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Adomeit Mss. II, 1950s-1995

Papers, 1950s-1995, of Ruth Elizabeth Adomeit at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Adomeit, Ruth E.

10,000 items

Adomeit Mss. II, 1950s-1995 

Collection No.
LMC 1009

This collection consists of the papers of Ruth Elizabeth Adomeit, 1910-1996, relating primarily to her collecting of miniature books and manuscripts. Included are correspondence, materials related to her bibliography of Thumb Bibles, her writings and lectures on miniature books, files relating to the Miniature Book Collector and to her association with the Miniature Book Society, card files containing descriptions of her collection, and card files given to her by d'Alté Welch that contain his research for a bibliography of English children's books.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions
This collection is open for research.

Part or all of this collection is housed at the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF). When requesting, please allow time for the materials to be delivered to the Lilly Library Reading Room for access.

Acquisition Information
Bequest. 1996
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library

Preferred Citation
[Item], Adomeit mss. II, Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Biographical Note

Ruth Elizabeth Adomeit, 1910-1996, was a miniature book collector and bibliographer. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and worked as a secretary and research assistant in engineering, and as an elementary school teacher until her retirement. Collecting miniature books was her lifetime passion, begun with gifts from her father while she was at Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She edited the Miniature Book Collector, a quarterly publication which consisted of eight issues, plus an index, from 1960 to 1962. Following the demise of this publication, she and other miniature book enthusiasts founded the Miniature Book Society and Adomeit served as editor of the Society's Newsletter for several years. Throughout this time and into the 1990's, she wrote several articles and spoke at various venues on miniature book collecting. In 1980 she completed the bibliography, Three Centuries of Thumb Bibles (New York: Garland Pub., 1980), the standard reference work for these books.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the papers of Ruth Elizabeth Adomeit, relating primarily to her collecting of miniature books and manuscripts. Included are correspondence, materials related to her bibliography of Thumb Bibles, her writings and lectures on miniature books, files relating to the Miniature Book Collector and to her association with the Miniature Book Society, card files containing descriptions of her collection, and card files given to her by d'Alté Welch that contain his research for a bibliography of English children's books.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Lectures/Writings; III. Business Papers; IV. Miniature Book Collector; V. Miniature Book Society; VI. Photographs; VII. Travel; VIII. Miscellaneous materials; IX. Notebooks.

The correspondence series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent. The travel series is arranged chronologically and includes itineraries, travel lists, receipts, brochures, maps and pamphlets.

Series Correspondence

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Significant number of letters for individual names or businesses may have separate folders and are filed immediately after the folder in which they would have been included. A complete list of names is available.

Box 1 A-Brn

A-1 Bookbinding

A. & A. Fick see: Fick, Alvin S.

A. Dalrymple, Bookseller

A.H. & A.W. Reed, Publishers

A.J. Huston, Bookseller

A.L. Frankel, Hebrew Book Store

A.L. Shearn, Printer & Publisher

ARW Books see: Erebus Press

A. Rosenthal, Ltd.

A.W. Fenton Co., Inc.

AB Allhem

Aberdeen University Library

Abraham Lincoln Bookshop

Abraham, Elaine

Achille J. St. Onge, Publisher and Bookseller

(4 folders)

Adams, Maryline see: Poole Press

Adelphi Bookshop

Adler, Ija see: Marshall Field & Company

Adler's Foreign Books, Inc.

Adomeit, Frances

(1 folder)


Ahlstrom, Dick

Ahlstrom, Janice M. (Mrs. William M.)

Aitken, Robert see: Robert Aitken Bookseller

Al Mikita, Engraver

Alan Stroh, Bookseller

Albert Calder

Alderson, Brian see: The Five Owls Bookshop

Alembic Press

Aleph-Bet Books

Alister Mathews

All States Hobby Club

Alla T. Ford, Rare Books

(1 folder)

Allan House, Ltd.

Allen, D.C.

Allen, Dorothy Gilpin (Mrs. Lewis M.)

Allen, Frank W. see: Frank W. Allen, Bookplates

Allen, Greer see: Allen, Sue

Allen, Sue

(1 folder)

Altick, Richard D.

Amalgamated Printers' Association see: Boulette, John L.

Amateur Book Collector

American Amateur Press Association

American Antiquarian Booksellers

American Antiquarian Society

(3 folders)

American Book Collector

American Consortium of College Libraries

American Education Publications

American Library Association

American Library Service

American Patent Models, Inc.

American Primitive Paintings see: Bookshop of Harry Stone

American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers

The American Trust for the British Library

Amistad Press

(2 folders)

Amstutz, Ellen W.

Anchor & Dolphin Books

Anderson, Catherine see: Cathy's Miniatures

Anderson, Frank see: Kitemaug Press

Anderson, Grace B.

Anderson, Holly

Anderson, Nathaniel

Anita's Antiquarian Books

Ankenbrand, Frank

Anne Hamilton, Literary Specialist

Antin, Charles M. see: Advertising

Antiquariaat "De Kring"

Antiquariaat Frits Knuf

Antiquariaat Gemilang

Antiquariaat Uitgerverij

Antiquarian Bookman

Antiquarian Prints & Books

Antiquariat F. Neidhardt

Antique Art

Antique Art Galleries, Ltd.

Anton Ruers

Appalachian Trail Conference

Aragon Bookshop

Archaeological Conservancy

Archaeological Institute of America

Archives of American Art

Arellanes, Audrey see: American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers

Aresty, Esther B. (Mrs. Jules)

Argosy Book Stores, Inc.

Arizona State University Library

Arndt, Bernice (Mrs. Julius)

Arnold Office Supply Co.

Arnold, Jennie (Mrs. Clayton L.) see: Arnold Office Supply Co.

Arnold, Jerry & Darla

Ars Polona

L'Art Ancien S.A. Zurich

Art Asia Inc.

Arthur M. Hemenway, Antiquarian Bookseller

Arthur Rogers, Dealer in Rare Books and Pictures

The Arthurs' Antiques

Artine Artinian

The Ash Ranch Press

(1 folder)

Associated Newspapers Ltd. of Australia

Atherton, Helen (Mrs. John B.)

(1 folder)

Atoms of Art

Atten, Henry see: Henry Atten, Stamps, Coins and Hobby Materials

Atzinger, Jack

Auburn University Libraries

Avis, F.C.

Axel Juncker Verlag

B.C. Antiques

B.H. Blackwell Ltd.

(1 folder)

Babb, James T. see: Yale University Library

Bachrach Art Enamels

Bachrach, Lilyan see: Bachrach Art Enamels

The Backwoods Press

Baer, Carlyle S. see: American Society of Bookplate Collectors and Designers

Bahadur, Shanti

Bahar, Ann

(1 folder)

Bailey, Merton G.L.

Bailey, Ted L.

Baker & Brooks, Inc.

Baker, Louise E. see: Old Settler Bookshop

Baker, Morton H. see: Houghton Mifflin Company

Baker's Bookshop

Baldur Bookshop

(1 folder)

Baldwin, Pat see: Pequeño Press

Balet, Concepción Mitjá de see: Mitjá de Balet, Concepción

Ball, Elisabeth

(1 folder)

Ballantine, Ian see: Penguin Books Inc.

Bamberger, Martha see: Women's Zionist Organisation

Bancroft & Co. Publishers Ltd.

Banks, Gordon T. see: Goodspeed's Book Shop

Barahal, Rachel see: The Quail Hill Press

Barbara J. Raheb

(1 folder)

Baris, Robert

Barker, Margery see: Hamill & Barker

Barlow Antiques

Barlow, Marjorie (Mrs. W.T.)

Barlow, W.T.

Barnard, Elizabeth S.

Barnes, Mary F.

Barooshian, Martin see: Swann Galleries, Inc.

Barringer, George M. see: Georgetown University Library

Barry Scott, Bookseller

Bartley, Alixe see: Harold Mortlake & Co., A.B.A.

Bartshe, Blanche (Mrs. Glen E.)

Baumgart, Cheryl Ann

Bay's Printing

Bayuzick, Stephen see: Bay's Printing

Beadman, Grace E.

Beamer, Elmer G. and Esther K.

(1 folder)

Beaverdam Press

Beckford, Frances H.

Beckman, Gretchen L.

Beckwith, Walter

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Belden, Louise C.

Belser Incorporated

Belvedere Press

Bender, W.C. see: The Holmes Book Company

Benjamin, Walter R.

Benson, Deborah see: Deborah Benson Bookseller

Benzinger Brothers, Inc.

Berck, Édouard see: Édouard Berck, Expert-Editeur

Berdagué, Rosario see: Pro-Libris

Bergeron, Barbara A. see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Berk, Édouard see: Édouard Berk, Expert-Editeur

Berkelouw, Messrs.

Berks Book Shop

Bernard M. Rosenthal, Inc.

Bernard Quaritch, Ltd.

Bernhardt Wall, LHD

(1 folder)

Bernier, Gerald see: Borrower's Press

Bernier, Jane see: Borrower's Press

Berryhill News

Bezanson, Stanley O. see: Stanley O. Bezanson

Bibliographical Society of University of Virginia


Biblioteca Minima

Big Wheel Press

Bijou Book Hoshino see: Hoshino, Asao

Bikoff, Jonas see: Plandome Book Auctions

Bingham, Rebecca Saady see: Rebecca Press

Bjerkoe, Ethel Hall

Black Cat Press

(4 folders)

Black Sun Books

Black, Roger

Blackburn Specialty Company

Blackburn, George R. see: Blackburn Specialty Company

Blaine, Anna L.

Blanch, Jacob see: Publishers' Weekly

Blatchley, Clare see: Whitlock Farm Booksellers

Blau, Bela see: A-1 Bookbinding

Blau, Mariana see: A-1 Bookbinding

Blauer, John M. see: The Miniature Mart

Bliss, Amelia see: Dawson's Book Shop

Bliss, Carey S. see: The Huntington Library

Bliss, Philip see: P. and H. Bliss

Block, David see: Book Block

Block, Gordon A., Jr.

Blockson, Charles

Blodgett, Edna C. (Mrs. Ralph D.)

Blonde, Max

Blumenthal, Walter Hart

(1 folder)

Board, F.J.

Boardman, Betty

Boda, A. see: Kultura

Bodle Books

Bodley Book Shop


Bohanan, Priscilla see: Ginger & Pickles Store

Bohm, Anton

Bohn, Pall W. see: Bookhaven Press

Bolton, Clair see: Alembic Press

Bond, W.H.

Bondy, Louis W. see: Louis W. Bondy, Old and Rare Books

Bonebrake, John C.

Bonnard, Sylvestre, pseud. see: Sylvestre Bonnard, Book Antiquarian

The Book and Print Shop

(2 folders)

Book Block

Book Board

Book Club of California

Book Farm

The Book Lady

The Book Nook

The Book Specialist

Bookhaven Press

(1 folder)

The Booklover's Answer

(1 folder)

The Bookseller, Inc.

Bookshop of Harry Stone


Bookworm and Silverfish

Boris Wainio Auction Co.

Borrower's Press

(2 folders)

Boston Book Annex

Boston University Library

Bouchey, Thelma (Mrs. W.B.)

Boughner, Marion C. (Mrs. B.F.)

Boulder Public Library

Boulette, John L.

Boulind, Joyce see: The Current Company

Bourne, Edith F.

Boutwell, Ona L. see: Breadloaf Bookshop

Bove, Beryl Even (Mrs. P.W.)

Bowe, Forrest see: Forrest Bowe, Franco-Americana

Bowen, Anna P. (Mrs. W.A.)

Bowyer, F.T. see: Howes Bookshop Ltd.

Boynton, Gail W. (Mrs. Robert)

Brabson, Evelyn (Mrs. George Dana)

Bradbury, Robert C.

(1 folder)

Brady, Osee H.

Bramble, Wayne

Brannock, James A.

Breadloaf Bookshop


(1 folder)

Brett-Smith, John R.B. see: Princeton Rare Books

Brewer, Henry see: Henry L. Brewer, Rare Children's Books

Brickley, Edmund B. see: Samuel T. Freeman & Co.

British Federation of Master Printers

The British Library

British Printing Society see: Lubran, Alfred

Box 2 Bro-De

Broadwell, Annette

Brodt, Harvey F.

Broemel, Mrs.

Bromer Booksellers, Inc.

(4 folders)

Bromer, Anne C. see: Bromer Booksellers, Inc.

Brontë Press

(1 folder)

Brooks, Louise C. (Mrs. John H.)

Brophy, Marion see: The New York State Historical Association

Brown, Allen

Brown, Don R.

Brown, Hylda M. (Mrs. Robert R.)

Brown, Melinda (Mrs. Henry T.)

Brown, Ron

Bruce Ferrini, Rare Books

(1 folder)

Bruce's Books

Brun, Christian see: University of California, Los Angeles Library

Bubb, Harry D. see: Rowfant Club

Budcraft Press

(1 folder)

Buechler, John see: Guy W. Bailey Library, The University of Vermont

Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Burnett, Helen

(1 folder)

Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Robert P.

The Burntcoat Press see: Pomeroy, Jane R.

Bushey, W.L. see: White Horse Press

Buss, Laurie and Bill

Butternut Press

Byrnes, Ellen L. see: Library Association of Portland

Byrnes, Leslie

C. & I.K. Fletcher Ltd.

(1 folder)

Cabot, Harriet R.

Cadman, Harriet E. (Mrs. W.J.)

Cady, Richard H. see: Hamill & Barker

Cagle, William R. see: Lilly Library

Cahoon, Herbert see: Pierpoint Morgan Library

Calder, Albert see: Albert Calder

Cale, Annette

California Book Auction Company

Camp, Linda

Campbell, Almira T. see: Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School

Campbell, Henry C. see: Toronto Public Library

Cankarjeva Založba

Canoso, Michael

Cantlon, William Carroll

(1 folder)

Cantrell, Glenn see: Erie Book Store

Cantrell, Kathleen see: Erie Book Store

Cape Ann Old Book Shop

Carbajo, Antonio

Careswell Shop

Carlson, Ralph see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Carol Wenk Miniatures

Carson, Marian S.

Carter, Craig W.

Carter, Jack

Carter, Sue see: Starcrest of California

Carter, Yolanda C. see: Amistad Press

Casa Editrice G. Barbera

Casanovas, L. Barba see: Pro-Libris

Case, Mrs. M.S.

Caspar Krueger Dory Co.

The Catharijne Press

(1 folder)


Cathy's Miniatures

Cattermole, 20th Century Children's Books

(1 folder)

Causeway Antique Shop

Cedric L. Robinson, Fine and Rare Books

Celmer, Ernest V. see: American Book Collector

Centaur Books

Center for Book Arts

(1 folder)

Chakalis, Faith and Andy

Chanticleer Press

Chappell, Vera see: The Halle Bros. Company

Charles E. Lauriat Co.

Charles E. Tuttle Co.

(2 folders)

Charles M. Gardner Co.

Charles Patrick, Genuine Antiques

Charles Sessler, Rare Books

Charles Yale, Bookseller

Charpenel, Mauricio

Chas. J. Sawyer, Booksellers

Cheney, William M.

(1 folder)

Childs, Richard M.

Chiolino, Barbara see: Windy Ledge Antiques

Chipp, Rodney D. see: American Patent Models, Inc.

Chiswick Book Shop

(1 folder)


Chryss, Mabel

City Blue

City Book Auction

Clarabut, Cecil

Clark, Fred

Clark Library, Brigham Young University

Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

(2 folders)

Clears, Helen C.

Cleveland, Robert

Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library, Coventry Branch

Cleveland Miniature Society see: Koliha, Kathy

The Cleveland Museum of Art

Cleveland Public Library

(1 folder)

Cleveland Wellesley Club

Clive Farahar Rare Books

Clyde King, Jr. Rare and Out-of-Print Books

Cohen, Aveve see: Chiswick Book Shop

Cohen, Bertram M.

Cohen, Herman see: Chiswick Book Shop

Cohen, L. see: Argosy Book Stores, Inc.

Coleman, Evelyn Jane

Coleman, Lucile see: Lucile Coleman Books

Colker, Marvin L.

Colket, Gordon Wright

Colket, Meredith B. Jr. see: Western Reserve Historical Society

Collins, Evron

(1 folder)

Collins, Frank S.

Collins, Richard C.

The Colvin Press

Colvin, Charles see: The Colvin Press

Combs, Tram see: Tram Combs, Books

Comes, Estelle K. (Mrs. Clarence Russell)

Commonwealth Press

Concordia, Frances B. (Mrs. Charles)

Connecticut Antiques

Conneen, Jane see: Little Farm Workshop

Conneen, Joe see: Little Farm Workshop

Connelly, Betty Roberts

Conover, John

Continental Type Associates

Conway, Jim

Cook Memorial Library, The University of Southern Mississippi

Cook, Mary B. (Mrs. C.C.)

Cooley, Berkeley see: Maryland Historical Society

Coon, Verne H.

Cooper, Robert

Cooper-Hewitt Museum

(1 folder)

Cordes, Ellen R. see: Newberry Library

The Corner Book Shop

Cornrich, Rita

Cotswold Corner Books

Coughlan, Margaret N. see: Library of Congress

The Coventry Bookstore

Covill, Erna B. (Mrs. C.R.)

Crabtree, Penny see: Crabtree's Collection

Crabtree's Collection

Cranford Miniatures

Crawford, Kenneth J.

Crear, Dorothy

Crichlow, Angeline H. (Angy)

Crittenden, Mrs. G.C.

Crobaugh, Alice R. (Mrs. John H.)

Cross, Wilton E.

Crossover Books

(1 folder)

Crowley, Virginia R. (Mrs. Paul J.)

Csank, Paul see: Peter Keisogloff Rare Books, Inc.

Cumming, Audrey see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Cumming, John see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Cummings, Eileen see: E.C. Press

Cummings, Mildred (Mrs. Seth R.)

Cunningham, Carol S. see: Sunflower Press

Cunningham Memorial Library

Curl, Sheila see: New York Public Library

Curran, Joseph L. see: Kurbel Books

The Current Company

Cushing, Frank M.

D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co., Private Ltd.

(1 folder)

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Dame, Nathaniel see: Nathaniel Dame, Book Counselor

Dana, H. Douglas see: Dana's Old Corner Book Shop

Dana, M.V. see: Dana's Old Corner Book Shop

Dana's Old Corner Book Shop

Danello, Anita see: Anita's Antiquarian Books

Danello, Michael see: Anita's Antiquarian Books

Daniel Hirsch Fine and Rare Books

Dauber & Pine Bookshops, Inc.

Daugherty, Jeanne V.

David C. Cook Publishing Company

David, Al see: David, Linda

David, Linda

Davidow, Lawrence see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Davidson, Sylvia B.

Davidson, Ursula C. see: Marin Antiquarian Book Fair

Davis, Helen Osgood

Davis, James see: University of California, Los Angeles Library

Davison, Sylvia B.

Dawdy, Carrie B.

Dawson, Glen see: Dawson's Book Shop

Dawson, Karen see: Dawson's Book Shop

Dawson, Mary Helen see: Dawson's Book Shop

Dawson, Mary Susan (Susie) see: Dawson's Book Shop

Dawson, Muir see: Dawson's Book Shop

Dawson's Book Shop

(9 folders)

Dayton Public Library

Daywalt, Alberta Thorne see: Western Reserve Historical Society

Deborah Benson Bookseller

DeBoy, P.F.

Decker, Gail L.

Decker, Lotte

(1 folder)

de Grummond, Lena Y.

DeLancey, James

(7 folders)

Box 3 De (cont.)-Hh

DeLancey, James (cont.)

DeLaney, Wesley Alleyn see: Sylvestre Bonnard, Book Antiquarian

Demetzy Books

(1 folder)

de Nardo, Alida

Denton, Mrs. Geo. M.

Derek Gibbons, The Little Bookshop

de Saint-Rat, Catherine see: Miami University

De Simone Company, Booksellers

Detroit Public Library

(1 folder)

Detweiler, Catharine S. (Bunny)

Deval and Muir, Antiquarian Booksellers

Deval, Laurie E. see: Deval and Muir, Antiquarian Booksellers

de Vries, L.

Dickey, Gail E.

Diener, Sister Margaret see: Marin Antiquarian Book Fair

Dinner Bell Antiques

Dodds, Mary Eustice (Mrs. J.W.)

Doherty, Frank L.

Doll Questers see: Smith, Elizabeth

Dolman, Nana see: Dawson's Book Shop

Donald LaChance, Rare and Choice Books

(1 folder)

Donaldson, Linda

Doncaster, William Trall

Donelan, John R.

Donovan, John see: St. Martin's Press

The Doray Press

(1 folder)

Doris Frohnsdorff, Children's & Illustrated Books

Dorothy Hesner Miniatures

Dorothy Liebes design

Dorsett Miniatures

Dorsett, James H. see: Dorsett Miniatures

Douglas, Richard

Douglass-Treece, L.

Dover Publications, Inc.

Downs, Beverly S. see: Whitlock's Inc.

Dr. Ambrecht Buschke Books and Autographs

Dr. Karl H. Pressler Antiquariat

Drake, Susan see: Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.

Duane C. Scott Graphics see: The Scott Free Press

Duke, Paul M. see: Cotswold Corner Books

Duke University

Dunn, Earl N.

Dunn, Frances

(3 folders)

Dunn, Thomas Allan

Duschnes, Philip C. see: Philip C. Duschnes, Rare Books & First Editions

The Dust Jacket

Dutikow, Irene

Duttons, Inc.

Duveen, Denis I.

(1 folder)

E.C. Press

E. Joseph Booksellers

E.K. Schreiber, Early Printed Books and Manuscripts

E.M. Lawson & Co.

E. Van Dam

Eades, Elizabeth see: Oliver Wendell Holmes Library

Eastman, Harland H.

Eastmoor Antique Market

Eaton, Evelyn S.

Edgar, Neal see: Kent State University

Edison, Julian I.

(1 folder)


(1 folder)

Editorial Periodista E Impresora De Puebla, S.A.

Édouard Berck, Expert-Editeur

Edward Morrill & Son, Rare and Scholarly Books & Prints

Edwards, Christopher see: Christie's

Edwards, Maynard O. see: Norfolk and Western Railway Company

Ege, Otto F.

Egert, Louise

Egert, Ray

Eigerman, María

Einhorn, Marilyn M. see: M.M. Einhorn Maxwell, Books

Elgström, Jörgen

Elihu Burritt Library see: Massman, Robert

Ellenbogen, Raphael

Eller, Edouard

Ellero, Gianvittore

Elm Tree Press see: Lilliputter Press

Embassy of the Polish People's Republic


Emery, Ruth M.

(1 folder)

Emery's Books

Emporium Publications

Les Enluminures

(1 folder)

Enoch Pratt Free Library

Ephemera Designs

Ephraim, Irving F. see: Irving F. Ephraim, Bookseller

Ephraim, Sam see: Lincoln Book Shoppe

Epperly, Nora (Mrs. Lamar)

Eppinger, Maria

Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel

(2 folders)

Erebus Press

(1 folder)

Erespin Press

Eric Lundberg, Bookseller

Ericksen, Marjorie Lou see: Marjorie Lou Ericksen

Erie Book Store

Ernst F.A. Lüders, Import-Export

Ernst Herzberg & Sons

Esenther, Glenn R. see: United States Department of Agriculture

The Esper Bindery

Essex Institute

Essigmann, Gene

Esterline, Mary Lou

Eve, Denis see: Bancroft & Co. Publishers Ltd.

Eve Press

Evelyn Bottome, Old Glass—China—Books

Eynon, Floyd M.

F. & G. Staack, Book & Printsellers

F.M. O’Brien, Bookseller

Facsimilia Art & Edition

Fairbanks, Russell see: Russell Fairbanks Rare Books

Falkinburg, Ruth

The Family Album, A.B.A.A.

Fancher, Mary

Farahar, Clive see: Clive Farahar Rare Books

Farr, Linnea see: Linnea Farr Books—Prints—Antiques

Feather, William see: William Feather Company

Federal Smallwares Corp.

Feffer, Solomon

Feinberry, S. Graedon see: National Library Service

Fellner, Hans see: Christie's

Feng, Y.T. see: Wellesley College Library

Ferrini, Bruce see: Bruce Ferrini, Rare Books

Ferris, Gail

(1 folder)

Ferriss, Edna W. (Mrs. Edward F.)

Fick, Alvin S.

Fidler, Arthur

Field, Carolyn W. see: American Library Association

Field, John M.

Fiene, Robert J. see: J. Stephan Lawrence Rare Books

The Figment Press

Fil Caravan Inc.

Filmer, A.J.

Fink, Reuben

First Manassas Corporation

Fisher, R.V. see: R.V. Fisher, Importer-Dealer

The Five Owls Bookshop

(1 folder)

Flake, Chad J. see: Clark Library, Brigham Young University

Fleming, Dick see: The Flying Coffin Press

Fleming, R.J. see: The Flying Coffin Press

Fletcher, H.M. see: H.M. Fletcher

Fletcher, Ifan Kyrle see: C. & I.K. Fletcher Ltd.

Flook, Marion M.

Flook, Marnie (Mrs. William M., Jr.) see: Flook, Marion M.

Floyd M. Schick

The Flying Coffin Press

(1 folder)

Flynn Books

Flynn, Robert A. see: Flynn Books

Focke, Helen M.

Foldes, Agnes

Folger Shakespeare Library

Forbes, Lena Riley (Mrs. George B.)

Ford, Edward C. see: Careswell Shop

Ford, Norman

Forgue, Madeline see: Black Cat Press

Forgue, Norman see: Black Cat Press

Form Und Technik Verlag

Forrest Bowe, Franco-Americana

Foster, L. M. see: Foster's Book Shop

Foster's Book Shop

Fowell, Edith A.

Fowler, Alfred see: The Miniature Print Society

Foyle, William A. see: W. & G. Foyle Ltd.

Frackiewics, Ryszard see: Embassy of the Polish People's Republic

Francine van der Perre, Livres and Gravures

Francis, Gloria A. see: Detroit Public Library

Frank R. Jelleff Inc.

Frank W. Allen, Bookplates

Frankel, A.L. see: A.L. Frankel, Hebrew Bookstore

Frankel, L.

Franklin, Doris G. (Mrs. Wm.) see: The Doray Press

Franklin, Robert D. see: Toledo Public Library

Fraquelli, Anna

(1 folder)

Frary, I.T.

Frauendorfer, A. see: L'Art Ancien S.A. Zurich

Frederick R. Gardner, Books

The Free Library of Philadelphia

(1 folder)

Freeman, C. Marjorie see: Dawson’s Book Shop

French, Hannah D. see: Wellesley College Library

The French Book Shop

Friedman, Bertha

Friedman, Estelle

Friends of the Cleveland Public Library, Inc. see: Cleveland Public Library

Frisbie, Philemon G.

Fritzsche, Paul

Frohnsdorff, Doris (Mrs. Geoffrey) see: Doris Frohnsdorff, Children's & Illustrated Books

Fry, Glen

G. Eric Jones Library, Atlantic Union College

Gail Klemm - Books

Gale Research Company see: Judy S. Merenoff Miniatures

Gale, Royce L.

Gallagher, Barbara see: Witch Spring Antiques

Garbett, Michael see: Michael Garbett Antiquarian & Fine Books

Gardner, Frederick R. see: Frederick R. Gardner, Books

Gardner, Hope

Gardner, Nona

Garland Publishing, Inc.

(1 folder)

Garth’s Auctions, Inc.

Garvey, Eleanor M. see: Library of Harvard University

Gaskill, Margret

Gattmo, Dean

Gayle, Margot

Geayer, Jane

General Theological Seminary

Genesis Publications, Limited

George Robert Kane Fine Books

George Robert Minkoff Rare Books and First Editions

George W. Walford, Bookseller

George, Gene and Mary Carolyn

Georgetown University Library

Gerald Sattin, Ltd.

Gernat’s Novelty Books

(1 folder)

Gibbons, Derek M. see: Derek Gibbons, The Little Bookshop

Gibian, Germaine L. see: Cleveland Public Library

Gilbert, Edward see: Satyr Book Shop, Inc.

Gildersleeve, Helen O. see: Crossover Books

Ginger & Pickles Store

Ginsburg, Louis

Girls’ Industrial School see: Secor, Mary D.

Glasgow City Council Libraries Department

Gleason, Dorothy H. (Mrs. Francis E.)

Gleim, Alice

Gleniffer Press

(1 folder)

Godesky, Edwin P.

Goessling, Jeanne C. see: Gray Goose Press

(Mrs. John M.)

Gold Stein Press

(1 folder)

Goldman, Jude see: Ephemera Designs

Goldschmidt, Lucien

Goldsmith, Arthur, Jr.

Goldstein, Leonard see: Gold Stein Press

Good, Michael see: Marin Antiquarian Book Fair

The Good Book Press

(1 folder)

Goodenough, Arthur G.

Goodman, Philip

Goodspeed, Edgar J.

Goodspeed, George T. see: Goodspeed's Book Shop

Goodspeed’s Book Shop

(1 folder)

Gordon Murray Promotions

Gorodesky, Ezra P.

Gottlieb, Gerald see: Pierpoint Morgan Library

Gould, Amasa C.

Gould, Mary Earle

Gould, Maurice see: Maurice Gould, numismatist

Grace S. Sawyer, Antique Dolls and Toys

Grace, Sandy

Granary Books, Inc.

Granzow-Pruchnicki, Suzanne see: Brontë Press

Grauer, Ben

Graves, Harold E. see: Brentano's

Graves, Marjorie M. see: The White House

Gray Goose Press

Gray, Joseph H. see: Atoms of Art

Greco, Rae see: Fil Caravan Inc.

Greeley, Benita (Mrs. Wilder J.)

Greenstein, Gary

Greenstone Books

Gregory, Katharine see: K. Gregory

Grenier, L.M.

Grenwis, Martina

Grochau, Karen E. see: Western Reserve Historical Society

Groff, Marion K. (Mrs. Madison)

Grolier Club

Gross, Sarah Chokla

(1 folder)

Grossman, John Henry

(1 folder)

Guy Saulsbury Antiques

Guy W. Bailey Library, The University of Vermont

H.M. Fletcher

H.P. Kraus

Hager, Anna Marie

Hahn, Emily

Hainley, Mr.

Hakhamimi, Suzanne

Hall, Charles L.

Hall, Mia (Mrs. W.A.)

Hall, Norman Alexander see: Norman Alexander Hall, Bookseller

Hall, Norman Alexander see: The Halle Bros. Co.

Hall, Peter see: Private Libraries Association

The Halle Bros. Co.

Hallock Antique store

Hallock, M.O. see: Hallock Antique Store

Hamer, Sidney see: Leamington Book Shop

Hamill & Barker

(1 folder)

Hamill, Frances see: Hamill & Barker

Hamilton, Anne see: Anne Hamilton, Literary Specialist

Hamilton, William J. see: Dayton Public Library

Hammarström, Capt. Carl

Hamon, J. Hill see: Whippoorwill Press

Hample, Mrs. Edward

Hampton Books

Hanson, Robert F. see: Opuscula Press

Hanson, Susie

Hantke, Gary see: The Willow Press

Hanzawa, Masatoki

(1 folder)

The Ha’Penny

Hare, James R. see: West Book Service

Harer, Pamela K.

Harold J. Hayes, Authentic American Antiques

Harold Mortlake & Co., A.B.A.

Harrigan, Francis X. see: The Xavier Press

Harris, Harry

Harry A. Levinson Books

(1 folder)

Harry C. Revercomb Books

Hart, Lynn

The Hart Book Company see: Blumenthal, Walter Hart

Hartung & Karl, Antiquariat-Auktionen

Hastings House Antiques

Hatcher, Berthe P.B. see: Intermittent Press

Hatcher, Evelyn see: Intermittent Press

Hatcher, J.B. see: Intermittent Press

Hatcher, Jack see: Intermittent Press

Hatcher, John B. see: Intermittent Press

Hauman, B.L. see: Brentano's

Hauserman, Betts S. (Mrs. Ben M.)

Hayes, Harold J. see: Harold J. Hayes, Authentic American Antiques

Hayward, C.J.

Heaney, Howell J. see: The Free Library of Philadelphia

Heartman, Charles F. see: Book Farm

Heath, Sylvia

Heinrich Rosenthal

Heitmann, Robert C.

Helbert, Clifford L.

Helck, Peter

Heller, Y.J. see: Antiquariaat Gemilang

Hellmut Schumann AG

Helm, Lawrence N.

Hemenway, Arthur M. see: Arthur M. Hemenway, Antiquarian Bookseller

Henderson, Edward F.

Henderson, James D.

Henderson, Robert L.

Hendsey, John F. see: John F. Hendsey, Bookseller

The Hennesseys, Booksellers

Henry Atten, Stamps, Coins, Hobby Materials

Henry L. Brewer, Rare Children's Books

Henson, Pamela see: Oakham Bindery

Herbert Reichner, Rare Books, Manuscripts, Bindings, Maps and Prints

Heritage Antiques

Heritage Book Shop/Heritage Bindery

Heritage Bookshop

The Heritage Press

Herman E. Ross, Antique Button Specialist

Herman, Linda see: Harry A. Levinson Books

Herrick family: Helen, Jim, Ginny, J. Kevin, Jeff, Shirley, Charles (Sandy), Chuck and Gert

(1 folder)

Hesner, Dorothy see: Dorothy Hesner Miniatures

Hester, William

Hetrick, Mr.

Heyl, Edgar

Box 4 Hi-Lh

Hicks, Adrian

(1 folder)

The Higbee Company

Hightree, Eleanor

Hildreth, Don see: The Ash Ranch Press

Hill, Aimo, Jr.

(1 folder)

Hilleary & Petko

Hilleary, Roger R. see: Hilleary & Petko

The Hillside Press

(4 folders)

Hindman, Sandra see: Les Enluminures

Hirata, Francis K.

Hirsch, Daniel see: Daniel Hirsch Fine and Rare Books

Hirschi, Virginia see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Hirschtritt, Ralph see: Hirschtritt's "1712"

Hirschtritt's "1712"

Hitchman, Robert

Hobbies, The Magazine for Collectors

Hobby Service see: The Book and Print Shop

Hoch, Henry W.

Hoeflake, N. see: Stichting Museum Enchedé

Hoffer, Michael

Holiday, Dorothy (Mrs. Joseph)

Holloway, Robert L. see: Toronto Public Library

The Holmes Book Company

Hook, James Lewis see: James Lewis Hook, Early American Books

The Hoosier Bookshop

Hopkins, Joseph

Hordes, Samuel

Horner, David see: Impressions Press

Horodisch, Abraham see: Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel

Horodisch-Garman, Alice see: Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel

Horowitz, Lori see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Horwath, Ann B.

Hoshino, Asao

(1 folder)

Hosmer, Herbert H.

Hotte, Donald F.

Hottle, Ken see: Ken Hottle

Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.

(1 folder)

The Houghton Library

Houghton Mifflin Company

The House of Prints

House of Whittemore

(1 folder)

Howard, Marian B.

Howard S. Mott, Inc.

Howe, Donald W. see: The Quabbin Book House

Howe, Elizabeth see: Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.

Howes Bookshop Ltd.

Howes, C. see: Howes Bookshop Ltd.

Howes, Zoe

Howgate, James C. see: James C. Howgate Bookseller

Hubbard, Nelson E. H.

Hubbard, Olive C.

Hubbard, William L. see: William L. Hubbards Antiques

Hubbord, Clifford see: Swann Galleries, Inc.

Huet, Roger see: Roger Huet, Publisher

Hugh Anson-Cartwright, Books, Maps & Prints

Hulburt, Doris

The Huntington Library

Hurley, Catherine M.

(1 folder)

Hull, Maude Pollard

Humphrey, Florence

Hunley, Maxwell see: Maxwell Hunley, Rare Books

Hunt, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. Donald F. Hunt) see: Essex Institute

Hunter, Dard, II

Hunziker, Howard F.

Hurley Books

Hurley, Henry see: Hurley Books

Hurley, Janet see: Hurley Books

Hussar, Lauretta

Hussey, R.J. see: The Booklover's Answer

Huston, A.J. see: A.J. Huston, Bookseller

Hutchins, Edward H. see: Editions

Hutchinson, Esther

(1 folder)

Hutchinson, Marie see: Demetzy Books

Hutchinson, Paul see: Demetzy Books

Hutchinson, Veronica see: The Halle Bros. Co.

Hutchinson, W.F. see: Miniature Precision Bearings, Inc.

Hyde, Debby

Hyer, James J.

Hyster, Louis

Ikenberry, Herbert A. see: The Robinrun Press

Illuminations see: Les Enluminures

Immel, Olga see: Old Manuscripts & Incunabula (OMI)

Impressions Press

Imprimerie Albert Kundig

Indiana State University see: Cunningham Memorial Library

Ingeborg Quitzau Antiquarian Books

Instituto de Trofoterapia

Intermittent Press

(1 folder)

Irving F. Ephraim, Bookseller

Irving Lew, Rare Books—Famous Presses

Irwin, Eleanor see: The Hillside Press

Irwin, Frank E. see: The Hillside Press

Irwin, Miriam Owen see: Mosaic Press

Isaac Mendoza Book Co.

Isaiah Thomas Books and Prints

Israfil, M. Nabi see: Fil Caravan Inc.

J.H. Sudbeck

J. Howard Woolmer Books

J. Lizars (N.I.) Ltd.

J. Stephan Lawrence Rare Books

Jac. Hageraats & Zoon, Antiquaires

Jackson, Mr.

Jackson, Mrs. J.E.

Jackson, Nelson A.

Jacobs, Judy S. see: Merry Miniature Books

Jagusch, Sybille A. see: The Library of Congress

James C. Howgate Bookseller

James Lewis Hook, Early American Books

James Tregaskis & Sons

James, Tammy

James, Derek W. see: Sutton's Antiquarian Bookshop

James, Marjorie see: Marjorie James Rare Books

Jan Thorton

Jance, William E.

Janka (?)

Japan Publishing Co.

Jarc, Mrs. C.A.

Jenkins, Mary F.

Jenkins, Richard H.

(1 folder)

Jerusalem Bible Publishing Co. Ltd.

Jewett, Amos E. see: Jewett's Bookshop

Jewett's Bookshop

Jo Ann Reisler Ltd.

Joan Adams Wickham

(1 folder)

Joh. Enschedé en Zonen Grafische Inrichting B.V.

Johanson, Teresa see: The Kelmscott Bookshop

John F. Hendsey, Bookseller

John G. Kidd & Son, Inc.

John H. Martin: Americana

John L. Franzen

John Smith & Son

John William Pye Rare Books

John, Don D. see: The Book Nook

Johnnycake Press

Johnson, Duane

Johnson, Julia see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Johnson, Karl B. see: Arizona State University

Johnson, Thano

Johnson, William M. see: Twelve Oaks Press

Johnson’s Bookstore

Johnston, R.K. see: B.C. Antiques

Jonathon David Co.

Jones, Dan Burne

Jones, David W. see: Readex Book Exchange

Jones, Dorothy Richardson (Mrs. Ernest van B.)

Jones, Thomas B.

Joseph L. Kapica, Bookseller and Publisher

(1 folder)

Joslin, Martha

Joy, Eckard

Jubilee Press

Judy S. Merenoff Miniatures

(1 folder)

Julius Carlebach, Inc.

Juniper Von Phitzer Press

Justin G. Schiller, Ltd.

(3 folders)

K Books

K.G. Markströms Guldsmeds A.-B.

K. Gregory

(1 folder)

Kane, George Robert see: George Robert Kane Fine Books

Kapica, Joseph L. see: Joseph L. Kapica, Bookseller…

Karen Stahlecker, Experimental Book Forms

Karl Sternberg, Palestine Mandate Stamps and Covers

Karrel, Beth B. see: Antiquarian Bookman

Kastenmeyer, Anneliese

Kathryn I. Rickard Minibibliophile see: Rickard, Kathryn

Katowitz, Pearl

Katz, Stan

Kauth, James P.

Keeney, Bertha (Bertie) see: Miller’s Used Book Shop

Keir, Arthur A.

Keisogloff, Peter see: Peter Keisogloff Rare Books, Inc.

Keller, Dean H. see: Kent State University

Kelley, Dayton see: Mary Hardin-Baylor College

Kelly, Geraldine (one incomplete letter)

Kelly, Helen see: Boston Book Annex

Kelly, John M. see: Cook Memorial Library,

The Kelmscott Bookshop

Ken Hottle

Ken Leach, Bookscout

Kennedy, Amos Jr.

Kenneth Nebenzahl, Inc.

Kenney, Robert

Kent, D.L. see: Erespin Press

Kent, Robert

Kent State University Libraries

(1 folder)

Kerlan, Irvin

(1 folder)

Kersey, Peg (Mrs. James J.)

Kidd, John G. see: John G. Kidd & Son, Inc.

Kienzle, Katherine R. see: Ohioana Library Association

Kieser family

(1 folder)

Kieser, Pat see: Kieser family

Kieser, Paul W. see: Kieser family

Kieser, Portia P. see: Kieser family

Killion, Lisa see: Lilly Library

Kimmerle, Heidi

(1 folder)

Kimmerle, Wolfgang see: Kimmerle, Heidi

Kimmerle, Claudia see: Kimmerle, Heidi

Kindig, Helen

Kindig, Paul E.

Kindig, Wesley L.

King, Orbra E.

(1 folder)

Kingsport Press, Inc.

Kitemaug Press

(2 folders)

Kitzmiller, Harrison see: Kitzmiller, Helen

Kitzmiller, Helen

(1 folder)

Kleinman, Iris

Klemm, Gail E. see: Gail Klemm - Books

Kneeland, Thomas E.

Knight, Catherine see: The Hillside Press

Knight, Yvonne see: St. Nicholas Books

Knoll-Top Lodge

Knotty Pine Book Shop

Knox, Margaret Enid see: Goggin, Margaret Knox (Mrs. John M)

Knuf, Frits see: Antiquariaat Frits Knuf

Kochan, Bernice

(1 folder)

Kohlmeyer, Fred W.

Kohn, H.E.

Koliha, Kathy

Kolvoord, R. see: Old Settler Book Shop

Korey, Marie E. see: The Free Library of Philadelphia

Koseki, Keizo see: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Kottler, Barnet see: Centaur Books

Kovel, Ralph and Terry

Kovels on Antiques and Collectibles

Kraus, H.P. see: H.P. Kraus

Kresch, Rhoda L. (Mrs. William H.)

Kreyer, David C.

Krise, Frances B. (Mrs. Wilbur M.) see: The House of Prints

Kroch’s & Brentano’s, Inc. see: Brentano's

Kroll, Anthony F.

Krout, Mary (Mrs. John A.)

Kruger, Suzan

Krumhansl, Bernice

Kruse Bookstore-Antiquariat

Kruse, Mrs. Ed C. see: Kruse Bookstore-Antiquariat

Krutina, J.

Kuechle, Mabel

Kugel, Mrs. Karl


Kummerow, Barbara see: Kummerow's, Studio of Miniature Design

Kummerow's, Studio of Miniature Design

Kundig, Albert see: Imprimerie Albert Kundig

Kurbel Books

(1 folder)

Kuscus, Marie G.

LaChance, Donald see: Donald LaChance, Rare and Choice Books

Lade, Frank A. see: Brentano's

Laderman, Gabriel see: Zita Books

Langenfeld, W.G. (Bill) see: Micro-Tome Chase

Langenscheidt KG

Langley, Tina see: The British Library

Lapides, Julian L. see: Lapides, Linda F.

Lapides, Linda F.

(1 folder)

Larcada, Marie Ellen see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Large, Robert H.

Larsen, Charlene

Lasch, Sally

Lathourakis, John and Gizella see: Tabula Rasa Press

Latshaw, George

(1 folder)

Laurence Witten Bookseller

Lawler, Percy E. see: Rosenbach Company

Lawrence B. Romaine, Americana

(1 folder)

Lawrence, Arthur F. see: Arthurs' Antiques

Leach, Sally see: The Miriam Lutcher Stark Library, University of Texas

Leamington Book Shop

Leasher, Evelyn see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Lebold, Mrs. Foreman

Lee, Hui-Wen

Leekley Rare & Scholarly Books

Leekley, Richard see: Leekley Rare & Scholarly Books

LeFevre, Alise Louise

Leliefontein Publications

Lemle, H.C.

Lemm, Walter

Lennen, Mrs. James L., Jr.

Lentz, Donna (Mrs. John W.)

(1 folder)

Leo S. Olschki, Bookseller

Lerch, Roger J. see: The Dust Jacket

Lester, Bessie H.

Levien, Jack R.

(1 folder)

Levine, Anne F. see: Publix Book Mart

Levinson, Harry A. see: Harry A. Levinson Books

Levinson, Mollie S. (Mrs. B.J.)

Levitan, Kalman L.

(1 folder)

Levy, Pierre Edmond

Lew, Irving see: Irving Lew, Rare Books—Famous Presses

Lewis, Oscar see: Book Club of California

Box 5 Li-Ma

Libbey, John S. see: Tri-Ocean Books

Libby, Nancy (Mrs. Jack L. Libby)

(1 folder)

Libraire Hachette

Librairie Al-Andalosse

Librairie de l'Abbaye

Librairie L. & J.-H. Pinault see: Librairie de l'Abbaye

Librairie Le Tour du Monde

Library Association of Portland

Library of Congress

(1 folder)

Library of Harvard University

Libreria de Manuel Porrua

Lieberman, Ron see: The Family Album, A.B.A.A


Lightner, John R. see: Sutton & Lightner, Ltd.

Lightner, Virginia see: Sutton & Lightner, Ltd.

Lightwood, Martha H.

(2 folders)

Lilliputter Press

(10 folders)

Lilly Library

(1 folder)

Lime Rock Press, Inc.

Limited Editions Club see: The Heritage Press

Lincoln Book Shoppe

Lindgren, Don see: Center for Book Arts

Lindmark's New and Antiquarian Booksellers

Linnea Farr Books—Prints—Antiques

Lipscomb, Barbara

Little Farm Workshop

(1 folder)

Living Stories, Inc.

Logan, Herschel C. see: Log-Anne Press

Log-Anne Press

Lohr, Alvin see: Lohr's Antiques

Lohr’s Antiques

Londos, Mr.

Long, Herbert and Charlotte

Lontos, Sotirios S. see: Antique Art

Loos, William H. see: Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

Loose, Walter

Lorson, James see: Lorson's Books & Prints

Lorson, Joan see: Lorson's Books & Prints

Lorson's Books & Prints

(2 folders)

Loudenslager, Mrs. Ralph

Louis W. Bondy, Old and Rare Books

(2 folders)

Louttit, W. Easton, Jr.

Lovell, Katherine

Lovett & Lovett Booksellers

Lowenstein, Eleanor see: The Corner Book Shop

Lowry, Faye H. see: Enoch Pratt Free Library

Lubran, Alfred

(1 folder)

Luce, Deborah

Lucile Coleman Books

Lüders, Ernst F.A. see: Ernst F.A. Lüders, Import-Export

Ludwig, William J. see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Luedecke, Fern J. (Mrs. Fred C.)

(1 folder)

Lueder, D.R.

Lull, Robert W. see: Robert W. Lull, Rare Books/Autographs

Lund, Robert

Lundberg, Eric

Lustig, Robert

Lydia Margaret Ross, First Editions

Macberns Antiques

McCarthy, Lily L. (Mrs. John G.)

McCarthy, Miriam see: Koliha, Kathy

McCloskey, Patrick see: William Andrews Clark Memorial Library

McConnell, J.A. see: Kingsport Press, Inc.

McCready, Tasha (Mrs. J.L.) see: Tudor, Tasha

McCrimmon, Barbara S.

McCuen, Anne see: McCuen, Harold E.

McCuen, Hal see: McCuen, Harold E.

McCuen, Harold E.

(1 folder)

McCullam, Bill see: Cattermole, 20th Century Children's Books

McCullam, Jane see: Cattermole, 20th Century Children's Books

McDermott, Martha

MacDonald, Amy

McDonald, Celestine see: Causeway Antique Shop

Macdonald, Ian see: Gleniffer Press

MacDonald, W.R. see: Aberdeen University Library

Macejak, Elaine

MacEwen, Edward C.

MacEwen, Scott

McFarland, Orin S.

McGehee, Caroline Y. (Mrs. Coleman)

(2 folders)

McGrath, P.J. see: Bodley Book Shop

McGraw, Fred see: Wagon Wheel Books

McGuiggan, Thomas see: Thomas McGuiggan Bookseller

McHocko, John H.

MacLaren, Catherine B. see: Nutshell News

Mac Mahon, Frederick B. see: The Private Press of a Yankee Ink Dauber

MacMeans, H.W. Leslie see: Macberns Antiques

McMillan, Ellen

Macmullen, Cécile see: The Mail Order Library

McMurray, Irene (Mrs. Robert)

MacNeish, Agnes see: Museum of Science & Industry

McPharlin, Paul see: Paul McPharlin Publisher

McWhirter, Jim N.

(1 folder)

M. & R. Glendale

M. & S. Rare Books, Inc.

M.M. Einhorn Maxwell, Books

Machan, Winifred (Mrs. Leon)

Macy, George see: The Heritage Press

Madden, Mrs. Frank L.

Madigan, Harold C.

Maggs Bros. Ltd.

(1 folder)

Maggs, H. Clifford see: Maggs Bros. Ltd.

Magyar Hirek

Maienthau, H.W. see: Museum Book Co.

The Mail Order Library

Maimone Book Search

Malkin, Sol. M. see: Antiquarian Bookman

Malmquist and Wood, Inc.

Malmquist, Hal see: Malmquist and Wood, Inc.

Dennis and Ginger

Mann, John T.

Mantero, Gianni

Marboro Bookshops Corp.

Marcel Shurman Company, Inc.

Marchal, Patty and Gordon

Marchmount Bookshop

(1 folder)

Marcus, Stanley see: Somesuch Press

Marfels, Christian

Marianek Family

(1 folder)

Marianek, Joe see: Marianek family

Marianek, Laura see: Marianek family

Marianek, Rich see: Marianek family

Marianek, Steve see: Marianek family

Marin Antiquarian Book Fair

Marjorie James Rare Books

Marjorie Lou Ericksen

Marquard, Mrs. C.E.

Marriott, Beatrice

Marshall Field & Company

Marshall, Ginnie

Marshall, Gladys

(1 folder)

Marter, Madge K.

Martin Painting

Martin, John H. see: John H. Martin: Americana

Marvin, Walter Rumsey see: Ohioana Library Association

Mary Hardin-Baylor College

Mary Vincent, Sister

Maryland Historical Society

(1 folder)

Maslan, Ben A.

Massman, Robert E.

(10 folders)

Box 6 Ma (cont.)-Pre

Massman, Robert E., (cont.)

Matheson, William see: Library of Congress

Mathiesen, Penelope see: Lilly Library

Mattson, Francis O. see: New York Public Library

Maurer, Delmer

Maurice Gould, Numismatist

Maurice Inman, Inc.

Maxwell Hunley, Rare Books

Mead, Louisa

Meeder, Mrs. E.L.

Meeks, Verna

Melcher, Frederic G. see: R.R. Bowker Co.

Mellin, Sigrid M.

Mendoza, Aaron see: Isaac Mendoza Book Co.

Mentz, Peggy

Mercury Projects

(1 folder)

Merdith, Wayne see: Guy Saulsbury Antiques

Merenoff, Judy S. see: Judy S. Merenoff Miniatures

Meriden Gravure Co.

Merrill, Charlotte

The Merry Manufacturing Company

Merry Miniature Books

Meserve, Mrs. L. Owen, Jr.

Metz, Peggy W.

Metzdorf, Robert F. see: Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc.

Meuck, Janie L.

Miami University

Michael Garbett Antiquarian & Fine Books

Michael R. Weintraub, Inc.

Micro-Tome Chase

(1 folder)

Middleton, R.V. see: The National Cash Register Co.

Midland Rare Book Company

(1 folder)

Mikhail, Cynthia

Mikhail, Jad

Mikita, Al see: Al Mitka, Engraver

Miles Kimball

Miles, Courtney W. see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, Emily see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, Jennifer J. see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, Julie see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, Lindsay K. see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, Morgan see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, Whitney see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Miles, William see: Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University

Millard, Eugenia L.

(1 folder)

Miller, Alice K. (Mrs. David M.)

Miller, Andrew see: Glasgow City Council Libraries Department

Miller, Beverly

Miller, Elsa (Mrs. Herber J.C.)

Miller, Ivan L. see: Ziegler, Metzger, Miller & Hoppe Attorneys at Law

Miller, Mrs. Harold C.

Miller, Orena H.

Miller, Polly

Miller, Ruth

Miller, Sylvia see: Marcel Shurman Company, Inc.

Miller's Used Book Shop

Mills, Richard

The Miniature Bookman see: Smith, Elizabeth

The Miniature Mart

Miniature Precision Bearings, Inc.

The Miniature Print Society

Minkoff, George Robert see: George Robert Minkoff Rare Books and First Editions

Minstrell, Mary V. see: Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.

Miriam Lutcher Stark Library, University of Texas

Mitcham, Fred J.

Mitchell, Shannon

Mitjá de Balet, Concepción

(1 folder)

Moffett, William A. see: Oberlin College Library

Montmartre Gallery

Moore, R.F. see: Simmons-Boardman Books

Morabito, Gladys

Morales, Jose

Moran, Beatrice Cox

Moredock, A.E.

Morehouse, Esther Broadhurst

Morel, George see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Morgan, Richard P.

Moriarta, Eloise H. see: Moriarta’s Antiques

Morjé, Arthur see: Mercury Projects

Morrill, Samuel R. see: Edward Morrill & Son, Rare and Scholarly Books & Prints

Morrison, Betty

Morrison, Lois

Morrow, Elizabeth P. (Mrs. Thomas I.)

(1 folder)

Mosaic Press

(3 folders)

Mosier, Mrs. Ulysses Grant see: Budcraft Press

Mosier, Ulysses Grant (Bud), Jr. see: Budcraft Press

Moss, Clive see: E. Joseph Booksellers

Mott Miniatures

(1 folder)

Mott, Allegra see: Mott Miniatures

Mott, Howard S. see: Howard S. Mott, Inc.

Motts, Joseph C.

Mourvan, Olive E. see: Knotty Pine Book Shop

Mt. Hawley Publishing Company

Mrs. Robert Graham Ford, Rare Books see: Alla T. Ford, Rare Books

Mull, June

Müller, Heinz see: Sammlerkreis Miniaturbuch

Mundell, E.H., Jr.

Murphy, Alma M.

Murray, Gordon see: Gordon Murray Promotions

Murray, Robinson see: Essex Institute

Murray, Samuel see: Samuel Murray: Rare Books & Paper Americana

Museum Book Co.

Museum Books

Museum of Science & Industry

Myers, Cyndi see: Herrick family

Myers, Dick see: Herrick family

Myers, Trudy see: Herrick family

N.V. Boekhandel Antiquariaaten Uitgeverij

Nancy Taylor, Rare Books/Fine Bindings

Narbulla Agency Press see: Lubran, Alfred

Nash, Albert E. see: Erie Book Store

Nash, N. Frederick see: University of Illinois Library

Nathaniel Dame, Book Counselor

The National Cash Register Company

National Library Service

Needleman, Howard

Neel, Marvin H. see: Backwoods Press

Neidhardt, Fritz see: Antiquariat F. Neidhardt

Neilson, Lloyd L. see: Juniper Von Phitzer Press

Nelson, Barbara see: Auburn University Libraries

Nelson, Rachel

Nestler, Harold

New England Books

New Haven Bureau of Jewish Education

New York Public Library

(1 folder)

The New York State Historical Association

Newberry Library

Newman, J. Ed

Newman, Ralph G. see: Abraham Lincoln Book Shop

Newman, Richard see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Nicholes, Eleanor L. see: Wellesley College Library

Nichols, William I. see: This Week

Nicoll, William

Niels Hansen Christensen

Nieman, Hilda

(1 folder)

Nikirk, Robert see: The Grolier Club

Nims, Gertrude S. (Mrs. C.W.)

Noble, Morton

Noble, Nancy

Noger, Anne L. see: American Book Collector

Norfolk and Western Railway Company

Norman Alexander Hall, Bookseller

Norman, Dolores V. "Dee"

Norman Press see: Black Cat Press

Norris, Gladys V. (Mrs. Leonard W.)

North, Paul H. Jr. see: Paul H. North, Jr., Bookseller

Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society (NOBS) see: Cattermole, 20th Century Children’s Books

Norworth, Jack

Novak, David Alan

Nutshell News

Nye, Julia E.

The Oak Park Press

Oakham Bindery

Oberlin, John Cameron

Oberlin College Library

O'Connor, Mrs. E.

O'Donnell, Georgene

Ogilvie, Bruce C. see: Chanticleer Press

Ohioana Library Association

Ohlsson, Ruth I. see: Frank R. Jelleff Inc.

Old Authors Farm

Old Book and Antique Shop

The Old Book and Doll Shop see: Crossover Books

Old Book Shop

The Old Book Store

Old Manuscripts & Incunabula (OMI)

The Old Parsonage

The Old Printed Word

Old Settler Bookshop

The Old Trading Post

Oliver Wendell Holmes Library

Oliver, Tod

Olschki, Cesare see: Leo S. Olschki, Bookseller

Olschki, Leo S. see: Leo S. Olschki, Bookseller

Olson, Jackie and Bob

Olson, May

(1 folder)

O'Neil, Perry see: New York Public Library

O'Neill, Ed

O'Neill, Robert M.

Olsson, J. see: Eastmoor Antique Market

Olsson, Mrs. J. see: Eastmoor Antique Market

Onuma, Kazushige Issei see: Periodica Japonica, Inc.

Opatrny, Marilyn

Opuscula Press

(1 folder)

Osgood, Mary E.

Otto, B.G. see: Baker & Brooks, Inc.

Owaroff, Jessica S. see: The Houghton Library

Owen, Albert W.

Owings, Marjorie (Mrs. Edward P.)

(1 folder)

Oxford University Press

P. and H. Bliss

P.D. & Ione Perkins

Page, Alma L. see: Hugh Anson-Cartwright, Books, Maps Prints

Page, P.B. see: Superlatives Limited

Paige Thornton Antiques

Paine, Ellery B.

Palkovic, Mark

(1 folder)

Palmer, E.W. see: Kingsport Press, Inc.

Panerai, Euricheta

Pantzer, Katharine see: The Houghton Library

Papantonio, Michael see: Seven Gables

Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc.

Parker, Lori

Parks, Kathie (Mrs. Sterling)

Parma, Alta see: Library of Congress

Parmelee, Sylvia (Mrs. Rexford)

Parson, Lethiel C. (Lee)

(1 folder)

Parsons, Harriet see: Toronto Public Library

Patricia Pierce, Master Graphoanalyst

Patrick, Charles see: Charles Patrick, Genuine Antiques

Paul H. North, Jr., Bookseller

Paul McPharlin Publisher

Paul V. Chamless, Book Seller

Paul’s Rare Books

Pauline Stone Summers Antiques

Pearson, John C.

Peckham, John F. see: Meriden Gravure Co.

Penguin Books Inc.

Pengwyn Books Ltd.

Pequeño Press

(1 folder)

Periodica Japonica, Inc.

(1 folder)

Perkin, Robert L.

Perkins, Ione B. see: P.D. & Ione Perkins

Perre, Francine van der see: Francine van der Perre, Livres and Gravures

Persea Press

Peter Keisogloff Rare Books, Inc.

Peter Tumarkin Fine Books, Inc.

Peterson, Diane see: The Book Lady

Peterson, Mary Thomas

Petersen, William

Peterson, William R.

Pfahl, Helen

Pflugfelder, Noel C.

Philip C. Duschnes, Rare Books & First Editions

(1 folder)

Phillips, M.J. see: The Printer

Phillips, Son & Neale Ltd.

Pickard, Mrs. John H.

Pickel, Lillian (Mrs. J.T.)

Pieper, Charles R.

Pierce, Patricia see: Patricia Pierce, Master Graphoanalyst

Pierpoint Morgan Library

Pike, Kermit J. see: Western Reserve Historical Society

Pilchil, Ely E.

Pilmer, Lottie

Pinault, J.H. see: Librairie J.H. Pinault

Pinch-Penny Press

Pinkus & Co.

Pinto, Edward and Eva

(1 folder)

Piping Rock Press

Placek, Corenne S.

Placek, Wayne E.

(1 folder)

Plandome Book Auctions

(1 folder)

Pochtovic, Pavel

Poehlmann, JoAnna

Poker, Nathan

Pollock, Rhoda (Mrs. Norman)

(1 folder)

Pomeroy, Jane R.

Poole Press

(1 folder)

Porrua, Manuel see: Libreria de Manuel Porrua

Porter, Elmer J.

Poska, Valentine Jerome see: Valentine J. Poska Miniature Books

Potter, Alene B. see: Potters Place

Potters Place

Pratt, Anne S. see: Yale University Library

Presgraves, Jim see: Bookworm & Silverfish

Press of Arden Park

(1 folder)

The Press of Ward Schori

(5 folders)

Prestifilippo, F.

Box 7 Prf-U

Price Daniel, Jr., Bookseller

Princeton Rare Books

Princeton University Library

Printed Pages see: Opuscula Press

The Printer

Private Libraries Association

The Private Press of a Yankee Ink Dauber

(1 folder)

The Private Press of the Indiana Kid

(2 folders)

Probst, Rosemarie and Günter see: Probst, Inge

Probst, Inge

(1 folder)

Probst, Siegfried see: Probst, Inge

Probst, Werner see: Probst, Inge


Pruchnicki, Paul John see: Brontë Press

Pruchnicki, Suzanne Smith see: Brontë Press

Pryor, Norma

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

Publishers Central Bureau see: R.R. Bowker Co.

Publishers' Weekly see: R.R. Bowker Co.

Publix Books

Puccino, Carole A. see: Garland Publishing, Inc.

Puskas, John (Johnny)

Putter, Peter see: Lilliputter Press

Putter, Polly see: Lilliputter Press

Pye, John William see: John William Pye Rare Books

Pyke, Elizabeth

The Quabbin Book House

The Quail Hill Press

Quinn, John P. see: Benzinger Brothers, Inc.

Quitzau, Ingeborg see: Ingeborg Quitzau Antiquarian Books

R.E. & G.B. Way, A.B.A.

R.F. Taylor

R.J. Hussey, Publisher

R.L. Stevens, Dealer in Rare Books

R.M. Palmer Company

R.R. Bowker Co.

(1 folder)

R.V. Fisher, Importer-Dealer

(1 folder)

Raheb, Barbara J. see: Barbara J. Raheb

Randle, Burt (real name: Bob Eaton)

(1 folder)

Rankin, Bayard

Raoul Simonson

Rare Books

Rasey, Tom & Sherry

Rasey, Virginia & Paul

Rauchal, Zella J. see: Smith, Eleanor

Raymond, John Lloyd

Raynesford, Judy (Mrs. David)

Readers Book Shop

Readex Book Exchange

Rebecca Press

Red Door Antiques

Red Rose Publications

Reed, Mrs. Gordon W.

Reed, William Page

Reeder, Pearl see: Hobbies

Reese, Tessa S. (Mrs. Hans H.)

Reichner, Herbert see: Rare Herbert Reichner…

Reilly, Doris

Reisler, Jo Ann see: Jo Ann Reisler Ltd.

Reissman, Milton see: Victoria Bookshop

Renaud, E. see: Southern Book Mart

Renkert, Richard & Nancy

Rennie Sylvia

Renxo Rixxi

Retz, Charles see: Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc.

Revercomb, Harry C. see: Harry C. Revercomb Books

Révész, María (see: Eigerman, María)

Rezek, Yvonne

Rhea, V.H.

Rhine, Louisa E. see: Duke University

Rice, Charles D. see: This Week

Richard S. Wormser Books

Richards, Marlin & Josepine

Richardson, Jean

Rickard, Kathryn I.

Ridgway, Anthony

Riedemeister, Katharine

Ries, Ludwig and Vera

(1 folder)

Rigg, Horace Abram see: Western Reserve University

Ripley-Duggan, Edward see: Wilsey Square Bookstore

Rippel, Eleanor (Mrs. Elton)

Rizzoli International Bookstore

Roadside Bookshop

Rob Run Press

Robert & Cynthia Baker, American Country Antiques

Robert Aitken Bookseller

Robert G. Haymen Antiquarian Books

Robert L. Merriam: Rare, New and Used Books

(1 folder)

Robert W. Lull, Rare Books/Autographs

(1 folder)

Roberts, O.B. see: Old Book and Antique Shop

The Robinrun Press

Robinson, Cedric L. see: Cedric L. Robinson, Fine and Rare Books

Roden, Bette see: The Ha'Penny

Roger Huet, Publisher

(1 folder)

Rogers, Arthur see: Arthur Rogers, Dealer in Rare Books and Pictures

Rohrback, Jane C.

Romaine, Lawrence B. see: Lawrence B. Romaine, Americana

Roscoe, S.

Rose, Irene J. see: Valentine Museum

Rosenbach Company

Rosenberg, Marilyn R.

Rosengren's Books

Rosenthal, Bernard M. see: Bernard M. Rosenthal, Inc.

Ross, Herman E. see: Herman E. Ross Antique Button Specialist

Ross, Lydia Margaret see: Lydia M. Ross First Editions

Ross County Historical Society

Rowfant Club

(1 folder)

Rubin, Cynthia Elyce (Mrs. Jerome) see: Emporium Publications

Ruddell, Paul A.

Runger, William H. see: Bibliographical Society of University of Virginia

Runser, Robert E. see: The Rob Run Press

Ruppert, Nancy see: Heritage Book Shop/Heritage Bindery

Rush, Charles E. see: Cleveland Public Library

Russell Fairbanks Rare Books

Russo, Dorothy R. (Mrs. Anthony J.) see: The Hoosier Bookshop

Rutland, Thelma M. (Mrs. Henry J.)

Ryskamp, Charles see: Pierpoint Morgan Library

S. Baker

S. Clyde King Rare Books

SWS Miniatures see: Slesinger, Steven W.

Sackman, Helen

Sahli, Sue see: Women’s National Book Association

St. John, Judith

(1 folder)

St. John, June (Mrs. LeRoy)

St. Martin's Press

St. Nicholas Books

St. Onge, Achille see: Achille J. St. Onge, Publisher and Bookseller

St. Onge, Dave see: Achille J. St. Onge, Publisher and Bookseller

St. Onge, Margaret see: Achille J. St. Onge, Publisher and Bookseller

Salefski, Walter P.

Salgat, Anne-Marie see: General Theological Seminary

Salgun, Salih

Salloch, William see: William Salloch Rare Books

Salomon, S.

Sammlerkreis Miniaturbuch

Samuel Murray: Rare Books & Paper Americana

(1 folder)

Samuel T. Freeman & Co.

Samuel Tanenbaum Books and Manuscripts

(1 folder)

Sande, Theodore Anton see: Western Reserve Historical Society

Sanford, Donn

(1 folder)

Sassoon, Vera

Satin, Claire Jeanine

Sattin, Gerald see: Gerald Sattin, Ltd.

Satyr Book Shop, Inc.

Saville, F.H. see: Cape Ann Old Book Shop

Sawyer, Charles J. see: Chas. J. Sawyer, Booksellers

Sawyer, Grace see: Grace S. Sawyer, Antique Dolls and Toys

Schab, William H. see: William H. Schab, Rare Books, Prints, Engravings

Schafer, Clara

(1 folder)

Schatzlein, J.H.

Scheiwiller, Giovanni

Schiller, Justin G. see: Justin G. Schiller, Ltd.

Schindler, Herman A. see: Schindler’s Antique Shop

Schindler's Antique Shop

Schneider, A. Benedict see: Cleveland Public Library

Schneider, Helen

Schochat, Fern Dawson (Mrs. George) see: Dawson's Book Shop

Scholarly Book Service

Schoolhouse Antiques

Schoonover, Virginia "Ginny" (Mrs. Robinson W.)

(1 folder)

Schori, Marty see: The Press of Ward Schori

Schori, Ward K. see: The Press of Ward Schori

The Schori Press see: The Press of Ward Schori

Schullian, Dorothy

Schulte's Book Store, Inc.

Schulz, Lloyd E.

Schuman, Hy

Scott, A.F.V. (Mrs. C.)

Scott, Duane C. see: The Scott Free Press

Scott, Elizabeth

Scott, Hannah

(1 folder)

The Scott Free Press

(1 folder)

The Scribner Book Store

Searle, W.T. see: Montmartre Gallery

Secor, Mary D.

Secord, Ralph see: Secords' Book Shop

Secord, William R. see: Secords' Book Shop

Secords' Book Shop

Serendipity Books

Serette, David see: Yellow Kid Press

Serisawa, Natsu see: Dawson’s Book Shop

Service Supply Co.

Sessler, Charles see: Charles Sessler, Rare Books

Sessler, Gela M. see: Roadside Bookshop

The Seven Bookhunters

Seven Gables

(3 folders)

Seymour, Catryna Ten Eyck see: Lime Rock Press, Inc.

Seymour, Gabriel North see: Lime Rock Press, Inc.

Seymour, Tryntje Van Ness see: Lime Rock Press, Inc.

Seymour, Whitney North Jr. see: Lime Rock Press, Inc.

Shaffer, Ellen see: The Free Library of Philadelphia

Shapiro, Stanley see: Oakham Bindery

Shaw, Archer H.

Shaw, Dorothy Rowe

Shaw, John M.

Shearn, Joe see: A.L. Shearn, Printer & Publisher

Shepherd, John see: British Federation of Master Printers

Shepherd, Mrs. O.H.

Shoemaker, Francis see: Boulder Public Library

Shorey Book Store

Shuster, Tomas E. see: Antiquarian Prints & Books

Silver, Joel see: Lilly Library

Silverthorn, Karen see: G. Eric Jones Library, Atlantic Union College

Simkin, Shirley

Simmons, Anne see: Genesis Publications, Limited

Simmons-Boardman Books

Simonson, Raoul see: Raoul Simonson

Sinai Publishing Company

Sinclair, Phillip A.

Siskey, Marjorie G.

Skinner, Jeanine F. (Mrs. Joseph C.)

(1 folder)

Skriver, Frank see: Boghallen

Slesinger, Steven W.

Smith, Bruce F.

Smith, Carrie W. see: Readers Book Shop

Smith, Charlotte see: Tamazunchale Press

Smith, Donald T. see: Boston University Library

Smith, Edna

Smith, Eleanor

Smith, Elizabeth

(3 folders)

Smith, Francis Edgar

Smith, George see: Smith, Elizabeth

Smith, Mary B.

Smith, R.D. Hilton see: Adelphi Bookshop

Smith, Raymond A. see: The Doray Press

Smith, Sharyl see: Pierpoint Morgan Library

Smith, Stanley see: Marchmount Bookshop

Smith, Thomas R. see: Tamazunchale Press

Smith, Wilbur J. see: University of California, Los Angeles Library

Snow, Edith N.

Snow, Julia D. Sophronia

Snyder, Dean

Sobota, Jan

Socolow, Frank

Socolow, Jane see: Ries, Ludwig and Vera

Sogani & Co., Inc.

Solms, Ruth

Solotko, Edward J.

Somesuch Press

(1 folder)

Sommer, Francis E.

Sornik, Lillie Eigen (Mrs. Maurice D.)

Sotheby’s of London, Ltd.

Southern Book Mart

Sowers, Roy Vernon

Spangler, Patricia see: Judy S. Merenoff Miniatures

Specialty Book Concern

Sperling, Philip

Spielmann, Percy E.

(1 folder)

Splendid Press and Paper Works, Ltd. see: Sunflower Press

Spofford, Mary

Spreng, Hazel M. (Mrs. George B.)

Springer, Helen M.

Staack, Freddie see: F. & G. Staack, Book & Printsellers

Stahlecker, Lotar V.

Standish, Elizabeth (Mrs. Alexander)

Stanley O. Bezanson

Starcrest of California

Stark, Emma C.

Stark, Lewis M. see: New York Public Library

Startzell, David N. see: Appalachian Trail Conference

State University of New York at Stony Brook

Stauforth, Urlla see: Red Door Antiques

Stechert-Hafner, Inc.

Stedman, Rose Edith

Steele, Alice C. see: Steele’s Tiny Old New England

Steele, Jacqueline

Steele’s Tiny Old New England

Stephan, T.

Stephanie Hoppen Ltd.

Stephens, Barbara

Sternberg, Karl see: Karl Sternberg, Palestine Mandate…

Stevens, Howard L. see: Associate Newspapers Ltd. of Australia

Stevens, Romulus L. see: R.L. Stevens, Dealer in Rare Books

Stevens, Thomas

Stewart, B. Sidney

Stewart, Betty S.

Stewart, M.T. see: W.A. Stewart and M.T. Stewart

Stewart, W.A. see: W.A. Stewart and M.T. Stewart

Stichting Museum Enchedé

Stockham, Anne & Peter

Stoll, Mark

Stolte, Mabel

Stone, Harry see: Bookshop of Harry Stone

Stone, Howard W.

Stoneleigh-Prospect Hill School

Storer, Guy B. see: Pinch-Penny Press

Streeter, G.

Stroh, Alan see: Alan Stroh, Bookseller

Strong, Mrs. Homer

Stross, J.E. see: The Merry Manufacturing Company

Stuckenholt, Clara

Stull, George R.

Sullivan, Larry E. see: Maryland Historical Society

Summers, Pauline Stone see: Pauline Stone Summers Antiques

Summerville, Bruce see: Bruce’s Books

The Sun Hill Press

Sunflower Press

(1 folder)

Superlatives Limited

Suter, Thomas Lyttleton see: Thomas Lyttleton Suter Rare Americana

Sutton & Lightner, Ltd.

(1 folder)

Sutton's Antiquarian Bookshop

Swamp Press

Swann Galleries, Inc.

Swann, Lillian

Swayze, Hazel see: Swann Galleries, Inc.

Sweeney, John P. see: American Education Publications

Swicker, Lionel M. see: The Old Book Store

Swift, K.W.

Sylvester, Dorothy S. (Mrs. Herbert)

Sylvester’s Book Service

Sylvestre Bonnard, Book Antiquarian

Sysyn, Nicholas

Szilagyi, John see: Malmquist and Wood, Inc.

T & L Hannas Antiquarian Booksellers

(1 folder)

Tabor, Henry see: Brentano's

Tabula Rasa Press

Tamazunchale Press

(1 folder)

Tanenbaum, Samuel see: Samuel Tanenbaum Books and Manuscripts

Taraporevala, J.H. see: D.B. Taraporevala Sons & Co.

Taylor, Harry

Taylor, Nancy see: Nancy Taylor, Rare Books/Fine Bindings

Taylor, Ruth Y.

Taylor, William

Teagle, Alice see: Lilliputter Press

Teagle, Frank see: Lilliputter Press

Tenny, Dana see: Toronto Public Library

Terman, Mrs. Frank see: White Elephant Store

Terwilliger, Mary Black see: The University of the State of New York, Division of Archives and History

Tesher, J.D. see: Shorey Book Store

Thayer, Gordon W. see: Cleveland Public Library

Thelem Antiquariat


This Week

Thomas Lyttleton Suter Rare Americana

Thomas McGuiggan Bookseller

Thomas Thorp, Antiquarian Bookseller

Thomas Todd Company

Thomas, Donna see: The Good Book Press

Thomas, Peter see: The Good Book Press

Thompson, Mrs. Palmer see: Dinner Bell Antiques

Thornton, Paige see: Paige Thornton Antiques

Thorp, Helen

Thorsen, W.B. see: American Book Collector

Thürkôw, Guus see: The Catharijne Press

Tighe, Benjamin

Tiny Tomes Press and Book Service

Todd, John W. Jr. see: Shorey Book Store

Todd, Thomas see: Thomas Todd Company

Toledo Public Library

Toronto Public Library

(1 folder)

Tousley, Elsie

Townsend, Helen H. see: Archaeological Institute of America

Townsend, Vera

Tracy, Carrie

Tram Combs, Books

Trader's Press see: Levien, Jack R.

Transatlantic Books

Travis, Paul B.

Trimble, Helen

Tri-Ocean Books

Trunk, Paul

Tucker, Linda see: Black Sun Books

Tudor, Tasha

Tumarkin, Peter see: Peter Tumarkin Fine Books, Inc.

Turner, Evan H. see: The Cleveland Museum of Art

Tuttle, Charles E. see: Charles E. Tuttle Co.

Twelve Oaks Press

Udin, Anee see: The Higbee Company

Uetrecht, Pearl (Mrs. William H. Uetrecht) see: All States Hobby Club

Underhill, Wanda

The Unicorn's Tale Press

Unicume, Bridgie N.

Unique Mini Boutique

United Nations Bazaar, Inc.

United States Department of Agriculture

University of California, Los Angeles Library

University of Illinois Library

The University of the State of New York, Division of Archives and History

Utley, Francis Lee

Box 8 V-Z

Valentine, Betty

Valentine J. Poska Miniature Books

Valentine Museum

Van Dam, E. see: E. Van Dam Books, Mss.

van der peet, C.P.J. see: N.V. Boekhandel Antiquariaaten Uitgeverij

Van E. Kohn, John S. see: Seven Gables

Van Havern, Arthur

Van Liew, Virginia

Vance, Marilyn (Mrs. Donald F.)

Vance, Marshall

Vandling, Alice M.

VanWingen, Peter M. see: Library of Congress

Velasco, Inocencio

Vella, Walter F. see: Cleveland Public Library

Veress, Mrs. M. see: Kultura

Vernon, M.

Vertes, Arouka

Vertes, Jenö

Victoria Bookshop

(1 folder)

Vincent, Gertrude (Mrs. Everett L.)

Visbeck, James A. see: Isaiah Thomas Books and Prints

Volck, Eric

von den Steínen, Karl and Gertie

(1 folder)

Von Glahn, Myrlin

Von Koschembahr, Daniel

Vondling, Alice

Vuilleumier, Marion Rawson

W. & G. Foyle Ltd.

W.A. Stewart and M.T. Stewart

W.M. Morrison

Wagner, Ruth E.

Wagon Wheel Books

Wainio, Boris see: Boris Wainio Auction Co.

Wainwright, Alexander D. see: Princeton University Library

Waldmann & Pfitzner

Walford, George W. see: George W. Walford, Bookseller

Walker, Elizabeth P. (Mrs. Richard D.)

Walker, Evelyn see: Ross County Historical Society

Walker, Richard D.

Wall, Ann Marie see: Anchor & Dolphin Books

Wallen, Jon see: Aragon Bookshop

Walp, Lee

Walsh, Marion see: Westminster Antique Galleries

Walsh, Michael J. see: Goodspeed's Book Shop

Walter Drake

Walter, Schatzki

(1 folder)

Walters Art Gallery

Wamelink, William

Wapinski, J. see: Ars Polona

Ward, Annette Persis

Ward, Bill see: The Cleveland Museum of Art

Ward, Evelyn see: The Cleveland Museum of Art

Washburn, William Lewis see: William Lewis Washburn Miniature Books

Watanabe, Mari see: Periodica Japonica

Waterleaf Mill, Press & Bindery see: Pequeño Press

Watt, Donald see: The Coventry Bookstore

Watts, Elizabeth M.

Weaver, Maude H. (Mrs. Richard)

Weber, Francis

(1 folder)

Wee Willie's Workshop see: Willie's Workshop

Weed, Lilla see: Wellesley College Library

Weibel, Eleanor

Weinstein, Louis see: Heritage Bookshop

Weinstock, Elsie

Weintraub, Michael R. see: Michael R. Weintraub Inc.

Weise, Harry B.

Weisht, Mrs. Lloyd E.

Weiss, Dianne see: The Figment Press

Weiss, Morris

Welch, D’Alte A.

(1 folder)

Welles, Barbara see: Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.

Wellesley College Library

Welsh, Doris V.

(1 folder)

Wenk, Carol see: Carol Wenk Miniatures

Wesson, Ernest see: Midland Rare Book Company

West Book Service

The Western Collector

Western Reserve Historical Society

Western Reserve University

Westminster Antique Galleries

Westreich, Budd see: Press of Arden Park

Weygand, James Lamar see: The Private Press of the Indiana Kid

Weygand, Phil see: Willie's Workshop

Weyler, Adelaide (Mrs. Henry)

Wharton-Tigar, Edward C.

What Not Shop

Wheaton, Marilyn see: Archives of American Art

Whippoorwill Press

(1 folder)

White Elephant Store

White Horse Press

The White House

Whitelock, Margaret (Mrs. W.R.)

Whiting, Brooke see: University of California, Los Angeles Library

Whitlock Farm Booksellers

Whitlock, C.E.H. see: Whitlock's Inc.

Whitlock, Everett Hale see: Whitlock's Inc.

Whitlock, Gilbert see: Whitlock Farm Booksellers

Whitlock, Reverdy see: Whitlock's Inc.

Whitlock's Inc.

(1 folder)

Whitney, Ralph

Whittemore, C. Richard see: House of Whittemore

Whyte, Mrs. E.

Wice, David H.

Wickham, Joan Adams see: Joan Adams Wickham

Wiechel, Ione K.

(1 folder)

Wightman, Julia P.

(8 folders)

Wiist, Stephen R. see: Cunningham Memorial Library

Wilcox, Elizabeth see: The Book and Print Shop

Wilcox, Ruth W.

Wilkey, Elmira see: Brontë Press

William Andrews Clark Memorial Library

William Feather Company

William H. Schab, Rare Books, Prints, Engravings

William L. Hubbards Antiques

William Lewis Washburn Miniature Books

William P. Wreden, Books, Manuscripts

William Salloch Rare Books

William Smith and Son

Williams, David see: Cleveland Public Library

Williams, H.E. see: Williams Book Store

Williams, J.G. see: Williams Book Store

Williams, S.W.

Williams Book Store

Willie's Workshop

(1 folder)

The Willow Press

Wilsey Square Bookstore

Wilson, Conson

Wilson, Cora McDevitt see: The Book and Print Shop

Windy Ledge Antiques

Winterich, John T.

Winterstein, Irène M.

(5 folders)

Winterthur Museum see: Belden, Louise C.

Wirth, Alexander C.

(1 folder)

Witch Spring Antiques

Witte, Anne E. see: Belvedere Press

Witten, Anne R. see: Erebus Press

Witten, Kathleen R. see: Erebus Press

Witten, Laurence see: Laurence Witten Bookseller

Wohlken, Charles J.

Woldman, Keith

Wolff, C. see: Old Book Shop

Wolf's Auction Gallery

(1 folder)

Wolf's Head Books

Women's National Book Association

Women's Zionist Organisation

Wood, Mary Lucy Hoffard (Mrs. Hansel T.)

Wood, O. Bradley see: Commonwealth Press

Woodruff, Helen J. see: Continental Type Associates

Woollett, C.R. see: A.H. & A.W. Reed, Publishers

Woolmer, J. Howard see: J. Howard Woolmer Books

Wooten, Tom see: The Miriam Lutcher Stark Library, University of Texas

Worldwide Antiquarian

Wowczuk, Warren K. see: Pengwyn Books Ltd.

Woycke, Erna

Wrange, Jarle see: K.G. Markströms Guldsmeds A.B.

Wreden, William P. see: William P. Wreden, Books, Manuscripts

Wright, Hal

Wright, Mrs. Clarence

Wulling, Jean C. (Mrs. E.G.)

The Xavier Press

(1 folder)

Yagi, Fukujiro

Yale, Charles P. see: Charles Yale, Bookseller

Yale University Library

Yarnell, Jim see: The Oak Park Press

Yarus, Leonard W.

Yates, Charlotte R. see: Mt. Hawley Publishing Company

Yates, John see: Marin Antiquarian Book Fair

Yelapak, Kathy

The Yellow Kid Press

(1 folder)

Young, Helen L.

Young, Robert Jr.

Younger, Helen see: Aleph-Bet Books

Zahner, Craig: Big Wheel Press

Zeigler, Basil M.

Ziegler, Metzger, Miller & Hoppe, Attorneys at Law

Zion Talis Mfg. Co., Inc.

Zita Books

Žnideršič, Martin see: Cankarjeva Založba

Christmas letters from Adomeit;

Adomeit's correspondence with her parents;

Postcards to Adomeit's parents from various people;

Letters from unidentified correspondents

(3 folders)

Series Lectures/Writings

Box 9
Folder 1

Christmas Tree Ornaments. Typescript of article

Box 9
Folder 2

Collecting the Smallest Books in the World. Article for Antiquarian Bookman, Jan. 1952

Box 9
Folder 3

Education in Germany. Term [paper?] topicJan. 17, 1927  Jan. 18, 1927 

Box 9
Folder 4-7

The Little Cookie Book. Accounting, 1962; production materials; proofs; recipes

Box 9
Folder 8

Musings of a Minibibliophile. Articles for The Booklover's Answer

Box 9
Folder 9

My Lilliputian Library. Manuscript drafts

Box 9
Folder 10

An 18th Century Miniature Picture Bible, an essay by Ruth Elizabeth Adomeit. Typescript and proofs. Published in An Original Leaf from the Kleine Print Bybel, c. 1750 (Los Angeles: 1991)

Box 9
Folder 11-27

Three Centuries of Thumb Bibles. Drafts, photocopies and photographs of illustrations, photographs of bibles, research notes, royalty statements, orders, advertisements, and reviews

Box 10
Folder 1-5

Three Centuries of Thumb Bibles (cont.)

Box 10
Folder 6-8

Notes for lectures, including: Cleveland Public Library lecture, Sept. 17, 1989 coinciding with exhibition of Adomeit's books; Garden clubs lectures; My Lilliputian Library; The Smallest Books in the World. Also, printed announcements and programs

Box 10
Folder 9

Untitled travel writings

Box 10
Folder 10

Writings by others: The Miniature Book in the Netherlands (for translation?); Miniature Books, a talk before The Rowfant Club, November 19, 1943, by Gordon Thayer (concerning Adomeit's collection)

Series Business papers

Box 10
Folder 11-21

Accession records

Box 10
Folder 22-25


Box 10
Folder 26


Box 10
Folder 27-30

Book lists and descriptions

Box 11
Folder 1-26

Book lists and descriptions (cont.)

Box 12
Folder 1-5

Book lists and descriptions (cont.)

Box 12
Folder 6-7

Houghton sale at Christie's: description, catalog, prices, etc., Dec. 5, 1979

Box 12
Folder 8

Middendorf sale at Christie's, May 17, 1989

Box 12
Folder 9

Miniature book price index, rules for including & arranging the data

Box 12
Folder 10

Receipts, roughly in order by vendor

Box 12
Folder 11

Sales records

Box 12
Folder 12

Miscellaneous notes

Series Miniature Book Collector

The Miniature Book Collector began in 1960. The quarterly journal was edited by Adomeit and eight issues were published.

Box 12
Folder 13-16

Typescripts and proofs of Vols. 1-3 and Index

Box 12
Folder 17

Correspondence from subscribers concerning increase in price of journal to continue publishing

Apr./May 1962

Box 12
Folder 18-20

Lists of subscribers and potential subscribers

Box 12
Folder 21

Subscription orders

Box 12
Folder 22

Miscellaneous, including lists of articles, stationery

Series Miniature Book Society

The Miniature Book Society was organized in 1983. Conclaves are held yearly.

Box 12
Folder 23-24

General correspondence, advertisements, brochures, memoranda

Box 12
Folder 25-26

Conclaves I (1983) - IV (1986). Announcements, programs, certificates, etc.

Box 13
Folder 1-2

Conclaves IV (1986) (cont.) - XII (1994). Announcements, programs, certificates, etc.

Box 13
Folder 3-4

Directories - members and non-members

Box 13
Folder 5-7

Newsletters - typescript and printed

Series Photographs

Box 13
Folder 8

Ruth E. Adomeit (16)

Box 13
Folder 9

Adomeit's home, 1978 (12)

Box 13
Folder 10-13

Books - 109 photographs, 6 slides, numerous negatives

Box 13
Folder 14

Clarke Historical Library exhibitions: of miniature books, 1973 (34); undated Christmas exhibit (13)

Box 13
Folder 15

Palenque, Mexico, 1952 (15)

Box 13
Folder 16

Smith family (8)

Box 13
Folder 17

Thumb bibles from Houghton sale and Julia Wightman (28 prints, plus assorted photocopies and negatives)

Box 13
Folder 18

Family, friends, business associates (24)

Box 13
Folder 19

Miscellaneous: exhibit photos, scenery, etc. (14)

Box 13
Folder 20

assorted negatives

Oversize 1 Photograph albums

Miniature Book Society Conclave III and IV


Miniature Book Society Conclave V


Miscellaneous photographs - exhibit, Adomeit's home, friends/colleagues.

Series Travel

Arranged chronologically. Includes: itineraries, travel lists, receipts, brochures, maps, and pamphlets.

Box 13
Folder 21-22


Mexico. Includes: rubbings from the ruins at Palenque

Box 13
Folder 23-24



Box 13
Folder 25



Box 13
Folder 26

1974, May-June

Morocco. Society of Architectural Historians meeting

Box 13
Folder 27

1974, Oct

Ohio and Kentucky. Shaker Bicentennial celebration

Box 13
Folder 28


Annapolis, Md. Society of Architectural Historians meeting

Box 13
Folder 29

1976, Oct. 6-10

Bluegrass Area Tour of Kentucky. Society of Architectural Historians

Box 14
Folder 1



Box 14
Folder 2

Passports 1953-1954 

Box 14
Folder 3

Travel lists

Box 14
Folder 4

Miscellaneous brochures, receipts, advertisements, etc.

Series Miscellaneous materials

Box 14
Folder 5-6

Addresses and directories. Mostly business-related handwritten addresses, some lists of names and several printed directories

Box 14
Folder 7

Art. A woodcut, signed by George Adomeit

Box 14
Folder 8

Bookplate and butter mold receipts and lists

Box 14
Folder 9

"Davis James folder"

Box 14
Folder 10

East High School Alumni Association. Materials related to appointment as trustee, 1956-1957; lists of students, Classes of 1927 and 1931

Box 14
Folder 11-12

Exhibitions. Lists of books included in various exhibitions, materials pertaining to the Cleveland Public Library exhibit, 1989

Box 14
Folder 13

Hilltop School. Class rosters, enrollment forms, directories for Cuyahoga County School District1959-1967 

Box 14
Folder 14

"Maple book." Materials collected for maple syrup book? Recipes, materials from annual Geauga County Maple Festivals

Box 14
Folder 15-16

Personal. Includes: miscellaneous receipts, lists, bank papers, recipes, etc.

Box 14
Folder 17-22

Clippings and printed items. Includes mostly articles about Adomeit and other book collectors, dealers and publishers

Box 15 Postcard collection. Mostly blank.

ca. 350 items

Box 16 Appraisal slips

Oversize 2 Scrapbooks





Card catalogs to Adomeit's collection

24 lin. ft.

Card files of addresses for Miniature Book Collector

1.1 lin. ft.

d'Alté A. Welch's card file for proposed bibliography of English children's books

11 lin. ft.

Series Notebooks

Box 17-19

Includes: receipt books, inventories, sales records, duplicates, collection and individual book descriptions. Personal notebooks contain addresses, books read, household accounts, correspondence logs, gas mileage logs, genealogical information, and travel accounts. Also contains one marked "d'Alté Welch," and one marked "Ora Coltman's book."

141 notebooks