1975-1977 

Correspondence; press release; Prince of Wales' speech; notes

Christie, John, 1946-1950 

Correspondence; rough notes

Cisler, Walker Lee, n.d.

Biographical information; notes

Clifford, Clark, 1962-1967 

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Clark, Kenneth (Lord Clark of Saltwood), 1981 


Cocteau, Jean, 1953 


Connally, Governor John B., 1963-1964,   1976  


Constable, Giles, 1979-1980  


Contracts, negotiations, New York World's Fair and others, 1960-1965 

Correspondence; "An Overall Plan... New York World's Fair" by Carleton Smith Association; miscellaneous

Coolidge, Charles A., 1962-1963  

Correspondence; notes

Council of Europe Proposal, 1967  

Correspondence; Proposal for Public Relations Services to Secretary General of Council of Europe; Carleton Smith's resumes

Cousins, Norman, n.d.


Cowles, Gardner, 1964  


Cowles, John, Jr., n.d.


Cox, Oscar, 1966 

Correspondence; biographical sketch; notes

Crawford, Joan, 1948,   1967  


Cummings, Nathan, 1967  

Correspondence; biographical sketch

Curtis Institute, 1975-1978  

Correspondence; Curtis Institute Newsletter; Programs from Curtis Music Institute; notes

Czernetz, Karl, 1963-1965  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Dalai Lama, 1979  

Correspondence with representative; "Background to the Current Controversy Between Bhutan and the Tibetan Refugees in Bhutan," Office of Tibet; meeting agenda

Dallas, Texas, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; notes

Damrosch, Walter, 1928  

Transcription from "Damrosch Hour," Mr. Walter Damrosch & N.Y. Symphony Orchestra

De Los Angeles, Victoria, 1976-1983 

Correspondence; discography; concert schedules, 1977; Promotional booklet & material; Photocopies of reviews, clippings, etc.; Rough notes; Autographed program (Alicia de Larrocha)(2 folders)

Lord Denning, 1982-1983  


Denman, Gilbert M., Jr., 1967  


DeSabata, Victor, 1959  


Douglas, Paul H., 1953-1955,   1973  


Downs, Hugh, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; commentary; rough notes

Draper, Paul, n.d.


Drimmel, Heinrich, 1963-1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1965-1967  

Correspondence re: Eisenhower; biographical note on Eisenhower; guest lists for awards presentation; press notices re: awards presentation; clippings; rough notes

Ecuador, Addresses, n.d.

"Outline of Public Relations Program for Ecuador"; notes

Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1984  

Correspondence; notes

Edward McDowell Assn., Inc., 1965-1966  

Correspondence; promotional material

Emerick, Elwood, 1961-1967  

Correspondence; lecture contracts (Elwood Emerick Mgmt)

Enelow, Gertrude S., 1959-1966  

Correspondence; magazine article; itinerary; promotional material; clippings; photographs

Enesco, Georges, 1939  


England, 1975-1983  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes; addresses (3 folders)

England, Cambridge, 1974-1976,   1980-1982  

Correspondence; notes (3 folders)

England, Sidney Sussex, 1979-1982  

Correspondence; notes; The Linnett Appeal

Englander, Alois G., "Dream Plan," 1967  

Correspondence; orders; proposals; notes

Englander, Alois G. - Vienna, 1979  


d'Estaing, Giscard, n.d.


Europe, 1953-1978,   1981-1983  

Correspondence; notes (3 folders)

Fahnestock, Frances, 1974-1978  

Correspondence; publicity flyer; miscellaneous notes; invitation; calendar

King Faisal, 1982  


Farrar, Geraldine, 1951,   1961  


Gerber, Edna, 1953,   1960  


Ferguson, Esther, n.d.

Miscellaneous; notes

Ferré, Luis A. - Ponce, Puerto Rico, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; addresses for newspapers & hotels; promotional material; rough notes

Box 3 Finland, 1981  

Correspondence; account statement; calling cards; notes; clippings

Finland, White Rose of Finland, n.d.

Translation of award honoring C. Smith with Knighthood in order of the White Rose of Finland; related materials

Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich, 1964-1967  

Correspondence; information on Fischer-Dieskau; clippings; rough notes

Flagstad, Kirsten, 1953,   1959  


Foley, William T., 1981-1984  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Folger Shakespeare Library, 1963  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; photocopy of Titus Andronicus from The Folger Shakespeare Library

Fosdick, Raymond B., 1966  


France, 1979  


Frangopoulos, Theophilos D., 1966  


Frankl, Viktor, 1975  

Letter; miscellaneous notes; invoice

Frijsh, Povla 1936-1953  

Correspondence about and with Madame Povla Frijsh; 1930 interview with Frijsh in The New Republic; other interviews with Frijsh; clippings and photostats of clippings; Hunter College voice instruction announcements; University of Illinois invoice; miscellaneous rough notes

Fulbright, Senator J.W., 1965-1975  

Biog. sketch; correspondence; 1975 booklet on Fulbright-Hays Act; copy of Bill S.2874; texts of 2 speeches

Fulton, Robert J., n.d.

Booklet "Sky Hook"; rough notes

Furtwängler, Wilhelm and Elisabeth, 1962-1983  

Correspondence; magazine articles; reviews; press releases; lists of members of The Furtwängler Society; notes

Galbraith, John K., 1967  

Letter to Galbraith

Garden, Mary, 1949-1976  

Correspondence; list of Garden recordings; writings; clippings about Garden; notes; miscellaneous (6 folders)

Garden, Mary, estate, 1967  

Correspondence; clippings; notes

Gardner, John W., 1967  

Letter to Gardner

Gary, Theodore S., 1967  


Germany, 1975-1976  


Getty, J. Paul, 1973-1974  

Correspondence; news release; ballot; Getty Wildlife Conservation Prize candidates list; trustee list

Getty Wildlife Conservation Prize, 1974-1975  


Giacometti, Alberto, sculptor, 1965-1968  


Giannini, Dusolina, 1935  


Gish, Lillian, n.d.


Gmeiner, Hermann, 1963  


Goelet, Robert G., n.d.

Correspondence (n.d.); wedding invitation; clipping; rough notes

Goheen, Robert, 1966  

Correspondence; clipping

Good, Margaret, 1973-1976  


Goodhue, Lyllia (Mrs. H. Shippen Goodhue), n.d.


Greenewalt, Crawford H., 1967  


Grunwald, Henry Anatole, 1981  


Halonen, Jaakko, 1979-1983  


Halpin, Jeanne N., 1983  

Correspondence; draft letter; biography of Frank Weinstein

Hammer, Armand, 1976  

Correspondence; photocopy of check; miscellaneous notes

Hammer, Carolyn (Mrs. Victor Hammer), 1965-1967  

Correspondence; "Requiem for Victor Hammer (printed)

Hanover, Ernst August - Prince of Hanover, Duke of Cumberland, 1975-1976  

Correspondence; outline of The Hanover Link

Hanson, Jane Elinor Rhodes, 1973-1977  


Harrison & Abramovitz, 1966  

Correspondence concerning Metropolitan Opera pin #529042 for exhibition

Hart, Kitty Carlisle, 1981-1983  

Correspondence; speeches; biographical data; guest list; invitation

Harvard University, 1967  


Harvard and other universities, 1962-1966  

Correspondence; list of Trustees, University of Chicago; Harvard Commencement material, 65+66; Programs, Georgetown University and Catholic University of America

Hearst, Austine (Mrs. William Randolph), n.d.


Heinz, John, H.J. Heinz Company, 1966-1967  


Henderson, Ernest, Sr., 1967  

Correspondence; poem "The Voice of Yalta"

Hesburgh, Theodore, C.S.C., 1973-1 975,   1980-1982  

Correspondence; biographical material; promotional material; clippings; notes; project definition (2 folders)

Box 4 Hill, Gilman A., 1974-1975  

Correspondence; resume; research proposals; map; work schedules; memos; notes

Hill and Knowlton, Inc., n.d.

Report on public relations

Hinteregger, Gerald, 1966  

Correspondence; rough notes; photo

Hoffmann - LaRoche, 1975-1978  

Correspondence; clippings; miscellaneous rough notes

Holbrook, Hal, 1966  

Letter to Holbrook; Playbill magazine; notes

Holland, Sir Sydney George, 1953  


Hopkins, John, 1968  


Horowitz, Vladimir, n.d.

Programs for Golden Jubilee recitals

Hoving, Thomas, 1982  

Correspondence; notes

Howe, John (presentation - comments), 1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous notes

Hughes, Howard, 1967  

Letters to; clippings; rough notes

Humphrey, Hubert H., 1965-1966  

Correspondence; press releases; clippings

Huntington, Anna Hyatt, 1966  


Huxley, Julian, 1958  


Huxtable, A.L. (Mrs. L. Garth), 1982  

Letter to; note

Illinois, 1952  

Correspondence; clippings; programs and booklet for drama "Forever This Land!"; application form

Illsinger, Ernst, 1965-1966  


Indiana University, 1977-1978  

Correspondence; documents re: non-profit, tax-exempt status; names & addresses list

Indjic, Eugene, 1963-1967  

Correspondence; clippings

International Awards Foundation, 1978-1983  

Correspondence; minutes; certificate of incorporation; memorandum; suggested fields for prizes

Marie José, Queen of Italy; 1976  

Correspondence; concert program/invitation

Italy, Milano, 1981-1983  

Correspondence; notes & receipts

Italy, Spoleto Festival, 1967  


Itineraries, 1967  

Jackson, Barbara Ward (Lady Jackson), 1966-1967  

Correspondence; text of Jackson's speech; press releases; promotional material; publications & articles; clippings; rough notes

Janitschek, Hans, 1964-1984  

Correspondence; script of "Our Man in America"

Jaquith, Hope, 1967  

Correspondence; scrapbook of photographs, descriptive material, concert programs

Jeffers, Robinson, n.d.

"Some Notes on the Building of TOR House" by Donnan Jeffers

Pope John Paul II visit, 1979  

Programs; certificate; buttons; balloon

Johnson, Lyndon B. and Lady Bird, 1965-1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes; clipping

Jonas, Franz, president of Austria, 1958-1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes; itinerary

Jung, Carl Gustav, 1981  

Correspondence; interview with Jung; rough notes

Kaindl, Adele, 1965  

Correspondence; notes

Kaiser, Herbert and Dorothy, 1976-1984  

Correspondence; resume; contracts (3 folders)

Kaiser, Herta, 1964-1965  

Correspondence; notes

Karsh, Yousuf, 1952  


Kaufman, Arthur C. - Gift of model of Independence Hall to Minimundus, Austria, 1967  

Correspondence; translation of Kaufman's speech; promotional publicity; clippings; rough notes

Keeler, Guy V., 1951-1952  


Keller, Helen, 1952  


Kellogg, Francis, 1978,   1977-1978  

Correspondence (photocopies)

Kennedy, Jacqueline (Mrs. John F. Kennedy), (J.F.K. Center), 1964,   1978  

Correspondence; press release; publicity; solicitation request for contributions; invitation; magazine articles/publications; clippings; rough notes

Kennedy, Joseph P., 1961  


Keppel, Francis, 1967  

Biographical sketch; letter; press releases; magazine article; clipping; rough notes

Kety, Seymour S., n.d.

Article; notes

Kirchschlaeger, Rudolf, 1963-1964  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Klaus, Chancellor Joseph, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; "Austrian Mission to the U.N. - Statement by Mr. Josef Klaus"

Klessheim Castle, Salzburg, 1965  

"Address of...Bruno Kreisky...July 28, 1965"; "Kleissheim Palace"; lists of participants, diplomatic seminars

Kluthe, Peter - Munich, 1982  


Kohler, Ella & estate of Walter A. Kohler, 1964-1967  

Correspondence; postcard; medical bills (Cedars-Sinai Hospital)

Konig, Franz Cardinal,


Correspondence 1965; "Treasures from Austria" (list of suggestions for exhibition in Dallas)


Correspondence; biographical sketch; notes


Correspondence; notes; outline for book


Lectures, "Introduction" and "Second Vatican Council and the Secretariat for Non-Believers"; notes

Visit, 1967 

1964-1967 Correspondence; notes

Box 5 1974-1978 

Correspondence; paper: Russia - 58 Years Of Religious Discrimination & Its Results; English and German announcement of Cardinal Dr. Konig Fund; magazine article; clippings


Correspondence; notes; guest lists; Raphael Smith birth certificate (photocopies)


Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Korinek, Franz, n.d.

Biographical outline

Koskoschka, Oskar, 1965 

Correspondence; "Works by O. Kokoschka"; notes

Koussevitzky, Serge, 1952  

Correspondence; story on Dr. Serge Koussevitzky (director of Berkshire music center); questionnaire; "Statement of Faith"; booklet on Berkshire music center; address by Koussevitzky; clipping; miscellaneous rough notes

Kovach, Andor, 1979,   1981  


Kreeger, David Lloyd, 1973-1975  

Correspondence; notes

Kreisky, Bruno, 1963-1967,   1976,   1979-1983  

Correspondence; speeches; notes; miscellaneous (2 folders)

Kress, Mrs. Rush K., 1966  

Correspondence; promotional material; rough notes

Kubler-Ross, Elizabeth, 1982-1983  

Correspondence; notes

Kuhn, Daniel, 1981-1982  


Lambert, Evelyn, 1973-1977  

Correspondence; speech written by Lambert; promotional flyers; musical festival calendar 31 Aug.-18 Sept. 1977

Lambert, Phyllis Bronfman, n.d.

Rough notes

LeBailly, Louis, 1965-1966  

Correspondence; publicity sheets on LeBailly


[censorship?] 1951  

Correspondence; Fisher Theatre program


Correspondence; press info. on Smith; Kazmayer schedule (speaking engagements); notes

1958-1965,  endorsements (personal and others)

Correspondence; notes; printed


Correspondence; notes


Lecture outline; publicity; notes


Austria Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous




Master Lecture Calendar Lecture calendars; notes

1966, Mar-1967, Jan,  ...trips

Correspondence, 1965-1966; lecture schedules; notes; notes about lecture dates & fees (10 folders)

1966  (Boston)

Correspondence; notes


Correspondence; notes; publicity materials

1967,  Kutztown, Penn....

Correspondence; notes: 4/13/1967, "Over Due Changes in U.S. Thinking"

1967,  ideas, etc.

Correspondence; notes; promotional material; clippings

1967,  material & notes


Legendre, Maitre Gilbert, 1962  

Postcard to Legendre

Legge, Walter & Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, 1974-1978,   1983  


Lehmann, Lotte, 1943  


Leir, Henry, 1964-1965,   1974-1978  

Correspondence; Business Week article "Trader's Brainchild a Bonanza"; clipping; notes

Lemberger, Ernst, 1966,   1962-1966,   1965-1967  

Correspondence; curriculum vitae for Franz Matsch; miscellaneous; notes; biographical sketch (3 folders)

Leslie, John E., 1964-1965  

Correspondence; notes

Lewis, Fulton, 1952  


Lewis, Nigel, 1977-1980  

Correspondence; clippings

Lewyt, Alexander M., 1959-1967  

Correspondence; Lewyt's resume, 1959; miscellaneous; notes

The Lewyt Foundation, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes (2 folders)

Lindbergh, Ann M. (Mrs. Charles Lindbergh), 1979-1984  

Correspondence; nomination forms; brochures; Charles A. Lindberg Fund newsletter; awards dinner program

Lindsay, John V., Mayor, N.Y.C., 1966  

Letter to Lindsay

Box 6 Loldrup, Jan, nephew of Povla Frijsh, 1967  

Correspondence; Grade transcripts; photo

Lombard, James, 1967  


Lommatzsch, Rainer, 1965  


Lomnitz, Eric, 1976-1977  


Lorenz, Konrad, 1971-1979  

Correspondence; biographical data; Nobel Prize notes; Lorenz's "Why Waterfoul" article & plan for heatable house for waterbirds; promotional material; invoice; clippings; foreword to Lads Before the Wind by Karen Pryor; Speech-Yale, Doctor of Science degree conferred; notes (2 folders)

Lost musical manuscript

Europe, 1949-1951  

Correspondence (some German); publicity; miscellaneous notes & clippings

Wagner mss., 1974-1978  

Correspondence; miniature souvenir cards from Germany

Baltimore Sun, n.d.

Clippings & photocopies

New York Times, n.d.


Lowen, Walter, 1964-1966  

Correspondence; magazine article; clipping; rough notes

Luxembourg File, 1975-1976  

Correspondence; clippings; notes

MacArthur, Douglas, II, n.d.

Biographical sketch

McArthur, Edwin, 1966,   1975,   1977  

Correspondence; Lotos Leaf (Fall 1977)

MacArthur Foundation, n.d.

Correspondence; notes; clippings; outline for autobiography

McCloy, John Jay, 1965-1966  

Biographical material; correspondence; press releases; address by McCloy; articles from Austrian information; clippings (some German)

McCracken, James, 1977  


MacEwan, Sydney, 1976-1978  


McInnes, William C., S.J., 1966-1967  


McLuhan, Marshall, 1967  

Correspondence; promotional information; list of writings; copies of Harley W. Parker's articles; magazine articles; rough notes

McPherson, Warren G., 1982-1984  


Malraux, Andre, 1955-1956  

Correspondence; "The Fundamental Problem of the Museum;" bibliography

Mandl, Inge, 1961-1967  


Manhattanville College, n.d.


Mantilla, Doris C., 1979-1983  

Correspondence; clippings

Margain, Hugo B. - Mexico, 1967-1968  


Maritain, Jacques, 1957-1966  

Correspondence; rough notes

Markhof, Manfred von Mautner, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous

Mason, Jimilu, 1967  


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978-1981  


Matsch, Franz, 1962  

Address by David Rockefeller; transcript of conversation

Matisse, Henri, 1954  


Maugham, W. Somerset, 1953  


Mecom, John W. and Gerald de Schrenck Sill, 1964-1965  

Correspondence; press statement; magazine articles; clippings; rough notes

Meier, Richard, 1984  


Menuhin, Yehudi, 1983-1984  

Correspondence; proposal; lists

Menotti, Gian Carlo, 1978  

Correspondence; clippings; rough notes

Merton, Thomas, 1967  

Biographical data on Denis Andre Goulet; correspondence; "Christian Humanism"; summary information from Center for Research on Values in Development; promotional material

Merton, Thomas, 1974-1978,   1983 

Correspondence; promotional material on Merton & his works; clippings

Metropolitan Opera, 1952,   1962-1967  

Correspondence; clippings; miscellaneous information; MET opera programs (2 folders)

Michener, James, 1953  


Michoutouchkine, Nicolai, 1968  

Correspondence; dossier

Middendorf, J. William, secretary of Navy - Art Collection, 1967-1976  

Correspondence; Rembrandt exhibition catalogs; Atlantic article; miscellaneous rough notes; clippings; photocopies of portraits

Middleton, Ray, 1967  

Letter; clipping

Miller, Robert Watt, 1966,   1973-1978  

Biographical sketch; correspondence; list of operas; promotional material; programs; invitations; clipping

Milles, Carl, 1952-1953  


Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, n.d.

Letter from Antal Dorati; Minneapolis Symphony Press Book

Monteux, Pierre, 1975  

Correspondence; notes

Montreal, Canada - Expo '67, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Montreal Publicity, 1980  

Correspondence; list of names

Moore, Henry, 1953,   1982-1984  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; exhibition catalog; postcards; exhibition announcements; notes; promotional material (3 folders)

Moseley, J.A.R., 1965-1967  

Correspondence; promotional booklets; clippings

Mount Sinai, Monastery of Saint Catherine, 1982  


Box 7 Mumford, Lewis, n.d.


Munch, Charles, n.d.


Murray, Rosemary, 1975-1977  

Correspondence; miscellaneous lists; programs; agendas; clippings

National Arts Foundation


Informational brochure; lists of art works

Inventory, 1960-1968  

Correspondence; inventories of artworks; notes

Organization Charter, 1946-1947  

Correspondence; Certificate of Incorporation (draft and final version)


Correspondence; Operations of NAF, 1951; organizational chart; announcements; "Ford Foundation: A Review of Ten Months"; clippings

Advisory Committee, 1948-1965  


Board, 1949-1956  





Statement of purpose (typescript)


By-laws; Certificate of incorporation

Monticello Museum, 1962-1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes


Correspondence.; NAF By-Laws; NAF Certificate of Incorporation; "Art and Our Public" by C. Smith; Prize program outline; clipping


Two scrapbooks, outlining NAF organization and purpose


Correspondence; 1974 "Annual" Tax "Report of Private Foundation" (National Arts Foundation); art appraisals; Deed of Foundation and statutes, National Arts Foundation; Proposed Programs; notes

music festival, 1950  

Musical Salute (Koussevitzky) sales letters

National Endowment for the Arts, n.d.

Memorandum for Discussion [on Prizes]

Neiman-Marcus, 1964-1966  

Correspondence; notes; clippings; miscellaneous; "Vienna Agreement - Draft" (carbon)

New Harmony, Indiana, 1975-1977  

Correspondence; resume of Ralph Grayson Schwarz;, photo [Jane Owen?]

Nizer, Louis, 1978  

Correspondence; invitation to bicentennial ceremony; rough notes; clipping

Nobel Prize,


Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes


Printed material


Nobel Prize, Clippings; invitation

Northwood Institute

Advertising, n.d.

"The Basis of Effective Advertising Strategy" (photocopy)

African Festival, 1964-1966  

Correspondence; notes

Arts, 1966  

Correspondence; "Painting and Sculpture U.S.A. Today," brief outline for New York World's Fair, prepared by Carleton Smith, 11/1/1962; clippings

Associate College Program, n.d.

Outline of Northwood Institute's Associate College Programs

James K. Chase, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; notes

Communications Revolution, 1966-1967  

(Northwood Institute) Correspondence; description of "Communications Revolution" Program; notes

Contracts, negotiations, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; "Suggested Talks"; notes

Detroit, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; notes

The Family of Man, n.d.

"The Family of Man" exhibition circulated by the Museum of Modern Art (inventory)

Box 8 Hemisphere Symposium, 1966 

Schedule for Symposium, May 16-17, 1966.

International program, n.d.

International program contacts (list by C. Smith); program plan document

Latin American Correspondence, 1963-1966  

Correspondence; "The Inter-American Committee, Inc." Report; "Memorandum on a Program of Information and P.R. for Latin America" by D. Suarez; "The Alliance for Progress...""A New Concept of Investment in Latin America" by G. Vollmer; Program summary

Latin America, 1966  

Correspondence; Curriculum Vitae of H.E. Hugo B. Margain, with photo of Margain

Latin America - Correspondence, 1962-1966  

Correspondence; "Address delivered by... J.A. Correa,"; Guest list; notes

"Lincoln on the Prairie," 1966-1968  

Correspondence; "Information about Mrs. Huntington; notes; bill for shipping statue, 1968

Projects, 1959-1966  

Correspondence; Outlines for activities and projects; list of suggested guests

Proposals, 1960,   1967  

"Proposal for A Training Programs in Intergroup Relations"; "Proposal for A Hall of Human Relations in the 1964 World's Fair," "Proposal to S&H Foundation, Inc.: Lectureship Program for Northwood: `Great Poets Speak.'"

Publicity - Arthur E. Turner, 1966  


Texas, 1967  

Correspondence; Joseph L. Kunec resume

Arthur E. Turner, 1966-1967  


Arthur E. Turner, 1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Arthur E. Turner, 1965-1966  

Correspondence; notes

West Baden, n.d.


Miscellaneous notes, n.d.

Notes from Midland trip (2 folders)

Norway, 1983  

Correspondence; notes

Nowotny, Thomas J., 1967  

Correspondence; biographical sketch; notes

Oberammergau, n.d.

Miscellaneous notes, sketches & prints of Alois Lang in Oberammergau

Oller, Emma Boehm, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; promotional material (exhibitions); rough notes

Orcutt, Reginald, 1953  


Paasikivi, Juho Kusti, 1954  


Paepcke, Mrs. Walter P. (Pussy), 1966-1978,   1984  


Page, James (Jake) K. - personal, 1976  

Correspondence; note

Pahlevi, Mohammed Reza, Shah of Iran, 1964-1966,   1975  

Correspondence; publicity; press conferences texts (May 1975); promotional portfolio on Iran

Paita, Carlos, 1977  

Correspondence; list of Angel Albums

Palomo, Margarita Maria, 1967  

Letter; curriculum vitae

Parsons, Louella O., 1951  


Pastor, Celso, Ambassador from Peru, 1967  

Correspondence; notes

Patterson, Richard C., 1958-1966  

Correspondence; letters of credence for C. Smith

Peale, Norman Vincent, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; rough notes

Pearson, Lester, Prime Minister, Ottawa, Canada, 1967  


Pelika, Anton, 1967  

Correspondence; resume; miscellaneous

Penates, essay, 1953  

"Private Life" Submitted for The Chancellor's English Essay Prize

Penney, Caroline (Mrs. J.C.), 1977  


Pfluger, Klaus and Gertrud, 1972-1978  

Correspondence; miscellaneous notes

Pierson, Chad, 1961-1966,   1974,   1979-1982  

Correspondence; personal data (Pierson) schedule/itinerary 1963-1964; clipping

Piraud, Marthe & Gil, 1933-1934,   1969-1978  


Pire, R.P. Dominique, 1966  

Correspondence; Nobel Prize address; promotional material/publicity

Plan, Edgar, 1963-1965  

Correspondence; speech; resume

Platzer, Edith, 1964-1967  

Correspondence; notes; photograph of diamond necklace; press release; photocopy of memorandum agreement; promotional material; clippings; notes

Platzer, Wilfred, 1962-1967  

Correspondence; biographical data; address given at Suffolk University, 1964; address given at Harvard, 1962: "Neutrality: Austria and the Common Market"; notes

Plaza, Galo, 1942-1983  

Correspondence; IRS Form & 1968 constitution & By Laws of Pan American Society of New England; notes & clippings

Box 9 Pompidou, Claude, 1983  


Pons, Lily, 1970  

Christmas card

Ponselle, Rosa, 1967  

Correspondence; promotional booklets; rough notes

Portisch, Hugo, 1963-1967  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; biographical sketch; notes


Atoms for Peace Award, 1958-1959  

Notes; biography of George Charles De Hevesy; brochures; programs

Chile, 1966  

Correspondence; Carleton Smith Associates outline of Public Relations Program for Latin American Development Committee; notes

Finland, 1960-1967  

Correspondence; Proposal for Public Relation Services to The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland

National Bureau of Economic Research, Economic Aid/Development Abroad, 1963  

Memoranda; proposal

Television/Radio Networks, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; "The Old Met Closes: Profile of a Golden Age"; "Inside Red China"; "Our Friends the French"; "An Austrian Affair"; notes

The World Environment and Involvement by General Electric, by Henry C. Huglin



Domestic Press, 1963-1966  

Correspondence; press releases (carbons)

Foreign Press, 1965-1966  

Correspondence; lists of newspapers & magazines, etc.; notes

Information services - foreign, 1966  


Journalists, n.d.

Notes; clippings

New York, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; list; notes


Correspondence; lists of names - Sibelius birthday

Pritzker, Jay A., 1977-1978  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Pritzker, Robert, 1983  

Correspondence; notes; Marmon Group, Inc. report; Misc

Pritzker, Thomas, 1977  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Pritzker & Architecture Prize, 1977-1978  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; clippings; notes

Prize alternative to Nobel, n.d.

C. Smith memorandum (photocopies) for


Advisors, n.d.


Archaeology, 1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous

Architecture - Rudolf Sallinger, n.d.

Biographical sketch; notes

Architecture Prize Book, n.d.

Lists of jurors; statements of purpose, etc.; Pritzker Prize in Architecture or Hyatt Architecture Prize

Art, 1953  

Correspondence, notes

Awards Procedure, 1965  

Correspondence; Agreement outline; notes; miscellaneous

Beginning, 1964-1965  

Correspondence; Prize Proposals (3); notes

Budget, Tentative, 1966-1978  

Budgets 1966-1978; list of Selected Trustees; Calendar; Prize Proposals; Selection Procedure; notes

Communications - Arts, 1966  

Correspondence; notes

Correspondence, 1955-1966  

Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous

Correspondence, 1970-1982  

Correspondence; Prize Proposal; "Memorandum for discussion," Press Release

Dow, Alden B., n.d.


Box 10 Dow Doan, Herbert, 1966  

Correspondence; notes; H.D. Doan, "careers Days" banquet, Oct. 11, 1966; "A Search for Objectives in Business - The Great Image Hunt" by Odiorne; Objectives of Dow Chemical Co.

Dow Chemical - Alden B. Dow, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; notes

Dow Chemical Company "Objectives," n.d.

notes; printed

Dow Presentation, n.d.

Dow Prizes for service to humanity; Dow Prize calendar

Dow Prize Awarding Process, 1963-1966  

Correspondence 1963-1966; Awards Proposal; Dow Prizes Estimated Budget

Dow Prize Dinners, 1956-1962  

Correspondence 1956-1962; Freedom House Dinner for Lyndon B. Johnson (program, etc.); miscellaneous; notes

Dow Prizes, 1959-1963  

Correspondence; notes

Dow Prizes, 1966  

Correspondence; Calendar of events; lists of artists' names; Fine Arts Committee List; Programm fuer den Anfenthalt des... Bundes-meisters (1966)

Ford Foundation, 1963-1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; "The Arts and Philanthropy," by W. McNeil Lowry; notes

Foundations - miscellaneous, 1957-1966  

Correspondence 1957-1966; notes

George R. Brown, n.d.


Health Prize, 1975-1981  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Prize Ideas, 1966  


Judges, n.d.

notes; article about Mies van der Rohe; list of names of The National Council on the Arts

Marshall Field, 1964  

Correspondence; notes

Mrs. Merriweather Post, "Service to Humanity," 1966-1967 

Correspondence; Awards Proposals; notes

Music, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous; list of names; biographical sketch

Objectives of the Mission, n.d.

Typescript - Athenai and Olympia Prizes

outline, n.d.

National Arts Foundation Grant notices; Budgets; memo; notes

Personnel, 1962-1967  

Correspondence; Resumes and interview reports; notes

Philanthropy - names, 1982-1983  


Proposals, n.d.

Proposals A, B, C for Dow Prize

Prize Prospect Ideas, n.d.


Prize Prospects


Correspondence; notes; program; David Harold Byrd biographical sketch; Lincoln Prize Calendar; Lincoln Prizes description

(Notes), 1957-1961  

Correspondence; notes


Correspondence; notes; lists of names


Correspondence; notes


Samuel H. Kress Foundation, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; n.d.; list of Board of Trustees

"Service to Humanity" Awards Proposals, n.d.

Proposals; Estimated Budget; Proposal to establish annual awards; calendars, etc. (4 folders)

"Service to Humanity" Award Complete: American, Budget, Dow, n.d.

American Prizes presentation; Dow prizes budget; Estimated Budgets - prizes; notes (4 folders)

Singers, Opera, 1963-1965  


Texas, 1964  

Correspondence; notes

Theatre, 1965  

Correspondence; notes; "Ford Foundation Letter," Actors Studio Theatre; "The Divine Animal"

Theodor Koerner Foundation, 1964-1965  

Correspondence; miscellaneous-about the Koerner Foundation; notes

Trustees, 1959-1963  

Correspondence; lists of suggested trustees; notes


Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous

Box 11 Public Relations

a reporter's view, 1961  

Article by Cros Bowen

Reports, 1963-1966  

Correspondence; Report on P.R. Programs to the Austrian Ministry, 1963 & 1964

Puerto Rico, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; list of newspapers; booklet; list of names and addresses; notes

Lord Radcliffe, 1966-1976  


Rech, Geza, 1965  

Correspondence; biographical sketch

Rembrandt painting, 1965,   1972  

Correspondence; notes

Richardson, Elliot, 1975  

Correspondence; letter drafts; rough notes; lists

Riddleberger, James W., 1963-1965  


Ripley, Dillon, 1974-1978  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Rivera, Diego, 1956  


Rizo, Marco, 1967  

Correspondence; promotional booklet; notes

Roberts, George B., 1980-1982  


Roosevelt, Eleanor, n.d.


Ross, Arthur, 1967  

Letter (photocopy)

Rothschild, Philippe de, 1966  


Rouault, Georges, n.d.

Correspondence; National Arts Foundation memento

Russell, Bertrand, 1953,   1959,  n.d.


Russell, Rosalind, 1955  


Sacher, Paul, 1978-1982  

Correspondence; brochures

Sadat, Mme Anwar, 1979  

Correspondence; reports

Saginaw Valley College, 1964  

Blueprint, Brysselbout, Dow and Wigen, Architects, Oct. 7, 1964.

Salk, Jonas, 1981-1983  


Sandburg, Carl, 1958-1963  

Correspondence 1958-63; press releases; magazine articles; clippings; rough notes

Sassoon, Vidal, 1975  

Correspondence; rough notes

Sayre, Eleanor, 1966  

Biographical sketch; itinerary

Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr., 1966-1967  


Schlesinger, Bruno Walter, 1959  


Scholz, Janos & Peggy, 1977-1978  

Correspondence; Christmas cards; concert programs

Schumacher, E.F., 1975-1976  

Correspondence; Schumacher draft; miscellaneous announcements; notes; article & other material re: Intermediate Technology; miscellaneous rough notes

Schweitzer, Albert, 1949  

Correspondence; miscellaneous notes

Sedgeley, Carleton, 1966-1968  

Biographical outline; correspondence

Senechal, Michel (tenor), 1959-1966  

Correspondence; concert booklets & programs

Serkin, Rudolf, 1974-1977,   1980-1982  

Correspondence; concert schedule, 81/82; promotional material

Shattuck, George Cheever & Virginia, 1960-1976  

Correspondence; poetry; magazine articles; promotional material; rough notes; photo; George Cheever Shattuck memorial minute

Shriver, Sargent & Eunice (Kennedy), 1963  

Correspondence about; magazine article; Peace Corps leaflet; clippings; rough notes

Sibelius, Jean

1939,   1948-1954  

Correspondence with Sibelius


Correspondence concerning Sibelius, including letters from daughter, Katarina Ilves; notes; clipping


Correspondence about; clippings; rough notes

Cigar Campaign, 1948-1955  

Correspondence about; promotional material; invoices/financial records; miscellaneous notes; lists of newspapers; news releases; lists of names and addresses of cigar contributors (3 folders)

miscellaneous, 1948-1954  

Correspondence about; notes; copies of "The Daily Miracle"; promotional program re: Smith & Composer Jean Sibelius

Siemens, Peter Von, 1974-1976  

Correspondence; Siemens article "The Obligation of Industry to Environmental Conservation"; rough notes

Silent Night,


Correspondence; notes; clippings; press releases; publicity materials; exhibition labels (2 folders)

guest book, n.d.

Lilly Library, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana

guest book, Nov. 13, 1976 

Smith, William French, 1981  


Solzhenitsyn, Alexander, 1978  

Press releases with speech texts; commencement programs; rough notes

Box 12 South America Trip, Inquiries, 1979-1980  

Correspondence; miscellaneous

South America Trip, 1979  

State Dept. telexes; correspondence; notes; publicity; list

Spellman, Francis Cardinal, 1966-1967  

Letter to Spellman

Sprague, Bryant, 1971-1977  

Correspondence; photo

Stark, Freya, 1979-1980  

Correspondence; pamphlet: "Cause for Shame"

Steel, Rowe, 1966  

Letter to Steel; rough notes

Steichen, Edward J., 1965-1967  

Correspondence; notes; "Steichen on Photography"; press release; notes; biographical outline of Steichen; "This is Edward Steichen"; Steichen the Photographer (catalog)

Stern, Martha (Dodd) and Alfred, 1930,   1978-1984  


Stevenson, Adlai E., 1949,   1952-1953,   1958-1959,   1962  

Correspondence; Smith's 5-page article "Why Stevenson Would Be a Good President"; promotional booklet; anti-Eisenhower poster; four informational programs re: presidential train trip (Oct. 27 to Nov. 2), breakfast menu from Baltimore & Ohio R.R.; miscellaneous

Stevenson, Adlai E. (Memorial Fund), 1966  

Letter from Mrs. Edison Dick

Stevenson, Adlai, III, 1974-1976  

Correspondence; publicity booklet on Stevenson; miscellaneous clippings

Stevenson, John Fell, 1967  


Stoessel, Walter J., Jr., 1965  


Stokowski, Leopold, 1939  


Stranahan, Virginia (Mrs. Duane), 1964-1966  


Strasberg, Lee, et al., n.d.

Photograph, enclosed in Christmas card

Stratton, Julius A., 1966  

Letter to Stratton; rough notes

Strauss, Richard, 1949  

Correspondence re: Strauss; promotional booklets

Strong, Maurice F., 1973-1974  

Correspondence; biographical citation; United Nations memo & timetable list; miscellaneous rough notes

Strout, David L., 1965  

Iron Mountain ... Survival Space: "Something to be brave about" (photocopy)

Swan, Simone Withers, 1980  

Correspondence; resume; notes

Taplin, Frank E., 1975-1977  


Tebaldi, Renata, 1956  


Temple, Paul - The Cedars, 1979  


Temple University, 1967  

Correspondence; "Carleton Smith" from Who's Who in America (60-61); biographical sketch of Millard E. Gladfelter; miscellaneous

Thalberg, Hans, 1963-1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Thomas, Dylan, n.d.


Thomas, Lewis, 1982  

Correspondence; speech, Nov. 18, 1982; The Strangeness of Nature: script outlines for series

Toncic-Sorinj, Grafin Veva, 1966-1967  

Correspondence; notes

Toncic-Sorinj, Lujo,


Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous


Correspondence; biographical sketches; miscellaneous; list of names and addresses


Correspondence; notes


Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes; press release


Report on visit to U.S. in Autumn 1966 Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes


Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous

1967,   1984  

Correspondence; news releases; notes

Lectures, 1964-1965  

Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous

Lectures, 1965-1966  

Correspondence; notes; programs for Toncic Visit

Addresses, 1966  

Speeches, including XXI General Assembly of United Nations address: "Europe With or Without the United States." (2 folders)


Address: "Community and Divergency between Swiss and Austrian Neutrality"

Lectures, 1966  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

Lecture, n.d.

Statement, and "Should we recognize China?"

Lecture "Destiny of Great Powers," n.d.

Toncic-Sorinj, Renate (Mrs. Lujo), 1965-1967  

Correspondence; notes

Box 13 Toscanini, Arturo & Walfredo, 1976-1978  

Correspondence; draft of description of Toscanini Memorial Archives; draft of archives project at Riverdale, NY; Toscanini Publicity booklets & lists of recordings; invoice; clipping; rough notes

Toynbee, Arnold J.


Correspondence; interviews with Toynbee; Guideposts article; clippings; notes; typed press material on Toynbee; article on Toynbee; miscellaneous materials; contract

speeches, 1952  

Copies of various speeches given about Toynbee

Train, Russell, 1973-1975  

Correspondence; biography



Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous (2 folders)

Airlines...Club Facilities, 1966-1967  


Airlines...Reservations...Hotel Accommodations, 1966-1967  


Truman, Harry S, 1963-1965  

Correspondence re: Truman; rough notes; program for inaugural dinner

Tulsa, 1974  

Letter; promotional material

U.S.S.R., 1955  

Correspondence re: Moscow; typed lists & data (all in Cyrillic); addresses at Pakistan embassy; standard agreement form; printed material (Cyrillic); miscellaneous rough notes.

United Nations, 1965  

Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes

United States Ambassadors, 1965-1967  

Correspondence; rough notes

United States Navy, 1967  


United States State Department, 1963-1965  

Correspondence; "Notes, Mainly Political, on the Years 1945 through 1963"; "Introduction," by Dean Rusk; rough notes

United States Supreme Court of the U.S., 1964  

Opinion: Jim Garrison v. State of Louisiana; rough notes

Universities/Colleges, Miscellaneous, 1965-1967  


Universities - Honorary degrees, 1962-1963  

Correspondence; miscellaneous reports, lists of names

Vanderaerde, Therese, 1967  


Villa Pace, 1980  


Virgin Islands, 1948-1949  

Correspondence; synopsis of Ward M. Canaday conversations; miscellaneous notes (note pad)

Von Eckhardt, Wolf, 1981  


von Franz, Marie-Louise, 1979-1982  


von Furstenberg, Princess Cecil Amelia Blaffer and Prince Tassilo, 1974-1978,   1981  

Correspondence; contract agreements to give presentation; publicity & press releases; miscellaneous rough notes; brief biography

von Karajan, Herbert, 1974,   1976  


Wach, Rudi, 1983  

Correspondence; catalogs & poster of his sculptural works

Wagner, Winifred, 1979  

Correspondence; notes; photocopy

Waldheim, Kurt,


U.N. Press release; speech: "Ethical conduct in the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space"; biographical sketch; notes

Yale University, 1964-1967  

Correspondence; biographical sketch; abstract of lecture "Outer Space and the Future of Man"; notes

Fairfield University, 1964-1967  

Correspondence; notes; speech: "Outer Space and the Future of Man" (copy)


Correspondence; miscellaneous; notes




Notes; speech: "Outer Space and Disarmament"


Note; address: "International Co-operation from the U.N. Viewpoint"

Wallenstein, Alfred Franz, n.d.


Walton, William - Letters to Symphonies, 1951-1952  

Correspondence; program proposal; publicity; miscellaneous notes

Washington, D.C., 1979-1982  


Watson, Thomas, 1943  

Address on Jugoslavia, Casino Club, Chicago, May 31

Webb, Dean, 1977  

Correspondence; notes; miscellaneous

Weiller, Paul-Louis, 1975-1976  

Correspondence; Christmas card; Weiller financial statement; rough notes; embossed leaf

Wells, Herman B, 1968-1983  

Correspondence; itinerary; biography in Who's Who?; curriculum vitae; notes (2 folders)

The White House, 1967  


Wilder, Thornton, 1953  


Wilkinson, George Mark,


Correspondence; resume

1981  and n.d.

Margaret Smith script; Franklin Delano Roosevelt manuscript; Jean Sibelius, original with holograph inscriptions (3 folders)

Willfort, Johannes, 1963  


William Benton Awards, proposals, 1967  

Proposal to establish the William Benton Awards of Encyclopaedia Britannica; correspondence

Wilmington, Delaware, n.d.

List of names; notes

Winston, Norman K., 1971-1976  

Correspondence; man of the year program, 1974; dinner, invitation; obituary clippings; rough notes

Wortruba, Professor, 1964-1965  


Wyeth, James, 1976  


Xerox Corporation, 1965-1966  

Correspondence; notes

Yale University, 1965,   1967  

Correspondence; press releases; Commencement Exercises

Yugoslavia, 1974-1977  

Correspondence; miscellaneous notes

Box 14-15 Unsorted correspondence, notes, etc., 1930-1984  

(55 folders)

Series: Writings

Box 15 Autobiography

(7 folders)

Box 16 Autobiography

(4 folders)

Profiles: Marilyn Monroe, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Jean Sibelius, by Carleton Smith with Mark Wilkinson.

Transcripts of Wilkinson interviews with Smith and typescripts of articles (5 folders)

College papers

(1 folder)

Articles for Esquire and other magazines.

Typescripts, tear sheets and notes (3 folders)


(1 folder)

Series: Personal

Arranged alphabetically by subjects specified on folder labels.

Box 16 Ann Smith


Bills and receipts

Birthday celebrations

(3 folders)


Brooch, by Hans Harald Rath for Ann Smith

Business cards, calling cards

Calendars: 1980,   1981,   1982 

Contents of wallet

Criminal Court of NY



Funeral and obituaries

(4 folders)

Box 17 Houses - concerning real estate and rental property

(7 folders)

Income tax

(2 folders)

Jobs - personal


Music therapy


Publicity - promotion, news clippings, etc.

(22 folders)

Box 18 Recordings



(2 folders)

Retirements plan




Oversize 3 Diplomas

Series: Miscellaneous

Box 18-19 Unsorted materials. Some correspondence included

Oversize 3 Cell from the film Fantasia, inscribed to CS from Walt Disney

Oversize 4 M.U.S.I.C. (Music of Universities and State of Indiana Communities, or Music of Universities for Sound in Concert) scrapbook

Oversize 6 two facsimiles of "Silent Night"

Oversize 7 Bement [Illinois] Centennial scrapbook

Oversize 8 scrapbook - mostly clippings

Oversize 9 conductor's baton autographed by Eugene Ormandy

Series: Mixed Media

Subseries: Photographs

Arranged alphabetically by subject, with a few listed by photographer. May be one or more photographs of each. Miscellaneous contact sheets, negatives, and slides complete this section. See also: scrapbooks

Box 19 Aaltonen, Waino

Abravanel, Maurice

Akihito, Prince

Ali, Salim A.

Alsen, Elsa

Androsch, Hannes

Althouse, Paul

Anderson, Marion

Athenagoras I

Barrere Little Symphony

Bement Centennial celebration

Benavides, Felipe, and with Gerald Ford, Nelson Rockefeller

Bernstein, Leonard

Blankenship, William

Blixon, Karen

Block, Leigh B.

Bobletter, Carl H.

Bock, Fritz

Bockelmann, Rudolf

Bohr, Neils

Bolling, Landrum and Frances

Borges, Jorge Luis

Boulanger, Nadia

Braque, G.

Brewster, Kingman

Briggs, Everett Ellis

Britten, Benjamin

Buckingham, Kate

Canham, Erwin Dain

Carlisle, Kitty

Carpenter, John Alden

Carter, Jimmy, and with Rosalyn Carter, Philip Johnson

Casals, Pablo, and with John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Chagall, Marc, and with Mrs. William Wood-Prince; photos of stained glass windows

Cocteau, Jean

Columbus, Indiana

Cooke, Alistair

Cossotto, Fiorenza

Dalai Lama

Dallapozza, Adolf

Damrosch, Walter?

Davis, Virginia

De Los Angeles, Victoria

Dickey, Annamary and Richard Bonelli

Douglas, Paul

Draper, Paul

Duse, Eleanora

Einstein, Albert

Enelow, Gertrude

Farrar, Geraldine, and with Maxion Telva Jones, Kirsten Flagstad, Elisabeth Rethberg

Fiedler, Arthur

Flagstad, Kirsten

Flanders, Ralph E.

Ford, Gerald, and with Betty Ford, family

Frankl, Victor and Eleanore

Box 20 Frijsh, Povla

Fry, Christopher

Fulbright, William

Furtwangler, Elizabeth

Furtwangler, Wilhelm

Gadski, Johanna

Gall, Yvonne

Galli-Curci, Amelita

Gandi, Indira

Garden, Mary, and with Helen Garden, Amy (Garden) Bower

Gautier, Felisa R.

Getty, J. Paul, et al.; photographs pertaining to J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation Prize and Getty Museum

Gish, Lillian

Gliere, R.

Hackett, Charles

Hammer, Armand, and with Franz Cardinal König

Hanson, Jane Elinor Rhodes

Haughey, Charles J.

Heifetz, Jascha

Henderson, Erwin

Humphrey, Hubert H.

Huntington, Ann H.

Huxley, Aldous


Indjic, Eugene

Irvine, W. Bay

Jackson, Barbara Ward (Lady Jackson)

Jalas, Jussi

Jarmila, Violette

Jeffers, Robinson

Pope John Paul II

Johnson, Lyndon and Lady Bird

Johnson, Philip

Jonas, Franz

Jones, Margo

Jung, Carl

Kaufmann, Arthur C. Model of Independence Hall

Kekkonen, Urho Kaleva, President of Finland

Khan, Begum Aga

Khatchaturian, Aram

Kirchschlager, Rudolf

Kodaly, Zoltan

Kokoschka, Oskar Painting of Ann Ventfohr only

Koller, Dagmar

König, Franz Cardinal

Korinek, Franz

Kreisky, Bruno; and with Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter

Lambert, Evelyn

Lang, Alois and Anton

Lemberger, Ernst

Lement, Nicola Rossi

Lilly, Eli

Lindbergh, Charles, and with Eli Lilly, J. Paul Getty

Lodge, William

Longworth, Alice Roosevelt, and with Rex Harrison

Lorenz, Konrad

Box 21 McCormack, John

MacEwan, Sydney

McKenna, Siobhan

MacLeish, Archibald

Madeira, Jean and Gottlob Frick

Mannthay, Margaret

Matsch, Franz

Matisse, Henri and artwork

Menotti, Gian Carlo

Merton, Thomas

Metropolitan Opera House

Middendorf, William

Middleton, Ray and Patricia Dinnell

Miller, Betty

Miller, Carl and Mrs. Clark Williams

Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

Monteux, Pierre, and with Charles Munch

Mojica, José

Monroe, Marilyn

Moore, Henry and his artwork

Moya de Marañón, Dolores

Muñoz Marin, Luis, governor of Puerto Rico

Murray, Rosemary

Music Therapy

Muzio, Claudia

Myrtil, Odette

Nehru, Pandit

Nilsson, Brigid

Olivier, Laurence

Oller, Francisco, photograph of painting only

Onégin, Sigrid

Ormandy, Eugene

Oulanova, G.S.

Ozawa, Seiji

Paasikivi, Juho Kusti, President of Finland

Pacetti, Iva

Paderewski, Ignace Jan

Page, James K., et al.

Pahlevi, Mohammed Reza

Paita, Carlos

Paumgartner, Bernard

Pavarotti, Luciano

Pearce, Rev. G.H., archbishop of Suva

Pei, I.M.

Pelli, Cesar

Petrov, Ivan

Picasso, Pablo and artwork

Piraud, Gil

Plan, Edgar

Platzer, Edith, et al.

Platzer, Wilfried and Robert Kennedy

Plaza, Galo

Portisch, Hugo

Ponselle, Rosa

Pritzker Architecture Prize - pertaining to winners

Raisa, Rosa

Redgrave, Michael

Rembrandt paintings

Renoir paintings

Reston, James

Richardson, Eliot

Ripley, Dillon

Roche, Kevin

Rockefeller, Nelson

Robb, Inez


Rouault, Georges and artwork


Sadat, Mrs. Anwar

Sallinger, Rudolf

Sandburg, Carl

Sassoon, Vidal

Schärf, Adolf (former pres. of Austria)

Schipa, Tito

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine

Schweitzer, Albert

Sears, Eleanor

Sedgeley, Carleton

Senechal, Michel

Serkin, Rudolf

Shattuck, George Cheever

Sibelius, Jean

Silent Night manuscript

Smith, Carleton and family, home 'Le Stop'

(4 folders)

Box 22 Smith, Carleton and family...

(8 folders)

Steichen and Steichen photos

Stevenson, Adlai and family

Stirling, James

Stock, Frederick A.

Strauss, Edward and orchestra

Tebaldi, Renata

Tibbett, Lawrence

Toncic, Grafin Veva

Toncic-Sarinj, Lujo

Toscanini, Arturo

Toscanini, Wally (Countess Castelbarco)

Toynbee, Arnold and Jane Bown

Train, Russell

Truman, Harry S

Tupolev, Andrei Nikolaevich

Turner, Eva

Utrillo, Mrs. Maurice

Vanderbilt, Mrs. Cornelius

Van Vechten, Carl - two photographs of unidentified woman

Vettori, Elda

Vienna, 1958 

Villon, Francois - statue, Paris

von Furstenberg, Prince Tassilo

von Karajan, Herbert

Wagner, Richard, wife, home, etc.

Waldheim, Kurt

Walton, William

Watson, Claire

Watson, Thomas J. - dinner guests for talk on Jugoslavia in Chicago, 1943 

Weber, Eleanore

Wells, Herman B, and with J. Paul Getty

Welch, Joe

Wood-Prince, Mrs. William

Woolen, Irma

Wright, Frank Lloyd

Wyeth, James

- paintings only

Yeats, Jack Butler

Yorty, Sam

Zimbalist, Efrem

Box 23 Unidentified photographs

Snapshots; contact sheets; negatives; slides

Oversize 1 Beecham, Thomas

Carter, Jimmy with Bruno Kreisky

Dahlberg, [Boris?]

Dalai Lama

Einstein, Albert + large framed photo

Eisenhower, Dwight

Epstein, Jacob

Ford, Christine

Garden, Mary

Getty, J. Paul, Getty Museum and contact sheets

Huntington, Ann H.

Jeffers, Robinson, et al.

Jung, Carl

Kennedy, John F. Drawing only

Kreisky, Bruno, with Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower, Dean Rusk, et al.

Mason, Lowell B.

Matisse, Henri

Middendorf, William

Monteux, Pierre

Morgan, John M. - two photographs by Morgan

Naquib, Mohammed

Paasikivi, Juho Kusti, President of Finland

Picasso, Pablo

Schweitzer, Albert + large framed photo

Sibelius, Jean

Oversize 2 Sibelius, Jean

Smith, Carleton, wife, mother, et al.

Steichen and Steichen photograph

Stevenson, Adlai

Stratton, William G.

Train, Russell

Truman, Harry S

Vanderbilt, Mrs. Cornelius

Wyeth, James

- painting only

Oversize 3 Conner, Gary

- photograph by Conner

Lindbergh, Charles

Sibelius, Jean

Wells, Herman B

Oversize 5 "Haven" photographs and text by André Roosevelt. Additional photographs by André Roosevelt of trip to Ecuador by CS and Galo Plaza


Box 24 Interviews, etc.

24 micro cassettes

Felipe Benavides interview


CS interview

- missing manuscripts reel-to-reel tape

CS interview re: J. Paul Getty Conservation Prize


4 reel-to-reel tapes

Hope Jaquith

reel-to-reel tape

L & C concert + Tzigani

reel-to-reel tape

Dr. Lujo Toncic-Sorinj, "The Destiny of Great Powers"

reel-to-reel tape

Felipe Benavides, "It's About Time"

reel-to-reel tape

Marcel [Michel?] Senechal

reel-to-reel tape

House Taunton Hill Road, Newtown...Aug. 16, 1965...Children go off to sleep - swim

reel-to-reel tape


Box 24 Deutsche Staatsbibliotek (85 page list of holdings).


Dr. Salim Ali wins $50,000 J. Paul Getty Wildlife Conservation Award...

16mm film

Interview with Dr. Hammer by John Calloway, Feb 24, 1981  

3 beta cassettes

DDB, IBM Corporate, I.Leonardo, Apr 20, 1983 

beta cassette

"Making a Difference" #21, March 16, 1983,  Interview of Carleton Smith by David Eisenman.

beta cassette

Henry Moore, Sunday Morning News

VHS cassette

Today Show segment, "Silent Night," CS interview, Nov. 22, 1976  

broadcast cassette

"Silent Night" WMAQ-TV

broadcast cassette

"Silent Night"

broadcast cassette

Oversize 6 Two 16mm films: "I.U. Student Foundation - 1978" and "J. Paul Getty in Sutton Place...9.9.1973"