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Ball mss., 1873-1981

Papers, 1873-1981, of George Alexander Ball, his wife Frances Emily Ball, and their daughter, Elisabeth Woodworth Ball, at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Ball family

Ball mss.,1873-1981

Collection no
LMC 1056

1779 items

Materials are in English and French.

The Ball mss., 1873-1981, consist of the correspondence, family papers, and items collected by George Alexander Ball, 1862-1955, his wife, Frances Emily (Woodworth) Ball, 1872- 1958, and their daughter, Elisabeth Woodworth Ball, 1897- 1982. Biographical materials include those for Elisabeth Woodworth Ball, Lall G. Montgomery, and Dugald Stewart Walker. With the biographical material in a folio folder is a bookplate drawing for Elisabeth Ball in 1918 by Walker. Additional materials include a journal of a trip to Panama in 1913, miscellaneous (items) including a child's school slate, miscellaneous - "About Books" (about the Ball Book Collection), miscellaneous art pieces including glass lantern and rotary slides, Chinese cut-outs, and an exotic scrapbook of the 18th century, miscellaneous subjects collected on adventures/travels, bells, rides, and trees (chiefly printed), notebooks (catalogs of the Ball Book Collection), photographs, printed (book sale catalogs), and writings of Elisabeth Woodworth Ball.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions
This collection is open for research.
Acquisition Information
Gift. 1984, 1989.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Ball mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Scope and Content Note

The Ball mss., 1873-1981, consist of the correspondence, family papers, and items collected by George Alexander Ball, 1862-1955, his wife, Frances Emily (Woodworth) Ball, 1872- 1958, and their daughter, Elisabeth Woodworth Ball, 1897- 1982.

Biographical materials include those for Elisabeth Woodworth Ball, Lall G. Montgomery, and Dugald Stewart Walker. With the biographical material in a folio folder is a bookplate drawing for Elisabeth Ball in 1918 by Walker.

Additional materials include a journal of a trip to Panama in 1913, miscellaneous (items) including a child's school slate, miscellaneous - "About Books" (about the Ball Book Collection), miscellaneous art pieces including glass lantern and rotary slides, Chinese cut-outs, and an exotic scrapbook of the 18th century, miscellaneous subjects collected on adventures/travels, bells, rides, and trees (chiefly printed), notebooks (catalogs of the Ball Book Collection), photographs, printed (book sale catalogs), and writings of Elisabeth Woodworth Ball.

In 1901 Mr. Ball received from James E. Pierce a set of photographs entitled "All Aboard for Colorado." In the album were mounted 46 photographs of a railroad journey via the Black Canyon of the Gunnison River and the Royal Gorge and thence by horse and wagon to White Cross and Tobasco Mill, Sherman and Black Wonder Mill, and Sapinero, now largely ghost towns.

Late in 1913 Elisabeth Ball kept a journal of the voyage which she, her mother, and other family members made on the S.S. Stephano of the Red Cross Line to Panama via Bermuda, Port Antonio, Kingston, the Canal, Colon, and Havana from January 29 to the end of February. Consisting of 103 pages, the journal entitled "To Panama" was illustrated with postcards (32), other prints (45), snapshots (14), theatre programs in New York City (5), the ship's passenger list, and a holograph menu for the Ritz-Carlton dated 26-2-13. Three days were spent in Cuba before sailing for New York City. Upon her return to the City, Miss Ball attended the Armory Show at which was displayed the "Nude Descending the Stairs" by Marcel Duchamp.

The Ball family, concerned about the condition of the war orphans in Europe during and after World War I, made contributions to their welfare through the Comite Franco- Americain Pour La Protection Des Enfants de la Frontiere, Children of the Frontier, French Relief Fund, War Orphans Committee, and Near East Relief, Constantinople. Letters of thanks came from the French children and one Turkish child, sometimes with photographs. Other letters about official activities of the War Orphans Committee arrived from Mary Ella (Lyon) Swift (Mrs. Lucius Burrie Swift of Indianapolis, Indiana), in two instances (Feb. 25 and Mar. 16, 1921) accompanied by stories of her visits to the orphans in France. The letter from the Turkish youth (June 1, 1922) included a lace doily made by one of the children.

Letters from 81 boys at the Indiana Boys School at Plainville were sent to Mr. Ball in grateful appreciation for his contribution to their Christmas observance in December 1920. Some of the letters bear the Boys School letterhead and on the verso the printed rules for parents and visitors and a schedule of letter-writing for 1920.

In the 1920's and the 1930's Mr. Ball conducted a search among dealers and acquaintances for prints and poems related to William Cowper's John Gilpin, Izaak Walton's Compleat Angler, The Legend of the Bell Foundry and St. Basil, and literature on bells in general. The latter brought letters from Ernest Morris of The Midland Counties Association of Change Ringers, Leicester, England. It was during this time that Mr. Ball forwarded a copy of a letter by Edward Lambert, dated February 13, 1754, about glass manufacturing in Massachusetts to George Skinner McKearin who was working on a comprehensive book on glass.

In later years Miss Ball responded to many requests reflecting interest in her children's book collection (many of which are now in the Lilly Library), such as letters from Peter and Iona Opie of Alton, Hampshire, England.

The notebooks (in black notebook covers) include a catalog of children's books in the Ball Collection prepared by D'Altâe‚ Welch and two scrapbooks of holograph and printed items in alphabetical order about the Ball Collection.

The writings by Miss Ball include "The Child Discovers Its World Through Books of Travel" , delivered at the University of Texas at Austin, and printed in Library Occurrent in 1944.

Manuscripts index in the Lilly Library includes entries at item level.


Organized in eight series: I. Biographical Material; II. Correspondence; III. Miscellaneous (which is further divided into the following subseries: About Books and Subjects Collected); IV. Notebooks; V. Photographs; VI. Printed; VII. Writings; and VIII. Art.

Series: Biographical Material

Box 1 Ball, Elisabeth W. and George Alexander [image]View item(s)

Montgomery, Lall G. [image]View item(s)

Walker, Dugald Stewart [image]View item(s)

Bookplate drawing by Dugald Stewart Walker for Elisabeth Woodworth Ball. 1916 

(34.28.5 cm drawing on 39 x 34 cm leaf.)

(47 printed bookplates.)

(Folio folder)

Series: Correspondence, 1873-1981 

The War Orphan materials, 1917-1925, are described in detail. These are interfiled with the rest of the correspondence.

Correspondence is arranged chronologically.

Among the correspondents represented in the collection are:

  • View All (206)
  • Bramson, Ben
  • Acheson, Barclay
  • Adams, Frederick Baldwin
  • Adler, Elmer
  • Adomeit, Ruth Elizabeth
  • Aley, Maxwell
  • Baisnée, Jules Albert
  • Ball, Bertha (Crosley)
  • Ball, Edmund Arthur
  • Ball, Edward Osborn
  • Ball, Elisabeth Woodworth
  • Ball, George Alexander
  • Ball, George Harvey
  • Ball, Lucina Amelia
  • Ball, Sarah (Rogers)
  • Ball, William Hudson
  • Barrett, Clifton Waller
  • Beall, Karen (Freidmann)
  • Beals, Ralph Albert
  • Beard, Frances (Birkhead)
  • Bennet, Gertrude (Witschief)
  • Bertke, Wilson A.
  • Blanck, Jacob Nathaniel
  • Boocook, William Henry
  • Borden, Fanny; Boston Evening Transcript, Notes and Queries Editor
  • Boyce, Sherman A.
  • Brewer, Frances Joan (Werner)
  • Brigham, Clarence Saunders
  • Brooks, Alfred Mansfield
  • Cahoon, Herbert Fuller
  • Cary, Melbert Brinkerhoff
  • Chandler, John E.
  • Chaundy, Leslie
  • Cleverdon, Douglas
  • Clifford, Henry
  • Cohen, Morton Norton
  • Coleman, Satis Narrona (Barton)
  • Conklin, J. Howell
  • Couse, Eanger Irving
  • Cross, Emily Richmond
  • Cunningham, Jesse
  • Delafield, Edward Coleman
  • Dickerson, Luther L.
  • Dobell, Percy John
  • Dubester, Henry Joachim
  • Dunthorne, Robert Gordon
  • Duschnes, Philip C.
  • Dutton, Leland Summers
  • Ellis, Richard Williamson
  • Embury, Lucy
  • Everett, Louella Dorothea
  • Finch, Edward J.
  • Fortune, William
  • Foster, Thomas Henry
  • Frost, E. H.
  • Funk, Clotilde (Embree)
  • Gooch, Robert Charles
  • Goodspeed, George T.
  • Grady, Marian Behethlan
  • Greenaway, Emerson
  • Greenberg, May
  • Greene, Marian H.
  • Griffith, Reginald Harvey
  • Grimes, James Walter
  • Halliday, Bernard
  • Hamille, Frances
  • Harkins, Lee F.
  • Harper, Henry Howard
  • Harzof, Max
  • Haviland, Virginia
  • Heaney, Howell J.
  • Heiman, Samuel
  • Henne, Frances E.
  • Hodges, Fletcher
  • Hook, James Lewis
  • Hostick, King V.
  • Howe, Randall Lionel Bentham
  • Howell, John Gilson
  • Howland, Virginia C. (Lazarus)
  • Hughes, A. A.
  • Hull, Maude (Pollard)
  • Hunt, Mabel Leigh
  • Hunter, Dard
  • Hyde, Donald Frizell
  • Jackson, Stuart Wells
  • Jaggard, William
  • Jervoise, Edwyn
  • Johnson, Edna
  • Kerlan, Irwin
  • Kimbrough, Emily
  • King, Marian
  • Kirstein, Lincoln
  • Kneeland, Thomas E.
  • Krull, Theresa Vinton (Pierce)
  • Lambert, Edward
  • Landon, Alfred Mossman
  • Lawler, Percy E.
  • Leigh, William Colston
  • Le Mair, Henriette Willebeek
  • Lenard, Alexander
  • McCorison, Marcus Allen
  • McCreary, Samuel L.
  • McFadden, Marian
  • Mackall, Leonard Leopold
  • McKearin, George Skinner
  • McKell, David McCandless
  • McNitt, Esther Uhl
  • Masten, Helen Adams
  • Mauck, Joseph William
  • Mears & Stainbank, firm
  • Meeks, Bernard M.
  • Melcher, Fredric Gershom
  • Miller, Bertha Everett (Mahony)
  • Montgomery, Lall G.
  • Morley, Christopher Darlington
  • Morris, Ernest
  • Moss, Frances Dallam
  • Mott, Howard S.
  • Muir, Percival Horace
  • Naesmyth, George Cresswell
  • Naesmyth of Posso
  • Ney, Lew
  • Nichols, John Robert
  • Norris, Lester J.
  • O'Melia, Pauline Agnes
  • Opie, Iona Margaret Balfour (Archibald)
  • Opie, James
  • Opie, Peter Mason
  • Owen, Elsie H.
  • Owsley, Alvin Mansfield
  • Paine, Alfred White
  • Palfrey, Thomas Rossman
  • Papantonio, Michael
  • Parma, V. Valta
  • Pearson, James Larkin
  • Peckham, Howard Henry
  • Pettit, Henry Jewett
  • Plimpton, George Arthur
  • Plum, Dorothy Alice
  • Preminger, Alexander Salo
  • Quarles, Diana (Pittman)
  • Randall, David Anton
  • Ratchford, Fannie Elizabeth
  • Reichner, Hugo
  • Retz, Charles
  • Riley, Elizabeth Mildred
  • Ripley, Robert LeRoy
  • Robb, Wallace Havelock
  • Roberts, Edith Adelaide
  • Robinson, Lionel Keir
  • Robinson, Wilbur J.
  • Rogers, Arthur
  • Rogers, James H.
  • Roscoe, Sydney
  • Rosen, Katherine N.
  • Rosenthal, Erwin
  • Ryskamp, Charles Andrew
  • St. John, Judith
  • Salminen, Carl H.
  • Sanford, William Wells
  • Sauvage, Elsie (Peddie)
  • Schatzki, Walter
  • Scholle, Hardinge
  • Scott, Carrie Emma
  • Scott, Lorene Laura
  • Shaffer, Ellen Kate
  • Shaw, John MacKay
  • Shaw, Margaret M.
  • Shipton, Clifford Kenyon
  • Sickels, Evelyn Ray
  • Siegel, Max
  • Smith, Alice (Gullen)
  • Smith, Charles Alphonso
  • Spiller, Ethel M.
  • Stark, Lewis Morgrage
  • Stark, Sheldon H.
  • Starr, Allen E.
  • Stevens, Lydia (Hathaway)
  • Stewart, Donald S.
  • Stone, Malcolm Newton
  • Stone, Wilbur Macey
  • Stonehill, Charles Archibald
  • Suter, Thomas Lyttleton
  • Sutherland, Robert Lee
  • Swann, Arthur
  • Swift, Mary Ella (Lyon)
  • Targ, William
  • Tregaskis, James & Son, firm
  • Tribolet, Harold W.
  • Tully, Alice
  • Turnbull, Leonard Young
  • The Typophiles
  • Walker, Dugald Stewart
  • Walters, Thomas
  • Washburn, William Lewis
  • Weber, Carl Jefferson
  • Welch, James d'Alté Aldrige
  • Wells, Edgar Huldekoper
  • Wells, Herman B
  • Wetzel, Julian S.
  • Wiggins, James Russell
  • Wise, Murray Monroe
  • Woodworth, Marion (Towne)
  • Wright, Philip A.
  • Yelton, Donald Charles
  • Zigrosser, Carl

Box 1 1873-1890  [image]View item(s)

1891-1892  [image]View item(s)

1894-1895  [image]View item(s)

1897-1900  [image]View item(s)

1901-1917  [image]View item(s)

Emily Cross, Paris, for the Comite Franco-Americain Pour La Protection Des Enfants de la Frontiere. To Elisabeth Ball, Oakhurst, Muncie, Indiana. 1917, Aug. 12 

(T.L.S. --typed letter signed, 1 p.)

About Solange Santens

Virginia Howland (Mrs. Charles P. Howland, Sec'y. Central Supply Committee), Comite Franco-Americain.... To Mrs. Ball. 1917? 

(A. and T.L.S., 2 p.)

About Solange Santens and a printed list of clothing for one year.

1918  [image]View item(s)

Solange Santens to Mrs. G. A. Ball, Oakhurst, Muncie, Indiana. 1918, Jan. 18 

In French.

(1 p. with envelope of the Children of the Frontier)

Mme. Marlez, "pour Oudre," Paris, to Elisabeth Ball. 1918, Dec. 30 

In French.

(A.C.S. --autograph card signed, postcard - New Years Greeting)

Postcard photograph of ten children, all of whom are named, including no. 7, Solange Santens, at Verneuil. 1918, Dec. 

War Orphans Committee. Official information about Robert Douard, his family, and a photograph. 1918?  

(2 items)

1919-1920  [image]View item(s)

Mme. Veuve Douard to Dear Benefactor and Benefactress. 1919, Feb. 14 

In French.

(A.L.S., 4 p.)

About her son Robert. Envelope addressed to French Relief Fund, War Orphans Committee, 44 Monument Circle, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Accompanied by English translation.

Envelope only addressed to Miss Elisabeth Ball from Children of the Frontier. No letter. 1919, Mar. 28 

Mme. Veuve Douard to "Cher Bienfacteur." 1919, May 2 

In French.

(A.L.S., 3 p.)

About her son Robert. Envelope addressed to Elisabeth Ball and Mr. George Ball of the French Relief Fund, War Orphans Committee, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Enclosed are two postcards, dated 2 May 1919 from Robert Douard, one to Elisabeth Ball and one to Mrs. George Ball.

Solange Santens to Elisabeth Ball. 1919, Aug. 21 

In French.

(A.L.S., 1 p. with envelope of the Children of the Frontier)

Robert Douard to Elisabeth Ball. 1919, Dec. 3 

In French.

Postcard--New Years Greetings.

Both enclosed in envelope in care of the War Orphans Committee, Mrs. Lucius B. Swift, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Solange Santens to "Marraine." 1919, Dec. 21 

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Elisabeth Ball to Solange Santens. 1919?  

(Draft of A.L.S. with French translation, 2 p. each)

Solange Santens to "Marraine." 1920, Feb. 2 

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Solange Santens to "Marraine." 1920, Dec. 29 

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Letters to George A. Ball from Indiana Boys School, Plainville. 1920, Dec.-1921, Jan. 

1921  [image]View item(s)

Mrs. Lucius B. Swift, the War Orphan Committee of the French Relief, Indianapolis, Indiana. To Miss Ball. 1921, Feb. 25 

(2 p.)

About Robert Douard and Lucienne Chaumet. Encloses carbon of " stories of my visits to our war orphans..." including Meurthe-et-Moselle and Nancy with an internal date of November 2. Pages 1-3.

Mrs. Lucius B. Swift to Miss Ball. 1921, Mar. 16 

(2 p.)

About Robert Douard and Lucienne Chaumet. Encloses carbon of "visits," with internal date of October 27. Pages 5-7.

1922-1925  [image]View item(s)

Lucienne Chaumet to "Chere protectrice." 1922, May 19 

In French.

(2 p.)

Encloses printed form about contribution and invoice for clothing with envelope addressed to Elisabeth Ball, Oakhurst, Muncie, Indiana.

Nevart, Constantinope. To "Dear American." 1922, June 1 

In Turkish.

Accompanied by English translation and form letter from Near East Relief, Constantinople, Orphanage Department, May 25, 1922, with a lace doily. Envelope addressed to Miss Elisabeth Ball, Oakhurst, Muncie, Indiana.

Lucienne Chaumet to "Chere Bienfaitrice." 1922, Aug. 3 

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Encloses printed form for contribution. With envelope to Miss Elisabeth Ball.

Mrs. Lucius B. Swift to Mrs. Ball. 1922, Oct. 31 

Report on pensions for war orphans.

Lucienne Chaumet to "Cher bienfaitrice." 1922, Nov. 16 

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Encloses printed form for contribution and photograph of Lucienne. With envelope to Miss Elisabeth Ball.

Lucienne Chaumet to Cher Marraine. 1922, Nov. 26 

In French.

(A.L.S., 1 p.)

Accompanied by A.D. 1 p. (in French). Information on Lucienne's family, with English translation.

Lucienne Chaumet to "Chere bienfaitrice." 1923, Jan. 24 

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

With envelope to Mademoiselle Elisabeth Ball. With printed form for contribution.

Envelope of Mrs. Lucius B. Swift to Mrs. George A. Ball., 1923, May 7 

enclosure only: Envelope to Madam Lucius B. Swift, postmarked 1923, April 21

Letter of Henri from Luneville. 1925, Feb. 14 

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Letter of Lambotin Charles to Nancy. 1925, Feb. 15 

(A.L.S., 4 p.)

With photograph of the [Lambotin family?]; printed form for contribution to the Lambotin family.

Envelope only to Elisabeth Ball [Fund?]. May have enclosed the two previous letters. 1925, Mar. 19 

1926-1927  [image]View item(s)


1930-1932, Sept. 

1932, Oct.-Dec. 

1934-1935  [image]View item(s)

1936, Jan.-May  [image]View item(s)

1936, June-Dec.  [image]View item(s)

1939-1940  [image]View item(s)

1948-1949  [image]View item(s)

1956-1960  [image]View item(s)

1962, Jan.-July  [image]View item(s)

1962, Aug.-Dec.  [image]View item(s)

Box 2 1963  [image]View item(s)

1965-1966  [image]View item(s)

1967-1968  [image]View item(s)

1971-1981  [image]View item(s)

A-E n.d.  [image]View item(s)

F-Z n.d.  [image]View item(s)

Solange Santens to "Cher Marraine."

In French.

(A.L.S., 2 p.)

Solange Santens to "Chere Marraine."

In French.

(A.L.S., 1 p.)

Solange Santens Photo 1

Photograph of Solange Santens, alone, accompanied by penciled note.

Solange Santens Photo 2

Photograph of Solange Santens with a group of unidentified children.

Morris, Ernest. The Angelus Bell. n.d.  [image]View item(s)

Series: Miscellaneous

Box 2 Bookmark n.d. 

(green cloth with white counted cross-stitch 5.5 x 1 cm)

removed from a volume of Bookcase of Knowledge , London, 1800 (PZ6. B722).

[image]View item(s)

Washington letters owned by George Alexander Ball.

Prefatory note by Stan V. Henkels. Philadelphia, Privately printed, 1926. 52 pg. Annotated in the hand of George Alexander Ball. Includes typescript of Letter 36A (page 26) which is not printed in the book.

[image]View item(s)

Subseries: About Books

About authors and writings [image]View item(s)

About Ball book collection [image]View item(s)

and D'alte Welch [image]View item(s)

pages 1-41 (numbered on verso) [image]View item(s)

About books [image]View item(s)

About "Little Goody Two Shoes" (Owen and Gumuchian collections) [image]View item(s)

Exhibits, loans [image]View item(s)

Lists of books and games with Hamill and Barker [image]View item(s)

Lists of books with Brentano's [image]View item(s)

Materials collected by Kathryn G. Grant

(2 folders)

[image]View item(s)

The Mrs. George A. Martin Library -- Sold by Park-Bernet. 1947, Jan. 13-14 

(Children's books). Accompanied by typed copy of "prices realized...." 5 pp.

[image]View item(s)

Subseries: Subjects Collected

Printed and typed documents with an occasional copy in pencil: articles, books, poems.

Adventures/Travels: Robinson Crusoe.

(15 items)

See also: Slipcase in Box 3

[image]View item(s)


See also: Slipcase in Box 3

Pictures and cartoons

(43 items)

Consists of:

  • View All (12)
  • Belgium, Nos. 1-2
  • England, 3-14
  • France, 15-16
  • Germany, 17-18
  • Holland, 19
  • Mexico, 20
  • Panama, 21
  • Romania, 22
  • Russia, 23-26
  • Siam, 27-28
  • U.S.A., 20-40
  • Misc., 41-43
[image]View item(s)

Pictures: John Taylor and Co.

(30 items)


(48 items)

[image]View item(s)

Prose, 1743-1920 

(42 items)

[image]View item(s)

Prose, 1921-1944 

(48 items)

[image]View item(s)


(16 items)

[image]View item(s)


(20 items)

See also: Slipcase in Box 3

[image]View item(s)


(15 items)

[image]View item(s)

Omar Khayyám, Three poems about. 1887-1902  [image]View item(s)


Pictures and cartoons

(11 items)

See also: Slipcase in Box 3

[image]View item(s)


Poems collected by Louella Dorothea Everett.

62 enclosed with letter to G. A. Ball, Nov. 21, 1941

[image]View item(s)


(16 items)

[image]View item(s)


(13 items)

[image]View item(s)

Sermon preached to a Congregation of Glass-Bottles, etc., London, 1715 . T. D.

(21 p.)

[image]View item(s)

Box 3 Slipcase materials

Adventure/Travels. Typed copies of the following books:

1601. An Historical Treatise of the Travels of Noah.

(108 p.)

1673. The Floating Island.

(64 p.)

1688. The Isle of Pine.

(15 p.)

1704. Prince of Bohemia.

(297 p.)

1706. Man Unmask'd.

(36 p.)

1766. The Life and Surprizing Adventures of Don Antonio de Trezzanio.

(160 p.)


Slipcase 1.

(2 items)


(About 100 items)


(About 100 items)


(About 100 items)

Includes Legends O' the Bells by Ernest Morris. T. D., 147 p.


(About 100 items)


(About 100 items)

Trees, Slipcases 1 and 2.

(About 100 items each)

Series: Notebooks

Box 4 Notebooks: in black notebook covers

Catalog of children's books in the Elisabeth Ball Collection. Prepared by D'Alte Welch

[see his letter of 8 Sept. 1965]

Scrapbooks of holograph and printed items re: Ball collection

(2 notebooks)

Series: Photographs

Children, group of four, unidentified, n.d.

Woodworth, Claudius Hiram, n.d.


Mills in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, photographed by C. H. Thomas of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.


Trees in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, photographed by C. H. Thomas of Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.


Oversize 1 Photograph album: All Aboard for Colorado, by James E. Pierce, Sept. 21, 1901 

(46 photos in black album)

Series: Printed

Oversize 1 About miniatures

Alice in Wonderland


Book sale catalogs



Brochures, etc., 1932-1971 


from sale catalogs

(3 folders)

"from sale catalogs to put in Book Catalog"

(2 folders)


Series: Writings

Writings by Elisabeth Woodworth Ball

Oversize 1 "The Child Discovers its World through Books of Travel." T. & Carbon D. S. [38p.] 28 cm. Talk delivered at University of Texas, March 1943. 

[see letter of 10 Feb. 1943]

Children's books. How collection was formed.

A. D. [7p.], 14.5 cm. Notes in pencil for talk to teachers.

The Moving market.

A. D. [4p.], 28 cm. Notes in pencil and ink for a presentation on cries of street vendors.

Nowadays, since traveling conditions....

A. D. 1p., 22.5 cm. Pencil draft.

Ball, Elisabeth W. "To Panama." 1913, Jan. 29-Feb. 

Selections from Elisabeth's journal with illustrated cut-outs and photographs on heavy brown paper.

(103 p.)

Series: Art

Oversize 2 Exotic Scrapbook ca. 18th century.

Bound in vellum covered boards. 40 x 16.5 cm. Many blank pages with 15 numbered leaves. Watermark: Pro Patria G R. Contents: Cut-outs of exotic scenes pinned in; laid-in designs, one imprinted--Bath Pub by I Hamlyn 1789 (leaf 1); laid-in four playing cards in red and black water color.

Folio 1 Chinese Cut-Outs. ca. 1925 

(15 pieces)

On gold foil or paper with hand-colored human figures, exotic creatures and floral designs hand-colored in orange, pink, dark blue, purple, green, etc.

1. Rectangle with note on heart: To Betty from Mrs. Stevens.

(15.5 x 9.2 cm)

2. Circle with figure in green robe.

(4 cm. in diameter), verso: Made in China

3. Nineteen circles: 10 women and 9 men, both in orange robe.

(3 cm. in diameter), verso of some: Made in China

4. Four identical men in orange robe, green belt, with pack on green stick.

(11 cm.)

5. Five men, dressed individually.

(8.5 cm)

6. Four identical exotic butterflies.

(5.6 x 11.7 cm at widest point), one with date on verso: 15/2/25 and Chinese note.

7. Three identical exotic parrots.

(8 x 12 cm)

8. Two identical blue-trimmed circles with man on boat and woman on shore with fan.

(11 cm. in diameter)

9. Three identical blue-trimmed circles with two men, exotic creature and ball.

(11 cm. in diameter)

10. Two identical blue-trimmed ovals with man, woman and child.

(15.5 x 10 cm.)

11. Two identical rectangles with two sitting men.

(8.5 x 11 cm.)

12. Circle with vase and flowers.

(17.5 cm. in diameter)

13. Four rectangle floral designs, 3 with identical coloration and one with variant color in lower right hand corner.

(11 x 26 cm.)

14. Two identical rectangles of two men among floral designs.

(18.5 x 21 cm.)

15. Two identical rectangles of floral cut-outs.

(21 x 25 cm.)

Folio 2 Metal type for unidentified children's book illustrations.

(4 items)

(2.5 x 1 . 1 x 2cm.)

Box 5 Miscellaneous art pieces, A-Z.

1. Dick Turpin's last ride on his Bonnie Black Bess.

(Silk scene, 5 x 15 cm. in frame, 16.5 x 24 cm.)

Scene woven on silk by Thomas Stevens, inventor and manufacturer, Coventry and London (Registered).

2. Fight scene at cave by figures in 18th century?

(Costume: pen and ink with black and gray wash., 9.2 x 12 cm.)

3. Indian: in ceremonial brown headress with horns and bells on leggings.

(On sand paper, 36 x 26 cm.)

4. Indian: in ceremonial winged costume.

(On paper, 28.5 x 36.6 cm)

5. Indians: woman with green headress and pom-poms; man with gray rattle and bells on leggings.

(28.5 x 36 cm.)

6. Sylvan scene: Barefoot boy and girl, imprinted line drawing.

(8.7 cm. on larger page)

7. Sylvan scene: Leafy hand-made cut-outs of pink and white paper.

a. Tree design, pink paper.

(6.7 cm.)

b. Leafy design on vase, white paper.

(9.5 x 7 cm.)

c. Oval leafy design, white paper.

(9.5 x 8 cm.)

8. Sylvan scene: man and woman painted in black on glass, placed over sylvan background of milkweed and flowerlets.

(Framed, 14 x 14 cm.)

9. Sylvan scene: man and woman among sheep and goats, hand-colored printed cut-out, mounted.

(21 x 33 cm.)

10. Sylvan scene: silhouette cut-outs on black paper.

(1-2). Woman sitting by pool with fish.

(12 x 11 cm., Two identical cut-outs)

(3). Woman in bouffant dress and ballet shoes and bird on branch in leafy oval.

(22.5 x 17.5 cm.)

(4). Girl and basket facing wolf in forested oval.

(20 x 15 cm.)

(5). Boy and girl approaching house with squirrel in forested oval.

(20 x 15.3 cm.)

(6). Child pursued by geese, in oval.

(9 x 19.4 cm.)

11. Sylvan scene: women with jars, printed view in oval of gold and white design.

(5.5 x 6.5 cm.)

Accompanied by other gold and white printed designs, 5 floral, 1 figure of boy and girl, and an open book.

Folio 3 Paintings on glass (lantern slides). n.d.

1. Cendrillon (Cinderella).

(5.5 x 20.8 cm., green paper edging)

2. Good Night.

(Two broken pieces)

a. Good Night banner, soldiers with U.S. Flag.

(6 x 11 cm.)

b. Soldiers with drums and fife, leader on horse.

(6.8 cm.)

3. Sailing ships.

(6 x 20 cm., broken edges)

Six sailing ships depicting stages of development.

4. Serin de Canarie, et al. n.d.

(Faded white edging, 8.2 x 34.2 cm.)

a. Serin de Canarie. Series of 4 scenes with two French phrases below each scene: Girl with bird in cage, 2 children with dog, three children playing, 2 children with child in carriage.

b. Bombardment. Sailing ship bombarding island castle in flames.

(Paper edging missing from right side).

c. Deerhunter. Man on horse with three dogs chasing deer.

d. Feasters. Three views: man and woman, two women, two men with keg decorated with tree.

(Right end broken off - 8.2 x 29.5 cm.)

e. Little man harassing others. Four views: man at piano, woman with fan, soldier, soldier on horse.

(Broken into two pieces with one broken corner).

f. Marchers. Eleven men in various garb following man on horse.

(Right edge broken off - 8.2 x 32 cm.)

g. Rider on dog, etc. Four views: on dog, on goat, on rabbit, on rooster.

(Broken into two pieces with one corner angled).

h. Riders on horseback. Man and two women.

(Broken into two pieces with Rider 3 missing or cut-out from group).

5. Sidewheelers and other ships.

(7.2 x 30 cm., in wooden frame holder 8.2 x 33 cm.)

Two scenes, one with buildings in the distance; the other with ship at dock.

6. Skaters.

(7.2 x 30.5 cm., broken into three pieces)

Eight skaters, boy on sled, and dog. No edging.

Folio 4 Printed on glass (rotary slides), n.d.

Eight scenes each slide, wording in English, French and German. Sandwiched in glass with tin rims. 15 cm. in diameter.

1. The Apple Thief

2. John Gilpin

(one side of glass sandwich missing and loose rim).

3. Natural history

(one side of glass sandwich broken).

Child's school slate.