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Haurowitz mss., 1920-1985

Papers, 1920-1985, of Felix Haurowitz at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Electronic finding aid encoded by Linda Cantara

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Haurowitz, Felix, 1896-1987

Haurowitz mss., 1920-1985

Collection no

7500 items

Materials are in English unless otherwise indicated.

Papers of chemist and Indiana University professor Felix Haurowitz, 1896-1987.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions
This collection is open for research.
Acquisition Information
Bequest. 1989.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Haurowitz mss., 1920-1985, Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Biographical Note
Haurowitz was born in Prague on Mar. 1, 1896. In 1915 he was drafted into the Austrian army and sent to the Austrian front during World War I. It was here that he developed a keen interest in chemistry from reading textbooks sent by his parents. He was subsequently granted a year's leave by the government to obtain a medical degree which he received in 1922. He earned a doctorate of science degree in 1923 and in 1925 was appointed assistant professor at the German University in Prague. Over the next few years, working with several important biochemists, he researched hemoglobin and its derivatives. He began work on his popular "Progress in Biochemistry" series and from 1930 made immunochemistry his principal area of research. When the Nazi invasion forced him to leave Prague in 1939, he took the position of Head of Biological and Medical Chemistry in the Medical School at University of Istanbul, Turkey. He devoted himself to teaching, research and producing a Turkish textbook of biochemistry. In 1948 he was appointed professor of Chemistry, Indiana University, where he received in 1958 the title Distinguished Professor. During his career he gained wide-spread recognition for his work on antibodies and received numerous honors which included the Paul Erhlich gold medal (West Germany), election to the German Academy of Scientists (Leopoldina), Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and member of the National Academy of Sciences. He was also awarded an honorary MD by the University of Istanbul and an honorary doctorate of science degree by Indiana University. In 1971 he was honored at the First International Congress of Immunology for "distinguished services to immunology." Of his ten books he considered Chemistry and Biology of Proteins, whose second edition was called Chemistry and Function of Proteins, to be the most important. Both were reprinted and translated into many languages including Japanese and Russian. He remained active in science up to his death in 1987.

Scope and Content Note

The Haurowitz mss., 1920-1985, consist of the papers of chemist and Indiana University professor Felix Haurowitz, 1896-1987.

The extensive correspondence is both scientific and personal in nature. Haurowitz remained in contact with scientists and students over many years. Of particular interest are his exchanges, spanning the years 1937-1985, with the Nobel prize winner Max Perutz. The early personal letters often reflect the difficulties and tragedies of the war years. Correspondents include: Fritz Arndt, John Tileston Edsall, Leon Ellenbogen, Sidney Fleischer, Sidney Fox, Wallace Friedberg, John D. Hawkins, Michael Heidelberger, Arthur Lietze, Hans Neurath, Linus Pauling, Max F. Perutz, Maxwell Richter, Michael Sela, and Hans Winterstein.

Departmental materials consist mainly of internal memorandums and other materials relating to his role as professor at Indiana University. The Research/Writings section contains research, preliminary notes, and typescripts of his scientific papers, books, and lectures including bound volumes of his scientific protocols. Over 360 of his reprints are included in the collection. Photographs include those of Haurowitz and his colleagues. Typescripts and notes of scientific papers delivered at numerous conferences, correspondence concerning editorial work for various journals, and further correspondence and materials related to his membership of both American and European scientific societies completes the Societies section. The Photographs section includes pictures of Haurowitz and his colleagues. Newspaper and journal clippings, newsletters and pamphlets make up the Printed section.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Departmental; III. Research/Writings; IV. Conferences; V. Societies; VI. Photographs; and VII. Printed.

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    • Names
    • Haurowitz, Felix, 1896-1987
    • Arndt, Fritz
    • Edsall, John Tileston, 1902-
    • Ellenbogen, Leon
    • Fleischer, Sidney
    • Fox, Sidney W.
    • Friedberg, W.
    • Hawkins, John D.
    • Heidelberger, Michael
    • Lietze, Arthur, 1928-
    • Neurath, Hans, 1909-
    • Pauling, Linus, 1901-
    • Perutz, Max F.
    • Richter, Maxwell Asher
    • Sela, Michael
    • Winterstein, Hans, 1879-1963
    • Topics
    • Haurowitz, Felix, 1896-1987 --Correspondence.
    • Chemists --Correspondence.
    • Biochemistry.

Series: I. Correspondence

The correspondence is divided into an alphabetical file covering Haurowitz's professional career (1925-July 1966) and a chronological file encompassing his post-retirement (August 1966-1985). The correspondents include several Nobel prize winners, colleagues, students and publishers. The correspondence is not indexed. Additional correspondence can be found throughout the collection.

Professional Career

Box 1 A - G

Abbott Laboratories

Abderhalden, Emil

Abderhalden, Rudolf

Abelin, I.

Abraham, E.P. (Edward Penley)

Academic Press

Acarbay, Muzaffer

Adair, Gilbert

Aebi, Hugo

Agri-Chemical Society

Akabori, Shiro

Aladjem, Frederick

Albritton, Errett C. (Cyril)

Allison, James

Altman, Philip L.

Altschul, Rudolf

Ambrose, Charles

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Board of Microbiology

American Chemical Society

American Council of Learned Societies

American Foundation

American Institute of Biological Sciences

American Lectures in Living Chemistry

American Medical Association

American Society of Biological Chemists

American Society of European Chemists

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Amersbach, Karl

Amin, A.

Ammon, R. (Robert)

Amos, D. Bernard

Analytical Chemistry

Angeles, Gustavo

Anker, Herbert

Annals of Allergy

Annual Review of Microbiology

Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics

Argonne National Laboratory

Armour Laboratories

Armstrong, W.D.

Arndt, Fritz

Asakura Publishing Co.

Ascher, Karl W.

Aschoff, Ludwig

Ashraf, Khawja Mohammad

Ashton, J.W.

Askonsas, B.

Astrup, Tage

Aszodi, D. Zoltan

Audrieth, L.F. (Ludwig Frederick)

Auerbach, Clemens

Augenstine, Leroy

Auhagen, Ernst

Authors League of America

B.F. Goodrich Chemical Co.

Baecher, Stephen

Bailey, K.

Baker, John R.

Baldwin, Ernest

Balls, Arnold Kent

Barbieri, Augusto De

Barcroft, Sir Joseph

Barkan, G.

Báron, Julius

Basu, Sadhan

Bateman, J.B.

Battersby, J.S.

Bauer, Karl

Bechtold, Eduard

Becker, Elmer L.

Beckley Memorial Hospital

Behrens, B.

Behrens, Otto

Benedict, Albert

Benesch, Reinhold

Bennhold, H.

Bensusan, Howard B.

Berenbaum, M.C.

Berends, W.

Bergamini, Herbert V. W.

Berger, E.

Berger, F.M.

Bergmann, Max

Berichte Über die Gesamte Physiologie und Experimentelle Pharmakologie

Bernfield, Peter

Bernheimer, Alan

Bernstein, Helen

Betke, Klaus

Beutner, Reinhard

Biasco, Francesco

Bier, Otto

Bila, H. von

Bilen, Mürvet

Bilsel, Cemil

Bingold, K.

Biochemical Journal

Biochemische Zeitschrift



Biological Abstracts

Biophysical Society

Bisset, K.A.

Blagoveschensky, V.A.

Blanzaco, Daniel P.

Blass, Judith

Bliss, Allen D.

Bloch, Alois

Block, Richard J.

Blum, Jacob Joseph

Blumenthal, Hal Jay

Boas, J.

Boehm, Gundo

Bottle, Robert T.

Bowen, Vaughan T.

Boyd, William C.

Boyden, Alan A.

Boyer, Paul D.

Brambell, F. W. Rogers

Brand, E.

Brand, Ludwig

Brann, Ludwig

Braun, Hugo

Braun, Irmgard Hegmon

Braun, Werner

Brdicka, R.

Breinl, F.

Brenner, Sydney

Breusch, F. L.

Brinkman, R.

Broek, C.J.H. van den

Bromer, William W.

Broquist, Harry P.

Brown, Eleanor

Brown, Ethan Allan

Brown, Glenn H.

Brown, Ray

Buchner, Leo H.

Bürker, K.

Bukantz, S.C.

Bull, Henry B.

Bullard, Robert W.

Bunker, H. J.

Burnet, Macfarlane

Burnett, J. Paul

Bursa, Fahamet

Bussard, Alain

Butenandt, Adolf

Butler, G.C.

Butler, J.A.V.

Butterworths Scientific Publications

Byerrum, R.U.

Cajano, Antonio

Callan, H.C.

Cameron, John L.

Campbell, Dan H.

Campbell, Edward D.

Campbell, John A.

Cannon, Paul R.

Carmack, Marvin

Caro, Walter

Carstensen, Edwin L.

Carter, Bettina B.

Carter, Herbert E.

Caspersson, T.

Cebra, John

Chadbourne, Joseph H.

Chagas, Carlos

Chaikoff, I.L.

Chakrabarty, Asit Kr.

Chambers, Edward L.

Chambers, Jack A.

Chambliss, Keith Wayne

Chance, Britton

Chang, Yun Jeon

Chargaff, Erwin

Cheesman, Dudley

Cheldelin, Vernon H.

Chemical and Engineering News

Chemical Products

Chemisches Zentralblatt

Chen, Chiadao

Chen, Emiko Tsunoda

Chen, K.K.

Cheng, Chung-tao

Cheng, Hsieh Fu (Frank)

Chibnal, A.C.

Christensen, Halvor N.

Christiansen, J.A.

Cinader, B.

Cindi, Radiye

Clar, Erich

Clarke, H.T.

Cleary, John Thomas

Cleland, Ralph

Cleland, Wallace

Clevenger, Sarah

Coca, A.F.

Cohn, Edwin J.

Cohn, Melvin

Cole, Roger David

Collins, A.S.

Comar, C.L.

Commercial Solvents Corporation

Commoner, Barry

Conant, James B.

Cook, Wendell B.

Coons, Albert H.

Cori, Carl F.

Cori, Gerty T.

Coryell, Charles D.

Couch, Warren A.

Crampton, Charles F.

Crampton, Ellen (Mrs. Charles F.)

Crane, E. J.

Creek, J.A.

Crick, Francis H.C.

Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences in America

Dalgliesh, C.E.

Dameshek, William

Davidson, Harold B.

Davis, Herbert L.

Davis, J.G.

Davis, William W.

Day, Harry G.

Day, Richard A.

Day, William J.

Debye, P.

Dedek, Jarmila

DeLanney, Louis E.

De Rocco, Andrew G.

Dettwiler, H.A.

Deuticke, H.J.

Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina

Dhéré, Charles

Dickerson, Richard E.

Dicks, Martha

Diehl, Harvey

Di Moia, Frank

Dintzis, Howard M.

Dirisu, Nüzhet Şakir

Dirr, Karl

Dixon, Frank J.

Djerassi, C.

Dodds, E.C.

Dodds, R.

Doerr, R.

Dorough, Gus D.

Doty, Paul

Drabkin, David L.

Drackett Company

Dray, Sheldon

Dressler, Otto

Dub, Leo

Dubert, Jean-Marie

Dubos, René J.

Duquénois, Pierre

Duus, Peter

Eagle, Harry

Eastman Kodak

Edelman, Gerald E.

Edsall, Geoffrey

Edsall, John Tileston

Edward, John T.

Eggert, J.

Eigen, Manfred

Eisen, Herman N.

Eley, Dan D.

Eliel, Ernest L.

Ellenbogen, Leon

Elsteri, B.

Elvehjem, C.

Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology


Enke, Sefrid


Epstein, Samuel

Erdély, Zoltán

Erez, Naşid

Eser, Sati R.


Euler, H. von

Everett, Mark R.

Everett, N. Ben

Excerpta Medica


Eyring, Henry

F. Hoffmann-La Roche & Co.

Fabishak, Daniel M.

Fabre, René

Fagraeus, Astrid

Fajans, Kasimir

Fazekas de St. Groth, S.

Feigl, Fritz

Feinberg, Abraham

Feldman, Michael

Felix, Emmy

Felix, Kurt

Felsenfeld, Gary

Ferebee, J.W.

Fiala, Jiri

Fiala, Silvio

Field, Oliver

Fields, Max

Fieser, Louis F.

Fingerland, Antonín

Fischer, Albert

Fischer, Hans

Flaschenträger, B.

Fleischer, Sidney

Flock, Eunice V.

Florkin, Marcel

Folia Pharmaceutica

Folkers, Karl

Forschungen und Fortschritte

Foster, E.M.

Foster, Joseph F.

Fox, Allen S.

Fox, H. Munro

Fox, Sidney W.

Fränkel, Sigmund

Francis, G.E.

Frank, Max

Fraser, K.B.

Freerken, E.

Freudenberg, Ernst

Freund, Jules

Freundlich, E. Finlay

Friedberg, F.

Friedberg, Wallace

Friedrich, Josef

Fröhlich, Alfred

Fromageot, Claude

Fruton, Joseph S.

Fuchs, Ralph F.

Fürth, R.

Furth, Jacob

G. & C. Merriam Company

Gall, Joseph G.

Gallop, Paul M.

Galperin, Lazar

Gamillscheg, Felix

Gans, O.

Gard, Sven

Garfield, Eugene

Garvey, Justine S.

Geigy A.-G., J.R.

George, Philip

Georgii, A.

Gerhard, W.

Gerngross, Otto

Gibian, Franz

Gibson, David M.

Gibson, Q.H.

Gierer, Alfred

Gintl, W.

Gitlin, David

Glasgow, Katherine T. (Mrs. E.W.)

Glass, Bentley

Goeckel, Henry

Gökay, F.K.

Göksu, Sumru

Göksu, Vedia

Gold, Eugene F.

Goldforb, A.

Goldmann, Hans

Goldschmidt, Stefan

Goldstein, Leonard B.

Goldzieher, Max A.

Gollan, Frank

Gomes, Alair D.

Gottschalk, Walter

Grabar, Pierre

Granick, S.

Grassmann, W.

Green, David E.

Greenberg, David M.

Greenstein, Jesse P.

Gresham, Edwin

Griffith, R.L.

Groff, James L.

Gróh, Julius

Groh, Magda (Mrs. Leslie)

Gross, W.O.

Grosser, Otto

Gucker, Frank T.

Gund, Frank

Gürkan, Kazim Ismail

Gunsalus, I.C.

Gustavson, K.H.

Gutfreund, Herbert

Box 2 H - P

Haas, Felix L.

Haberditzl, Werner

Habs, H.

Hadjoloff, A.

Haeussler, H.

Hain, Paul

Hájek, Stanislav

Hall, Jerome

Hamburger, Viktor

Hammond, H. David

Handler, Philip

Handovsky, H.

Hanes, C.S.

Hanson, A.

Hardin, Richard Lynn

Hari, P.

Harman, John W.

Harold, R.M.

Harrell, George T.

Harris, Joseph

Harris, T.N.

Hartree, E.F.

Harvalik, Zaboj V.

Hašek, Milan

Hashimoto, Kanehisa

Hass, George M.

Hastings, A. Baird

Hastings, John S.

Hauptmann, Heinrich

Hawk, Philip B.

Hawkins, John D.

Hecht, Hugo

Hedén, C.-G.

Heidelberger, Michael

Heilmeyer, Ludwig

Heimann, Ing. W.

Heinz, Erich

Heitger, Joseph D.

Heller, Josef

Heller, Wilfried

Hellmann, Karl

Hemingway, Allan

Henderson, Nezahat (Mrs. R.S.)

Henderson, Yandell

Henlein, Lore

Henry, H.J.

Henry Ford Hospital

Herčík, Ferdinand

Herriott, Roger M.

Herrmann, Heinz

Herrmann, Werner

Hershey, A.D.

Herzog, Alfred

Hesburgh, Theodore M.

Hess, W.R.

Hesse, Albert

Heubner, Wolfgang

Heymann, E.

Heymann, Günther

Heyrovsky, Jaroslav

High, Edward G.

Hirota, Takeo

Hirsch, Julius

Hirschberg, Erich

Hittmair, Anton

Hitzenberger, Karl

Hodgkin, Dorothy

Hoffman, Joseph G.

Hollaender, Alexander

Homan, Richard B.

Hood, Sam L.

Hopf, Eberhard

Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift für Physiologische Chemie

Horecker, B.L.

Horowitz, Jack

Horowitz, Norman

Hotchkiss, Rollin D.

Houssay, Bernardo A.

Houwink, R.

Hradec, Jan

Huennekens, Frank M.

Hüttig, F. Gustav

Huisman, Titus H.J.

Hummel, K.

Humphrey, John H.

Humphreys, Arthur R.

Huppert, Oskar

Inbau, Fred E.

Ingersheimer, Joseph

Ingraham, J.S.

Institute for Atomic Research


International Archives of Allergy and Applied Immunology

International Congress for Microbiology

Interscience Publishers

Irwin, M.R.

Isliker, Henry

Itano, Harvey A.

Jaffé, Werner G.

James, Cyrill

Janeway, Charles A.

Jayaraman, J.

Jehle, Herbert

Jensen, Elwood V.

Jensen, H.F.

Jerne, Niels K.

Jirgensons, Bruno

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Johnston, Robert B.

Jones, Richard T.

Jordan, Paskual

Jorpes, Erik

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Journal of Biological Chemistry

Journal of Cell Biology

Journal of Chemical Education

Journal of Experimental Medicine

Journal of Immunology

Journal of Physical Chemistry

Jukes, Thomas H.

Junk, W.

Kabat, Elvin A.

Kallee, Ekkehard

Kallós, Paul

Kandel, S.I.

Kantorowicz, Alfred

Kapeller-Adler, R.

Kapfhammer, J.

Kara, Pero

Karagil, Radiye

Karger, Thomas

Karsner, Howard T.

Karush, Fred

Kasha, M.

Katchalski, Ephraim

Katz, Joseph

Kaufmann, E.

Kauzmann, Walter

Kayahan, Sefik

Kaziro, Koozoo

Keilin, D.

Keilin, Joan

Keller, Rudolf

Kendrew, John C.

Kenéz, János

Kennedy, Margaret

Kenner, George W.

Kent, John F.

Kidson, Chev

Kies, Marian W.

Kiese, Manfred

Kikuchi, Gorō

Kikuth, W.

Kilert, Herbert

Kimmig, Josef

King, E.J.

King, Murray Vernon

Kingsbury, Joseph B.

Kirber, Maria W.

Kivelson, Daniel

Klein, Otto

Klein, Paul

Kleinschmidt, Walter J.

Klemm, Wilhelm

Klendshoj, Niels C.

Klingenberg, H. G.

Klinische Wochenschrift

Klopstock, A.

Klotz, Irving M.

Knaus, Hermann

Knoefel, Peter K.

Knoop, Franz

Kocholaty, Walter F.

Koenig, Virgil L.

König, W.

Koerting, Walther

Koffler, Henry

Kohn, Alfred

Kolaja, Jiri

Kolda, Pavel

Koldajew, B.

Kolloid Zeitschrift

Kornfeld, Edmund C.

Korngold, Leonhard

Korting, G.

Koshland, Daniel E.

Koshland, Marian

Kossel, Albrecht

Kosswig, Curt

Kozma, Carlos

Kozma, Hedrika

Kraus, Hans

Krebs, Hans A.

Krech, Ulrich H.

Kromphardt, Hedwig

Krüger, Franz von

Kruyt, H.R.

Küntzel, A.

Küster, W.

Kuhn, Hans

Kuhn, Klaus

Kuhn, Richard

Kull, Frederick C.

Kunkel, Henry G.

Ladewig, Peter

Laidler, Keith J.

Lâle, Etile

Lang, Konrad

Langenbeck, W.

Lanzavecchia, G.

Laqueur, W.A.

Lardy, Henry A.

Laskowski, Michael

Latimer, Paul

Lauffer, Max A.

Leach, Sydney J.

Leake, Chauncey D.

Leblond, C.P.

Lederberg, Esther M.

Lederberg, Joshua

Lederle Laboratories

Lehnartz, E.

Leloir, Luis F.

Lemberg, Rudolf

Lennox, Edwin S.

Lepow, Irwin H.

Letoit, M.

Letterer, E.

Lettré, H.

Levine, Lawrence

Levy, Milton

Lewis, Ralph W.

Li, Choh Hao

Liébecq, Claude

Lien, Arthur P.

Lietze, Arthur

Liljestrand, G.

Lilly Research Laboratories

Linderström-Lang, K.

Linser, Hans

Lipmann, Fritz

Livingston, Robert

Liwschitz, Yecheskel

Lockemann, Georg

Löffler, Charles W.

Loewe, Walter S.


Loftfield, Robert B.

London, F.

Loon, J. van

Loopstra, Y.D.

Lorand, Laslo

Lotspeich, William D.

Louisiana State University

Lumper, Ludwig

Lumry, Rufus

Luria, Salvador E.

Lutz, W.

McAnally, John S.

McBain, George

McConnell, Kenneth P.

McFarlane, A.S.

MacFarlane, R.G.


Machebœuf, Michel A.

McIntyre, J.M.

McLaren, A.D.

McMaster, Philip

McMeekin, T.L.

MacVicar, Robert

Mahler, Henry R.

Mainx, Felix

Malkiel, Saul

Mancini, Roberto E.

Mandy, William J.

Mann, H.

Marchionini, Alfred

Margaria, R.

Margni, Ricardo A.

Margoliash, E.

Mark, Hermann F.

Marke, A.

Marrack, John R.

Marsh, Max M.

Martin, Clyde E.

Martin, Gustav J.

Martin, R. Bruce

Marx, Ferdinand

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Maurer, Paul H.

Maurer, Richard

Maurer, Werner

Mayer, Manfred M.

Mayer, Meinhard E.

Mayer, R. M.

Mayer, Ruth

Mayo Clinic

Mead Johnson Institute

Medina, Bienvenido

Medizinische Klinik

Medvedev, Zh.A.

Meharry Medical College

Meier, Rolf

Meiks, L.T.

Melchior, E.

Merdinger, Emanuel

Merey, Pero

Mestrezat, Dr.

Meyer, Hans

Meyer, Karl

Michaelis, Leonor

Microchemical Specialities Company

Microchimica Acta

Micuşan, Valeriu


Milan, Carl

Millberger, H.

Miller, Leon L.

Mirsky, Alfred E.

Mitsuhashi, Susumu

Mizushima, San-ichiro

Mommaerts, M.

Monod, Jacques

Moon, Virgil H.

Moore, Richard Owen

Moore, Stanford

Moore, Walter

Morales, Manuel F.

Morawetz, Herbert

Morelli, Eugenio

Morgan, W.T.J.

Moriyama, Hideo

Moriyama, Takafumi

Morton, R.A.

Mosolov, V.V.

Mudd, Stuart

Mühendisi, Kimya Yüsek

Müller, Hermann J.

Müller, Oskar G.

Muheddin, Erel

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Mustafa, A.

Myrbäck, Karl

N.V. Noury & Van der Lande's Exploitatie Maatschappij

Nachtigal, David

Nairn, R.C.

Najjar, Victor A.

Nakanishi, Shigeko

Nasuhioglu, Ilhami

Natakusumah, Ihay Hariati

National Academy of Sciences

National Institutes of Health

National Science Foundation


Naval Medical Research Institute

Netter, Hans

Neuberg, Carl

Neurath, Hans

New York Academy of Sciences

Neyfakh, A.A.

Nezlin, Roald

Nijfeld, H.A.W

Nilsson, Gösta

Nirenberg, Marshall W.

Nisonoff, Alfred

Nissen, Rudolph

Nixon, William

Nobel Committee for Chemistry

Nonnenbruch, W.

Nord, F.F.

Nossal, Gus J.V.

Novak, Alfred

Noyan, Fazil

Nuclear Instrument and Chemical Corporation

Nuveld, H.A.W.

Nyholm, R.S.

Özer, Faruk L.

Özgüç, Lütfi

Özkan, Nejat

Ogata, K.

O'Hagan, John E.

Ohki, Kosuke

Okawa, Kiyoshi

O'Konski, Chester T.

Oncley, J.

Oppenheimer, Carl

Oppenheimer, Chanan

Oppenheimer, Hedwig

Orekhovitch, V.N.

Osborn, Steve

Osler, Abraham G.

Oster, Gerald

Ostwald, Wolfgang

Ottenstein, Brta

Ouchterlony, Ö.

Oudin, Jacques

Paladini, Alejandro C.

Palmer, Catherine Gardella

Pappenheimer, A.M.

Pascher, Adolf

Passerini, Luigi

Passynsky, A.

Patton, A.R.

Patras, Becca

Paul Erhlich Institut

Pauli, Wolfgang

Pauling, Linus

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Perutz, Max

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Peters, Georg

Peterson, W.H.

Physiological Reviews

Pick, Walter

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Popjak, G.J.

Porter, Rodney R.

Poulson, D.F.

Pressman, David

Przibram, K.

Puck, Theodore T.

Pulewka, Paul

Putnam, Frank W.

Putschar, W.

Box 3 Q - Z

Quagliariello, G.

Quarterly Review of Biology

Quastler, Henry

Quill, Laurence L.

Rábek, Vlastimil T.

Rabenau, A.

Rammelmeyer, A.

Rammelsberger, A.

Randall, Charles C.

Ranzi, Silvio

Rapoport, S.

Ratner, Sarah

Raudnitz, H.

Rechcigl, M.

Redfield, Alfred C.

Reed, F.T.

Rehm, W.S.

Reid, E. Emmet

Reineke, E.P.

Reiner, Miriam

Reiser, Ernst

Reiss, Max

Reller, Herbert H.

Renda, Fevzi

Reyerson, Lloyd H.

Richards, Frederic M.

Richter, Antonin F.

Richter, Maxwell

Richter, Richard

Rideal, Eric K.

Riggs, Austin Fox

Riha, I.

Rimington, Claude

Roberts, Audrey N.

Robinson, James

Robinson, Robert

Roche, Jean

Rockefeller Foundation

Roelofs, Marilyn J.

Rogers, George E.

Rohrer, Charles S.

Romain, Louis F.

Romijn, C.

Rondoni, P.

Roos, J.

Rosa, Laszlo Michael

Rosa, May

Rosenthaler, L.

Rossi-Fanelli, Anthoni

Rothen, Alexandre

Roughton, Francis J.W.

Royds, J.

Rudolph, W.

Rudolph, D. Karl

Rumsfeld, Herbert W.

Runnström, John

Ruoff, P.M.

Rusch, Harold P.

Rush, Martin R.

Ruth, Royal F.

Rydon, H.N.

Sachs, Howard

Sage, Harvey J.

Salomon, Kurt

Sanger, Fred

Šantavý, F.

Sarton, George

Schauenstein, E.

Scheff, George J.

Schellman, John A.

Schenck, E.

Scheraga, Harold A.

Schick, Martin J.

Schleissner, F.

Schlesinger, R. Walter

Schmalfuss, Hans

Schmid, Sharon

Schmidt, Carl L.A.

Schmidt, Gerhard

Schmidt, Hans

Schmidt-Polex, Hans Walter

Schmitt, Francis O.

Schnabl, Paul

Schneider, Conrad H.

Schramm, Gerhard

Schramm, J.R.

Schreus, H. Th.

Schroeder, Walter A.

Schubert, Jack

Schütte, Ernst

Schulman, J.H.

Schultz, H.W.

Schultze, B.

Schultze, Hermann E.

Schumm, O.

Schwab, Georg Maria

Schwarz, Jan

Schweet, Richard S.

Schwenk, Erwin


Scoffone, Ernesto

Searle, C.E.

Seegers, Walter H.

Seelye, Laurens

Sehon, Alec

Sela, Michael

Sendroy, Julius

Sevag, M.G.

Shaper, A.A.

Shapley, Harlow

Shell Development Co.

Shellhamer, Robert H.

Sherman, Joseph D.

Shulman, Sidney

Siedel, Walter

Sievert, H. William

Simkin, J.L.

Simpson, Samuel W.

Sinex, F. Marott

Singer, Ernest

Singer, S. J.

Singh, Inderjit

Slotta, Karl

Slovdek, Laromil

Small, James Craig

Smith, Emil L.

Smith, Malcolm H.

Smithies, Oliver

Snapper, I.

Snell, Esmond E.

Snijders, E.P.

Sober, Herbert A.

Sobey, W.R.

Sobotka, Harry

Société de Chimie Biologique

Sözen, Hayri

Sözer, Cahit

Sonneborn, Tracy M.

Soodak, Morris

Šorm, Frantisek

Sowinski Raymond

Speiser, Paul

Spies, Joseph R.

Springer, Georg F.

Stacey, M.

Stähelin, R.

Starkenstein, E.

Stary, Zdenko

Stavitsky, Abram B.

Steckerl, Fritz

Steffen, Carl

Stein, William H.

Steinberg, A.

Steinberg, Daniel

Steiner, Robert F.

Steinert, Ernst

Steinhardt, Jacinto

Steinitz, Kurt

Steinkopff, Dietrich

Steinkopff, Jürgen

Steinkopff, Theodor

Stepanchenok, S.J.

Stern, Adolph

Stern, Herbert

Stern, Kurt G.

Sternberger, Ludwig

Sterne, M.

Šterzl, Jaroslav

Stevenson, Adlai E.

Stier, Ted

Stokinger, Herbert E.

Stolberg, Marvin A.

Stoll, Arthur

Stone, Sanford H.

Stone, William H.

Stotz, Elmer

Strain, William H.

Straus, Werner

Strauss, Alice Franz

Strauss, Willy

Streete, Alan M.

Stummvoll, Josef

Sturtevant, Julian M.

Šula, Jan

Sumner, Robert J.

Sutherland, G.B.B.M.

Suyama, Hirofumi

Svensson, H.

Swan, John M.

Synge, R.L.M.

Szent-Györgi, Albert

Szwarc, Michael

Tagliaferro, William H.

Talmage, David W.

Tamiya, Hiroshi

Tarver, Harold

Tauber, Henry

Tayeau, F.

Taylor, John Fuller

Tekman, Şevket

Terplan, Kornel

Theorell, Hugo

Therriault, Donald G.

Thoma, John A.

Thomas, Karl

Thompson, Alexander

Thompson, R.L.

Thomson, D.L.

Thorbecke, G. Jeanette Hochwald

Tietze, Andreas

Tiselius, Arne


Treffers, Henry P.

Trikojus, Victor M.

Tristram, G.R.

Troensegaard, N.

Trurnit, Hans J.

Truttwin, Hans

Tschermak-Seysenegg, Armin

Tucker, Gabriel

Tümer, Adnan

Tunçman, Zekâi Muammer

Turba, F.

Turnbull, J.H.

Turner, James E.

Twin City Pigeon Eliminating Co.

Tyler, Albert

Udenfriend, S.

Uebel, H.

Ullyott, Philipp

Umbreit, Wayne

Updike, Ira A.

Updike, Winifred Wood

Utitz, Emil

Uzman, Betty G.

Uzman, L. Lahut

Uzman, Mazhar Osman

Vance, V.K.

Van Dyken, A.R.

Van Harrefeld, Anthonie

VanNuys, J.D.

Van Rood, Jon J.

Van Slyke, Donald D.

Vardar, Muzaffer

Varga, László

Veach, Olene

Veis, Arthur

Verger, Teunis

Verzár, Fritz

Vickery, H.B.

Vidaver, George

Vigneaud, Vincent du

Vining, R.H.

Voegelin, Carl

Vötsch, Walter

Wacker, Adolf

Waelsch, Heinrich

Wagner, G.A.

Wagner, J.

Waksman, Byron H.

Wald, George

Waldschmidt-Leitz, Ernst

Walter, Harry

Walter De Gruyter & Co.

Wang, Ging-Hsi

Warburg, Otto

Wassink, E.C.

Watanabe, Makoto

Watson, J.D.

Waugh, David F.

Weatherwax, Paul

Webb, T.J.

Weber, Hans H.

Weil, Arthur J.

Weil, Leopold

Weil, V. Jerry

Weinberger, Edgar

Weiner, Alfred L.

Weisbach, W.

Weiss, Joseph

Weiss, Moriz

Weiss, Ulrich

Weissberger, Arnold

Weitzel, Günther

Wells, Herman B

Wermer, Paul

West, Harold D.

Westheimer, Frank

Westphal, Otto

Westphal, Ulrich

Weyland, Paul

White, Abraham

Wiedemann, E.

Wieland, Theodor

Wiener, Alexander S.

Wilbrandt, W.

Will, Samuel F.

Willheim, Robert

Williams, J.W.

Williams, Roger J.

Willstätter, Richard

Winkler, Adolf

Winkler, Marvin H.

Winterstein, Hans

Winzler, Richard J.

Wirtz, K.

Wohlgemuth, J.

Wolfe, Harold R.

Wormall, Arthur

Wrinch, Dorothy M.

Wu, Hsien

Wu, Daisy Yen

Würz, Hannelore

Wurmser, René

Wyman, Jeffries

Yang, Jen Tsi

Yasunaga, Tatsuya

Yenson, Mutahhar

Yilmaz, M. Kemal

Yoshikawa, Hiruhisa

Young, F.G.

Youngs, J.W.T.

Yue, Kenneth

Zaboretzky, Frank

Zahn, H.

Zakarias, Ladislaus

Zarikoğlu, Artin

Zechmeister, L.

Zeynek, Richard

Zimmerman, Morris

Zimmerman, Sarah

Zirm, Konrad L.

Zironi, A.

Zocher, Hans

Zöllner, Nepomuk

Zondek, Bernhard

Post-retirement ( August 1966-1985 ).

Box 4 1966, Aug.-1976 

Box 5 1977-1985 

Series: II. Departmental

Includes internal memorandums and other materials relating to Haurowitz's academic appointment to the Chemistry Department at Indiana University, 1948-1981.

Box 5
Folder 12-39

Correspondence, 1948-July 1966 

Internal correspondence including letters concerning admission of students, examinations, grants and Chemistry Department policies.

Oversize Account Books, 1951-1974 . 3 vols. Includes purchase of equipment and supplies, use of funds

Box 6
Folder 1-3

Annual Reports, 1948-1981 

Box 6
Folder 4-5

Chemistry Faculty Meeting, 1953-1969 

Box 6
Folder 6-7

Chemistry Policy Committee, 1961-1970 

Box 6
Folder 8-9

Other Committees, 1949-1978 

Box 6
Folder 10

Biochemistry and Chemistry Seminars

Box 6
Folder 11

Cumulative Examinations, 1969-1978 

Box 6
Folder 12-13

National Institutes of Health, 1950-1978 . Applications for research grants, progress reports and correspondence.

Box 6
Folder 14

National Science Foundation, 1971-1979 . Applications for research grants, progress reports and correspondence.

Box 6
Folder 15

Miscellaneous. Includes radiation material and miscellaneous Chemistry Department reports.

Series: III. Research/Writings

Includes typescripts, research notes, some correspondence and photographs.

Subseries: Research/Writings by Haurowitz

Includes writings, research notes, graphs and diagrams, photographs and negatives, printed materials and clippings. After Early Research, arranged alphabetically by title or subject.

Box 6
Folder 16-22

Early Research, 1929-1956 . Research, mainly handwritten.

Box 7
Folder 1

Antibody Formation, 1965 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 2-3

Autobiography of Felix Haurowitz, 1975 . First draft, research.

Box 7
Folder 4

Biochemistry; An Introductory Textbook, 1955 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 5

Biochemistry in Continental Europe, Especially in the Period 1920-1940 . A Conversation with Dr. Felix Haurowitz, October 24-25, 1969 . A condensed version of a five hour tape recording. Photocopy with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 6

The Chemical Determination of Biological Chemistry , 1939-1948. Typescript with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 7-8

Chemistry and the Function of Proteins, 1963 . Research, correspondence.

Box 7
Folder 9

Complement. Research.

Box 7
Folder 10

"The Continuous Presence of the Antigen is Required for Antibody Production..." [first line], 1976-1977 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 11

Duplicates of Original Figures, Unused Material. Research.

Box 7
Folder 12-13

Forensic Analysis, 1924-1930 , 1931-1935 . Research, correspondence.

Box 7
Folder 14

Foundations of Immunology, 1978 . Research.

Box 7
Folder 15

Haemoglobin, 1922-1938 . Research.

Box 7
Folder 16

History of Biochemistry. Research, correspondence, photocopies.

Box 7
Folder 17

Immunochemistry and the Biosynthesis of Antibodies , 1968 . Typescript, notes, photograph.

Box 7
Folder 18-19

Immunological Abstracts, 1969-1978 . Typescript with corrections, original drafts, research.

Box 7
Folder 20

Mechanism and Kinetics of the Hemin-Catalyzed Oxidation of Linoleate in Oil-Water Interfaces, parts I and II, 1973 . Early version.

Box 7
Folder 21-24

Methods. Research, correspondence, printed material.

Box 7
Folder 25

Old Experiments A-Z (various groups), 1933-1942 . Research, 35 photographs.

Box 7
Folder 26

Old Research Programs, 1933?-1961 . Research. Bound: Photobook, 1 vol. Research photographs.

Box 7
Folder 27

"Pluripotency of the Antibody Producing Cells..." [first line], ca. 1978 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 28

"Production of Immunoglobulins in the Absence of Added Antigens..." [first line]. Photocopy with corrections.

Box 7
Folder 29

"Professor Richard Zeynek..." [first line]. Typescript.

Box 7
Folder 30

Project - Radioactive Carbon C14 for Studying Fate of Labeled Steroids. Research.

Box 7
Folder 31

Protein Biogenesis. Notes.

Box 7
Folder 32-33

"Protein", ( Encyclopedia Britannica ), 1974 . Photocopy of late version. Photocopy of corrected proofs, research, correspondence.

Box 7
Folder 34

Protein Literature. Research.

Box 7
Folder 35-38

Protocols, I, 1925-1946 . Handwritten and typed research, graphs, tables, correspondence.

Box 8
Folder 1-6

Protocols, II-V, 1925-1946  (cont.)

Box 8
Folder 5-19

Protocols - Papers, 1943-  . Handwritten and typed research, graphs, tables, correspondence, photographs.

Box 8
Folder 20

Protocols - Protein. Typescript, notes. Bound: Protocols, I-XV, 1927-1949 , 7 vols.

Box 9 Bound: Protocols, XVI-XXIII, 1949-1983 , 9 vols.

Box 9 Bound: Protocol of rabbits, 1949-1973 , 1 vol.

Box 9
Folder 1

Publishers' Contracts, 1924-1977 . Photocopies.

Box 9
Folder 2

Quantitative Determination of Antibodies Against Serum Globulin, ca. 1948 . Typescript, early and late versions.

Box 9
Folder 3

A Role for Antigen in Antibody Biosynthesis, 1978 . Typescript with corrections of early version, photocopy of later version, research.

Box 9
Folder 4

Tryptophan. Research.

Box 9
Folder 5

"Unipotency Versus Pluripotency of the Antibody Producing Cells..." [first line], ca. 1977 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 9
Folder 6-12

Unpublished Figures and Data. Research, correspondence.

Box 9
Folder 13

Material is in German.

Untersuchung des Fettes der Ginaden von Rhizostoma Cuvieri, 1920 . Original draft, typescript, notes.

Box 9
Folder 14

The Uptake of Complement Components. Typescript with corrections, research.

Box 9
Folder 15

Z. Stary. Typescript.

Subseries: Lectures

Mostly typescripts of lectures delivered by Haurowitz at conferences, scientific meetings, seminars and classes, 1924-1983. The later years demonstrate a use of prompt notes rather than full typescript. Also includes programs, invitations and travel materials. Arranged chronologically by date given.

Box 10
Folder 1

Materials are in German.


"Das Kuratorium der Akademie der Wissenschaften..." [first line], Prague, 1924 . Photocopy with corrections.

Chemie des Blutfarbstoffes, Prague, 1932 . Typescript with corrections.

Feinbau der Porphyrine und ihrer Komplexen Metallverbindunge, Prague, 1934 . Typescript with corrections.

Ueber der Hämoglobine des Fötus und des Erwachsenen Menschen, Prague, May, 1935 . Typescript with corrections.

Blutfarbstoff, Leningrad, August 12, 1935 . Typescript with corrections.

Über die Farbstoffes, Prague, 1935 . Draft.

Mechanismus der Hämin-Katalyse, Chemische Gesellscaft der Deutschen Hochschulen, Prague, May 1937 . Typescript with corrections.

"Gestatten Sie mir zunächst, dass ich dem Vorstande Ihrer..." [first line], Prague, February 26, 1938 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 2

Materials are in German.


Kampfgase und Gasschutz, University of Istanbul, May 1940 . Typescript with corrections.

Die Biochemie ist die Lehre von der Chemischen Zusammensetzung, Istanbul, January 4, 1944 . Typescript with corrections.

Stoffwechsel, Vitamine, Hormone und Fermente in der Graviditaet, May 11, 1945 . Typescript, notes.

Material is in English.

Schrödinger, What is Life?, Cambridge, 1945 . Notes.

Der Krieg und der Kampf der Völker um Neue Nahrung, 1945-1946 . Original draft, typescript, notes.

Worte am Grabe Professor Siegfried Obernadorfer's, 1945-1946 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 3


The Chemistry of Antibodies, Bloomington, Indiana, 1947 . Typescript with corrections.

"Immunology as a Branch of Medicine and Biology started with the Observation..." [first line], American Naturalists, Washington, September 1948 . Typescript with corrections.

"It is a Great Honor for me to be Invited to Speak at this Dinner in Behalf of Section VIII..." [first line], Cambridge, August, 1949 . Typescript, notes.

The Dissociation of Antigen-Antibody Complexes and their Bond Energy, Detroit, 1949 . Typescript with corrections.

The Specificity of Antibodies, Cambridge, 1949 . Typescript.

The Structure of Hemoglobin, Cambridge, 1949 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 4


The Nature and Formation of Antibodies, Annual Meeting of the Society of American Bacteriologists, Indiana Branch, March 31, 1950 .

Hemoglobin, Oxyhemoglobin and Anhyrohemoglobin, Hemoglobin Federation, 1950 . Typescript.

The Internal Molecular Structure of Proteins and their Biological Properties, Sigma Xi, Bloomington, Indiana, 1950 . Typescript with corrections.

Internal Structure and Surface of Protein Molecules, Purdue Chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1950 . Typescript with corrections.

The Chemistry of Proteins with Antibody Function, Minnesota, 1951 . Typescript.

Deposition of Radioactive Antigens and their Role in Antibody Formation, Cincinnati, 1951 . Typescript with correction.

Theories of Antibody Formation, Louisville 1951 . Typescript.

Box 10
Folder 5


Biological Control of Protein Synthesis in Vivo, June 25, 1952 , Photocopy, notes.

The Biogenesis of Proteins, St. Louis, 1952 . Photocopy, typescript, notes.

The Dissociation of Antigen-Antibody Precipitates, Paris, 1952 . Typescript.

The Fate of Radioactive Labeled Antigens in the Organism, Milwaukee, 1952 . Typescript of abstract.

The Linkage of Cystine in Proteins, Paris, 1952 . Typescript with corrections.

The Synthesis of Normal Serum Proteins and of Antibodies, Paris, 1952 . Typescript.

Box 10
Folder 6


The Biosynthesis of Plasma Proteins and Antibodies, Brooklyn Polytechnical Institute, November 14, 1953 . Photocopy.

The Interfacial Tension of Protein Solutions, Chicago Federation, 1953 . Photocopy with corrections.

Structure and Biogenesis of Proteins, Michigan State, 1953 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 7


Proteins as Antigens and Antibodies, Rutgers University, New Jersey, January 29-30, 1954 . Typescript, photocopy.

Biosynthesis of Proteins and Antibodies, Gordon Research Conference, New Hampton, August 29-September 2, 1954 . Typescript with corrections.

"Since this is the First Departmental Seminar this Year..." [first line], October, 1954 . Typescript with corrections.

Structure, Function and Degradation of the Proteins of the Red Blood Cells, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, November 19-20, 1954 . Photocopy, diagram.

Double Labeling in Studies of Protein Metabolism, American Chemical Society, New York, 1954 . Typescript with corrections.

"During the Last Years we have been Investigating..." [first line], Radioautography, 1954 . Notes.

History of Modern Turkey, 1954 . Notes.

The Use of Radioisotopes in Biochemistry, Montgomery, 1954 . Typescript.

"The Words Antigen and Antibody are Trivial Expressions..." [first line], American Chemical Society, 1954 . Typescript.

Box 10
Folder 8


The Problem of Life?, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, December, 1955 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Detection of Transpeptidation in Plastein Formation, Cincinnati, 1955 . Typescript with corrections.

Life and the Proteins, Sigma Xi, Bloomington, Indiana, 1955 . Typescript with corrections, Photocopy.

Material is in German.

Schicksal Markierter Antigene und Mechanismus der Antikörperbildung, Kiel, 1955 . Typescript with corrections.

"When I, as a Biochemist, Talk here on Antibody Formation..." [first line], Argonne, 1955 . Notes.

Box 10
Folder 9


Proteolytic Enzymes, New York Academy of Sciences, New York, November 8-9, 1956 . Notes.

Antigen-Antibody Reactions in Allergy, Ohio Valley Society Fall Meeting, 1956 . Typescript with corrections.

Condensation of Proteins with Thiocyanate, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1956 . Typescript with corrections.

"It may seem Strange to Discuss at a Meeting of Physicists Immune Reactions..." [first line], Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1956 . Notes.

Protein Biosynthesis: Symposium on the Unsolved Problems of Biochemistry, Indianapolis, December 1957 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

"Combination = Mutual Attraction of Complementarily Shaped Groups..." [first line], St. Andrews, 1957 . Draft notes.

"I Feel very much Honored by being Invited to talk here on my Research Work..." [first line], Bethesda, Maryland, 1957 . Typescript with correct.

Immunochemistry, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, 1957 . Notes.

The Fate of Labeled Antigens and the Mechanism of Antibody Formation, Nashville, Tennessee, 1957 . Notes.

Box 10
Folder 10


Summary of the Conference, Annual Protein Conference, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, January 24, 1958 . Notes.

Localization of Antigens by Autoradiography, Histochemical Society, Philadelphia, April 14, 1958 . Typescript with corrections.

"It is well known from the work of Whipple, Miller and others..." [first line], Federation, Philadelphia, April 18, 1958 . Typescript with corrections.

The Mechanism of Antibody Formation, Indiana Public Health Association, Medical Center, Indianapolis, May 9, 1958 . Notes.

"We are dealing with three fundamental problems: (1) nature of ..." [first line], Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee, May 1958 . Notes.

"Biochemist; Revolution in Biochemistry..." [first line], Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, August, 1958 . Notes.

Material is in German.

Biosynthese der Proteine und ihre Beeinflussung durch Antigene, Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte, Wiesbaden, October 1, 1958 . Notes.

"Ag + Ab --- Precipitates; + C' --- lysis..." [first line], Chemistry Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, 1958 . Notes.

"Unsolved Problems; Many Observations... Interpretation Difficult..." [first line], Beckley, 1958 . Notes.

"Thanks to Spencer; Want to Learn Views of Allergol..." [first line], 1956-1958 . Notes.

"As Student Med. Faculty German Univ. Prague and Würzburg..." [first line], Bloomington, Indiana, 1958?  Notes.

Education in European Universities, Bloomington, Indiana, 1958?  Notes.

"Uneasy....Friess asked biogenesis..." [first line], 1958?  Notes.

"Warburg +3, Zang 69 627 1957..." [first line], Seminar, 1958?  Notes.

Box 10
Folder 11


The Role of Antigen in Antibody Synthesis, Symposium on Immunity and Virus Infection, Vanderbilt University, May 1, 1959 . Notes.

Antibody Formation in the Primary and Secondary Response, National Academy of Sciences, Bloomington, Indiana, November, 1959 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Biosynthesis of Proteins and its Modification by Antigens, Indiana, February, 1959 ; Philadelphia, 1959 ; Midland 1960 . Typescript with corrections. Notes.

"Immunity = Survival after an Infection..." [first line], C480 Immunology Course, Bloomington, Indiana, 1959 . Notes.

Metabolism of Isotopically Labeled Serum Albumin, Detroit, 1959 . Typescript.

Properties of Antibodies against Acidic and Basic Determinant Groups, Pittsburgh, 1959 . Typescript with corrections.

Reactions of Polyamino Acids and Proteins with Thiocyanate, Federation, 1959 . Typescript with corrections.

Replication, Seminar, 1959 . Typescript.

Survey on Modern Biochemistry, Biochemistry College Teachers, 1959 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 12


Structure, Specificity and Biosynthesis of Proteins, American Chemical Society, New York Section, January 1960 . Typescript, notes.

Matieral is in German.

Biosynthesis der Proteine und ihre Modifikation durch Antigene, Muenchen, March, 1960 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Material is in Italian

Natura e Formazione degli Anticorpi, Milano, March 1960 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Helical Structure of Proteins, C708 course, Bloomington, Indiana, December, 1960 . Notes.

Material is in German.

Untersuchungen ueber die Natur der Antikoerper, Frankfurt, 1960 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

"Westphal, Ann. Pasteur 98, 789, 1960 review..." [first line], Lunch Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, 1960 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 13


Material is in German.

Mechanismus und Lokalisation der Antigen-Antikörperbildung Reaktion, Düsseldorf, May, 1961 . Notes.

"1 = Aminoacids Chain..." [first line], Cincinnati, 1961 . Draft notes.

"Immunochemie Closely Related to Problems of EW Formation..." [first line], London, 1961 . Notes.

"Immunology = not Chemistry Bacteria: Agglutination..." [first line], Bloomington, Indiana, 1961 . Notes

The Nature and Formation of Antibodies, Cambridge, 1961 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

"Proteins Biosynthesis..." [first line], Brooklyn, 1961 . Notes.

"Reasons for going to Russia..." [first line], Moscow, 1961 . Notes

"Sela and Arnon: Polyamino Acids not Antigenic Except Polytyrosine, Poly-Phe, and Some Mixed Polymers of Glu and Lys..." [first line], Buffalo; Toronto, 1961 . Notes.

"Why did I Become an Immunochemist?..." [first line], Sigma Xi, Bloomington, Indiana, 1961 . Notes

"Burnet: Theories must take into Account:..." [first line], Seminar, April, 1962 . Notes.

Biosynthesis of Proteins and the Coding Problem, American Chemical Society, Indiana Section, Indianapolis, December 1, 1962 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

"Basis of all Immunol. Reactions = Ag + Ab..." [first line], Houston, 1962 . Notes.

Biosynthesis of Proteins Modified, Chemical Colloquium, 1962 . Notes.

Preparation of Labelled Antigens, Seminar, 1962 . Notes.

"Antibody Structure: 160,000..." [first line], Rehovoth, Weizmann Institute, 1962?  Notes.

Biochemistry in Retrospect and Prospect, American Chemical Society, Banquet, Cincinnati, January 15, 1963 . Typescript, notes.

Breakthrough in Molecular Biology, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, April, 1963 . Notes.

Antibody Structure and Formation, Northwestern University, Chicago, 1963 . Notes.

"Antigenicity..." [first line], Abbott Laboratories, 1963 . Notes.

"Some of the Material Obvious to some in Audience..." [first line], Evansville, 1963 ; Evanston, 1964. Notes.

Box 10
Folder 14


Against Analogies Between Memory and Immunity, Research Colloquium in Biophysical Chemistry, January, 1964 . Typescript.

Self-Recognition Mechanisms, New York Academy of Sciences, New York, February 3, 1964 . Notes.

Nature and Formation of Antibodies, Notre Dame, November, 1964 . Notes.

Problems of Protein Structure and Biosynthesis, Hawaii, November, 1964 . Notes.

"A. M. Silverstein in Neuroscience Research Program (1963)..." [first line], 1964 . Notes.

Antibody Formation and the Coding Problem, Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, 1964 . Notes.

"Since 1930 Deeper Insight with Simplest Antigens + Haptens..." [first line], Bruges, 1964 . Notes.

Material is in German.

Struktur und Bildung der Antikoerper, Mosbach, 1964 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Box 10
Folder 15


"Ab formation = EW Formation; Biosynthesis..." [first line], Tel-Aviv, 1965 . Notes.

"Ab formation = Protein Biosynthesis..." [first line], Stockholm; Stanford, 1965 . Notes.

Antibody Formation = Protein Formation, San Francisco, 1965 . Notes.

"Didn't Know About McManus, Bloch + Lynen, Julian..." [first line], Steroids Group, 1965 . Notes.

Hemin Catalysis of Coupled Peroxidation, American Chemical Society Meeting, Denver, 1965 . Typescript with corrections.

Protein Chemistry, C308, Bloomington, Indiana, 1965 . Notes.

"Template Mechanism..." [first line], Amsterdam; Stockholm, 1965 . Notes.

"Unsolved Problems:..." [first line], Jerusalem; Rehovoth, Weizmann Institute, 1965 . Notes.

Antibodies - Immunity - Bacteria, 1959-1965 . Notes.

"Ehrlich Born March 14 1854..." [first line], Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, 1959-1965 . Notes.

"Quote Burnet (Science)..." [first line], 1959-1965 . Notes

Structure and Biosynthesis, 1959-1965 . Notes.

Box 10
Folder 16


Antibody Formation and the Coding Problem, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, February 28, 1966 . Notes.

Research in Medicine and Biochemistry, Indianapolis, May, 1966 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Material is in German.

Die Struktur der Antikoerper, Suhl, September 18, 1966 . Typescript with corrections. Notes.

Problems in Antibody Biosynthesis, Freund Memorial Lecture, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, October, 1966 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Molecular Biology, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, December, 1966 . Notes.

Antibody Formation, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1966 . Notes.

Immunity = Survival after Infection and Subsequent Protection, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1966 . Notes.

Problems Unsolved in Antibody Structure and Formation, Indianapolis, 1966 . Notes.

Box 10
Folder 17


Immunochemistry, C483 course, Bloomington, Indiana, August, 1967 . Notes.

Molecular Aspects of Biology, G502 course, Bloomington, Indiana, 1967 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

"Wanted to Listen and Learn...but was invited..." [first line], Cold Spring Harbor, 1967 . Notes.

Antibody Structure, Bloomington, Indiana, January, 1968 .

"Up to a Few Years Ago... Ab = Uniform... Like Enzymes..." [first line], Oak Ridge Laboratory, January, 1968 . Notes

Immunochemistry, Macomb, Illinois, March, 1968 . Notes.

Macomb Talk to Younger Students, Macomb, Illinois, March, 1968 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Problems Concerning the Structure and Formation of Antibody, Abbott Laboratories, March, 1968 . Notes.

Heterogeneity of Antibodies and the Problem of their Biosynthesis, University of Illinois Medical School, Chicago, April, 1968 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Heterogeneity and Biosynthesis of Antibodies, Indianapolis, May, 1968 . Notes.

"Work began 40 years ago with Breinl (Landsteiner)..." [first line], Prague, July, 1968 . Notes.

Material is in German.

Strucktur und Wirkungsweise der Antikörper, Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte, Heidelberg, October 9, 1968 . Notes.

Material is in German.

Versuche über die Struktur und Bildung der Antikörper, Grosse Ledder, October 11, 1968 . Notes.

Biomedical Seminar on Antibody Formation, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1968 . Notes.

"1930 Three Postulates: Globulin Nature..." [first line], Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, November, 1968 . Notes.

Molecular Basis of Immunity, New York Academy of Sciences, New York, December 5, 1968 . Notes.

"Structure Porter - Edelman..." [first line], Microbiology Seminar, December, 1968 . Notes.

"Ag/Ab Basis = Complementariness..." [first line], Warren, 1968?  Notes.

Antigenicity of Proteins, Biochemical Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, 1968?  Notes.

Box 10
Folder 18


Molecular Basis of Immunity, UCLA, Los Angeles, January, 1969 . Notes.

Return to Antibodies, London, Ontario, February, 1969 . Notes.

Molecular Basis of Immunity, Francis Delafield Hospital, Columbia University, New York, March 28, 1969 . Notes.

The Molecular Basis of Immunity, Slapy, June 6, 1969 . Notes.

"I Feel Highly Honored by Being Invited to Deliver Here the Introductory..." [first line], Philadelphia, September, 1969 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Problems in Ab Structure and Biosynthesis, Kalamazoo, September, 1969 . Notes.

"Through Errors Toward Solution, not yet Reached..." [first line], Bloomington, Indiana, September 1969 . Notes.

Ag Resistance and Localisation, Z620 course, Bloomington, Indiana, November 1969 . Notes.

Material is in German.

Antigen-Antikörperreaktion, Deutsher Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, Halle an der Saale, November, 1969 . Draft notes.

Ab Structure, Caracas, December, 1969 . Notes.

Higher Education in Eastern Europe, 1969 . Notes.

"Last 2 years...Molecular Basis of Antibody Formation..." [first line], Federation, 1969 .

Molecular Basis of Antibody Formation, Prague, 1969 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Sciences in Eastern Europe, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, 1969 . Notes.

Selection and Instruction in Antibody Formation, Federation, 1969 . Typescript with corrections.

Proteins, C344 honors students course, Bloomington, Indiana, January, 1970 . Notes.

"Development of Biochemistry Incredible..." [first line], Boston, May, 1970 . Notes.

Evolution of Views on Antibody Formation, Microbiology Seminar, Indianapolis, May, 1970 . Notes.

Immunochemistry, C483 course, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1970 . Notes.

"Eastern Europe Different from Western European Countries..." [first line], Free University, 1970 . Notes.

Box 10
Folder 19


Turkey, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1971 . Notes.

The Role of RNA in Antibody Formation: Historical Perspective, New York Academy of Sciences, New York, April 19, 1972 . Notes.

Molecular Mechanism of Antibody Production, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, April 24, 1972 . Notes.

"First Immunochemical Work by Obermayer + Pick - Vienna Iodoproteins..." [first line], Boston University, Boston, April 25, 1972 . Notes.

Cellular Mechanism of Ab Formation and Role of Antigen in it, Bloomington, Indiana, October 1972 . Notes.

"Antigens - Antibodies -- Ag-Ab Complex..." [first line], February 21, 1973 . Notes.

Antibody Diversity. Differentiation vs. Somatic Mutation, Frontiers of Immunology, Bloomington, Indiana, March 2, 1973 . Notes.

Preferential Allotypic Expression of Anti-Hapten Responses Observed in Heterozygous al,3 Rabbits, Chicago, November, 1973 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Box 10
Folder 20


Intermediary Metabolism, Bloomington, Indiana, April, 1974 . Notes.

"When I Began (1922/1920) Work on Hb..." [first line], Chemistry Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, September, 1974 . Notes.

Ab Formation, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1974 . Notes.

From Cholesterol to the Sex Hormones and Contraceptive Pills, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, December, 1974 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Molecular and Genetic Basis of the Immune Response, Sigma Xi, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1975 . Notes.

Role of Proteins as Antigens and Antibodies, C581 course, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1975 . Notes, diagrams.

The Template Theory of Antibody Formation, St. Andrews, 1975 . Typescript with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 21


Molecular and Genetic Bases of the Immune Response, Medical Science Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, January, 1977 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Research on Hemoglobin, Antibodies and on the Progress of Biochemistry since 1914, Chemical Seminar, Bloomington, Indiana, April, 1977 . Typescript with corrections, notes.

Advances in Immunology, Discussion Club, Bloomington, Indiana, October, 1977 . Notes.

Preferential Expression of Anti-Arsonate Antibodies in Heterozygous Rabbits Injected with As-BSA and TMA-BSA, Chicago, November, 1977 . Typescript.

"...Jenner: Mild Infection with Vaccine..." [first line], Staff, Bloomington, Indiana, 1977 . Notes.

Origin of Modern Biochemistry. Reflection on Proteins, New York, June, 1978 . Notes.

"Discussion (Symposium no. I, Session on Monday, August 14, Afternoon)..." [first line], August, 1978 .

Box 10
Folder 22


Revolution in Genetics and Implications on Problem of Antibody Formation, Bloomington, Indiana, November, 1981 . Notes.

"Dr. Shiner Asked me to Say a Few Words..." [first line], October, 1983 . Typescript, notes.

Basic vs. Applied Research. Notes, no date.

"Introduction to Symposium on Antibody Structure..." [first line]. Typescript, no date.

"I Would like to Report Today on the Possible Relation of Allotype..." [first line], Typescript with corrections, photocopy, no date.

Microheterogeneity of Proteins; Populations of a Different Age, Delbruecks lecture at Ehrlich-Behring Meeting. Notes, no date.

Subseries: Box 10-17 Research/Writings by Others

Includes writings, research notes, and other related material.

Arranged alphabetically by name of researcher.

Box 10
Folder 23

Abdelkrim, Ekram. Notebook.

Material is in German.

Box 10
Folder 24

Anderer, F. A. Chemische Basis der Antigenität bei Globulären Proteinen, 1964 . Photocopy with corrections.

Box 10
Folder 25

Bearman, David. Guide to the Papers of John Tileston Edsall, 1979 . Photocopy, correspondence.

Box 10
Folder 26

Bilen, Mürvet. The Linkage of Carbonic Acid, 1948 . Typescript, research, correspondence.

Box 10
Folder 27

Bursa, Fahamet. Proteins, 1952-1953 . Research.

Box 10
Folder 28

Byers, Lili C. Study of Gamma-Gobulins: Preliminary Report, December 1967 . Photocopy.

Box 10
Folder 29

Chaff, Sandra. Guide to the Papers of Florence Rene Sabin at the American Philosophical Soc. Library, 1978.  Photocopy.

Box 10
Folder 30

Chambliss, Keith Wayne. Electrophoresis of Iodinated Beef Serum Euglobulin, 1951 . Research.

See also Notebooks

Box 10
Folder 31

Cheng, Hsieh Fu (Frank). In Vitro Diagnostic Radioassays: New Developments, 1979?  Photocopy; Secondary Response, 1956-1957 . Typescript.

See also Notebooks.

Box 10
Folder 32

Cindi, Radiye. Asparagin ve Glutaminin Dezamidasyon sür'ati Sabitelerinin ve Termodinamik Potansiyellerinin Hesabi, ca. 1949 . Typescript with corrections, research, correspondence.

Box 10
Folder 33

East, Gary. Miscellaneous research, 1969-1972 .

See also Notebooks.

Box 10
Folder 34

Ellenbogen, Leon. The Serological Reactivity of Antigens and Antibodies in the Presence of Tissues. Typescript with corrections, research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 10
Folder 35

Evans, Mark. Notebook, research, 1974 .

Box 10
Folder 36-37

Everton, Yvonne. Rabbit 3 H Metab Data (TB & DF). Research, photographs.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 1

Fleischer, Sidney. Quantitative Determination of Carbon-14 and Sulfur-35 in Double Labeled Proteins, 1958 .

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 2

Foshay, Miriam C. Tryptophan. Research; Determination of Tryptophan Content in Immunospecific Immunoglobulins, November, 1974 . Photocopies, research.

Box 11
Folder 3

Groff, James L. "Attempts to Correlate Antibody Structure..." [first line], 1963-64 . Typescript with corrections, research, photographs.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 4

Hardin, Richard Lynn. Cobalt Porphyrin Complexes, 1950 . Typescript with corrections, research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 5-6

Hawkins, John D. The Uptake of Complement Components onto Specific Precipitates and onto Sensitized Erythrocytes. Typescript with corrections, research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 7

Hungerford, Emily. Experiments - Cross Reactivity. Research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 8-9

Ingraham, J.S. Preferential Assignment of Allotype al Globulin for Production of Early IgM Anti-P-Azophenylarsonate Antibody in al, a3 Heterozygous Rabbits, 1974-1978 . Research, correspondence.

Box 11
Folder 10

Johnson, David. Notebook, 1967-1968 .

Box 11
Folder 11-13

Knight, Kay. Fr I & II of Hapten-Specific Antibodies, 1965. Research; Fr I & II of Rabbit Gamma-Globulin after Various Times, Route of Injection; and Young and Old Rabbits, 1963-1964. Research; Separation of A & B Chains on Sephadex, 1964-1965 . Research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 14

Lietze, Arthur. Keratin Formation from Amino Acids and Proteins. Typescript with corrections, research, photographs.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 15

Lisie, Sarah G. Proteins. Research.

Box 11
Folder 16

Mayer, Ruth. Notebook.

Box 11
Folder 17

Mosier, Don E. Notebook, 1964-1965 .

Box 11
Folder 18

Nawar, Isis A. Notebook, 1967 .

Box 11
Folder 19

Nur, Thay Hariati. Notebook, 1959-1960 .

Box 11
Folder 20

Patras, Becca. Antibody Formation During the Secondary Immunological Respose. Typescript with corrections, research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 21

Pedicini, S. Notebook.

Box 11
Folder 22

Penn, Nathan W. The Recovery of Biosynthetically Labeled Antigen from Recipient Tissue. Typescript with corrections, research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 23

Peterson, Celia. Notebook.

Box 11
Folder 24

Potter, John. Notebook, 1958 .

Box 11
Folder 25

Puckett, Pamela. Notebook.

Box 11
Folder 26

Ray, Tapas K. Notebook, 1969 .

Material is in German.

Box 11
Folder 27

Reichenbach? Neue Erkenntnisse über das Leben. Typescript.

Box 11
Folder 28

Richter, Maxwell. Hemagglutination Titers. Research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 29

Roach, Veronica. Notebook, 1950 .

Box 11
Folder 30

Roberts, Audrey. Quantitative Studies on the Bio-Diazotized-Benzidine Method of Hemagglutination. Research, photographs.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 31

Root-Bernstein, Robert Scott. Amino Acid Pairing, 1980 . Photocopy with corrections.

Box 11
Folder 32

Root-Bernstein, Robert Scott. The Origin of the Genetic Code, 1980 . Photocopy.

Box 11
Folder 33

Stern, Milton. Notebook, 1959 .

Box 11
Folder 34

Tanasoglu, Pratromos. Notebook, 1943 .

Box 11
Folder 35

Taylor, A. Mobility of Proteins by Electrophoresis, 1956 . Research, photographs.

Box 11
Folder 36

Tsmoda, Miko. Notebook, 1960 .

Box 11
Folder 37

Turner, James E. The Reaction of Polymers of L-Aspartic Acid with Ammonium Thiocyanate, 1957?  Typescript with corrections, research, photographs.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 38

Turner, James E. Salmine Experiments, 1959 . Research.

Box 11
Folder 39

Vardar, Muzaffer. "Protein Moleküllerinin Yapilisi..." [first line of title], 1945?  Typescript with corrections.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 40-41

Vidaver, George. Amino acids. Research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 42

Walter, Harry. Doubly Labeled Experiments, 1955 . Research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 43

Würz, Hannelore. Changes in Optical Rotation after Cleavage of SS-bonds. Research.

See also Notebooks.

Box 11
Folder 44

Yenson, Mutahhar. The Deposition of S55 Sulphanil - AZO - Beef Serum Gamma-Globulin, January 1963 . Typescript with corrections, research.

Box 11
Folder 45

Zaboretsky, Frank. Notebook, 1957 .

Box 11
Folder 46

Zimmerman, Morris. The Reaction of Radioactive Ammonium Thiocynate with Proteins. Draft, research.

See also Notebooks.

Subseries: Box 12-17 Notebooks

Bound and arranged alphabetically by researcher.

Box 12 Adams, Genevieve W. 1969 

Box 12 Baker, Donald W.

Box 12 Bottle, Robert T. 1954-1955 

Box 12 Brown, Eleanor

Box 12

2 notebooks

Burnett, J. Paul Jr. 1958-1960 

Box 12 Chambliss, Keith Wayne. 1950-1951 

Box 12

3 notebooks

Cheng, Hsieh Fu (Frank). 1953-1954 

Box 12 Clevenger, Sarah. 1957-1958 

Box 12 Cordes, Shirley. 1964-1965 

Box 12 Crampton, Charles. 1951 

Box 12 Dicks, Martha. 1951-1954 

Box 12 Di Moia, Frank. 1948-1950 

Box 12 East, Gary. 1969-1974 

Box 12

2 notebooks

Ellenbogen, Leon. 1952-1953 

Box 13

2 notebooks

Everton, Yvonne. 1974-1979 

Box 13

3 notebooks

Fleischer, Sidney. 1954-1958 

Box 13 Forshee, Don. 1972-1974 

Box 13

2 notebooks

Foshay, Miriam. 1974-1977 

Box 13 Friedberg, Wallace. 1953-1954 

Box 13

3 notebooks

Gansinger, Grant. 1962-1965 

Box 13 Gold, Eugene F. 1963-1965 

Box 13

2 notebooks

Gresham, Edwin. 1956-1957 

Box 13 Groff, James L. 1960-1963 

Box 13

2 notebooks

Groh, Magda. 1960-1964 

Box 14 Hardin, Richard Lynn. 1952 

Box 14 Hawkins, John D. 1957-1959 

Box 14

3 notebooks

Horowitz, Jack. 1952-1956 

Box 14 Humm, Frances D. 1951 

Box 14

2 notebooks

Hungerford, Emily. 1980-1981 

Box 14 Kamat, Gopal. 1966-1968 

Box 14

2 notebooks

Kennedy, Margaret. 1951-1952 

Box 14

3 notebooks

Knight, Kay. 1963-1966 

Box 14

2 notebooks

Lietze, Arthur. 1952-1956 

Box 14 Livingston, Sue. 1967 

Box 14

2 notebooks

Longerich, Linda. 1966 

Box 14

3 notebooks

Lopez, Miguel A. 1964-1966 

Box 15 Özkan, Nejat. 1965-1966 

Box 15

2 notebooks

Patras, Becca. 1954-1957 

Box 15 Peachy, Eleanor. 1976 

Box 15 Penn, Nathan W.

Box 15 Ramaley, Judith. 1968 

Box 15 Reller, H. H. 1951-1952 

Box 15 Richter, Maxwell. 1958-1959 

Box 15

2 notebooks

Roberts, Audrey N. 1959-1960 

Box 15 Roelofs, Marilyn J. 1962-1964 

Box 15

2 notebooks

Romain, Louis F. 1960-1962 

Box 16 Sandstrom, Will. 1961-1963 

Box 16 Scaffone, Ernesto.

Box 16 Sela, Michael. 1957 

Box 16 Sowinski, Raymond. 1949-1951 

Box 16 Spencer, Lenore. 1971-1972 

Box 16

2 notebooks

Stine, Harold E. 1962-1963 

Box 16 Talbert, John. 1979 

Box 16 Tay, Maryclare. 1964-1969 

Box 16

2 notebooks

Tharp, Eudora. 1967-1969 

Box 16 Therriault, Donald G. 1952-1954 

Box 16

2 notebooks

Turner, James E. 1954-1958 

Box 16

2 notebooks

Vidaver, George. 1964/1965 

Box 16

2 notebooks

Vötsch, Walter. 1964-1967 

Box 17

4 notebooks

Walter, Harry. 1952-1957 

Box 17 Würz, Hannelore. 1959 

Box 17 Yue, Kenneth. 1957-1958 

Box 17

2 notebooks

Zimmerman, Morris. 1952-1954 

Box 17

3 notebooks

Zimmerman, Sarah. 1959-1961 , 1969-1971 

Subseries: Box 18-20 Reprints

Reprints of Haurowitz's scientific papers covering the years 1920-1980. Arranged chronologically, numbered and accompanied by a list of titles.

Box 18
Folder 1

The Scientific Publications of Feliz Haurowitz.

Typescript with corrections, photocopies. Includes a list of books (1925-1968) and of scientific papers (1920-1980).

Box 18
Folder 2

Scientific Publications of the Chemistry Department.

Printed. Covers the period July, 1952-June, 1953.

Box 18
Folder 3-26

Reprints, 1-237. 1920-1956 

Box 19
Folder 1-26

Reprints, 238-360. 1957-1980 

Box 19
Folder 27

Bound Reprints

4 vols.: 1920-1928; 1929-1932; 1933-1936; 1937-1942. Reprints are numbered in the same way as the unbound reprints. There is a typed index at the beginning of each volume.

Box 20 Bound Reprints

6 vols.: 1943-1946; 1947-1957; 1953-1957; 1958-1961; 1968-1974

Series: IV. Conferences

Includes programs, invitations and related materials. Arranged by organizing institution.

Box 20
Folder 1

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Section on Botanical Sciences, December 29, 1957; Conference on the History of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Brookline, Massachusetts, May 21-23, 1970.

Box 20
Folder 1

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Gordon Research Conferences on Proteins and Nucleic Acids, New Hampton: August 23-28, 1953; 1954-08-August 29-September 3, 1954; June 30-July 5, 1957; June 29-July 3, 1959; Gordon Research Conference on: Proteins, June 24-28, 1963; Cell Structure & Metabolism, June 27-July 1, 1966; Proteins, June 25-30, 1967; Proteins, July 19-23, 1971; Immunochemistry & Immunobiology, Tilton, New Hampshire, June 25-30, 1972.

Box 20
Folder 1

American Association of Immunologists

International Congress of Immunology, 1st, Washington, DC, August 1-6, 1971.

Box 20
Folder 1

American Cancer Society

Scientific Program, Francis Delafield Hospital, New York, March 1969.

Box 20
Folder 1

American Chemical Society

Symposium on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Protein Denaturation, 1953; Wabash Valley Section. Protein Biosynthesis and its Modification by Antigens, Terre Haute, Indiana, February 6, 1959; Indiana Section. Frontiers of Biochemical Research, Indiana University, Medical Center, December 1, 1962; National Meeting, 143rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, January 15, 1963.

Box 20
Folder 1

American Institute of Biological Sciences

Molecular Structure and Biological Specificity, Washington, DC, October 28-29, 1955.

Box 20
Folder 1


Scientific Seminar, May 11 & 14, 1959; Antibody Workshop Meeting. La Jolla, California, January 4-6, 1961; Cincinnati, Ohio, January 11 & 12, 1963; December 1-7, 1963.

Box 20
Folder 1

Biochemical Society

Colloquium on the Proteins of Membranes, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, London, February 19, 1971.

Box 20
Folder 1

Biochemische Gesellschaft der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik

Materials are in German.

Symposium "Einweiss-Enzyme," Suhl, September 18, 1966.

Box 20
Folder 1

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Conference on Chemistry and Physiology of the Nucleus, August 15-17, 1951.

Box 20
Folder 2

Cambridge University

Haemoglobin Conference, Cambridge University, June 15-17, 1948.

Box 20
Folder 2

Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island Biological Association

Symposia on Quantitative Biology, June 8-16, 1949.

Box 20
Folder 2

Czechoslovak Academy of Science

Developmental Aspects of Antibody Formation and Structure, Prague and Slapy, June 1-7, 1969.

Box 20
Folder 2

Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina

Materials are in German

Jahreversammlung, Halle an der Saale, October 30-November 2, 1969.

Box 20
Folder 2

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie

Material is in German

Tagung, Düsseldorf, May 1-5, 1961.

Box 20
Folder 2

Duke University Medical Center. Division of Immunology.

3rd annual Seminar Series, February 28, 1966.

Box 20
Folder 2

Faraday Society

A General Discussion on the Physical Chemistry of Enzymes, University Laboratory of Physiology, Oxford, August 10-12, 1955.

Box 20
Folder 2

Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker

Materials are in German.

Strucktur und Bildung der Antikörper, Freiberg, July 3, 1963.

Box 20
Folder 2

Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte

Material is in German.

Versammlung, 100, Wiesbaden, September 28-October 2, 1958; Versammlumg, 105, Heidelberg, October 6-10, 1968.

Box 20
Folder 3

Henry Ford Hospital

8th International Symposium on the Mechanisms of Hypersensitivity, Detroit, March 27-29, 1958.

Box 20
Folder 3

Histochemical Society

9th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, April 13-14, 1958.

Box 20
Folder 3

Indiana Public Health Association

Spring Meeting, Medical Center, Indianapolis, May 9, 1958. Laboratory Section.

Box 20
Folder 3

Indiana University

Conference on Coordination Compounds, Bloomington, August 18-21, 1953; Department of Chemistry. Seminar on Biophysical Chemistry of the Nucleic Acids, Spring Semester, 1961; Chemical Colloquium, Bloomington, May 12, 1965; School of Medicine. 2nd Annual Biochemical Pathology Short Course, Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, June 10-12, 1970; New Frontiers in Immunology: a Symposium in honor of Felix Haurowitz, Bloomington, February 28-March 2, 1973; Chemis try Colloquium, Bloomington, April 14, 1977.

Box 20
Folder 3

Institute of Polymer Research

Symposium on Biosynthesis, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, November 14, 1953.

Box 20
Folder 3

International Society for Cell Biology

9th International Congress for Cell Biology, August 28-September 3, 1957.

Box 20
Folder 3

International Union of Biochemistry

1st International Congress of Biochemistry, Cambridge, August 19-25, 1949; 3rd Congrès International de Biochimie, Bruxelles, Aug. 1-6, 1955; 4th Internationalen Kongresse s für Biochemie, Wien, 1958; 5th International Congress of Biochemistry, Ploshchadka, Russia, August 12, 1961; 9th International Congress of Biochemistry, 1972; 10th International Congress of Biochemistry, July 29, 1976.

Box 20
Folder 3

Internationales Symposium der Probleme der Immunkrankheiten

Material is in German

Grosse Ledder, October 11-13, 1968.

Box 20
Folder 3

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine

6th Convention of Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul, September 20-25, 1981.

Box 20
Folder 4

Michigan Biochemical Society

Protein and Polypeptide Synthesis, Augusta, Michigan, September 27, 1969.

Box 20
Folder 4

Michigan State College

4th Annual Symposium in Fundamental Biology on Proteins and Protein Metabolism, East Lansing, Michigan, February 2-4, [year?].

Box 20
Folder 4

Michigan University

Molecular Structure and Biological Function: Summer Symposium on Biophysics, Biophysics Research Center, Ann Arbor, July 3-19, 1956.

Box 20
Folder 4

Mid-west Autumn Immunology Conference

Annual Meetings: 3rd, Chicago, November 3-5, 1974; 4th, Chicago, November 9-11, 1975; 6th, Chicago, November 6-8, 1977; 8th, Detroit, November 4-6, 1979.

Box 20
Folder 4

Mid-winter Conference of Immunologists

8th, Pasadena, California, January 25-28, 1969; 10th, Pacific Grove, California, January 23-26, 1971.

Box 20
Folder 4

National Academy of Sciences

Conference on Complement, Shelter Island, New York, June 12-15, 1950; Subcommittee on Blood and Related Problems. Conference on Red Cell Metabolism, Washington, DC, November 19-20, 1954; Subcommittee on Blood and Related Problems. Conference on Hemoglobin, Washington, DC, May 2-3, 1957; Symposium on Antibody Formation, Bloomington, Indiana, November 16-18, 1959; Division of Medical Sciences. Symposium on Gamma Globulin, Washington DC, October 26-27, 1962.

Box 20
Folder 4

National Institutes of Health

Complement Workshop, Bethesda, Maryland, March 1, 1963.

Box 20
Folder 4

NATO Advanced Study Institute

Cellular and Genetic Aspects of Antibody Formation, Val Morin, Quebec, June 30-July 12, 1968.

Box 20
Folder 4

New York Academy of Medicine. Section on Microbiology.

Symposium on Nature and Significance of the Antibody Response, New York, March 21-22, 1951.

Box 20
Folder 4

New York Academy of Sciences

Conference on Proteolytic Enzymes and their Clinical Application, New York, November 8-9, 1956; Section of Biological and Medical Sciences. Conference on Autoimmunity - Experimental and Clinical Aspects, New York, February 3-5, 1964; Section of Biological and Medical Sciences. Conference on Specificity of Serological Reactions: Landsteiner Centennial, December 5-7, 1968; Conference on Membrane Structure and its Biological Applications, New York, June 2-4, 1971; Section of Biological and Medical Sciences. International Conference on RNA in Immune Response, New York, April 19-21, 1972.

Box 20
Folder 4

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Biology Division. Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Biology Research Conference on Enzyme and Protein Structure, April 4-6, 1955; Biology Research Conference on Antibodies: their Production and Mechanism of Action, April 8-10, 1957; Symposium on Differentiation and Growth of Hemoglobin and Immunoglobulin Synthesizing Cells, April 4-7, 1966.

Box 20
Folder 4

Rutgers University

10th Annual Conference Protein Conference, January 29-30, 1954; 14th Annual Protein Conference, January 24-25, 1958; Institute of Microbiology. Immunochemical Approaches to Problems in Microbiology, September 6-8, 1960; Institute of Microbiology. Nucleic Acids in Immunology, October 16-18, 1967.

Box 20
Folder 4

Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Ohio Valley Section.

Meeting, Bloomington, Indiana. November 9-10, 1962.

Box 20
Folder 4

Symposium on Sulfur and Proteins

Farmouth, Massachusetts, May 23-24, 1958.

Box 20
Folder 4

Toronto University

Regulation of the Antibody Response, January 20-22, 1966.

Box 20
Folder 4

Universität Würzburg

Material is in German

Probleme der Antikörperstrucktur und der Antikörperbildung, November 3, 1969.

Box 20
Folder 4

Vanderbilt University. School of Medicine

Symposium on Immunity and Virus Infection, Vanderbilt University, May 1-2, 1958.

Box 20
Folder 4

Wayne State University. College of Medicine

8th Annual Symposium on Blood, Wayne State University, January 16-17, 1959.

Box 20
Folder 4

Western Reserve University. Institute of Pathology

Enrique E. Ecker Annual Seminar in Experimental Pathology, Cleveland, Ohio, June 12, 1957.

Box 20
Folder 4

World Congress on Surface Activity

2nd, London, April 8-12, 1957.

Box 20
Folder 5

Abstracts of Conferences, 1959-1977 

Contains printed abstracts of papers and annotated typescript abstracts. Arranged chronologically.

Series: V. Societies

Includes correspondence, certificates, printed materials, and policy documents concerning scientific societies. Arranged alphabetically by name of Society.

Box 20
Folder 6

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1959-1986 

Box 20
Folder 7

American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1951 

Box 20
Folder 8

American Cancer Society, 1952-1955 

Box 20
Folder 9

American Chemical Society, 1959-1963 

Box 20
Folder 10

American Society for Cell Biology

Box 20
Folder 11

American Society of Hematology, 1973 

Box 20
Folder 12

American Society for Microbiology, 1975 

Box 20
Folder 13

American Society of Naturalists, 1950 

Box 20
Folder 14

Biochemical Society, 1945 ; Czechoslovak Medical Society, 1972 

Box 20
Folder 15

Material is in German

Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina, 1956 ; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hygiene und Mikrobiologie, 1961 

Box 20
Folder 16

Material is in German

Gesellschaft für Biologische Chemie, 1966-1968 ; Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte; Gesellschaft für Immunologie, 1967 ; Gesellschaft für Physiologische Chemie, 1955 

Box 20
Folder 17

Indiana Academy of Science, 1949-1980 

Box 20
Folder 18

Indiana University societies, 1950-1966 ; Alpha Epsilon Delta, 1950 ; Indiana University Alumni Association 1974 ; Phi Beta Kappa, 1966 ; Phi Lambda Upsilon, 1949 ; Sigma Xi, 1946-1978 

Box 20
Folder 19

International Society of Hematology, 1954 

Box 21
Folder 1-3

National Academy of Sciences, 1961-1986 

Box 21
Folder 4

New York Academy of Sciences, 1951-1955 

Box 21
Folder 5

Société Française d'Immunologie, 1973 

Box 21
Folder 6

Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 1952-1962 

Box 21
Folder 7

Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, 1947-1960 

Box 21
Folder 8

Weiner Biologische Gesellschaft, 1934 ; Weizmann Institute of Science, 1971 

Series: VI. Photographs

Some photographs are accompanied by related materials, such as: newspaper and journal clippings; printed material concerning awards and prizes, including some certificates; autobiographical and biographical material; and obituaries.

Box 21
Folder 9-13

169 photographs

Photographs of Felix Haurowitz, ca. 1938-1976.

Box 21
Folder 14-17

31 photographs

Photographs of others, 1948-1982 Arranged alphabetically. Mostly of scientists, many with whom Haurowitz corresponded, as well as those of researchers and coworkers at Indiana University.

Box 21
Folder 18

20 photographs

Photographs of groups and American Chemical Society Jubilee, ca. 1938-1974. Includes group photographs of scientists and conference photographs.

Series: VII. Printed

Box 21
Folder 19-22

Newspaper and journal clippings

Newspaper and journal clippings on scientific topics and some political issues, particularly concerning the former Czechoslovakia and some book reviews. Also includes newsletters, pamphlets, articles and publisher's advertisements.

Box 21
Folder 23

Names and addresses