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Shawe-Taylor mss., 1929-1995

Papers, 1929-1995, of Desmond Christopher Shawe-Taylor at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Electronic finding aid encoded by Beth Benda.

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Shawe-Taylor, Desmond.

Shawe-Taylor mss.,1929-1995

Collection No.
LMC 1954

ca. 6500 items

Materials are in English.

Consists of the papers of Desmond Christopher Shawe-Taylor, 1907-1995. The correspondence is mainly with colleagues and friends including a large group of letters from John Francis Warre Rathbone and an extensive series of letters, particularly through the war years, from Shawe-Taylor to Edward Sackville-West. Writings include typescripts, carbon copies, etc. of his articles, scripts, lectures, and his revised entries for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians that he was editing. The financial/legal materials consist primarily of bank statements from Lloyds Bank and correspondence and statements from his investors. The photographs include many snapshots of friends as well as portraits of opera singers in costume.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Desmond Christopher Shawe-Taylor, 1907-1995, English music critic, was born in Dublin, Ireland and educated at Oxford. Upon graduation he was employed by The Royal Geographical Society as assistant editor of "Geographical Journal." After a short stint there he began writing mostly literary criticism and occasional music-related articles for The Times, The Spectator and other periodicals. In 1939 he joined the Royal Artillery of the British Territorial Army and served his final two years, 1944-1945, as Captain in GIII Intelligence. He resumed his writing career after the war, this time with an emphasis on music. In 1945 he was retained as the music critic for the New Statesman and Nation, and then gramophone critic for The Observer, as well as writing occasional articles for other journals. From 1958 until his retirement in 1983 he was chief music critic of the Sunday Times. In addition, he made frequent broadcasts on BBC Home Service and Third Programmes about music, particularly opera, singing and gramophone records. Shawe-Taylor also has several books to his credit. He wrote Covent Garden (London: Max Parrish, 1948) and collaborated on The Record Guide (London: Collins, 1951) and The Record Year (London: Collins, [1953]) with Edward Sackville-West.


Organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Writings; III. Financial/legal; IV. Photographs; V. Miscellaneous; and VI. Clippings.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of the papers of Desmond Christopher Shawe-Taylor, 1907-1995. Correspondence is mainly with colleagues and friends. There is a large group of letters from John Francis Warre Rathbone which spans from their school years together to Rathbone's appointment as Secretary of the National Trust. Also present is an extensive series of letters, particularly through the war years, from Shawe-Taylor to Edward Sackville-West with whom he and Raymond Mortimer purchased a house, Long Crichel in Dorset, in 1944. Other correspondents include: H.M. Barnes, Ian Cosens, David Stacy Colman, Edward Dent, Emma Eames, Elena Gerhardt, William Rodes Moran, Raymond Mortimer, Ernest Newman, Frances Partridge, Andrew Porter, and Sir Michael Tippett.

Writings include typescripts, carbon copies, etc. of his articles, scripts and lectures. There are also his revised entries for The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians that he was editing.

The Financial/legal materials consist primarily of bank statements from Lloyds Bank, and correspondence and statements from his investors.

The Photographs include many snapshots of friends, though they are principally unidentified. Also present are portraits of opera singers in costume.

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    • British Broadcasting Corporation.
    • British Broadcasting Corporation.
    • Shawe-Taylor, Desmond.
    • Shawe-Taylor, Desmond --Correspondence.
    • Sackville-West, Edward, Hon., 1901-1965.
    • Rathbone, John Francis Warre.
    • Topics
    • Music --History and criticism.
    • Singers --Photographs.
    • Raidio plays.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Purchase, 1999.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Shawe-Taylor mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Correspondence

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Individual names with significant number of letters may have separate folders and are filed immediately after the folder in which they would have been included. Occasional copies of letters from Shawe-Taylor may be found throughout the correspondence, but are not listed.

Box 1 Ackerley, John

Adams, Bill

Adprint Ltd.

(1 folder)

Agate, James

Ailes, Edgar H.

Includes: two letters from Emma Eames and three letters from Mary Garden, all to Ailes. (1 folder)

Aldeburgh Foundation

Alexander, Dick

Allen, William

Allgood, Sara (Sally)

Angel Records

Armendariz, Pablo


Asquith, Anthony

Asser, Michael

Ayrton, Michael

Baddeley, Colonel,

see: Garrick Club

Bannerman, Betty

Barnes, H.M. (Jan)

(1 folder)

Bartley, Lucy,

see: The British Broadcasting Corporation


Berkeley, Lennox

Bicknell, J. David,

see: Electric & Musical Industries Limited

Blackham, Richard

see: W. Schwann Inc., Publisher

Bliss, Arthur

Blom, Eric,

see: Grove

Bornoff, Jack,

see: International Music Council

Boswell, Ronald,

see: The British Broadcasting Corporation

Bowen, Elizabeth

Bridges-Adam, W.

The British Broadcasting Corporation.

Includes press releases. (2 folders)

The British Council

The British Institute of Recorded Sound

Britten, Benjamin

Brook, Peter

Buchanan, George

Buckland, John

Campion, Paul

Caraman, Philip, S.J.

Cardus, Neville

Castillo, Manuel del

Cattanach, David

Cecil, David

Cecil, Jonathan

Clark, John

Colleran, Kate

Collins Publishers

Colman, (David) Stacy

Compton-Burnett, Ivy

Concert Associates, Inc.

Contact Publications Ltd.

Copland, Aaron

Cosens, Ian

(1 folder)

Coveney, John,

see: Angel Records

Crabbie, Mrs. G.E.

Crozier, Eric

Crutchfield, Will

Cummings, David

Cunard, Nancy

Curtis Brown Ltd.

(1 folder)

Davies, Marfa Hudson (Chaliapin)

Deal, Edgar M.

Dennis, James

Dent, Edward

Desmond, Astra

Dolan, Peter F.

Draper, Ruth

Duff, Juliet

Eames, Emma

(1 folder)

Eckstein, Pavel

Electric & Musical Industries Limited

EMI Music Archives

Engle, Marie

Esterson, Allen

Ewans, Michael

Exon, R.H.C.

Falconer, Graham

Fassett, Steve B.

Favia-Artsay, Aida

Feder, Susan,

see: Grove

Finch, Rhona,

see: Opus 111

Forey, Edmund,

see: Grove

Forster, E.M.

Foster, Addison, III

Franckenstein, Sir George

Frank, Roger W.

Frankenstein, Alfred

Frelinghuysen, Matilda E.

Garrick Club

Gate, Richard K.

Gerhard, Roberto

Gerhardt, Elena.

Includes two photographs. (1 folder)

Glyndebourne Festival Opera

Gogarty, Oliver St. John

The Gramophone

Gregg Press Limited

Gregory, Eric C.,

see: Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd

Grey, Madeleine


1 folder

Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians;

see: Grove

Hadfield, Tony

Hagman, Bertil

Hanley, James

Harewood, George Henry Hubert Lascelles, Earl of

Hart, Reginald M.

Heinitz, Tom

Henderson, Jack

Henstock, Michael E.

Henze, Hans Werner

Hirsch, Alice,

see: The Record Album

Hirsch, Henry,

see: The Record Album

Hitchens, Ivon

Hodgkins, Frances

Holden, Frances

Holden, Frank

Holloway, Robin

Holt, Pier Luigi

Hone, Joseph

Hope-Wallace, Philip

Hopkins, J.

Howland, Robert

Hughes, J.M.,

see: Electric & Musical Industries Limited

Hughes, Suzanne,

see: The British Council

Hutber, Diana

Hutchinson?, Mary

Ichihara, Yuzum

(2 folders)

International Music Council

International Musicological Mozart Congress,

see: Eckstein, Pavel

Isherwood, Christopher

Istituto di Studi Verdiani

Jacobs, Arthur

Jebb, Julian

Johnson, Barbara J.

Jones, Parry

Kelly, Alan

Kilkelly, Mina

Klingsberg, Erwin

Končelíková, J.,

see: ARTIA

Lamb, Henry

Lander, Jack R.

Lauren, Janet R.,

see: Concert Associates, Inc.

Lee, Laurie

Lees-Milne, John

Lehmann, Lotte

Lehmann, Rosamond

Lewis, Suzanne,

see: EMI Music Archives

Liles, G.

Lochore, Don W.

Loewenberg, Alfred

Lussan, Zelie de

Macaulay, Rose

MacCarthy, Mary (Warre-Cornish)

MacNutt, Richard,

see: Richard MacNutt Limited

Madonna, Wanda

Martin, Kingsley,

see: The New Statesman and Nation

Maugham, W. Somerset

Maw, Nicholas

Maxwell-Arnot, Madeleine

McHardy, John

Medici, Mario,

see: Istituto di Studi Verdiani

Mellers, Wilfrid

Menuhin, Yehudi

Mitchell, John

Moberly, Bob

Moore, Maurice

Moran, William R.,

(1 folder)

Mortimer, Raymond,

(1 folder)

Murdoch, Iris

The New Grove Dictionary of American Music,

see: Grove

The New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians,

see: Grove

The New Grove Dictionary of Music in the United States,

see: Grove

The New Statesman and Nation

Newman, Ernest

Nicolson, Harold

Notcutt, Arthur

Notley, Frances (Mrs. Archer)

Ocampo, Victoria

O'Harra, Richard

Opus 111

Orr, Robin


Contains letters from various Oxford friends. (1 folder)

See also: Colman, (David) Stacy

Partridge, Frances (Fanny)

Pattinson-Knight, C.,

see: Piccadilly Cinematograph Film Productions Limited

Pears, Sir Peter

Pearsall Smith, Logan

Pemberton, Christopher.

Appended to Edward Sackville-West to Shawe-Taylor, July 3, 1965

Percy Lund Humphries & Co Ltd

Perry, David

The Physical Society

Piccadilly Cinematograph Film Productions Limited

Piper, Myfanwy

Pipkin, R. Keith

Platnauer, Maurice

Plomer, William

Pollak, K.A.

(1 folder)

Pollard, Anthony C.,

see: The Gramophone

Porter, Andrew

(8 folders)

Box 2 Porter, Andrew

(3 folders)

Potter, Jeremy,

see: New Statesman & Nation

Powell, Peter,

see: Britten, Benjamin (postcard)

Price-Jones, G.

Prior, P.A.

Pritchett, Victor S.

Rainier, Priaulx

Ralston, William H.

Rathbone, Jack

(11 folders)

Reah, Allan J.,

see: Belcantodisc

The Record Album

Richard MacNutt Limited

Roche, David

Rodgers, Viola

Rodier, Harold

Rolland, Marie (neé Marie Kodachova; married Romain Rolland)

Rosado, Miguel A.

Rosenthal, Harold

Ross, A.G.

Royal Opera House

Rubbra, Edmund

Rubra, G.W.

Sackville-West, Edward:

From Shawe-Taylor.

(4 folders)

To Shawe-Taylor.

(1 folder)

Sackville-West, Vita

Sadie, Stanley,

see: Grove

Sands, Ethel

Sargent, Sir Malcolm

Saul, Patrick,

see: The British Institute of Recorded Sound

Schonberg, Harold C(harles)

Schumann, Elisabeth.

Includes two photos. (1 folder)

Searle, Humphrey

Seiber, Matyas

Seltsam, William H.

Shawe-Taylor, Desmond,

See also: Sackville-West, Edward.

Four postcards to his mother, Apr. 1934 

one postcard to Denis Rickett, July 20, 1939 

Shawe-Taylor, Nora

Shone, Richard

Sieskind, W.G.

Simon and Schuster, Inc. Publishers

Simon, Henry W.,

see: Simon and Schuster, Inc. Publishers

Simpson, Harold

Slobodskaya, Oda

Smith, Jimmie

Smith, R. Geoffrey,

see: W.S. Cowell Ltd.

Sniffin, C. Merwin

Sorabji, Kaikhosru Shapurji

Souzay, Gâerard

Sparks, Ronald L.

Spicer, H.E.

Stein, Erwin

Stern, Fred

Stratton, John

Tavener, John

Tavernier, René

Templer, Cecil

Tennant, Stephen

Teyte, Maggie

Tippett, Sir Michael

Tonks, Henry

Tooley, John,

see: Royal Opera House

Toynbee, Philip,

see: Contact Publications Ltd.

Turnell, Douglas

Tutt, Robin

Union of Czechoslavak Composers,

see: Eckstein, Pavel

United States Information Service. Concerns Shawe-Taylor’s application for the Smith-Mundt leader program.

(1 folder)


Includes one photograph. (1 folder)

Vaughan Williams, Ralph

Veale, John

Verlag Rolf Putziger

Villaseñor W., Lorenzo

Villiers, C.G.S. de


W. Schwann Inc., Publisher

W.S. Cowell Ltd.

Watkins, Vernon

Weaver, William

Webber, Frankie

Weidenfeld, A.G.,

see: Contact Publications Ltd.

Weingartner, F.

Welitsch, Ljuba,

Includes one photograph

Wescott, Glenway

Whettam, Graham

William Lennard Concerts,

see: Mitchell, John

Williams, Frank F.

Wilson, Angus

Wordsworth, William D.

The Worshipful Company of Musicians

Wyler, Michael

Young, Gerard Mackworth

Personal ads correspondence. From members of the homosexual community instigated by personal ads placed in Exchange & Mart, Film and Filming, etc. by Shawe-Taylor in 1943,   1946,   1954,  and 1965.  

Includes unpublished novel. (4 folders)

First names only/illegible signatures.

(1 folder)

Series: Writings

Organized into the following subseries: articles; books; Grove’s; lectures; scripts; notebooks.

Subseries: Box 2 Articles

Arranged alphabetically by title.

"Beno Blachut - tenor."

photocopy, 5 p.

"Benjamin Britten."

holograph, 11 p.; two carbon typescripts, 7 p. each; one holograph of an additional article, 31 p.; holograph of an outline, 6 p. (1 folder)

"Bernard Shaw as Music Critic."

two carbon typescripts, 63 p. and 35 p.

"Extending the Opera Repertory."

corrected printer’s copy, 8 p.

"Manon Lescaut: The Novel and the Operas."

holograph, 31 p.

"Mathis der Maler."

holograph, 10 p.

"The Music of Roberto Gerhard."

holograph, 17 p.

"Musical Chaos."

carbon typescript, 9 p. (incomplete)

"The Musical Theatre in London Since 1947."

carbon typescript, 5 p.

"New Music. "


"Noel Mewton-Wood. "

holograph, 6 p.

"A Nordic Diary. "

carbon typescript, 4 p. (incomplete) on verso of: Musical Chaos

"The Operas of Leoš Janáček. "


"An Outburst of Opera. "

carbon typescript, 5 p.

"Personal Preference. "

carbon typescript, 6 p.

"An Urgent Appeal to Every Reader of the Gramophone. "

carbon typescript, 7 p.

"Vaughan Williams."

holograph, 9 p.

"What Matters Most in Opera? "

typescript, 7 p.

[untitled record reviews].

carbon typescript and mimeograph, 6 p.

Subseries: Box 2 Books

Covent Garden.

Contains: Bibliography, several draft pages, an insert, etc. (1 folder)

Subseries: Box 2 Grove’s

Research and proofs for entries in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

(1 folder)

Box 3 (cont.)

(3 folders)

Subseries: Box 3 Lectures

Benjamin Britten.

typescript, 12 p.

Mozart as Opera Composer.

typescript, 11 p.

Style in the Singing of Mozart.

holograph, 5 p.; typescript, 9 p.; printed syllabus from the University of London (1953-1954) which includes this title

Yvette Guilbert. Given Apr. 19, 1980. 

typescript, 16 p. and various research materials.

Subseries: Box 3 Scripts.

Mostly BBC broadcast scripts. Transmission date given, when known.

Adelina Patti (1843-1919).

mimeograph, 6 p.


carbon typescript, 10 p.

The Art of Beno Blachut. For Radio 3, May 20, 1977.  

mimeograph, 12 p.

The Art of Ivan Kozlovsky. Recorded Jan. 9, 1979. 

typescript, 8 p.

The Art of Lotte Lehmann.For BBC World Sevice, recorded Mar. 28, 1972.  

mimeograph, 7 p.

Beniamino Gigli (1). Apr. 19, 1971.  

mimeograph, 6 p.

Benjamin Britten: A Retrospective Survey. For BBC Home Service, Nov. 21, 1963. 

carbon typescript, 12 p. and mimeograph, 18 p. (1 folder)

Benjamin Britten and English Poetry.

typescript and carbon typescript, 24 p. each. (1 folder)

La Cenerentola and Its Interpreters.

photocopy, 5 p.

Changing Styles in Mozart Singing.

typescript, 12 p. and carbon typescript, 11 p.

Characterisation in Mozart's Operas: 1 – Con Giovanni. For BBC Third Programme, Apr. 22, 1948. 

carbon typescript

Characterisation in Mozart's Operas: 2 – The Marriage of Figaro. For BBC Third Programme, Apr. 29, 1948.  

two typescripts and carbon typescript, 5 p. each

The Classical Style, by Charles Rosen. Book review by Shawe-Taylor.

mimeograph, 8 p.

Conchita Supervia (5). May 18, 1971.  

carbon typescript, 5 p.; mimeograph, 7 p.; and 3 p. of notes

Conchita Supervia and Rossini.

carbon typescript, 9 p.

Discovering Opera. Series of six programs, Oct.-Nov. 1945. 

typescripts. 10 p., 9 p., 8 p., 7 p., 7 p., 8 p.

Dvorak's The Jacobin.

typescript, 3 p.

Enrico Caruso (1873-1921).For Music Magazine, Feb. 20, 1973. 

carbon typescript 4 p.;mimeograph, 8 p. and one page of holograph notes

Feodor Chaliapin (1873-1938). For Music Magazine, Feb. 6, 1973. 

mimeograph, 8 p.

The First Version of Fidelio.

typescript, 5 p.

The Flying Dutchman. For BBC Home Service, Jan. 19, 1961. 

carbon typescript, 4 p.

Four Great Singers.For BBC Third Programme, Sept.-Oct. 1947 

1 folder

1. Nellie Melba (1859-1931).

two typescripts, 6 p. and 7 p.

2. Ernestine Schumann-Heink (1861-1936).

two typescripts, 6 p. and 5 p.; carbon typescript, 6 p.

3. John McCormack.

typescript, 5 p.; carbon typescript, 6 p.; one page of discography

4. Pol Plançon (1854-1914).

typescript, 6 p.; carbon typescript, 6 p.; typescript, with holograph sections, 6 p.

Frida Leider and Jahhie Teyte: Two Birthday Tributes.

mimeograph, 7 p. and 4 p. of holograph notes

Frida Leider in Some of Famous Roles.(series: Historic Performances on Record). For BBC Third Programme, Mar. 21, 1964. 

mimeograph, 7pp

Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962). Jan. 18, 1972. 

mimeograph, 6 p.

Gigli. For BBC Home Service:

Dec. 25, 1957. 

carbon typescript, 5 p.

Mar. 17, 1958. 

typescript, 6 p.

Giovanni Martinelli. For BBC Home Service, Aug. 9, 1960. 

carbon typescript, 6 p.

Handel's Messiah.

photocopy, 4 p.

The Interpreters of Gluck's Orpheus.For BBC Radio 3, Jan. 31, 1971. 

mimeograph, 6 p.

Ivor Newton.For Music Magazine, Dec. 10, 1972. 

carbon typescript, 4 p.

Janacek's Jenufa.For Music Weekly, Mar. 2, 1975. 

mimeograph, 5 p.

Janacek's Operas. For BBC Third Programme, Apr. 13, 1959.  

mimeograph, 17 p.

Kirsten Flagstad.

typescript, 4 p.

Lakmé: Interval Talk. Aug. 22, 1971. 

photocopy, 4 p.

Lucia di Lammermoor and its Interpreters.

typescript, 4 p.

Manon and its Interpreters.

photocopy, 4 p.

Mary Garden (1874-1967).

mimeograph, 5 p. and 3 p. of holograph notes

Mattia Battistini. Famous Singers series. For BBC Third Programme, Oct. 2, 1956. 

mimeograph, 6 p.

A Melba Biography, book review.

carbon typescript, 3 p.; mimeograph, 6 p.; and one page of holograph notes

The Metropolitan Opera. For BBC Third Programme, Oct. 7, 1954. 

two carbon typescripts, 10 p. each

Music-Lovers' Calendar [Verdi's early operas]. For BBC Home Service, Oct. 1, 1944. 

carbon typescript, 7 p.

Music Magazine extracts:

(1 folder)

[L'Enfant et les Sortilèges], Dec. 12, 1948, 


[review of biography of Enrico Caruso, by T.R. Ybarra], Feb. 27, 1955,  

carbon typescript

[review of book Leos Janacek, His Life and Works, translated from the Czech of Jaroslav Vogel by Geraldine Thomsen-Muchová], June 23, 1963, 


[Donizetti], undated,


Music of the Western Masters.For BBC Eastern Service

(1 folder)

Verdi and Rossini, Nov. 12, [1947].  

typescript, 6 p.

Gluck, Nov. 19, [1947]. 

typescript, 5 p.

Johann Strauss, Jan. 21, 1948.  

typescript, 4 p.; carbon typescript, 5 p.

Musical Profile: Geraldine Farrar. Pre-recorded May 24, 1967. 

typescript, 4 p.; carbon typescript, 6 p.; and two pages of holograph notes

On Wings of Song. For BBC Home Service, Sept. 24, 1956. 

typescript, carbon typescript, 8 p. each and one page of holograph notes

Scenes from Bellini's Opera La Sonnambula. For BBC Home Service, Jan. 26, 1960. 

mimeograph, 5 p. and two pages of holograph notes

Siegfried – Narration.

carbon typescript, 7 p.

Singer and Accompanist: book review. For Music Magazine.

carbon typescript, 3 p.; mimeograph, 6 p.; and one page of holograph notes

Sounds of Music. Two part programme for BBC Third Programme. June 20, 1966. 

two mimeographs, 11 p. and 15 p.; three pages of holograph notes; The Acoustics of Concert Halls, by Peter Parkin, mimeograph, 19 p. (1 folder)

Studies in Interpretation: Three talks. For BBC Third Programme, May 18, 1950,   Nove 16, 1950,   Nov. 23, 1950. 

mimeographs, 8 p., 6 p., 6 p. (1 folder)

Til Eulenspiegel. For BBC Light Programme, July 8, 1946.  

carbon typescript, 6 p.

Il Trovatore and its Interpreters. For Music Magazine.

6 p.

Turandot and the Gramophone. For Radio Three, Mar. 9, 1972. 

carbon typescript, 4 p.; and mimeograph, 5 p.

The Two Ariadnes. For BBC Third Programme, Aug, 21, 1950. 

mimeograph, 7 p.

A Vanished Style.

typescript, 2 p.

Voice and Style. For BBC Third Programme. Three talks, Oct.-Nov. 1951 

(1 folder)

1. Giovanni Martinelli.

two mimeographs, 11 p. each

2. Conchita Supervia.

two mimeographs, 10 p. each

3. Giuseppe de Luca.

mimeograph, 8 p.

Voice and Style. For BBC Third Programme. Four talks, Feb. 1953. 

(1 folder)

1. L'Eloge des Vieux.

two mimeographs, 7 p. each

2. A Vanished Style.

mimeograph, 7 p.

3. The Voice of France.

mimeograph, 7 p.

4. Three Lieder Singers.

carbon typescript, 7 p.

Die Walküre and Its Interpreters.

carbon typescript, 4 p.

Walton's Operas. For Music Magazine, Mar. 26, 1972. 

photocopy, 4 p.

War and Peace.

mimeograph, 9 p.

Miscellaneous notes.

Subseries: Box 3 Notebooks

1. Brief critiques of recordings and live performances

2. Lists of recordings, operas and opera singers.

Subseries: Box 3 Writings by others

Mostly mimeograph articles, but also includes: Uncorrected copy of Hans Werner Henze's We Come to the River; interview with Sir Edward Downes about the Australian Opera

Series: Financial/legal

Box 3 E.S. Cope estate.

Chiefly correspondence with lawyers and relatives concerning the settlement of estate.


Property, vehicle and home insurance policies and related correspondence

Lloyd's Bank. Statements, 1935-1988 

(4 folders)

Box 4 Lloyd's Bank (cont.).

(2 folders)

Rathbone. Correspondence, 1942-1995,  with "Rathbone Bros. & Co. (investors)"

(3 folders)

Statements of investments, 1940-1995. 

(3 folders)

Miscellaneous financial materials.

Series: Box 4 Photographs

Shawe-Taylor, Desmond.

16 photographs, including one snapshot.

see also: Snapshots

Shawe-Taylor, Fannie (Mrs. Wm. C. Trench). Shawe-Taylor's aunt, holding tennis racket ca. 1890 


35 snapshots of unidentified men in military uniforms


19 photographs of various operatic singers, mostly in costume. Includes seven portraits of Emma Eames


99 photographs, mostly of friends. A few include Shawe-Taylor. (2 folders)

Series: Miscellaneous

Arranged alphabetically by subject.

Box 4 Historic Masters Ltd., 1984-1995 

(Issues 78rpm records in their original form.) 2 folders

Shawe-Taylor was on the Board of Directors. Contains correspondence, minutes of board and general meetings and financial accounts. Arranged chronologically.


Programs and menus from Shawe-Taylor's college years at Oxford University.


Materials unrelated to Shawe-Taylor's writing career, such as receipts concerning utilities, membership in The Wine Society, BUPA, etc.


75 postcards, chiefly depicting scenery.

Press releases. English National Opera, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, The Royal Opera, and The Welsh National Opera


Chiefly music programs

Record catalogs. Includes catalogs from: Collector's Corner, The Complete Record Company, EMI, Harmonia Mundi, and many other record selling companies

(5 folders)

Box 5 Record catalogs (cont.)

(2 folders)


Notes, maps, brochures, notebook of contacts in the U.S. and Mexico for trips to Iran, U.S., Australia and Europe. (2 folders)


(2 folders)

Series: Box 5 Clippings

Articles written by Shawe-Taylor, 1930-1966. 

(4 folders)

Letters to editors, or articles about Shawe-Taylor.

(1 folder)

Articles by and about others

(4 folders)

Scrapbook of articles by Edward Sackville-West

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