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Beckman mss., 1940-1966

Papers, 1940-1966, of Fredrik Woods Beckman at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Electronic finding aid encoded by Beth Benda.

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Beckman, Fredrik Woods, 1886?-1978.

Beckman mss.,1940-1966

Collection no:
LMC 1078

858 items

Materials are in English.

Consists of the correspondence of Fredrik Woods Beckman, chiefly concerned with Beckman's activities in the United World Federalists; a few letters from his son Gunnar and daughter Marit Woods (Beckman) Thomson; and printed materials ranging from 1934 to 1975, many related to the United World Federalists.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions
This collection is open for research.
Acquisition Information
Gift, 1981.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Beckman mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Biographical Note
Fredrik Beckman, born in Stockholm, Sweden, was a Yale graduate of 1909 in forestry, worked in real estate in Altoona, Pennsylvania, and in 1934 joined the personnel staff of the Tennessee Valley Authority from which he retired in 1953. He served as National Executive Council member of the United World Federalists organization and was president of the Tennessee State Branch. In 1953 he attended the Copenhagen Conference of the World Movement for World Federal Government.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of the correspondence of Fredrik Woods Beckman, chiefly concerned with Beckman's activities in the United World Federalists; a few letters from his son Gunnar and daughter Marit Woods (Beckman) Thomson; and printed materials ranging from 1934 to 1975, many related to the United World Federalists.

The correspondence also includes some periodicals of the Tennessee Voter addressed to his wife, Frieda, who died in 1968 and other materials such as a photograph of a float for UN Day, Oct. 24, 1950; an UWF auto insignia with a letter of Feb. 28, 1953; an early copy of Blueprint for Achievement with the Washington Conference papers of June 18-20, 1954; and some “doodlings” by Beckman in 1955.

Among the many correspondents are the following: Fredrik Woods Beckman, Gunnar Beckman, Marshall Bertram, Cloide Everett Brehm, Herman Haupt Chapman, George William Greene, Philip Gibbon Hammer, Donald Szantho Harrington, Helga Johansson, James Avery Joyce, Estes Kefauver, Rudolph Alvin Light, Edward Winton McVitty, Edbridge Woodman Palmer, Aletta (stout) Gellaty Root, Helen A. Shuford, Claude Maxwell Stanley, Marit Woods (Beckman) Thorson, Harry S Truman, Theodore Waller, Harold Louis Weissberg, Sydna White. Letters from the several officers of the Tennessee Chapter of the United World Federalists, and Robert perrigo Conger, Alan Cranston, and Samuel R. Levering, may be found throughout the collection.

Printed matter which ranges from 1934 to 1975 includes a marked copy of Joe Kamp, We Must Abolish America (1950); the writings of Marion (Hazard) Etcheverry McVitty and memorial statements for her and her husband Edward Winton McVitty; sheet music entitled Federal Hymn; the publication series One World Or None; and stamps of the UWF: Help Stamp out War.


Arranged into two series: Correspondence and Printed materials.

Series: Correspondence and papers, 1940-1966 

Box 1 Biographical folder

Correspondence and papers, 1940-1952 

Box 2 Correspondence and papers, 1953-1966 

Series: Printed materials

Subseries: A-Peltason, Jack

Box 2 About the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Abrams, Charles

Academy of World Studies

Action for World Community

Action Pack on World Development

American Forum

The American Freedom Association

American Friends Service Committee

Anti-Defamation League

Antioch college

Association for Education in World Government

Barr, Stringfellow

Baruch Report

Better World Fund

Bheda, Naren

The Bonn Constitution

Cadbury, Paul S.

Campaign for World Government

The Case for World Government

The CBS Map of the Changing World

The Christophers

The Church Peace Union

Citizen’s Conference on School Recovery in Pennsylvania (1934) 

Clark, Grenville

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace

The Commission on the Just and Durable Peace

Conference on United Nations Procedures

Conscience Compels Them

Cranston, Alan

The Declaration of the Federation of the World

Defense Now Needs Union Now

Do People Need a UN Vote?

Dumbaration Oaks

Dulles, John Foster

Economic Impacts of Disarmament


Election in Germany, 1953 

Enforcement – The Key to Disarmament

Evans, Luther H.

Exchange of Professors... Specialists and Distinguished leaders

Fenner, Frances

Fonseca, Claudia

Franck, Dorothea Seelye

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Friends of the Land

The Fund for Education in World Order

Galbraith, John Kenneth

Green, Alan

Gulick, Luther

Hall, Gordon D.

Harrington, Donald

Hersey, John

Hilton, Conrad N.

Institute for International Government

Institute for International Year Order


International Women’s Year 1975 

International Year for Human Rights, 1968 

Introduction a Financing Federalist

Journal of Calendar Reform 1949 

Kamp, Joe. We Must Abolish the United States, 1950 

(marked copy); Joe Kamp, Peddler of Propaganda and Hero of the Pro-Fascists, a report by Friends of Democracy Inc.

Kennedy, John F.

Keys, Donald F.

Larson, Arthur

League of Women Voters

Levering, Sam

Lewis, George, II

Lexington’s ‘One World Bookmobile’

Lloyd, Lola Maverick

The Lobby Proxy

McVitty, Marion (Hazard) Etcheverry, and Edward McVitty.

Mahony, Thomas H.

Members of Congress for Peace through Law

Methodist Church

Meyer, Cord, Jr.

Meyer, Peter

Miller, Fred D.

Morley, Ralph

Mosher, William E.

Music. Federal Hymn

Box 3 Nash, Vernon

National Issues Committee, Inc.

National Planning Association

The National Policy Committee

New Federalists Papers, Nos. 1 and 2

New Federalists Reprint Papers, Nos. 1 and 2

Ocean Management and World Order

One World – One in Christ

The One World Award Committee

Organizing the United Nations

Overseas Development Council

One World or None

Pabst Postwar Employment Awards

Peace and the Elections 1972 

Peace...? Man and Nations in the Changing World Community

Peltason, Jack

Subseries: Periodicals

Box 3 Akron Chapter Newsletter

American Freedom

Association Bulletin

A Bulletin for Federalists

The California Federalist

Central Atlantic Federalist

Federal Union World

Florida World Federalist: Friends of Democracy’s Battle

The Iowa Federalist

The Kingsport World

The Mississippi Valley Federalist

The Missouri Federalist

The National Voter

The New England Federalist

New Jersey Federalist

New York Citizens’ Committee for the Peoples’ World Convention

The Northwest Federalist

Planetary Citizen

The Regional Federalist

Rocky Mountain Federalist

Southern Newsletter

Student Federalist

Toward Freedom

Volunteer Federalist

The Tennessee Voter


United World Federalist of Maine

World Federation – Now

World Frontiers.

Subseries: Periodicals- Oversized

Box 3 The California Federalist

The North Carolina Federalist

World Federal News, Greater St. Louis Chapter

Subseries: Planetary Citizens-United States

Box 3 Planetary Citizens


Point Four

Pope Pius XII

The Power of One

Portland Evening Express

Precinct Workers

Price, Charles C.

Rankin, E.R.

Rawnsley, Violet & Noel

Roper, Elmo

Rosen, Hy

Ross, Carl A.

Shift of Civilization

Stamps. UWF – Help Stamp Out War

Streit, Clarence K.

Swing, Raymond.

The Tables are Turning

Tennessee Council on Human Relations

Tennessee Legislature

Uhl, Alexander

UN Day



The United States Committee for the Oceans

The United States Committee for the United Nations

United States National Commission for UNESCO

Subseries: United Nations

Box 3 "Carnegie Endowment for International Peace"

"The Challenge Of our Times"

"Controlling Conflicts in the 1970s"

"Charter and Charter Review I and II"

"Help the UN get it together"

"How to give the United Nations"

"The Limited Power to Prevent War"

"How Peoples Work together"

"How to Find out About the United Nations"

"Human Rights Day"

"Keep it in One Peace"

Kihss, Peter

"Law and Population"

"Man’s Homes Series, Nos. 1-4"

"Now Longer A Dream"

"The Price of Peace"

"Questions and Answers about the UN"

"Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Fifth, Eleventh, and Twenty-Ninth"

"Speakers on the United Nations"

Stassen, Harold E.

"The United Nations...Action agency"

"...Action for Peace"

"...and the Congo"

"…Balance Sheet"

"...a Candid appraisal"

" Action"

"...The Peoples of the World"

"...Pocket Reference"

"Visit the United Nations"

"What it is..."

"World Portfolio"

"Your Community United Nations"

"Your United Nations."

Subseries: United World Federalists

Box 3 "Action Report"

"Action for peace"

"Adventures in Travel 1970"

"Agenda in the World Interest"

"As a member of the United World Federalists"

"As a Federalist you have something to say"

"Association of World Federalists, Calcutta"

"Beat attack on UN"

"Blueprint for Achievement," 1954?,   1956-1957,   1957-1958 

"Blueprint for Year 14"

"Can You Afford War?"

"Can We Stop War"

"The Case For Restoring U.S. Compliance with UN Sanctions against Rhodesia, HR8005 and S1868"

"The Case for Continued U.S. Participation in the International Development Association, HR15331 and S3665"

"Chapter Chairmen, Chapter Membership Chairmen"

"A Communist looks at World Government"

"Congress rated on "World Interest" voting"

"Congress of the United States (Robt. F. Drinan, Bob Packwood)"


"Do You Want the U.N. to Have Power to Prevent War"

"Don’t give up your Sovereignty"

"Excuses and Rebuttals"

"Fact(s) Opinions & Personalities"

"5 Things you can do right now..."

"Florida Federalist Fruit"

"Focus ’67"

"Global Agenda 1975"

"Hammerstein, Oscar, II: More Than A Dream"

"Headlines of 1958!"

"Here is what we must do"

"History is looking for you"

"House Meetings"

"How can the United Nations achieve World Peace Through World Law?"

"How Much Should I Give?"

"How to Have a finger...maybe even a real hand"

"I’m with you!"

"In the World Interest"

"It’s up to you!"

"Key chains – Lapel pins - Bracelet charms"

"Land, Admiral Emory S."

"Legislation in the World Interest"

"The Montachsett Federalist"

"More Power to the United Nations"

"Now America Must be Told"

"Our work is peace..."

"Policy of the United World Federalists, 1949-1971"

"A Practical Plan for Peace"

"Problem or Opportunity"

"Program and Positions on Current Issues," 1968 

"Proposals for United Nations Reform, " 1974 

"The Purposes of the United World Federalists are..."

"Questions and Answers on World Government and U.W.F."

"The Real Problem"


"Reprint in the World Interest"


"Seventeen important projects urgently in need of funding"

"So What Can you do about it"

"Speakers Bureau"

"Student Federalist to Free Mankind"

"Summer Conference on World peace"

"Supposes you had no cop on the corner..."

"Take me along"

"There is a Part for you in the UWF"

"This or This"

"Toward a Genuine World Security System, an annotated bibliography For layman and scholar by Stillman P. Williams, " 1964 

"Toward One World; a progress report," 1953 

"36 million Americans are on record for..." ca. 1951 

"UWF’s project contact"

"UWF’s strength is in you..."

"Vietnam: an object lesson," 1966 

"War, Economic Strife..."


"We Reaffirm..."

"We’re in the middle..."

"With firmness in the right..."

"What 51 U.S. National Organizations say about world law..."

"What is UWF?"

"What World Federalists are Doing"

Box 4 "World Association of World Federalists"

"A World Citizen"

"World Federalists USA"

"World Government"

"World Government and World Crisis"

"World Government...or World War III?"

"World Peace"

"You can prevent the “On the Beach” prophecy from coming true"

"Your action is needed"

Van Kirk-Z

Van Kirk, Walter W.

Van Wagener, Richard W.

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Waldo, Selden F.

Warburg, James P.

Whitman, Howard

What the United Nations means to the United States by Henry Cabot Lodge, 1954 

What’s the US? By Beatrice Pitney Lamb, 1953 

Why Aid Britain

Why the Communists oppose Limited World Government

Wigmore, John H.

Wofford, Harris, Jr.

World Assistance, Inc.

World Community Resource Center

World Student Federalists

World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, Report of the Second London Conference, 1953 

World Movement for World Federal Government

Wyler, Samuel S. Pamphlets: [unlettered, Jan. 1949],  B., D., G., Oct. 1949 

Yates, Sidney R.

Yerkes, Arnold P.

You and the World

Your pen can write History

Youth Speaks

Zocca, Marie and Louis

Accessibility Help