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Herman B Wells papers, 1819-2001, (bulk 1922-2001)

A Guide to his Papers at the Indiana University Archives

Finding aid prepared by Tom Malefatto; re-processed by Ryan Lee and Carrie Schwier.

Summary Information

Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management
1320 East Tenth Street
Herman B Wells Library E460
Bloomington, IN 47405-7000
Phone: 812-855-1127

Wells, Herman B.

Herman B Wells papers, 1819-2001, (bulk 1922-2001)

Collection No.

52 cubic feet (52 boxes)

Materials are in English

Before becoming president of Indiana University, Herman B Wells served as an assistant cashier at the National Bank of Lebanon before going on to work for the Indiana Bankers Association, the Indiana Commission for Financial Institutions, and the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. He was named dean of the Indiana University School of Business administration in 1935 by IU President William Lowe Bryan. In 1937 he was named acting president of the university and president the following year, a position he held until 1962. Upon his retirement, IU created the position of University Chancellor, which Dr. Wells held until his death in 2000. This collection consists of Wells’ personal papers and includes papers pertaining to his family and personal finances, his activities in the banking profession, his work in Germany for the United States government after World War II, and to his research and teaching and professional activities as a member of the faculty of Indiana University.

Access Restrictions

Collection is open for research. Advance notice required for access.

Biographical Note

Please see the biography by James Capshew at


The Herman B Wells papers are organized into thirteen series: General correspondence; Family records; Affiliations and professional organizations; Awards; Biographical records and personal documents; Education; Financial matters; Personal property; Teaching; Banking; Writings; German Assignment; and Audio/Visual materials.

Scope and Content Note

Spanning the period from 1819-2001, the personal papers of Herman B Wells contain information on Wells’ activities outside of his administrative roles at Indiana University. Activities or topics covered by these records relate to banking, family and friends, personal property and finances, research, teaching, and writings. The Herman B Wells Papers are organized into thirteen series: General correspondence; Family records; Affiliations and professional organizations; Awards; Biographical records and personal documents; Education; Financial matters; Personal property; Teaching; Banking; Writings; German Assignment and Audio/Visual materials.

The first series, General correspondence, spans the period from 1924-1998 and contains primarily correspondence to and from Wells, but often also includes clippings, pamphlets and other ephemera related to various topics. Prominent correspondents include: Frank O. Beck, Ward G. Biddle, Herman T. Briscoe, William Lowe Bryan, George Cook, John W. Cravens, Cecilia Hennel Hendricks, Paul McNutt, Winfred Merrill, Sherman Minton, John Scott, Ralph D. Shoemaker, John Stempel, James Woodburn, and Dr. Wells’ parents, Granville and Anna Wells. The files are arranged alphabetically by author or subject.

Family records, the second series, spans the period from 1819 to 1982 and contains records related to Wells’ parents and to family history. The subseries on Wells’ parents, Granville Wells and Anna Bernice Wells, includes personal and biographical records for each, as well as records relating to their deaths. The family history and genealogical records subseries contains correspondence related to Wells’ genealogy, including family histories, pedigree charts, and records of genealogical research done by Wells or his relatives. The Endecott Family History and 19th century land documents for Wells’ ancestors are stored in the Archives’ Oversized collections. Please see staff for more details. The files in the Family records series are arranged alphabetically.

The third series, Affiliations and professional organizations, spans the period from 1927 to 2000 and includes records on the various organizations with which Wells was affiliated, such as correspondence about meetings, invitations to various events, and requests for membership fees or for donations to various causes. Prominent organizations or affiliations represented in this series include: Sigma Nu Fraternity, the Methodist Church, and the Indiana Academy of Sciences. The Sigma Nu records contain a great deal of correspondence concerning the new house for the Beta Chapter to be built near the IU campus, the Grand Chapter, and the Educational Foundation. The files are arranged alphabetically by organization.

Awards, the fourth series, spans the period from 1922 to 1999, and consists of records documenting the various awards Wells received before, during, and after his tenure as president of Indiana University. The series is subdivided into two subseries: plaques and oversized items, and certificates or other paper records related to awards. The first box of plaques is a normal record center box, but the rest of the plaques and oversized items are stored in flat boxes. The letter-sized certificates and other paper records are stored in a records center box at the end of the series. Wells received a variety of different awards including: Honorary Citizenship to New Orleans, honorary membership into several fraternal organizations, and distinguished services awards from organizations such as the Indiana Optometric Association. Prominent items in this series include several honorary degrees which Wells received from various universities and colleges, including Butler University, University of Louisville, Earlham College, and Indiana State College (now Indiana State University), as well as several awards from different departments or organizations at Indiana University, such as the School of Business. This series is arranged alphabetically within each box, but awards from the same organization may not all be stored together due to size and preservation concerns.

The fifth series, Biographical records and personal documents, spans the period from 1934 to 2000, and includes biographical statements or articles about Wells and various other personal documents such as his driver’s license, passport, and will. Several versions and drafts of Wells’ will are present, with the most recent being from 1997. The Emergency Call List is a file of documents distributed among Wells’ staff and the administration of the University, detailing procedures in case of emergency involving Wells’ health. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Education and schoolwork, spanning the period from 1906 to 1927, is the sixth series in this collection. This series consists of records related to Wells’ education from the time he was a schoolboy in the early 20th century to his days in college at Indiana University. Included in this series are a “Universal Primer” booklet that was possibly used by Wells as a schoolboy to learn how to read and write; a copy of Wells’ senior yearbook from Lebanon (Ind.) High School; outlines created for and a copy of Wells' Masters thesis, "Service Charges for Small or So-Called Country Banks" ; lecture notes and exams from a Business Finances class Wells took with Dr. William A. Rawles; and notes on William Lowe Bryan's lectures to students in the Ethics Department. Also included in the series are Wells’ diplomas from high school to graduate school, which are stored separately in the Archives’ oversized collection. Please ask Archives staff for more details. This series is arranged alphabetically.

The seventh series, Financial matters, spans the period from 1906 to 2001, and is further sub-divided into five sub-series: General, Bills and receipts, Contributions and gifts, Insurance, and Investments. The General subseries consists mostly of personal financial records and bank statements, as well as several files related to income taxes and tax returns. Bills and receipts were created primarily during Wells’ later years and include copies of bills and receipts for various purchases, from candy and meat to gasoline and furniture. The final two subseries include records related to Wells’ investments in life and health insurance, and in various stock ventures. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Personal property, the eighth series, spans the period from 1835 to 2000 and consists of records related to Wells’ property and personal possessions. Prominent topics include records related to Wells’ art, antique collections, farm real estate, and the different houses he owned and lived in throughout Bloomington and the surrounding area, including the Woodburn House, Wells House on Tenth Street, at the Meadowood retirement community, and for a house on Second Street. Several architectural records for these homes were pulled and added to the Archive’s Architectural Records collection. Please ask staff for more details. Inventories of his possessions, compiled at different times usually for legal purposes, are included in the series. There are also records related to houseboys, housekeepers and cooks who lived with and assisted Wells. This series is arranged alphabetically.

The ninth series, Teaching, includes records from Wells’ teaching career at Indiana University during the late 1920s-1930s. Wells teaching duties at IU consisted of the following appointments: Graduate Student and Assistant, Department of Economics, 1927-1928; Instructor, Department of Economics, 1930-31 to 1932-33; and Professor and Dean, School of Business Administration, 1935-36 to 1936-37. This series is further divided into two subseries: Economics courses and Business courses and advising. The Economics courses subseries includes most prominently lecture notes and other teaching materials for the following courses taught by Wells: Economics 1b and E101a & b: Political Economy; Economics 102a & b: Economic History of England and the United States; Economics E214: Corporation Economics; and, Economics E229: Social and Economic Control of Business. This subseries is arranged numerically by course number, and by lecture number within each course. The Business courses and advising subseries consists of lectures and papers for some of Wells’ courses on Business Administration and other business related topics while Wells was Professor and Dean of the School of Business. This series is arranged numerically by course number and alphabetically by subject.

Banking, the tenth series, spans the period from 1928-1962, and is further divided into four subseries: Study Commission for Indiana Financial Institutions, Indiana Bankers Association, Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, and Other Banking Activities. Wells served as Secretary and Research Director on the Study Commission for Indiana Financial Institutions from 1931-1933. It was a state appointed commission to study county bank failures in Indiana and recommend reforms. Arranged alphabetically, this subseries contains correspondence, report typescripts and notes, and subject files. From 1928-1931, Wells served as Field Secretary for the Indiana Bankers Association. This subseries consists primarily of addresses by Wells in relation to this position, as well as some subject files on topics such as credit bureaus and service charges. Wells was a member of the Board of Directors Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis from 1936 to 1971, and served the majority of this time (1940-1971) as Chairman of the Board. This subseries contains correspondence, minutes of Directors meetings and Executive Committee meetings, and reports, and is arranged chronologically. Please note that post-1962 records on Wells activities on the Board can be found in the Records of the University Chancellor, Public Service Record Series. The final subseries, other banking activities, includes records relating to various other banking organizations and conferences, including American Bankers Association, Federal Reserve System, and a conference in Washington on Bank Statement Standardization. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Writings is the eleventh series in this collection. This series spans the period from 1893 to 1986 and includes several examples of writings and speeches by Wells. The series is divided into three subseries: Being Lucky (Wells’ autobiography), Articles and other publications, and Speeches. Being Lucky makes up the vast majority of this series, and it consists of notes, research materials, drafts, transcripts, audio tapes, correspondence, and other materials related to preparation of Being Lucky: Reminiscences and Reflections by Herman B Wells, which was assembled in the 1970s, and published by the IU Press in 1980. The subseries also includes material created by the Chancellor's administrative assistant Dorothy Collins and researchers John L. Haste and David Warriner. This subseries is arranged into the following categories: 1) Planning; 2) Notes and drafts by chapter; 3) Research materials; and 4) Audio tapes. Files for Chapter XVIII "A New Trip and a New Awareness" were missing at the time of reprocessing. The articles and other publications subseries consists primarily of writings by Wells on various topics, particularly higher education. Articles of interest include "Cooperation and Coordination of Federal Supervisory Agencies," "How to Succeed as a University President without Really Trying," and "Higher Education Faces a Crucial Decade," written in 1956. Also included is a file of correspondence and drafts related to books that Wells planned to write. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by title or subject. The speeches subseries consists of notes, outlines, and drafts for speeches Wells gave from 1933 to 1984 during the years when he was not serving as President of Indiana University (for Wells’ speeches as President of IU, see Collection C137). Many of these speeches are related to the banking industry. Also included are speeches on the State of the University while Wells served as Interim President in 1968, the dedication of the Elisabeth Ball room at the Lilly Library, and the eulogy given at the funeral of former IU President William Lowe Bryan in 1955. This subseries is arranged chronologically.

The twelfth series, German Assignment, consists of records created by Wells in late 1947 during his six-month leave of absence as President of IU to serve as Director of the Education and Cultural Relations Division of the Office of Military Government for Germany, U.S. (OMGUS). During this time he also served as General Lucius D. Clay's cultural affairs advisor. The series includes writings and reports, a diary, and subject files, but consists primarily of correspondence with Indiana University, fellow OMGUS personnel, and individuals seeking help immigrating or with locating displaced persons. The series is divided into three subseries: Correspondence, Writings and reports, and Subject files. Correspondence constitutes the largest subseries and spans the period from 1947 to 1950. It is arranged alphabetically by surname. Significant correspondents include: William Lowe Bryan, General Lucius D. Clay, Peter A. Fraenkel, J.A. Franklin, Alonzo G. Grace, Walter Greenough, George B. McKibbin, Edward H. Litchfield, Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson, Fenwick T. Reed, Catherine Royer, and Wells’ mother, Anna Bernice Wells. The correspondence in this subseries was sometimes cross-referenced by President Wells’ secretary, with references pointing the user to letters housed in subject files or under another name as well as to letters in Wells’ Presidential records (Collection C213). References that direct users to items housed outside the collection are identified in the container list. The second subseries, writings and reports, spans the years from 1947 to 1948 and is arranged chronologically, but many of the items are undated. It includes a directive on constitutional reform in German institutions of higher learning, a memorandum regarding the Cultural Affairs Program, a report on Wells’ trip to Washington, and Max Rheinstein’s report on the U.S. education mission to Germany. Subject files span the years from 1947 to 1952 and are arranged alphabetically by folder title. Subjects or types of material include: applications for employment, President Wells’ arrest by Russian troops in East Berlin, newspaper clippings, Wells’ diary from his first trip to Germany, German cultural exchanges and re-education, places to visit, and requests to help persons enter the U.S.

The final series, audio visual materials, spans from the period from 1988 to 1998 and consists of a small amount of VHS video tapes related to Herman B Wells. This collection of tapes came from a larger collection found in Wells’ office in Owen Hall, but only the tapes related directly to Wells were included in this series. Items of interest include a tape of Dan Quayle in lieu of a transcript, the Ernst and Young Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony, an interview on early Indiana banking with Blaine H. Wiseman, and an oral history on the evolution of Woodburn House. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Separated Material

Architectural plans for the new Sigma Nu house (Archives Set 3152-3155) and the Wells House (Archives Set 3324) on Tenth Street were pulled and stored with the Archives’ Architectural Records. A folder of land documents and a copy of the Endecott Family history were pulled and stored in the Oversized collections.

One photograph of Granville Wells circa 1931, four photographs and ten slides of the painting American Landscape with Cows before and after conservation, two photographs of a sculpture by Frederic L. Hollis of Herman B Wells, and one unidentified group photograph.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Accns. 0009, 0379, 0783, 7041, 7154, 9118-9121, 9172-1973, 9176, 9179, 9180, 2001/044, 2001/045, 2006/015, 2007/058, 2007/142, 2010/050. Several reference files were also interfiled into this collection. Speeches given prior to Wells becoming president of IU that were originally processed into C137, Wells’ speech collection, have been pulled and interfiled into this collection. Wells’ German Assignment records, formerly Collection C230, were interfiled as a separate series into this collection. In addition, several folders from Collection C104 that were related to Wells’ German Assignment were pulled and interfiled into that series within this collection.
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Preferred Citation
[Item], Herman B Wells papers, Collection C75, Office of University Archives and Records Management, Indiana University, Bloomington.
Many of these records were originally stored and managed in Wells’ Owen Hall office.
Processing Information
Processed by Tom Malefatto; re-processed by Ryan Lee and Carrie Schwier.

Completed in 2009

Container List

Series: Box 1 General correspondence, 1924-1998, undated

A, general, 1931-1938

Allen, B.P., 1938

Article in the Courier-Journal, May 20, 1962

Automobile Accident (Morris boy), 1944-1947

L.S. Ayers, 1930-1935

Ba-Bh, general, 1932-1958

Barker, C.W., 1935

Batchelor, Joseph, 1931-1934

Batton, Robert E., 1935-1937

Beck, Frank O. and Daisy, 1936-1945

Beck, Thomas O., 1935-1939

Bernard, Frank B., 1927-1937

Bettinger, Earl H., 1930-1934

Bi-Brn, general, 1931-1948

Biddle, Ward G., 1927-1944 [image]View item(s)

Biddle, Ward G. family, 1931-1948 [image]View item(s)

Black, Jean, 1934-1938

Blackwell, Raymond E., 1927-1938

William. H. Block Company, 1936-1947

Brass, W.C., 1930-1931

Briley, John Marshall, 1935-1944

Briscoe, Herman T., 1944-1955

Briscoe, Orah, 1941-1953 [image]View item(s)

Bro-Bu, general, 1930-1948

Brown, A.G., 1927-1938

Brownsdale Health Farm, 1935-1937

Bruckmann, Mary G., 1930

Bryan, William Lowe and Charlotte Lowe, 1930-1947 [image]View item(s)

Bucklin, Linda (nurse), 1988-1998

Budd, Malcom, 1930-1948

Budd, S.R., 1933-1934

Burgin, John M., 1938

Burke, Avis T., 1933

Buschmann, C. Severin, 1935-1937

Bust, 1949-1950 [image]View item(s)

Ca-Cn, general, 1931-1949

Call, Floyd M., 1930

Campani, Rudolfo Ant, 1941-1943

Cast, Al, 1935-1937

Cauble family, 1934-1937

Cauley, Troy J. (Mrs.), 1961-1962

Chamness, Ivy L., 1930-1931

Chase, George W., 1945-1951

Chauffer, 1938-1958

Clarke, James H., 1937-1946

Cleveland, William C., 1929-1935

Cline, J. Milford, 1933-1935

Co-Cz, 1924-1969

Collings, W.A., 1930-1936

Columbia University Presidency, 1947

Congratulations on Deanship, 1935

(3 folders)

Cook, George M., 1927-1944

(3 folders)

Cooper, Donald E., 1935-1936

Cooper, John, 1935-1938

Cory, Joanna, 1937-1938

Coy, Wayne, 1936-1939

Cragun, Dwight B., 1929-1939

Cravens, Mr. & Mrs. John W., 1934-1937

Crawford, Earl, 1934-1937

Crouch, Terri, 1996-1998

Box 2 D, general, 1933-1954

David, Lester J., 1937-1946

David, Maurice, 1945

Douglass, Nina H., 1942

Dreisbach, Clyde F., 1930-1944

Du Plan, Melchior, 1934-1936

E, general, 1932-1946

Edie, Lionel D., 1928

Eichorn, Fred F., 1936-1937

F, general, 1930-1937

Faris, Mary E., 1934-1935

Farming, 1937

Feltus, Paul L., 1935-1937

Fletchall, Eugene, 1935-1937

Football Box, 1940

Football Games, Athletic Events - Guests For, Etc., 1941

Fosler, Fritz, 1930-1935

Foster, William T., 1935-1938

Fowler, Aunt Cody, 1940-1949

Fulwider, Edwin, 1942-1945

Ga-Gn, general, 1934-1950

Gabriel, Mr. & Mrs. H. Sam, 1934-1961

Gardner, Leo M., 1934-1939

Go-Gz, general, 1933-1939

Graham, Robert E., 1935

Gray, Myron, 1935-1937

Greenough, Croan, 1934-1944

(2 folders)

Greenough, Walter S. (Mr. and Mrs.), 1931-1949

Gwaltney, Bernita, 1937-1938

Ha-Hd, general, 1930-1938

Hammond, Walter L., 1929-1936

Harting Family, 1934-1958

Hartsock, Harvey B., 1935-1937

Hatcher, H.G. (re: Malcom Budd), 1932-1933

Hayes, Holton, 1945-1946

He-Hn, general, 1934-1978

Heady Family, 1940-1999


General, 1939-1952

Exercise Company, 1941-1958

IU Medical Center, 1939-1958

Hendricks, Mrs. Cecilia and Miss Cora B. Hennel, 1944

Ho-Hz, general, 1929-1946

Hohenberger, Frank (The Photo Art Shop), undated [image]View item(s)

Holmes, C. O. (Senator), 1928-1931

I, general, 1934-1954

IU Employment (Notes), undated [image]View item(s)

Invitations sent to HBW, 1971-1974

Ittner, Robert T., 1946-1947

J, general, 1928-1937

Johnson, Edward (record), undated

Jolley, John B., 1932-1933

Jones, Walter A., 1932-1938

Jones, Walter and Family, 1944-1945

K, general, 1925-1953

Kiekhofer, W.H., 1928-1938

Kirby, Sarah D., 1934-1935

Kreisel, Magnus J., 1935-1938

Krieghbaum, H.L., 1926-1930

La-Lh, general, 1925-1947

La Chance, Georges and Family, 1943-1949

Li-Lz, 1931-1944

Lieber (H.) Company, 1935-1947

Lizton State Bank, 1952-1957

Logan, Leonard M., Jr., 1929-1935

Box 3 Ma-Md, general, 1935-1960

Macy (R.H.) and Company, 1943-1951

Martin, Mrs. Joanna Cory, 1940-1943

Masters, William G., 1936-1937

Mayer (Charles) and Company, 1943-1948

Mc, general, 1929-1950

McCorkle, Urso, 1931-1932

McCulloch, Dr. Carleton B., 1941-1947

McDaniels, Forba, 1926-1931

McKinley, R.A., 1937-1941

McNutt, Paul V. 1935-1939 [image]View item(s)

McNutt, Ruth J., 1938-1944

Me-Mn, general, 1928-1943

Merrill, B. Winfred and Family, 1943-1944

Minnesota Presidency, 1940-1941

Minton, Sherman, 1934-1938

Mitchell, Waldo F., 1935

Mo-Mz, general, 1929-1947

Moffat, James E., 1928-1944

Moran, Mrs. Frances, 1947-1952

Myers, Robert H., 1935-1938

N, general, 1927-1938

Newman, Isadore, 1935-1937

Niblack, Griffith, 1930-1938 [image]View item(s)

O, general, 1933-1946

Pa-Ph, general, 1928-1950

Parr, Willett H., 1935-1937

Photographs, 1945-1958

Pi-Pz, general, 1930-1954

Pierce, William E., 1929-1943

Politics, correspondence, 1934-1945

(3 folders)

Politics, clippings and ephemera, 1936-1938

Powell, O. S., 1936-1937

Q, general, 1936

Ra-Rn, general, 1931-1943, 1983

Ranck, Sadie, 1936-1945

Rawles, William A. (dean of Business School), 1931-1935

Reed, Leo S., 1930-1944


Letters received upon announcement in 1960

(6 folders)

Letters received in 1962

(4 folders)

Box 4 Revercomb, Gene and Family, 1932-1952

Richards, Henrietta (Mrs. Robert), 1942-1951

Ro-Rz, general, 1932-1957

Roberts, John Marshall, 1928-1946

Roberts, M. H., 1931-1932

Rogan, James S., 1936-1938

Ross, M.O., 1934-1937

Rust, Hilbert, 1936-1937

Sa-Sd, general, 1926-1953

Sappenfield, Max M., 1932-1935

Schricker, Henry F., 1936-1937

Schoenewey Family, 1944

Scott, John, 1925-1951

(3 folders)

Se-Sm, general, 1927-1940, 1968

Sembower, Alta Brunt, 1934-1935

Sembower, John, 1935-1937

Severson, Harry, 1934

Sewell, Malcom, 1930-1934

Shields, Lorene, 1937-1943

Shoemaker, Ralph D. (aka "Rollo"), 1927-1958

(3 folders)

Showers Brothers Company, 1943-1953

Sims, William, 1942-1946

Smith, Effie, 1934

Slichter, Sumner H., 1927

Snyder, William Henry, 1936-1948

Sn-Sth, general, 1927-1952

Stahr, Elvis, Jr. (sent on day he assumed presidency), 1962

Stamps and First Day Covers, 1954

Steele, Selma A. (Mrs. T. C. Steele), 1926-1936

Stempel, John E., 1932-1935

Steward, Foster B. and Aletha, 1935-1953

Stewart, John L., 1935-1956

Sti-Sz, general, 1927-1956

Stonecipher, T. H., 1927-1949

Stout, Raymond, 1936-1937

Sullivan, Laurence F., 1934-1937

T, general, 1930-1962

Taylor, Charles B., 1930-1937

Tead, Ordway, 1930-1931

Thomas, Charles E., 1930-1937

Thompson, Francis L., 1933-1938

Townsend, M. Clifford, 1936-1937


General, 1938-1960

Europe, 1953

Paris (UNESCO), 1948-1950

(2 folders)

U, general, 1927-1944

V, general, 1931-1938

Van Valer, Suzanne, 1944

Wa-Wg, general, 1934-1943

Wall, Richard A., 1935-1937

Weatherly, U. G., 1934-1937

Wells, Grandmother, Letters of Condolence for Ida B. Harting, 1946

Wells, Mr. and Mrs. Granville,

General, 1931-1942

(3 folders)

HBW’s personal file, 1941-1948

(2 folders)

1931-1957, undated

(2 folders)

Wells relatives, 1949-1957

Box 5 Wert, Quentin, 1934-1938

Wh-Wz, general, 1934-1945

Wiecking, Fred A., 1935

Willson, Alice Piersol, 1943-1945

Wiseman, Blaine, 1934-1938

Woodburn House, 1932-1933

Wood, Ned, 1936-1938

Woodburn, James A., 1934-1938

XYZ, general, 1937-1944

Young, J. W., 1934-1938

Zentner, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, 1929-1933

Unknown authors, 1928-1933

Series: Box 5 Family records, 1819-1982, undated

Subseries: Mrs. Granville Wells (Anna Bernice Wells, H B Wells’ mother), 1901-1982

Appraisals of possessions, 1973

Articles about death of Mrs. Wells, 1973

Bequests of Mrs. Wells, 1973

The Blackboard, Granville Wells High School yearbook, presented to Mrs. Wells, 1956

Buckle for dress worn on honeymoon, 1901

Contributions in Memory – Food, undated

Court Documents, 1973

Death Certificates, 1973

Estate correspondence, 1973

Funeral Arrangements1972-1973

(2 files)

Funeral Expenses, 1973

Funeral programs and memory books, undated

Letters of condolence and replies on her death, 1973


(19 files)


(7 files)


Box 6 List of donors in honor of Mrs. G. Wells, 1973

Memorial service, November 1973

Messages of Sympathy – Flowers, 1973

Mortar Board Memorial, 1974

National Society of Arts and Letters – Memorial, 1973-1974

Personal documents, 1949-1982

Includes passports, insurance, etc.

Personal materials and clippings, collected by H B Wells, 1912-1967

P.E.O. Memorial Fund, 1973

Property, 1928-1949

Travel diary of trip to Europe, 1953

Wills, 1952, 1957, 1962, 1969

Subseries: Granville Wells (H B Wells’ father), 1891-1958, undated

Attendance record for classes taught, 1896-1897

Death of Granville Wells, 1948

General file

Letters of condolence


Sermon of Rev. John Francis delivered at the funeral

Estate- Ernest R. Stewart, Adminstrator, 1949

Examination of County Treasurer, 1921-1922, 1934

National Cyclopedia of American Biography , 1951-1953

Notary Public, County Treasurer, 1918, 1930, 1946

Item moved to oversized

Notes taken after talk with Dr. Schaaf, undated

Personal materials of Granville Wells, collected by H B Wells, 1891-1958

Includes official copy of license to practice law in Boone County, Indiana

Signature, 1937-1951

Tie Pin, undated

Subseries: Family history and genealogical records, 1819-1976

Album for an Emma (unknown relative of Herman Wells) including notes from friends, 1887

(oversize 13)

Correspondence on genealogy,

General, 1930-1958

(6 folders)

Reference file, 1938-1962

"The Devonshire ancestry and early homes of the family of John Endecott, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, 1629," by Sir Roper Lethbridge, ca. 1934

(oversize 13)

Documents, Letters, and Charts, 1890-1968

Emmert Family,

Correspondence and genealogical records, 1958-1976

Estate of Isaac Emmert, 1924

Family Tree - Rough Draft, undated

Emmert, Fanny (Great-grandmother), 1887

Estate of Isaac Wells – Granville Wells, Administrator, 1935

Box 7 Harting and Renzelberg families,

Correspondence and genealogical records, 1899-1957

Estate of George H. Harting


Receipts, 1915-1917

Depts, 1904-1916

Herman Bernhart Harting, birth certificate, 1830

Estate of Ida B. Harting – Settlement of Personal Estate, 1946

Estate of Willie Jane Harting, 1901

Notebook of research notes, circa 1938

Land office grants to William Whiteman (1819), Peter Emmert (1837), Leonard Hubbell (1838), Boone County, Indiana

(oversized 13)

Reunion in Brown County, July 24, 1938

Estate of Isaac Wells – Granville Wells, Administrator, 1935

Series: Box 7 Affiliations and professional organizations, 1927-2000, undated

Alpha Kappa Psi, 1936-1996

Alumni Association, IU, 1995-1999

American Academy of Arts of Sciences, 1996-1999

American Association of Retired Person (AARP) and National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA), 1996-1999

American Association of University Professors (National), 1996-2000

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 1996-1997

American College of Dentists, 1998

American Economic Association, 1996-1999

The American Farm School, 1996-1998

American Philosophical Society, 1996-1999

Arts Indiana, 1996

Athenaeum Turners, 1996-2000

Athletes International, Inc., 1996-2000

Bloomington Area Arts Council (Waldon Arts Center), 1996-1999

Beta Gamma Sigma, 1999

Brown County Art Gallery Association, 1996-1999

Center for the Study of College Fraternity, 1997-2000

Century Association, 1972-2000

Church boards and committees, 1936-1937

Cleveland, City Club of, 1935-1936

Columbia Club, 1972-2000

Contemporary Club, 1940-1999

Cosmo Club, 1962-1999

Council of Foreign Relation, Inc., 1996-2000

Distinguished Alumni Service Award Club, 1996-1999

Hoosier Salon Patrons Association, 1945-1946

Indiana Academy of Science, 1997-1999

Indiana Academy of Social Sciences,

General, 1934-1936

(2 folders)

Membership invitation, ca. 1965

Indiana Advocates for the Arts and Indiana Citizens for the Arts, 1996

Indiana Bankers Association

(see "Banking" series)

Indiana College M.S.R.I.C.F., 1996

Indiana German Heritage Society, 1996-1999

Indiana Historical Society, 1996-1999

Indiana Saddle Horse Association, 1935-1937

Indianapolis Athletic Club, 1934-1943

(2 folders)

Indianapolis Committee on Foreign Relations, 1996

Indianapolis Museum of Art, 1996-1999

Indianapolis Press Club, 1943-1944

Kentucky Colonels, 1944-1948, 1994

Kiwanis Club, 1934-1937

League of Women Voters, 1996-1999

Lilly Endowment, Inc., 1996-2000

Membership cards, 1933-1935, 1967

Methodist Church, 1941-1962

(19 folders)

Monroe Lodge No. 22, F & A.M., 1936-1937, 1997-1999

Murat Temple, 1998-1999

National Association of State Universities, 1943

National Geographic Society, 1996-1998

National Interfraternity Foundation, 1992

National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1998-2000

National War Labor Board – Mediator, 1942-1943

Nature Conservancy, 1996-2000

Newcomen Society, 1996-1999

Box 8 Phi Beta Kappa,



Planned Parenthood Association, 1996-1998

Royal Society of Arts, 1996-2000

Showers Brothers Company, Board of Directors, 1953-1956

Sigma Nu,

General, 1927-2000

(27 folders)

Box 9 Beta Eta,

Alumni Association Officers and Directors, 1954-1955

Alumni Mailing List, 1954-1955

Budget, 1954-1955

Financial Campaign, 1955-1956

Golden Anniversary, 1942

New House,

General, 1954-1955

Bids, 1954-1955

Budget Projection, 1952

Building Committee, 1953-1954

Campaign Letters, 1954

Harlos Contract, 1954-1955

House Dedication, October 1954

Landscaping by Loonsten, 1954-1955

Plans, drawings, etc., 1954-1955

Prototype of cost plus fixed fee contract, 1954-1955

Site Dedication, November 1953

Centennial mementos, undated

Creed of Sigma Nu, 1956-1957

The Delta Spring 1962 

Issue dedicated to Wells upon his retirement as president of IU

Educational Foundation,

Correspondence, 1946-1962

(5 folders)

Audit Statements, 1951-1960

(2 folders)

Membership certificate, 1946

Finance Committee, 1928-1931

Grand Chapter, 1941-1958

(8 folders)

Leadership Conference, 1955-1956

Order of Interfraternity Service Membership, 1962

Permanent Endowment Fund, 1937-1938

Scholarships and Awards Committee, 1950-1956

(2 folders)

Society of Indiana Pioneers, 1996-2000

Stone Belt Shrine Club, 1996-2000

Thirty-Third Degree Association of Indianapolis, 1996-1997

University Club of IU, 1996-1999

University Club of New York, 1996-2000

Varsity Club, 1996-1999

Series: Box 10 Awards and recognitions, 1922-1999, undated

Subseries: Plaques and oversized items, 1922-1999, undated

The Alliance Award for the Promotion of Excellence (plaque), 1998

American College Public Relations Association, Distinguished Service Award, 1966 (plaque)

American Education Week, "Friend of Education" award, 1991 (plaque)

Camerata, 1992 (plaque)

Gary (IN) Chamber of Commerce, "Great Living Hoosier Award," 1961 (plaque)

Goodwill Industries, "Award of Appreciation," circa 1968 (plaque)

Groups Student Support Services Program, "The Covered Bridge Award," 1998 (plaque)

I‑Men's Association, Honorary Member plaque, undated

Indiana Conference of Higher Education, Service Award, 1994 (plaque)

Indiana Optometric Association, Inc., "Outstanding Service in the Public Interest," 1961 (plaque)

Indiana University,

School of Business mounted medals, 1966

School of Dentistry Alumni Association, Distinguished Service Award, 1971

Staff Council plaque, 1993

Varsity Club plaque, 1977

International College of Dentists – Honorary Fellow plaque, 1964

Kutsı Beğdeş plaque, undated

Neal-Marshall Alumni Club plaque, 1997

United Airlines, "Million Miles" award plaqueundated

Box 11: Oversized Coach Emeritus #1 plaque from the football staff of I.U. signed by Bill Mallory and Milton Fineberg, 1986

Cosmopolitan Club plaque, 1961

I‑Men's Association, Plaque, circa 1962

Marching Hundred plaque, 1961

Sigma Nu plaque, 1962

Box 12: Oversized The American Legion Hoosier Boys' State Inc. plaque, 1962

The J.O. Ritchey Medal plaque, 1996

Indiana Historical Society plaque, 1994

Box 13: Oversized American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1972

American Association of School Administrators, Distinguished Service Award, 1965

American College of Dentists, 1963

American College Publicity Association, 1922‑1925

American Legion Citation of Appreciation, undated

Council of the Sagamores of State Road 37, 1997

Duncan Donor Certificate, 1987

Herman B Wells Senior Recognition Award (founding / institution of), 1962

Herman B Wells Senior Recognition Award- Rendering by Eggers and Higgins Architects, 1961

Honorary Degrees, University of Notre Dame, 1964

Indiana Alumni Magazine, Matted issue of the May/June 1992

Indiana General Assembly House Concurrent Resolution Gongratulating Dr. Herman B Wells on his 90th Birthday, 1992

Indiana University,

Intercollegiate Athletics Honorary Medallion

School of Dentistry Class of 1939

School of Education, 1983‑1989

(plaque and bell)

(The bell is in the Memorabilia cabinet)

(Commonwealth) Kentucky Colonel, 1962

The Kinsey Institute, Thank You, 1990

Lilly Library, Friends of, 1989

Monroe County Fall Festival Association, 1957

Moray House College, 1988

Moray House College and Indiana University programme of collaboration, 1988

New Orleans, Honorary Citizen of, 1964

New York University, Hall of Fame for Great Americans, 1970

Pan American Airlines Clipper Club, 1964

Phi Delta Theta proclamation, 1991

Purdue University's Old Masters Program Honorary Medallion, 1964

Representative of the United States to the General Assembly of the United Nations, 1957

Saint Marie of the Woods College, 1978


Sagamore of the Wabash, 1964

Senate Avenue YMCA Emblem Club, 1948

Sigma Nu, Legion of Honor, Beta Eta Number 327, 1983

Thomas Hart Benton Commemorative Mural Medallion, 1997

The University Club Clubhouse Centennial, 1999

Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos De Lima (UNMSM), 1958

(1 certificate and 1 cloth banner)

University of South Carolina Honorary Medallion, 1980

(2 items)

Wilson Creek Memorial Museum Foundation, undated

Box 14: Oversized AAUN and IRC plaque for inaugurating the TONER U.N. Series, 1963

American Legion, 1975

Area 10 Agency on Aging, 1992, 1993, and 1994

Big Ten Club of Southern California Outstanding Alumnus, 1983

Indiana Humanities Council Lifetime Achievement Award, 1990

Indiana Public Broadcasting Society, Inc (IPBS), 1982

Indiana University, School of Medicine Dean's Award, 1997

(sterling letter opener?)

WHAS News Award of the Year, 1960

(sterling plate)

Subseries: Box 15 Certificates and other paper records related to awards, 1930-1998, undated

General correspondence related to awards, 1958-1962

Catalog of plaques and certificates, undated

The Alliance of Distinguished Professors, Honorary Membership, 1998

Alpha Kappa Psi, 1930

Alpha Lambda Delta, 1991

American College Public Relations Association (ACPRA), 1966

American Council on Education, 1967

American Institute of Management – President’s Council, 1954

American Savings and Loan Institute, 1958

The American University in Cairo, 1977

Banker’s Club, Inc. (Louisville), undated

Bartholomew County IU Alumni Club, 1960

Beta Gamma Sigma – Alpha Chapter, 1935


Chamber of Commerce, undated

Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1938

Rotary Club Honorary Membership, 1987

Blue Key award, 1933

B’nai B’rith Award, 1991

Board of Aeons,

Honorary Member certificate, 1961

(oversize 8d)

Leadership award, 1961

Community Service Citation to Chancellors Office, for 100% participation in United Fund, 1972

Community Service Citation, general, 1981

Conference/Committee on Historic Preservation (sample award), 1977

Cosmo Club Award, 1968

Das Grosse Verdienstkreuz, 1960

Daubers Club, 1938

Delta Upsilon, 1981

Federal Home Loan Bank Board, "Certificate of Designation" and other honors, 1938


(legal size)

Golden Key National Honor Society, 1984

Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons, 1967

Guardian of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher – Certificate of Pilgrimage, 1955

Honorary Degrees,

General correspondence, 1946

Alcorn State University, 1986

Anderson College, 1962

Butler University, 1939

DePauw University, 1952

Drury College, 1968

Earlham College, 1948

Franklin College, 1962

Indiana State College, 1964

Louisville, University of, 1961

(Includes script for commencement exercises)

Marian College, 1970

Miami (Ohio) University, 1959

The Ohio State University, 1963

St. Joseph’s College, 1964

Tri-State College, 1959

Hoosier Heroes, 1992

Indiana Banking Conference, 1940

Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Resolution on retirement as member of Board, 1972

Indiana State College Alumni Association, 1964

Indiana State Fairgrounds Centennial, 1992

The Indiana Union – Life Membership, undated

Indiana University,

Air Force ROTC Alumni Association Honorary Membership, 1997

Board of Trustees, Resolution of Gratitude, 1953

Class of 1938 Honorary Membership, 1963

Emeritus Club, 1974

Foundation, 20 Year Little 500 Wheel, 1970

Foundation and Graduate School – Graduate School Enrichment Fund, 1984

IU Press announcing Herman B Wells Day to be April 26, undated

Indianapolis Student Union Board, Life Membership, 1954

Radio and Television Department, 1962

Residence Halls Alumni Association, Honorary Member, 1991

Residence Life, Department of, 1996

School of Business,

Alumni School, Certificate of Attendance, 1947-1949

Dean’s Associates, 1971

Management Club, 1941

School of Medicine, Certificate of Meritorious Service, 1971

Staff Council,

"Program Honoring President Wells," 1961 

Resolution of appreciation, 1961

Varsity Club, Membership in Loyalty Group, 1957-1958

Indianapolis, City of, 1982

Junior Garden Workshop (IU Botany Department), 1962

Junior United Nations Organization, 1946

Kappa Alpha Psi Resolution on the Death of Herman B Wells, 2000

Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, circa 1980

Monroe County Tuberculosis Association, undated

National Education Association, Educational Policies Commission, 1955

National Society of Literature and Arts, 1974

The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 1991

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, undated

Omicron Delta Kappa, 1969

Order of DeMolay – Legion of Honor, 1975

Organization of American Historians, Honorary Life Member, 1971

Pershing Rifles, Honorary Major General, 1962

Phi Eta Sigma, 1965

Phi Mu Alpha, Life Member, undated

Rose Polytechnic Institute, Honorary Degree, 1939

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International – Paul Harris Fellow, undated

Sigma Nu,

Citation of appreciation, 1969

Order of Omega, 1990

Society of Professional Journalists – Big Wheel Award, 1996

Appointment by Governor Paul McNutt to be "Supervisor of the Division of Banks and Trust Companies, Supervisor of the Division of Research and Statistics, and Secretary to the Commission of Financial Institutions," 1933

Theta Chi, 1996

Telephone Pioneers of America, circa 1972

Trans World Airlines (TWA) – Ambassadors Club, 1951

United Airlines 100,000 Miles Club, 1952

United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1957

USA International Harp Competition, Honorary Harpist Medal, 1992

United Steelworkers of America, Honorary Member, undated

Utah State University – Robins Awards of America, 1964

Box 15 Biographical records and personal documents, 1934-2000

Appointment/social event record books, circa 1938-1958

(9 books)

Most were recorded by Wells’ secretary.

Box 16 Appointment/social event record books (cont.), 1958-1961

(4 books)

Biographical Encyclopedia of the World, 1943-1949 

Biography prepared by Mr. Bartley, 1953

Calendars/schedules, 1953-1971

(2 folders)

"Celebration of Life" event planning records, 2000

Drivers license and license plates documents, 1934-1938

Emergency call list, 1997-1999

Funeral arrangements, 1972-1993

International Who’s Who, 1935

Navy blue sash from the Allied Mission to Observe the Greek Elections, ca. 1947

(oversize 13)

Passports and related documents, 1946-1971

Social Security, 1952-1953, 1997

Tassel worn as Dean of School of Business, ca. 1930s

Who's Who in America, 1945-1953

Who's Who – Miscellaneous, 1944-1954


Correspondence regarding Last Will & Testament, 1946-1974

Corrections and drafts, 1963-1968

Early versions, 1957-1969

Final version, 1977-1979

Papers related to will, 1940s-1950s

Unofficial copy of will, 1954-1973

1997 version

Living will, 1992-1997

Durable power of Attorney, 1993

Series: Box 16 Education and schoolwork, 1906-1927, undated


(oversize, stored separately in 13)

Boone County Common Schools, District 1, June 13, 1916

Lebanon High School, May 13, 1920

Indiana University School of Commerce and Finance (BS in Commerce and Finance), June 11, 1924

Indiana University Graduate School (MA in Economics), June 6, 1927

"Universal Primer" (used by Wells in grade school?), 1906

2nd grade report card, 1910

Lebanon High School yearbook, 1920

Lecture Notes and Exams from Business Finances with Dr. Rawles, 1922-1923

The Country Bank (thesis) – Outline, circa 1924

Service Charges for Small or So-Called Country Banks (M.A. Thesis), circa 1927

Community Bank Management – Outline, undated

Bryan's Lectures before the Ethics Dept., undated

Series: Box 17 Financial matters, undated, 1906-2001, undated

Subseries: General, 1906-2000

Contracts: Personal, 1942

Canceled Checks and Receipts for Loans and Insurance, 1911-1947

Financial Statements,

General, 1953-1982

(2 folders)

Financial summaries, 1996-1999

Personal account statements and reconcilements, 1947-1956

(11 folders)

Litzon, State Bank of, deposits, 1993-2000

(6 folders)

Loans, 1966-1972

Miscellaneous Financial Correspondence and Papers



Property and poll taxes, 1938-1939

Salary, 1949-1957

Income tax documents,

Wells, H.B., 1947-1970

(22 folders)

Box 18 Income tax documents (cont.),

Wells, H.B., 1971-1972

(2 folders)

Wells, Anna Bernice, 1947-1973

(6 folders)

Wells, Granville, 1947-1966

(20 folders)

Property and Poll Taxes, 1938-1939

Salary, 1949-1957

Tax Receipts for George H. Harting and Ida B. Harting, Granville Wells, Noah Bartlett and E.J. Bartlett, 1917

Tax returns, 1996-1999

(4 folders)

Subseries: Bills and receipts, 1911-2001

A, 1998

Allcares Inc., 1996-1999

American Express, 1996-2000

Ameritech (was Indiana Bell Telephone)

General, 1996-2000

Meadowood Bills only, 1995-2000

10th Street phone bills, 1996-1999

(2 folders)

Amoco, 1996-2000

Ayres, L.S. and Company, 1996-2000

B, 1997-1998

Bank One (also Banc One), 1995-2000

Betty Jean Shop, 1996-1997

Bissinger’s Cincinnati, 1996-1997

Bloomington Bone & Joint Clinic, 1998-1999

Bloomington Country Club, 1996-2000

Bloomington Hardware, 1996-2000

Bloomington Hospital, 1996-2000

Brand, Nancy (Hors d’oeuvres & More), 1996-1999

Buds and Bows, 1996-1999

C, 1996

Capriole Inc., 1997-2000

Cedar Buff Gardens, 1999-2000

Cinergy (formerly PSI), 1996-2000

Cofield, Dr. D. Dean, M.D. (Diseases & Surgery of the Eye), 1996

Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, 1996-1998

Crosstown Cleaners, 1999-2000

Crosstown Pharmacy, 1996-1997

Crystal Pure Inc., 1996-2000

Curry Buick Cadillac Pontiac GMC, 1996

CVS Pharmacy Inc (formerly Revco), 1996-2001

D, 1998

Ellis Florists, 1996-2000

F, 1999

Fannie May Candies, 1999

Faris Brothers, 1996-2000

First Card, 1996-2000

G, 1998-2000

H, 1996-2000

Hash, Gerry L., DPM, 1996-2000

Harry and David, 1998

Herald-Telephone, 1995-1999

I, 1998

IMA, Inc. (Internal Medicine Associates), 1997-2000

Indiana Memorial Union, 1996-2000

IU Press, 1996-1999

IU Tickets, 1996-2000

Indianapolis Athletic Club, 1994-2000

Indianapolis newspapers, 1996-1999

Insight Communications (formerly TCI), 1996-2000

Internal Revenue Service,

General, 1995-1999

Employer ID number (Household Employees), 1984-1986

Jones, McGlasson & Benckart, P.C., 1996-1997

K, 2000

Kearney, Brian, 1994

Kinser Cleaners, 1996-1999

Krogers, 1996-1998

L, 1996-1998

Lemley’s Catering, 1999

Linda Lysher (formerly Dieterle & Co.), 1996-2000

Box 19 M, 1997-1999

Marathon Oil Company, 1996-2000

Meadowood Retirement Community, 1996-2000

Melton’s Orchard, 1996-1999

Minton Body Shop, 1999

N, 1998

New York Times, 1996-1997

Nursecall Plus, 1996-1998

O, 1996-2000

P, 1996-1997

Phillips Petroleum, 1996-2000

Poling, John H. Optometrist, 1998

Printmasters, 1996

R, 1996-1999

S, 1996-1997

Sapphire Quill Originals (Cynthia S. Detwiler), 1996-1997

Shell Oil, 1996-2000

The Shirley Ann Shop, 1997-2000

Sibbitt, Dr. Joseph W., M.D., 1996-1999

Southern Indiana Radiological Associates, 1999

Sturgeon, Sally S., D.D.S., 1999

Sullivans, 1997-1998

T, 1997-1999

Theatre Circle, 1999

Thomas, George (Indianapolis Florists), 1996-2000

Thompson Cleaners, 1996-1998

U, 1996

University Club of Chicago, 1996-2000

Van Meter, John, 1996-1999

W, 1996-1998

Williams Jewelry, 1996-2000

Y, 1996-1999


Z, 1999

Miscellaneous Receipts, 1911-1948

Subseries: Contributions and gifts, 1921-2000


General, 1971-1978

(8 folders)

Given at the time of Mrs. Wells' Death, 1973

IU Foundation fund for Granville Wells’ scholarship, 1949



(5 folders)


American University in Cairo, 1998

Area 10 Agency on Aging, 1998-1999

Bayh, Evan (various fundraising committees), 1996-1998

Bloomington Chamber Singers, 1999

Bloomington Hospital Foundation, 1997-1999

Bloomington-Posoltega Sister Cities, 2000

Bloomington Restorations, Inc., 1997

Bloomington Worldwide Friendship, 1996-1999

Camerata (Chamber Orchestra & Scholarship Fund), 1998-1999

Colonial Williamsburg Restoration, 1996-2000

Community Foundation, 1997

Earlham College, 1997

Eiteljorg Museum, 1996-1998

First Chicago NBD, 1996

Foundation, IU

General, 1977-2000

(2 folders)

Wells Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 1979-1986

(3 folders)

The Friends of Art of Indiana University, 1998-2000

Friends of Kinsey Institute, 1997-1999

Friends of Lilly Library, 1997-1998

Friends of Music, 1996-1999

Friends of T.C. Steele State Historic Site, 1996

Hamilton (Lee) for Congress, etc., 1998

Heritage Plantation, 1996-1999

Herron School of Art (Janus Ball), 1999

Hilltop Educational Foundation, Inc., 1996-1999

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, 1996-1999

Historic New Harmony, 1996-1999

Hoosier Salon Patrons Association, Inc., 1996-1999

Indiana Civil Liberties Union, 1996

Indiana DeMolay Foundation, 1996

Indiana Humanities Council, 1996

Indiana United Methodist Children’s Home, 1997-1999

IU Hope School of Fine Arts/Fine Arts Library, 1996-1998

IU, various departments, 1996-1999

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, 1997-1999

International Violin Competition/Josef Gingold Fund, 1996-1997

Jamestown I.O.O.F. Cemetery, 1996-1999

Lilly Endowment Matching Funds, 1989

Mathers Museum, 1996-1999

Metropolitan Opera Guild, 1996-1998

Monroe County Historical Society, Inc., 1996-1999

Monroe County United Ministries, 1996

Ninth Congressional District Art Committee, 1997-1999

Riley Hospital, 1996-1999

Salvation Army, 1996-2000

Society for Advanced Study, 1995-1999

United Way, 1996-1998

Box 20 WFHB, 1996-2000

WFIU, 1996-1999

WTIU, 1996-2000

Well House Society, 1996-1999

Wisconsin, University of, Alumni Funds, 1998

Wonderlab, 1997-1999

Wylie House Museum & Friends of Wylie House, 1996-2000

General gift lists, 1943-1949

General gifts received, 1945-1968

(18 folders)

General gifts sent (by H.B Wells), 1944-1953

Bloomington Hospital Gift, 1969

Christmas book sent to Aunt Nan, 1921

Christmas cards sent, 1952-1977, undated

Christmas gifts sent and received, 1968-1978

(23 folders)

Box 21 Churches (gifts),

Centenary Church Tower, 1968

First United Methodist Church, 1966-1969

(2 folders)

Lebanon Church Gift, 1964-1972

Fine Arts Library gifts,^1988-1989

Foundation, IU (gifts),^1987

Gifts to President Wells,

Sweat Shirt, 1938

Charles W. Eliot Stamp and Envelope, 1940

Libraries (loans and gifts), 1988

Lilly Library (gifts), 1988

Madrigal Dinner, 1972-1978

(5 folders)

Mathers Museum (gifts), 1989

Personalized pocket book made in Syria, given to Wells by Syrian student, 1959

Subseries: Insurance, 1931-2000

General, 1934-1970

(4 folders)

Apria Healthcare (formally Homedco), 1996-2000

Equitable Life Assurance, 1938-1999

(4 folders)

Hartford Accident and Indemnity - Personal Liability, 1956-1968

Hartford Fire Insurance - Personal Property, 1950-1968

Insurance Policies and Correspondence, 1931-1948

Mutual Benefit Life, 1968-1976

Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, 1936-1998

(2 folders)

New York Life, 1935-1967

(3 folders)

Prudential Insurance Company of America, 1946-1947

TIAA Annuity, 1947-1955

Subseries: Investments, 1928-2000, undated

General, 1948-1958

Ameriana (American Savings Bank), regarding stock purchase, 1996-1998

American Fletcher Corporation, 1959-1972

American Research and Development Corporation, 1959-1974

Apollo Corporation, 1959-1965

AT&T, 1964-1974

Bonds, 1975-1982

Charter Company, 1975

Chemed, 1972-1977

Box 22 Chemed (continued), 1978-1999

Citizens State Bank, 1953-1969

City Securities Corporation, 1996-1998

Consolidated Products, Inc., 1983-1997

Continental Steel Corporation, 1983

Coupon Deposits, 1971-1984

(1 folder)

CSX Corporation, 1958-2000

(2 folders)

Cummins Engine Company, 1958-1979

First National Bank of Bloomington, 1971-1984

(2 folders)

Forum Group, 1981

(2 folders)

Gabriel's, 1928-1929

Indiana University Building Facilities, 1983-1985

John Wesley Corporation, 1971-1984

(3 folders)

Lucent Technologies, 1996-1999

Midwestern United Life Insurance Co., 1961-1976

NCR, 1997

Occidental Petroleum, 1974-1975

People’s Bank and Trust Co., 1996

Securities owned by HBW and ABW, 1967-1973

Stocks and Bonds - Mrs. Wells and H.B Wells, 1973-1975

Texas Gas Transmission Corp., 1966-1970

TIAA-CREF (2 folders), 1972-1999

Tippecanoe Loan and Trust Company, 1935-1936

Wabash Consolidated Corporation, 1954-1969

Wells, Mrs. Granville,

American Loan Company, 1951-1964

Lynch Corporation, 1952-1955

United States Bonds, undated

Yellow Transit Freight System, 1970-1974

Series: Box 22 Personal property, 1835-2000, undated


General file, 1963-1974

A-H, 1934-1954

A. Starr Best Collector’s Corner, 1942-1947

Beechlane Antiques, 1970

Belter Chairs, 1980-1989

Cravens, Drucilla, 1939-1940

Gimbel Brothers, 1941-1946

I-Z, 1937-1958

Inglis, J.P. (Mrs.), 1939-1940

Inventory, undated

Jardinière letter/description, undated

John Bell of Aberdeen, 1971-1975

Macomber, Francis, Co., 1962-1964

Nye silver, 1942-1946

Box 23 Parke-Bernet galleries, 1942-1944

Sweet, Dee (appraiser of antiques), 1975-1989

Zimmerman, A.F. & Company, 1940-1942

Miscellaneous clippings and advertisements, undated


General, 1936-1983

(3 folders)

[Aldrich, George Ames?], "Pastoral landscape with cows," 1984-1985

Appraisals, 1963-1991

Bartoia, Harry (sculptor), 1976-1979

Bricher, Alfred Thompson, "Sea and Rocks" and Whistler, "The Thames," 1971

Bronze drum and Japanese gong purchased from Fine Arts, 1968-1970

Carlone, Carlo, 1967

Chalice 1980-1995

Civitico, Bruno, 1973

de Koning, Philip, "A portrait of a boy," 1965-1975

Eworth, Hans, "A portrait of Mary Tudor," 1967-1974

"Flagellation of Christ," 1967-1975 

Forkner, Edgar, "Floral Still Life," 1974-1988

Lear, Edward, "Bagni di Lucca," 1974-1986

"Rafting Downstream," 1971-1987 

Stomme, Jan Jansz de, 1966-1967

Van Orley, Bernard, "Madonna and Child," 1967-1994


Verbruggen, Gaspar "Flowers in a Vase," 1966-1967


Wellstood, W., etching, 1988

Whistler, James, pastel, "Chelsea Reach," 1971-1983

Winter, George, 1980-1983


Wylie, Theophilus A., "Political Scene in Early Bloomington," 1976-1991

Guide to provenance of paintings of HB Wells, 1967-1993

Picture/painting file, 1967-1984

Automobile records

Brodix property, 1939-1943

Brown County property, 1939-1952

Dog, 1942-1952

Employment contract and house life occupancy, 1962-1969

Epergne, 1992-1993


General, 1951-1977

Boone County Farm Bureau, Jackson Township Farm Bureau, 1942-1952

Construction of Stock Barn and REMC Project, 1939-1945

Duff Farm Management Service, Tenants, Etc., 1940-1956

(2 folders)

General taxes, 1942-1967

Income tax documents, 1948-1967

(20 folders)

Insurance, 1946-1952

Box 24 McKenzie Farm, 1962-1969

(includes abstract and warranty deed)

Mortgage and loan for farm property,

General, 1941-1961

(includes loan information for farms in Lebanon, Jamestown and Bloomington)

Citizens Bank & Trust, 1971

Mutual Life Insurance Company, 1943-1971

Otis Wall matter, 1953-1960

Prospective purchases, 1938-1953

Statements of receipts and disbursements, 1951-1958

Survey by Purdue, map showing limestone requirement & limestone, misc., 1941-1947

Wall contract, 1954-1967

Heffner house, 1962-1975


Contract and list of securities, 1965



Contents narrative, 1974-1994

Pool Plans, 1989-1990

Upper-Webb Interiors, 1982-1988

(2 folders)

Second Street house – 215 E. 2nd, 1976-1996

Wells House (1321 E. 10th Street),

Automatic Pool Covers, Inc., 1992-1997

Garage (architectural drawings pulled), 1976-1977

History and household expenses, 1985-2000

McLaughlin, Mrs. Roll (Linda), redecorating, 1974

Woodburn House

Furniture Inventory, undated


(Architectural Drawing Pulled)

Helmer, Dorothy, redecorating, 1945-1952

Houseboy, 1941-1954

House cook - Mrs. Shields, Mrs. Hayes, 1948-1954

Household Furnishings,

General, 1938-1941

A-L (by firm), 1938-1942

M-Z (by firm), 1938-1942

Adams, Inc., 1938-1942

L.S. Ayers & Company, 1938-1940

Davidson, Ellis Co., Inc., 1939

Godsey Cabinet Shop, 1967-1994

Hammacher Schlemmer, 1938-1941


General, 1938

Mrs. McGrayel, 1946-1950

Housekeeper and Cook, Helen Schuster, 1949-1954

Box 25 Inventories (general),

Household items and furnishings, 1946-1974

(3 folders)

Owen Hall office, 1967-1989

Personal estate, 1939-1972

Personal possessions, 1973-1980s

Silver Inventory, 1940-circa 1970s

Supporting documents, 1937-1953


General, 1971-1986

Mrs. Wells Earrings, 1991-1992

Loans and gifts,

Art Museum, 1974-1989

Bryan House, 1987-1994

IMU, 1988-1989

Wylie House/Archives, 1965-1993

Lebanon Property, 1950-1967

(2 folders)

Nashville property,

General, 1958-1968

Correspondence with Eleanor and Walter Snodgrass, 1958-1963

Personal property tax documents, 1952-1965

Quilts, 1991-1997

Real Estate,

General, 1954-1957

Legal Documents,

Undated, 1835-1897




1952,  1957 

Darcia Sparks Land, 1931-1936

Summary of land purchases, 1940-1977

Miscellaneous personal property, 1973-1994

Series: Box 25 Teaching, undated, 1927-1939, undated

Subseries: Economics courses, 1927-1939, undated

Economics 1b and Economics 101: Political Economy,

General Administration - Political Economy - Economics 1b, 1927-1928

Chapter I Nature and Importance of Economics lecture notes, undated

Chapter II Factors of Production lecture notes, undated

Chapter III and IV Industrial Stages and Industrial Revolution lecture notes, undated

Chapter V Division of Labor and the Control of Production lecture notes, undated

Chapter VI Formation of the Business Unit lecture notes, undated

Chapter VII Large-Scale Production lecture notes, undated

Chapter VIII Organization of Marketing lecture notes, undated

Chapter X The Economic Function of Government lecture notes, undated

Chapter XV Transportation lecture notes, undated

Chapter XXV Consumption lecture notes, undated

Chapter XVIII Value and Price lecture notes, undated

Stock Market and Capitalization and Classes of Securities lecture notes, undated

Money lecture notes, undated

The Business Cycle lecture notes, undated

Box 26 Banking lecture notes, undated

Value of Money, 1930-1933

Foreign Exchange newspaper clippings, 1931-1932

Economic Rent lecture notes, undated, 1930

Rent of Urban Sites and Mines - Rent Problems lecture notes, undated, 1929

General Law of Wages lecture material, undated

Population, 1931-1932

Immigration lecture notes, undated

Profits lecture notes, 1931

Consumption and Personal Distribution lecture notes, undated, 1931

Unemployment lecture notes, undated, 1928

Hours of Labor lecture notes, undated

Organized Labor Movement lecture notes, undated, 1931

Risk Insurance and Speculation lecture notes, undated, 1930

Public Finance lecture notes, undated, 1929-1931

Profit Sharing, Co-Partnership, and Cooperation lecture notes, undated, 1931-1932

Industrial Monopoly and Its Control lecture notes, undated, 1931

Solutions of the Industrial Conflict lecture notes, undated, 1931

Economic Inequality lecture notes, undated 1931

Socialism lecture notes, 1931-1932

Railroads and Their Regulation notes and newspaper clippings, undated, 1931-1932

Economics 101a - Hour Exams, 1927-1929

Economics 101a - Mid-Term Examinations, 1930-1931

Economics 101a - Final Examinations, 1928-1933

Economics 101b - Mid-Term Examinations, 1931-1933

Economics 101b - Final Examinations, 1932

Political Economy, 2nd Semester, Intro and Seating, undated, 1931

Economics 102a: Economic and Social History of England,

General Administration - Economic History of England lecture notes, 1931-1933

1. Course Outline, undated, 1933-1934

2. Introduction. "Change," undated, 1939

3. Foundations of European Economic Life - Contributions of Egypt and Greece, undated

4. Foundations of European Economy - Roman Contributions, undated

5. Social Significance of the Christian Church, undated

6. Social History of Early England, undated

7. Village Life in the Middle Ages - The Manorial System, undated

8. The Life of the Peasant during the Middle Ages, undated

9. Town Life in the Middle Ages - The Guild System, undated

10. Social Life in Medieval England, undated

11. Trade in the Middle Ages, undated

12. Hour Examination, 1933

13. The Domestic System and the Beginnings of Industry, undated

14. The New Discoveries and Commercial Adventure, undated

15. Economic Nationalism of the 15th and 17th Centuries - The Mercantile System, undated

16. Changes in Agricultural Organization, undated

17. Commerce and Finance During the 18th Century, undated

18. The Industrial Revolution - The Mining Industry - The Age of Invention, undated

19. The Industrial Revolution (cont'd.), undated

20. Visual Instruction: Water Power, Woolen Goods, Bituminous Coal, Anthracite Coal, undated

21. The Development of Transportation, 1660-1932, undated

22. Hour examination and partial syllabus, undated

23. Visual Instruction: How Goods Are Carried, How the World Travels, Ocean Liners, undated

24. Commerce and Colonization, 1660 to the present, undated

25. The Agricultural Revolution, undated

26. The Reform of Economic and Social Conditions - Laissez Faire, undated

27. Social Policy in Industrial England, undated

28. Social Policy on the Continent

(folder is empty)

29. Visual Instruction: Behind the Scenes in the Machine Age, undated

30. Banking, Private and Public Finance - Postwar Problems, undated

31. The Rise of Trade Unions, undated

32. Population and Emigration, undated

33. Economic Significance of Tsarist and Communist Russia

(folder is empty)

Special Session: Summary and Review; Visual Instruction: Historical Personages of England 1760-1927, undated

Economics 102a - Hour Examinations, 1932

Economics 102a - Mid-Term Examinations, 1930-1931

Economics 102a - Final Examinations, 1927-1933

Economics 102b: Economic History of the United States,

1. Course Organization and Introductory Lecture, undated, 1932-1934

2. Columbus, the Mad Mariner, undated

3. Economic Background of Colonization, undated

4. Colonial Economic Life, undated, 1931

5. Colonic Economic Life (cont'd), undated

6. Economic Causes of the Revolution, undated

7. Independence and Economic Problems, undated

8. Daniel Boone (Visual Instruction), undated

9. The Westward Movement, undated

10. Agriculture in the Post-Revolutionary Period, undated

11. Hour Examination (empty folder)

12. Visit to the Industrial and Agricultural Museum - Commerce

(Visual Instruction - empty folder)

13. The Development of Transportation, Commerce, and Trade in the New Republic, undated, 1932

14. Alexander Hamilton and Post-Revolutionary Finance, undated

15. The Growth of Population and Industry, 1790-1860, undated

16. Economic Causes and Consequences of Internecine Warfare - Agrarian Slavocracy vs. Industrial Plutocracy, undated

17. Problems of Agriculture Since 1860, undated

18. Meat Packing, From Wheat to Bread, Pacific Coast Salmon (Visual Instruction), undated

19. Chicago Board of Trade and the Marketing of Grain, undated

20. Hour Examination (empty folder)

21. Appropriation and Exploitation of Our Natural Resources, undated, 1932

22. Lumbering in the North Woods, The Cycle of Erosion, When Trees Talk (visual instruction)

(empty folder)

23. The State Forests of Indiana - Hon. Ralph Wilcox

(empty folder)

24. The Development of Manufacture and Industrial Combinations, 1860-1932, undated

25. Population and Labor, 1860-1932; Immigration to the U.S. (visual instruction), undated, 1931

26. The Mohawk Valley; Overland to California; The Oregon Country (visual instruction), undated

27. Transportation and Communication, 1860-1930, undated

28. King of the Rails; Transportation on the Great Lakes; Automobiles (visual instruction), undated

29. Contemporary Problems of the Railroads and Their Social Significance - Hon. _____ , Monon Railroad

(empty folder)

30. Domestic and Foreign Commerce, 1860-1932, undated

31. Contemporary Problems of Currency and Finance, undated

32. Growth of the United States, 1789 to the Present (visual instruction), undated

33. An Economic History Is the Dramatic Story of Man's Increasing Control of Nature, undated

Economics 102b First Hour Examination, 1933

Economics 102b Second Hour Examination, 1933

Economics 102b Mid-Term Examinations, 1931-1932

Economics 102b Final Examinations, 1932

E102a&b - Correspondence Study - Extension Division, undated, 1932

Box 27 Economics E214: Corporation Economics,

Corporation Economics - Course Outline (E214?), undated

Section I. Corporate Organization lecture notes, undated

Section IV. The Corporation lecture notes, undated

Section V. Promotion and the Problems of Organization lecture notes, undated

Section VI-VIII. Internal Management lecture notes, undated

Section IX. Problems of Capitalism lecture notes, undated

E214 Examinations, 1933

Economics E229: Social and Economic Control of Business,

Tentative Outline, undated

Course Outline and Notes, undated

Subseries: Business courses and advisement, 1929-1937, undated

Introduction to Business (Business 100) - First Day, 1936-1937

Introduction to Business (Business 100) - Second Day, 1936-1937

American Institute of Banking - Standard Economic Questions, 1929

Bank Management, 1936-1937

Business Policy,

Course and lecture materials, undated, 1932

Notes - Harvard University, undated

Business Research (Business 235a), undated, 1935

Change, second lecture, 1936

Farm Credit Administration, 1934-1935

Regulation of Financial Institutions (Business 270)

Course and lecture materials, undated, 1935-1937

Miscellaneous pamphlets, reports, and printouts, undated, 1934-1935

Retail Investment Sales Act, undated, 1935

Small Loan Regulations, undated, 1934

Special Studies in Finance (Business 272), undated

Student Papers on Social Control of Business, 1933

(3 folders)

Placement of graduates of the Business School, 1935

Series: Box 28 Banking, 1928-1962, undated

Subseries: Indiana Department of Financial Institutions, 1928-1938, undated


A, 1932-1933

B, 1931-1933

Bernard, Frank B., 1931-1933

Bogart, Paul N., 1931-1933

Boone, Franklin M., 1931-1933

Broderick, Joseph A., 1931-1932

Brown, A.G., 1931-1933

C, 1931-1933

Collings, W.A., 1931-1932

Cooley, Charles M., 1931-1933

D, 1931-1933

E, 1931-1933

Eaton, Lyman.D., 1931-1933

Eddie, Lionel D., 1931-1933

Elliott, Frank R., 1932-1933

Ellis, Willis S., 1931-1933

(For sale), 1931-1933

Flaugh, Christian, 1932

G, 1931-1933

Garlock, Fred H., 1931-1933

Glass, Carter (Senator), 1932

Gray, Myron H., 1931-1933

Greenough, Walter S., 1931-1933

H, 1931-1933

Henderson, Leon, 1931-1932

Holmes, C.O. (Senator), 1931-1933

(2 folders)

I, 1932

Irwin, William G., 1931-1932

J, 1932-1933

K, 1931-1933

Kettleborough, Dr. Charles, 1931-1933

L, 1932-1933

M, 1931-1933

Mc, 1931-1933

Melchior, Hugo, 1931-1932

Moffat, Dr. J.E., 1931-1933

Morris, Will F., 1931-1933

N, 1931-1933

O, 1931-1933

Ogden, George F., 1931-1933

P, 1931-1933

Persons, W. Frank, 1931-1933

Pole, J.W., 1931-1932

Powell, O.S., 1931-1933

R, 1931-1933

Rawles, William A., (Dean), 1931-1933

Riefler, Dr. Winfield W., 1932-1933

Rottger, Curtis H., 1931-1933

S, 1931-1933

Sigma Nu, 1931-1933

Simmonds, Frank W., 1931-1932

Smith, U.H. (Bursar), 1931-1933

Symons, Luther F., 1931-1932

T, 1931-1932

Thompson, F.L., 1931-1933

U, 1932-1933

United States Daily, 1931-1933

V, 1932-1933

W, 1931-1933

Wells, Mr., 1932

Weymouth, George, 1931-1933

Woods, Colonel Clarence E., 1931-1933

XYZ, 1931-1933

Box 29 Study Commission for Indiana Financial Institutions Report,

Chapter notes, undated

1 Historical Study

2 Failure of Financial Institutions

2-A Banks

2-C Relation of Depression to Bank and Building and Loan Failure

3 Influence of Federal Agencies on Future of County Banking

4 Federal Reserve Membership for State Supervised Banks

5 Regulation of Indiana Building and Loans Compared to Model Code

5-2 As to Method of Chartering

5-5 As to Loaning of Funds

5-6 As to Liability of Stockholders and Depositors

5-10 As to Changes in Indiana Law

6 Supervision of Building and Loans Compared to Other States and Code)

6-5 As to Change in Indiana Law

7 Regulation of Indiana State Chartered Banks and Trust Companies

7-3 As to Capitol Requirements

7-4 As to Liabilities and Duties of Directors

7-5 As to Reserves (Cash)

7-6 As to Loaning of Funds

7-7 As to Regulation of Department Store Bank Earnings

7-8 As to Interest Charged on Loans

7-9 As to Change in Indiana Law

7-10 Holding Companies and Facilities

8 Supervision of Banks

8-1 As to Department in Charge

8-2 As to Personnel and Equipment of Dept.

8-3 As to Type, Quality, Frequency of Exams

8-4 As to Type, Quality, Frequency of Reports and Statements

8-5 As to Change in Indiana Law

9 Regulation of Indiana Small Loan Companies

9-1 As to Types Incorporation and Operation

9-5 As to Changes in Indiana Law

10 Supervision of Small Loan Companies

10-1 As to Department in Charge

10-5 As to Changes in Indiana Law

11 Relation of Panaceas in Indiana Problem

11-A Branch Banking

11-2 Bank Guaranty of Deposit

11-C Regional Clearing Houses

12 Contemporary Suggestions for Betterments

12-1 Taxes

Early Revisions, undated


(Oversized 8d)

I Organization of Banks for Each State, undated

II Capital and Surplus Requirements in Each State, undated

(3 folders)

III Mergers and Consolidations in Each State, undated

IV Liquidation of Solvent Organizations, undated

V Receiverships in Each State, undated

Report typescript and notes, undated

Chapter 1 - Original Typescript

Chapter 2 - Original Typescript

Chapter 3 - Original Typescript

Chapter 4 - Original Typescript

Chapter 5 - Original Typescript

Chapter 6 - Original Typescript

Chapter 7 - Original Typescript

Galley Sheets, undated

Final Report - Report of Study Commission for Indiana Financial Institutions, 1932

Subject Files,

Activities in Other States in Reform of Financial Institutions, 1931-1932

Assistantships, 1932-1933

(2 folders)

Bank Guaranty, undated

Bill for creation of Department of Finance in Indiana, May 1932

Bills of finance, 1931-1933

Books, 1931-1932

Budget, 1931-1932

Box 30 Canadian Banks, undated

Capital Surplus and Double Reliability, 1929-1932, undated

Cash Reserves, 1928-1932, undated

Conferences - Washington and New York, undated, 1931

Cooley, undated

Briefs of Laws Relating to the Historical Development of Financial Legislation, undated undated

Building and Loan Questionnaires and Correspondence with Receivers, 1932 1931

Miscellaneous, undated

Original List of Building and Loan Failures and Liquidations, 1915-1930, undated

Crockett, Herbert L. and Others, 1929-1935

Data Gathered from Questionnaires- Lyman Eaton,

State Supervised Banks that Have Failed Yearly in Indiana (1900-1930), Summary on "Old Free Banks" in Indiana, undated

State Supervised Banks Organized Yearly in Indiana (1910-1916) Showing Capital of Each, undated

Active Banks Classified by Counties, 1924, undated

Number of Each Type of Bank in Indiana Showing Resources and Deposits Each Year and Average for all Years (1924-1931), Shows Percent Increase and Decrease from 1924 Figures, undated

Name and Location of Failures for Each Year (1925-1931), Cartograms Showing Location on Map, undated

Indiana Bank Failures and Operating Banks (Average #) Classified by Stock, Resources and Deposits Shown for Each Class Interval for Failed Banks, 1925-1931, undated

Indiana Banks Classified by Size of Resources, Resources of All Active Indiana Banks, 1925-1931, undated

Indiana Bank Suspensions- Reopened, Taken Over, in Process of Liquidation, Completely Liquidated, No Disposition, 1921-1930, undated

Indiana Operating and Failed Banks Classified by Population of Location of Bank, Resources and Deposits Shown for Each Classification of Failed Bank, 1925-1931, undated undated

Indiana Bank Closing Classified as to Sold, Merged, Closed but later Reopened, Resources and Deposits Shown for Each Class, 1925-1931, undated undated

Deposits in Failed and active Indiana Banks Yearly Showing Ratio of Failed Deposits to Active Bank Deposits, Average Active and Failed Deposits for the Period, 1925-1931, undated undated

Length and Range of Life of Failed Indiana Banks, undated

Bank Failures in United States Shown as a Percentage of Active Banks Each Year- National and state Banks Treated Separately, undated

Legislative Changes Suggested by People in Charge of Failed Banks, undated

Receivers to Whom Questionnaires Were Sent Showing the Ones Not Replying, undated

Ration of Capital, Surplus and Profits to Deposits for Failed and Operating Banks, Ratio of Surplus and Profits to Capital, undated

Deposit of Public Funds, undated

Domestic Commerce News 1929-1934, undated

Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Stockholders, undated

Enrolled Concurrent House Resolution No. 14, undated

Exchange of Credit, undated


General, 1931-1932

Banking Department, undated, 1933

Current, 1932

Failure Statistics, 1925-1931, undated

Florida House Bill 403 (Limiting Excessive Withdrawals), undated 1933

Foreign Banking Systems, undated

Form Letters to Commission Members, 1932-1933 undated

General Statistics, 1931-1933

The Guaranty of Bank Deposits, undated

Holding Companies and Affiliates, undated

Holmes, Murray C., 1929-1934

Incorporation of Financial Institutions and Types Authorized by Law, undated

Indiana Bankers Association,

General, 1931-1933

Mailings, 1931-1933

Jackson Club- Democrats, 1932-1933

(4 folders)

Jefferson Club, 1932


Clippings, 1933

Early Drafts of Proposed Bills, undated

(2 folders)

Box 31 House Bill No. 147, A Bill for and Act concerning Financial Institutions, 1933

(2 folders)

House Bill No. 164, A Bill for an Act to Amend Sections 2 and 6 of an Act entitled "An Act Concerning Public Utilities…," 1933

House Bill No. 476, A Bill for an Act Concerning Taxation and Declaring an Emergency, 1933

House Bill No. 485, A Bill for An Act Concerning Taxation and Declaring an Emergency, 1933

House Bill No. 486, A Bill for An Act Concerning Taxation and Declaring an Emergency, 1933

Various Copies of Legislative Proposals in the Process of Evolution, undated

Loaning of Funds, undated

Marsh, Homer E., 1929-1934

Material Concerning Revision of Mr. Eaton's Charts, 1932-1933

Memorandum on the "Glass Banking Bill," undated

Minutes and Agendas, 1932

Minutes of the Study Commission Meetings, 1931-1932

New Research Project - Greenough and Wells, undated, 1928-1930

Outline of the History of the Commission, undated

Outline of the Study Report, undated

Penal Liabilities of Officials for Embezzlement, undated

Powers of Banks in North Carolina, undated

Publicity, 1932-1933

Publicity Ideas, 1933

Questionnaires - Banks From Which No Reply Was Received, 1931-1932


Compilation of Replies from Receivers of Failed Banks, National and State – National Results Segregated, undated

Complete Reports, 1932

(2 folders)

Costs in Indiana, 1932

General, 1932

Records - Form Letters and Questionnaires to Receivers, undated

Replies from Banks to Questionnaires Concerning Causes of Failure, 1932


Form Letters, undated, 1932

Mailing List, undated

Notes, undated

Old Material, undated 1932

Research Data Needed, undated

Review of "A Primer of Money," undated

Riddle Reconcilement and New Charts- Based Upon Resources- Lyman Eaton, 1921-1930, undated

Savings Bank Answers, 1932

Secretary's Reports to Commission, undated

Speech Delivered by Robert M. Hutchins before the Young Democratic Clubs in Chicago, Illinois, June 27, 1932 undated

Speeches by Wells on the Commission, undated, 1932

(2 folders)

Suggestions by Mr. Christian Flaugh of Montpelier, undated

Box 32 Suggestions for Amendments of Report, undated

Summary of Bills Relating to Banks and Trust Companies, undated 1932

(2 folders)

Summary on Building and Loan Laws on Withdrawal in Various States, undated

Supervision, undated

Synopsis of Study, undated

Testimony of Melvin Traylor, 1931

Unpublished Bank Failure Studies, undated

Report of an Inquiry Into Contemporary Banking in the United States,

Table of Contents, undated

Volume I, undated

A Study of State Banking Departments, undated

(5 folders)

Summary of Certain Statutory Provisions for Certain States, undated

(2 folders)

Department of Financial Institutions

General, 1936-38


General, 1936

Call, Floyd, 1936-1937

Dettority, E.D., 1935-1936

Harvey, Merle, 1935

McKinley, Richard A., 1935-1936

Parrish, Elizabeth Chapman, 1936




Subseries: Indiana Bankers Association, undated, 1929-1938


Brazil speech, undated

General, undated

General Assembly of Bankers, undated

Greencastle Address, undated

Marion County Speech, undated

Purposes and Possibilities of a County Organization, undated

Story of Money and Banking, undated

Committee on Research, 1936-1937

"Community Bank Management" - Herman B. Wells, Field Secretary, undated




November 1937-1938 

Credit Bureaus, undated, 1929

Letter to Bankers (as Bank Commissioner), 1933

Lists of Indiana Bank Officers, undated, 1930

Membership, 1931

Service Charges, 1929-1931

Subseries: Box 33 Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis, 1935-1962


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.


General correspondence

Correspondence with Directors

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.


General correspondence

Correspondence with Directors

Reports to Directors


General correspondence

Executive Committee Minutes

Minutes of Board Directors Meetings


General correspondence

Minutes of the Board Directors Meetings

Minutes of the Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Stockholders Meeting


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Box 34 Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of the Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements

Box 35 1945-1946 

General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Box 36 Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Box 37 Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Box 38 Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Meeting at Bloomington, Oct. 25, 1957

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Box 39 Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements


General correspondence

Correspondence with Board in Washington, D.C.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Minutes of Executive Committee

Miscellaneous Reports

Monthly Statements

Subseries: Other Banking Activities, 1935-1938

American Bankers Association, 1935-1938

Federal Reserve System, 1935-1936

National Association of State Bank Supervisors, 1935-1937

Permanent Committee on Standardization of Bank Report Forms,

Conference on Bank Statement Standardization, May 22-23, 1935

General, 1935

Agenda and Proceedings, 1935




Series: Box 40 Writings, 1893-1986, undated

Subseries: Being Lucky (Wells' Memoirs), 1893-1986, undated


General, 1977-1986

I.U. Press, 1979-1981

Legal Agreements, 1979-1980

Letters of Appreciation for Being Lucky, 1977-1981

(2 folders)

Miscellaneous Letters, Items, Newspaper Clippings, Etc., 1974-1980

Outlines, 1975-1979

Planning, 1977-1979

Schedules, 1978-1979

Preface--To Begin, 1979

Chapter I:

Family background, Original--Final Working Copy, undated

Dictation on father, undated

Dictation on mother, undated

Parents' marriage; birth & childhood, undated

Wells--Genealogy--Family, undated

Correspondence--Family background, undated

Heritage, undated

Drafts, family and early life, undated

(2 folders)

Chapter I, undated

Family background, 10-9-78, undated

Family reference, undated

Family background, undated

Materials for Chapter I, undated

Working copy--Family background, undated

Latest revision of Chapter I, undated

Miscellaneous, 1978-1979

Chapter II:

College, 1967-1979

College and graduate school, reference, undated

College and graduate school, extra copies, undated

HBW's interview with Jim Helms, undated

Conversation with Kyle Niederpruem; Union Board, 1978

Chapter II, undated

College and graduate school--final working draft, undated

College and graduate school--original--final working copy, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Chapter III:

Drafts, undated

Box 41 Chapter IV:

Correspondence--Financial institutions, 1960-1977

Reference Material--Financial institutions, undated

Meeting transcript with Leo Gardner, Eddie Edwards, Dorothy Collins, Jack New, and Herman B Wells--Financial institutions, 1976

Financial institutions, Part I, undated

Financial Institutions, Part I--Previous drafts, undated, 1933

Financial Institutions--Extra copies, undated

Chapter IV, undated

Drafts for Boy Scouts' paper on financial institutions, undated

Financial Institutions- 1st Draft, undated

Financial institutions, Part I, Original--Final working copy, undated

Chapter IV, 1932-1980

(2 folders)

Chapter V:

Chapter V Financial Institutions, Part II, undated, 1976

(2 folders)

Financial Institutions Part II--extra copies, undated

Interview with Paul DeVault, 1975

Financial institutions, Part II--Original--Final working copy, undated

(2 folders)

Oral history interview with Edward Edwards, Dottie Collins, Thomas C. Clark and Herman B Wells, 1974

Chapter V, 1974-1980

Chapter VI:

Business School, undated

School of Business Administration; Original--Final working copy, 1937

Conversation with Joe Batchelor, 1977

Oral history interview--Herman B Wells, John Mee; School of Business, 1974

Interviews --Mrs. James Moffat and Herman B Wells, 1974

Correspondence--School of Business, 1976-1977

School of Business, Previous drafts, undated, 1976

Speech to Wellhouse--2-24-78, rough draft (Contains part of chapter on School of Business and acting Presidency), 1978

School of Business - Reference, undated, 1937-1976

School of Business - extra copy, undated

Business School, 1937-1977

Woodburn letters, 1893-1977

Addresses to students as Dean, School of Business, Fall 1935-1936

Chapter VI, 1974-1979

(2 folders)

Box 42 Chapter VII:

Acting presidency--previous drafts, 1937-1977

Speeches, 1938

Staff security, 1945-1961

Self-survey, 1939

Presidency, undated

Acting presidency—reference, 1937-1977

William Lowe Bryan, 1950-1977

Briscoe biographical sketch, 1977

Working copy--Acting presidency, undated

Presidency--Final working draft, 1977

Acting presidency, 1938

Dictation and drafts, 1977-1979

Acting presidency--original--final working copy, 1978

Chapter VIII: "A Few Observations on Collegial Administration,"

General, 1940-1979

(2 folders)

Administration, 1976-1977

(2 folders)

Inauguration, 1938

Administration--previous drafts, 1976-1977

Inter-institutional cooperation in Indiana, 1951-1971

Center for Research Libraries, (Midwest Inter-library Center), 1965-1966

Administration--Interviews & initial drafts, 1976-1977

Administration--original--final working copy, undated

"Book"—Administration, 1976

Dictation on Administration, 1977

Chapter on Administration, undated

Chapter IX: "How to Succeed Without Really Trying"

General, 1979

50-Maxim Speech, 1962-1979

Dictation on 50-Maxims speech, 1978-1979

Chapter X: "Money, Money, But Never Enough"

General, 1977-1979

Interview with Herman B Wells, Robert Topping and D. Collins, 1977-1978

University Finance--drafts of chapter--some research material, 1949-1979

Finance--Cooperative budget, 1950-1951

Finance--Legislative visit to campus, 1940-1947

Finances--Speeches of HBW on University Budget, 1938-1949

Finance--Interview with Claude Rich, Ray Butler, Joe Franklin, Herman B Wells, 1977

Finance--Outline of chapter-- "Salient Points," 1977

Finance--Interview, Herman B Wells, Dottie Collins, Robert Topping--about Hovde and IU-Purdue, 1977-1978

Chapter XI: "The Private Sector"

General, 1977-1979

Box 43 I.U. Foundation, 1971-1979

I.U. Foundation, Folder 2, 1951-1967

Chapter XII: "Academic Freedom and Tenure"






Tenure, 1977

Kinsey--Academic Freedom, 1953-1954

Dictations on Academic Freedom, 1977

Chapter XIII: "To Make Room for the Future"

General, 1979

Buildings, 1978-1979

Finance-- "I.U. Inventory of Construction and Planning, 1953-54"

Finance-- "Report of the Physical Facilities Committee of the Indiana Inter-Institutional Study Committee," 1952

Finance--Materials gathered by John Haste, 1976

Housing, 1962-1979

Buildings--Housing--Wright Quadrangle, 1971

Finance--Corrections on Clark Chapter, 1974-1951

Chapter XIV: "Student and Alumni Relationships"




DASA (Distinguished Alumni Service Award), 1979

Student Government, 1941-1961

Student Relations--Hours, Housing, Open Visitation, 1968

Student Relationships, 1978

Alumni Relations, 1944-1945

Chapter XV: "Culture to the Crossroads"

General, 1979

Regional Campus System, 1979

Regional Campus Development, 1976-1979

Chapter XVI: "The University Looks Abroad"

General, 1975

Pakistan--Institute of Business Administration (IBA), 1964-1968

Nicoll on Pakistan Project, 1962-1978

International Institutions, 1961-1969

Technical assistance (including Siddiqi interview), undated

Technical assistance, 1978-1979

Box 44 Technical assistance papers, 1974-1979

Technical assistance programs--Interview with Bill Porter, HBW, Dottie Collins, David Warriner, October 30, 1978

Pakistan--Interview with HBW, Dottie Collins and Dr. Razzidin Siddiqi, Sept. 5, 1978

Technical assistance—Pakistan, 1978-1979

Technical assistance--Pakistan, Commission, Islamabad, 1967

Thailand--NIDA (National Institute of Development Administration, 1956

Technical assistance—Thailand, 1950-1978

Public Service, 1978

Pakistan--Basic Medical Science Institute, 1962-1978

Pakistan—Education, 1968

Chapter XVII: "Academic Ferment"

General, (includes interview with Henry Hope on the Art Department and Ura Lloyd on the Medical School), 1944-1980

Inspiration from sunbathing, 1978-1979

Dictation--Summary-- "Inspiration from sunbathing," 1968-1979

Dean Gatch, 1945-1946

Law School, 1944-1979

Indiana Law School, 1930-1979

Chapter XIX: "A Glorious Experience in the Springtime of My Career"

General, 1979

Greek election mission--working copies, 1978

Greece dictation, 1945-1979

Greek election, undated

Working draft--Greek Election Mission, undated, 1946

Chapter XX: "With Clay in Occupied Germany"

General, 1948-1976

Free University of Berlin, 1948-1979

Interview with Herman B Wells, John Gimbel, Peter Fraenkel, Dottie Collins, John Haste, April 30, 1977

Germany--Research materials used in revisions, 1948

German experience--Herman B Wells, Gimbel, Fraenkel, undated

German experience--correspondence with Tent, 1977

German experience--copies of drafts, undated

Krieger interview, undated, 1978

The German experience, 1949-1978

Chapter XXI: "One World or None"

General, undated, 1979

UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) Conference, undated, 1979

United Nations--UNESCO, UNRRA, etc., undated, 1979

Marshall Plan dinner dictation--CED, UNESCO, misc., 1978

United Nations session in San Francisco, 1945

Box 45 Dictation on UN, 1977-1979

United Nations, 1947-1979

UNESCO, 1978

UN experts, undated

Chapter XXII: "An Unusual Mission to the U.S.S.R."

General, 1977-1980

Russian trip, 1978-1979

1958--Russian trip--working copy, 1978-1979

Chapter XXIII: "Education and World Affairs"




First draft, 1978

Chapter XXIV: "The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching"

General, 1978-1979

(3 folders)

Chapter XXV: "The American Council on Education and an Introduction to International Associations,"

General, 1978-1979

(2 folders)

Chapter XXVI: "The Educational Policies Commission,"




Chapter XXVII: "The Roots of PBS"

General, 1979

NET (National Educational Television), 1967-1979

AIT (Agency for Instructional Television)-NET (National Educational Television), 1967-1979

Chapter XXVIII: "Trying to do One's Share,"

General, 1978-1979

Chapter XXIX: "With My Hat on the Back of My Head"

Travel, 1962-1979

Travels for fun--reference material, 1932-1974

Trip, January 1978

Travel--draft I, undated

Travel--draft II & III, undated

Travel--draft IV, 1979

Chapter XXX: "The Summing Up"

General, 1960-1979

End of Presidency--working copy, 1968-1970

Insert for chapter on "Resignation as President of University," 1978

A Summing Up--Resignation for the Presidency, 1976-1978

Chapter XXXI: "The University Chancellor"

General, 1962-1979

(2 folders)

Speech to Boy Scouts, February 11, 1973

Higher Education Surveys, 1957-1979

(2 folders)

Box 46 "Higher Education in a Decade of Decision," Educational Policies Commission, NEA, 1957

Wells on East-West Trade, 1973

White House Commission

White House Commissions,

Undated,  1965 

Dictation, undated, 1965

Post 1962

Chapter XXXII: Epilogue, undated

Appendix--Folder 1, 1934-1982

Index for book on index cards

(stored with tapes in box 49)

Final Draft,

Volume I – Preparation for the Presidency, Chapter I-VI and Table of Contents, undated

Volume I – The Presidency, Chapters I-IX and the "Lilly Influence," undated

Volume II – An International Dimension, Chapters I-VII and "Vignette of Muhammed Raza Pahlavi," undated

Volume II – Long-Term Educational service, Chapters I-IV and Epilogue, Appendix, undated

Research materials,

HBW—Vita, 1937-1980

International Programs--General file, 1965-1973

Ljubljana University, Yugoslavia (Business Administration), 1967-1973

TIAA-CREF (Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America-College Retirement Equities Fund), 1978

"TIME" story, 1938-1939

HBW Bibliography, 1966-1967

Korea--Nursing program, 1959-1973

Frank Mathers, 1972-1979

Index, undated

Box 47 Chapter drafts with vignettes, 1979

"They Made A Difference," undated,  1978-1979 

"Lilly Influence," 1969-1981 

Toast at Andrew Carnegie Commemorative Luncheon, undated

Vignettes- Introduction, 1986

Vignette of Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, 1979

Vignette of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, 1979

Vignette of J. Paul Getty, 1979

Vignette of John Foster Dulles, 1979

Vignette of Haile Sellassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, 1979

Vignette of Wendell Willkie, 1979

Vignette of Harold Macmillan, 1979

Vignette of Dr. William Lowe Bryan, 1979

Vignettes—general, 1979

Notes on Clark's manuscript, 1981

Clark chapters, undated

Notes on Clark--Vol. III,

Veteran Housing – Post WWII, undated

Faculty Recruitment, undated

Student Life and Government (late 1930s-early 1940s), undated

Years of the Bitter Harvest, undated, 1975

All the Time Arts, 1975

Epilogue, undated

Raisin a New Horizon and The Rise of an Academic Metropolis, undated

Notes on Clark--Vol. IV

"The Capstone," undated 

"That They May Have Life and Have it Abundantly," undated 

Index to Volume IV of Clark’s History of IU, undated

Oral history interview--Herman Wells, Tom Clark and Dottie Collins, March 6, 1971

Oral history--8-5-74; Herman Wells, Edward Edwards, Dr. Thomas Clark, Dottie Collins

Interview- Clark, HBW, and Dottie Collins, May 23, 1975

Newspaper clippings, 1940s

Newspaper clippings, 1950s

Newspaper clippings, 1970s

Newspaper clippings-miscellaneous, undated

Finance, Chapters 5 & 6 from Warringer dissertation, undated

Remarks by Herman B Wells, Mini University, Wittenberger Auditorium, IMU, "Recollections of a Serendipitist," June 25, 1981

Talk at MRC (Men's Residence Center), September 29, 1977

Speeches, miscellaneous, undated

Dictation on book--various chapters, undated

Interview with Herman B Wells by James Jones, December 3, 1971

Interview with Herman B Wells on religion, Kurt Hofmann, June 13, 1972

Interview with Herman B Wells, James Moffat, June 28, 1974

Oral history with Herman B Wells and John Mee, July 2, 1974

Interview with Herman B Wells and Mrs. Ralph Collins, August 8, 1974

Interview with Herman B Wells, Eddie Edwards and Dottie Collins on Financial Institutions, August 9, 1974

Interview with Herman B Wells and Seth Slabaugh of the IDS (Indiana Daily Student) re "Degradation of Academic Dogma Since World War II," March 31, 1975

Interview with Herman B Wells and Perry Metz, November 17, 1975

Discussion with Richard Gray's Journalism class, June 29, 1976

Dictation on Administration; Interview with Dottie Collins, March 15, 1977

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Committee, Interview with Herman B Wells and Dottie Collins--Graduate School days at Wisconsin, etc., March 16, 1977

Interview with Herman B Wells, Dottie Collins and John Haste re Missions Abroad, March 16, 1977

Interview with Herman B Wells, Dottie Collins and John Haste, March 17, 1977

Dictation--Herman B Wells and Dottie Collins, re Financial Institutions, March 18-19, 1977

Conversation with Peter Fraenkel; Dictation on Administration, March 26, 1977

Interview with Dottie Collins, September 27, 1977

Effectiveness of Faculty Governance conversation with Norman Pounds, October 21, 1977

Interview with Herman B Wells by Ali Abdulmajed; Subject: Leadership, April 11, 1979

Herman B Wells conversation with William Milne, May, 1978

John Mee interview with Herman B Wells on 76th birthday, June 7, 1978

Box 48 Cassette tapes--dictation for book--numbered in groups as follows:

A 1-17

Aa 1-7

B 1-17

C 1-16

D 1-14

E 1-14

F 1-15

G 1-13

H 1-12

Box 49 I 1-7

J 1-40

K 1-12

Tape in envelope--Early discussion about book with HBW and Dottie Collins

Tape in envelope--University Heritage Committee meeting

Tape in envelope--Hoosier Heritage Center Committee minutes

Tape in envelope--HBW's dictation on international affairs

Tape in envelope--Early dictation about Jamestown for the book

Two miscellaneous boxes of tapes each with 15 cassettes

3" reel to reel tape--Heffner dinner, ; Dr. Wells' speech, November 11, 1972

7" reel to reel tape--Poynter Committee meeting with Poynter and Patterson, June 26, 1972

Box containing index cards

(part of series 2)

Subseries: Box 50 Articles, manuscripts and other publications, 1936-1966, undated

"American Education and the Rising Tide," Phi Delta Kappa, June 1956 

Books to be written, correspondence and manuscript drafts, 1936-1940

"Branches for Opportunity," American Education, February 1966 

"A Case Study on Interinstitutional Cooperation," Educational Record, 1967 

"Cooperation and Coordination of Federal Supervisory Agencies," Hoosier Banker, January 1936 

"The Early History of Indiana University as reflected in the Administration of Andrew Wylie," The Filson Club History Quarterly, April 1962 

"Future Directions for Higher Education," The Anchora of Delta Gamma, Spring 1958 

"Higher Education Faces a Crucial Decade," The Indiana Teacher, December 1956 

"Higher Education in a Decade of Decision" correspondence, 1957

"How to Succeed as a University President without Really Trying," Delta Upsilon Quarterly, October 1966 

"Investment in Survival," Business Horizons, Spring 1959 

"The Limitless Frontier of the Mind," Looking to the Future of Higher Education in Indiana, September 1954 

"A Message to You," Indiana University Bulletin, December 1962 

"Needs, Resources, and Priorities in Higher Educational Planning," Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors, Autumn 1957 

"Present and Future Problems of the State-supported Colleges and Universities," 1954 

"The Role of the University in a Democratic Society," undated 

Subseries: Speeches, 1933-1984, undated

Letter to Key Bankers in each District, 1933

"The Social Control of Financial Institution," Indiana Association of Economists and Sociologists, 29-Apr-33

"The Relationship of the Department of Financial Institutions to the Building and Loan Associations of Indiana," by R. A. McKinley, State Convention of Indiana Savings and Loan, 7-Jun-33

"Banks of Indiana and the Department of Financial Institutions," by R. A. McKinley, Jun-33

"Activities of the Department of Financial Institutions," circa June 1933 

"Economic Security," outline, circa June 1933

Remarks made to Indiana Bankers Association, circa June 1933

"The New Department of Financial Institutions and the Farm Bureau Credit Unions," circa June 1933 

"The Relation between the New Department of Financial Institutions and the Personal Finance Industries," circa June 1933 

Governor’s speech to National Convention of Young Democratic Clubs, circa 1933

State Field Representative Campaign for Higher Education, 1933

"Facts Obtained from the Statistical Study: The Types of Banks that Have Failed," circa 1933 

"In Conclusion…" (speech fragment), circa 1933

Outline for bank speech, circa 1933

"Recent Bank and Building and Loan Legislation," circa 1933 

Remarks on branch banking, circa 1933

Reorganization of the banks, circa 1933

"Supervision and Control of Financial Institutions," rough draft, circa 1933

"Credit Unions among the Financial Institutions of Indiana," by H. B. Hartsock, 24-Jan-34

Outline for remarks (on the progress of the Department of Financial Institutions?), 20-Apr-34

"Increased Social Control [of Banks] in Washington," 12-May-34 

"A Bit of History" (analogue to social control of financial institutions?), circa 1934

"Social Control (Public Regulation) of Indiana Financial Institutions," January - April 1935 

"Recent Bank and Building and Loan Legislation," radio speech, 10-Feb-35

Speech at West Baden banking reform, 25-Mar-35

Bank reform – Washington, D.C., 22-May-35

"Social Control of Credit for Consumer," Credit Union League, 21-May-35

Address to freshman students – School of Business Administration, Sep-35

"Social Contribution of Commercial Education," Indiana Teacher’s Association, 17-Oct-35

"Standardization of Reports," National Association of Supervisors of State Banks, 8-Nov-35

"Management and the New Supervision," State Bank Division, American Bankers Association, 11-Nov-35

Indiana Bankers Association report, 1935

"Federal Financial Developments," National Association of Cost Accountants, 19-Feb-36

"Sound Public Policy in Bank Supervision," City Club of Cleveland, 7-Mar-36

"Panel Discussion with C.W. Barker and G.W. Starr," Indianapolis Marketing Research Club, 8-Apr-36

IU Commencement Address, 15-Jun-36

"Reconstruction and the Democratic Party," Jun-36 

"Address to Freshman Students," School of Business Administration, IU, Sep-36

"Address before Indianapolis Bankers," 1-Oct-36 

"Sound Public Policy in Chartering Banks," Midwest Conference on Banking Service, 3-Apr-37

"Skit before State Convention," Indiana Bankers Association, 6-May-37

"Government Regulation of Bank Investments," Investment Analysts Club, 19-May-37

IU Commencement ceremony script, 14-Jun-37

"Business and Education…Partners in Progress," Education and Industry Conference, 12-Oct-44

"A Man, an Institution, and an Era," Newcomen Society, 1950

Eulogy given at funeral of IU President William Lowe Bryan, 23-Nov-55

"State of the University" address given as Interim President of IU, 10-Oct-63

"Message to the Indiana University Community," 1968 

Address given at IU Founders Day Convention, 7-May-74

Remarks given at the dedication of Elisabeth Ball Room, Lilly Library, 7-Sep-84

"50 Maxims for a College President or Some Tongue-in-Cheek Rules for Success," undated 

Banker’s conference, undated

Notice on Hiring Bank Examiners, undated

"Legislative Bills and Banking," undated 

Series: Box 50 German Assignment, 1947-1952, undated

Subseries: Correspondence, 1947-1950, undated

Indices to correspondence, undated [image]View item(s)

Alexander, Maj. Floyd Russell, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Alexander, Richard Thomas, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

A-General file:

Andrews, Col. John N., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Armstrong, Lewis S., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Artin, Mrs. N., 1948

Ashton, Dean J.W., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Banta, Frank G., 1947, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Bartley, E, Ross, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Bartman, Herbert F., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Beaucond, Col. C.A., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Becker, Howard P., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Brendel, Otto J., 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Briscoe, Herman T., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Bryan, Dr. and Mrs. William Lowe, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Burghard, Dr. Curd, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

B-General file:

Baerg, Gerhard, 1947, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Barnes, W., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Becker, Cr. Wilhelm, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Beckner, Earl R., 1949 [image]View item(s)

Beeler, Dr., 1947

See: Presidential records / Football tickets – Purdue game, October 24, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Beerman, Suse, 1947

Beerman, Dr. V.A.M., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Benton, William, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Bergman, W.G., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Biddle, Dona, undated [image]View item(s)

Black, C.J., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Blue, Beth, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Böbbis, Martha, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Bonhoeffer, Professor, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Brand, Helen D., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Briscoe, Mrs. H.T., (Orah), 1948

Brisset, Roger, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Brosch, Helmut, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Bruns, Gertrude, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Business Equipment Company, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Clay, Gen. Lucius D., 1947-1949 [image]View item(s)

Crabill, Harold H., 1947, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Cravens, Mrs. Mellie G., 1948 [image]View item(s)

C-General file:

Cain, Betty, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Cannon, Fermor Spencer, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Cauley, Mrs. Troy J., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Clarke, Dr. C.R., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Cleland, Ralph E., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Clore, Gerald L., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Coleman, Mrs. Anna L., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Cook, H.H., 1947

See: Presidential records / Cook, H.H., October 22, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Re: Coordinating Committee for Cultural Relations with Germany, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Crane, John B., 1948

See: Presidential records / Crane, John B., August 16, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Davis, Merrill S., 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Deubner, Dr. Ottfried, 1948 [image]View item(s)

D-General file:

D’Arms, Edward F., 1947 [image]View item(s)

DeLong, Vaughn R., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Delta Kappa Gamma Society, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Dennis, William C., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Derzaz, Edward, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Dickson, Harold B., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Drummond, Don, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Duvall, Mrs. Edgar Frank (Katherine), 1947 [image]View item(s)

Elliot, Frank R., 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

E-General file:

Edens, Mrs. W.G., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Ehrich, Alice, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Fraenkel, Peter A., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Franklin, J.A., 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Freese, Gordon, 1948-1949 [image]View item(s)

Friedrich, Dr. Carl J., 1948 [image]View item(s)

F-General file:

Falk, Dr. Charles J., 1948

See: Presidential records / Falk, Dr. Charles J., December 1, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Fennell, Lucille Kirtley, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Forell, Wolfgang N., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Foss, Kendall, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Reference to Kendall Foss, 1948

See: Presidential records / Foss, Kendall, November 11, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Foster, Betty, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Fountain, Dr. Charles Hillman, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Free, Victor, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Freese, Lt. Col. Simon, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Frenz, Horst, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Fuchs, Mrs. Ralph, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Fuchs, Ralph. 1947 [image]View item(s)

Grace, Alonzo G., 1948-1950 [image]View item(s)

Greenough, Walter and Katharine, 1947 [image]View item(s)

G-General file:

Gaertner, Dr. Herman J., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Gailey, Brig. Gen. Charles K., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Garde, Lt. Col. G.H., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Gates, Ralph F., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Gavit, Mrs. Bernard C., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Geiger, Mrs. Dillon, undated [image]View item(s)

Geiger, John L., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Genetics Society or America, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Re: German Universities, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Re: Germany, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Gilmore, Dr. E.A., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Gilmore, Miriam Wedeking, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Goett, Elsa, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Goett, Michael, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Goodwill Industries, 1948

See: Presidential records / Clore, Gerald L., January 16, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Graham, J.E., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Gray, Gordon, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Gresh, D., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hastings, John S., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Havighurst, Robert J., 1947, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Hay, John, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Hays, Maj. Gen. George P., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Hodges, Lt. Col. Arthur W., Jr., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Holland, Gladys (President’s Office), 1948-1949, undated [image]View item(s)

H-General file:

Hale, President, 1948

See: Presidential records / Evansville – I.U. extension, June 16, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Hall, Mrs. Archibald, undated [image]View item(s)

Hall, Ford P., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hewser, W.J., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Higgins, Daniel D., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hill, Herbert R., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hillman, John W., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hoffmann, Mrs. Brigitte, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hoffzimmer, Ernest, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Holt, Dr. John B., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hopkins, Lowell, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Howe, Guilford H., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Hüls, Luise, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Hume, Brig. Gen. Edgar Erskine, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Irvin, Lt. Col. L.P., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Ittner, Robert T., 1947-1949 [image]View item(s)

I.U. Board of Trustees and Executive Committee, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

J-General file:

Jackson, Charles W., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Jaeger, Hans, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Jones, Thomas E., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Jones, Mrs. Walter, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Jospe, Rabbi Alfred, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Kellerman, Henry J., 1948-1949 [image]View item(s)

Klous, D. Donald, 1947 [image]View item(s)

K-General file:

Karsen, Dr. Fritz, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Kazmayer, Robert, 1949

See: Presidential records / Kazmayer, Robert, June 18, 1949

[image]View item(s)

Kickbusch, Alfred F., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Korteling, Rev. and Mrs. A.K., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Kulenkes, Norbert, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Kull, Francis, 1947

See: Presidential records / Kull, Francis, November 12, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Kuraner, Walter, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Lesser, Mrs. Hedwig, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Litchfield, Edward H., 1948-1950 [image]View item(s)

Lundin, Dr. Leonard, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

L-General file:

Lasswitz, Erich, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Leslie, Mrs. Harry G., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Re: Libraries, 1947, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Link, Helga, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Lowe, Bishop Titus, 1948

See: Presidential records / Lowe, Bishop Titus, June 9, 1948

[image]View item(s)

McKibbin, George B., 1947-1948, undated [image]View item(s)

Miller, Clementine, 1947, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Muelder, Milton E., 1948-1949 [image]View item(s)

M-General file:

Manes, Alfred, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Manski, Dorothy, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Masonic Lodge, 1947

See: Presidential records / Masonic Lodge, November 3, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Mays, Lawrence V., 1947 [image]View item(s)

McClintic, Elizabeth, 1948 [image]View item(s)

McClure, Worth, 1948 [image]View item(s)

McDaniel, Forba, 1947 [image]View item(s)

McKeon, R.P., 1947 [image]View item(s)

McKinley, Richard A., 1947

See: Personal file: McKinley, Richard A.

[image]View item(s)

McMahon, Col. B.B., 1948 [image]View item(s)

McMillin, A.N., 1947

See: Presidential records / McMillin, A.N., November 28, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Merrell, Clarence F., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Merrill, Dean and Mrs. Winfred, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Moffat, James, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Montgomery, Franz P., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Muller, H.J., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Myers, Robert H., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Niemeyer, Dr. Gerhart, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Nostrand, Howard Lee, 1949 [image]View item(s)

N-General file:

Neumann, George K., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Re: Netherlands, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Nixon, John, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Norrie, Lawrence E., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Notre Dame, University of, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Olsen, Dr. C. Arild, 1948 [image]View item(s)

O’Sullivan, Ben, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Patterson, Robert P., 1947 [image]View item(s)

P-General file:

Parker, Carl E., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Paty, Raymond R., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Pitsch, Howard R., 1949 [image]View item(s)

Prosser, Dr. and Mrs., 1949 [image]View item(s)

Reed, Fenwick T. "Fen," 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Remak, Henry H.H., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Royall, Kenneth C., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Royer, Catherine E., 1947-1949 [image]View item(s)

R-General file:

Rabb, Mrs. Albert (Frances), 1947 [image]View item(s)

Rabb, Mrs. Albert (Frances), 1948

See: Presidential records / Rabb, Mrs. Albert, June 28, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Ramsey, Mrs. R.R., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Reilly, P.C., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Renfro, Frieda, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Rheinstein, Max, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Rietsch, Mr. and Mrs. Eberhard, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Ritter, Dr. Ernest, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Robinson, Clifton, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Rockwood, Capt. C.A., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Root, D.A., 1947

See: Presidential records / Root, D.A., September 3, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Smith, Marjorie Jean – Editor-in-Chief, IDS, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Starr, J. Ward, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Steiner, John P., 1948-1950 [image]View item(s)

Sundquist, James, 1948 [image]View item(s)

S-General file:

Scarlett, G.S., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Schoomaker, Oliver J., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Re: Science, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Sembower, John F., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Semmerling, Helen, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Sevitzky, Mrs. Fabien, 1947

See: Presidential records / Sevitzky, Fabien (Mrs.), November 30, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Shaffer, Alice, 1949

See: Presidential records / Shaffer, Alice, July 1, 1949

[image]View item(s)

Shrader, Gladys Linton, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Slusser, Mack W., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Smith, James, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Snoddy, Clyde, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Snyder, Harold E., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Spangler, Mamie, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Spies, Dr. Heinrich, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Standard, Joseph G., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Stauffer, Tom, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Steichmann, H., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Stoddard, George D., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Strickland, Ruth G., 1947 [image]View item(s)

T-General file:

Tasche, Mrs. Magda, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Tauer, Myron B., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Tauer, Mrs. Paul O., Sr., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Taylor, John S., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Teetor, Lothair, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Telfer, Mrs. Wolcott Stuart, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Textor, Col., 1948

See: Presidential records / Skornia, Harry J., November 13, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Thompson, Stuart M., 1947 [image]View item(s)

V-General file:

Van Riper, Paul P., 1949

See: Presidential records / Van Riper, Paul P., July 26, 1949

[image]View item(s)

von Valzogen, Lucifran, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Wells, Anna Bernice, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Wright, Wendell W., 1948 [image]View item(s)

W-General file:

Wann, Dr. Harry A., 1948 [image]View item(s)

War Department, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Weatherly, Mrs. U. Grant, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Weigert, Dr. H.W., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Weimer, Dean A.M., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Wernette, Philip, 1948

See: Presidential records / New Mexico, University of, March 15, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Werth, Agnes, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Wildermuth, Ora L., 1947

See: Presidential records / Wildermuth, Ora L., November 13, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Wildman, President, 1947

See: Presidential records / Indiana War History Commission, November 24, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Winning, Dr. C.D., 1948 [image]View item(s)

Woody, Paul R., 1947

See: Presidential records / Woody, Paul R., September 10, 1947

[image]View item(s)

Woolen, Mrs. Herbert M. (Peg), 1947 [image]View item(s)

Wyman, H.B., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Zucker, Dr. A.E., 1947 [image]View item(s)

Subseries: Box 51 Writings and reports, 1947-1948, undated

Rheinstein report (Comments on the report of the U.S. education mission to Germany), Max Rheinstein, 1947 [image]View item(s)

"The Role of the University in a Democratic Society" , 1947 [image]View item(s)

"Summary Report on Conditions of Science in Germany" , Mrs. N. Artin and R. Courant, 1947 [image]View item(s)

"Butter instead of Guns," circa 1948  [image]View item(s)

"Cultural Exchange with Germany," 1948  [image]View item(s)

"Education and Democracy," 1948  [image]View item(s)

Memorandum re: Cultural Affairs Program, 1948 [image]View item(s)

"The Nature and Consequences of Black Propaganda [in Nazi Germany]" , Howard Becker, 1948 [image]View item(s)

"Notes for Remarks at Symposium on Recovery in Western Germany," 1948  [image]View item(s)

"Our Educational Stake in Germany," 1948  [image]View item(s)

"The Population of Germany," 1948  [image]View item(s)

"Postwar German Universities and the Reorientation of the German People," 1948  [image]View item(s)

Report on reorientation, White, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Report on trip to Washington, 1948 [image]View item(s)

"The United States and the German Problem" convocation speech, circa 1948 [image]View item(s)

"America’s Stake in German Reorientation and Recovery," undated  [image]View item(s)

Banking in Germany, undated [image]View item(s)

"Directive on Constitutional Reform in Institutions of Higher Learning … U.S. Area of Occupation" , undated [image]View item(s)

"German Economic Recovery," undated  [image]View item(s)

"German Economy – Pre-war and Now," undated  [image]View item(s)

"The German Political Situation," undated  [image]View item(s)

"The German Universities," undated  [image]View item(s)

"The German Woman," undated  [image]View item(s)

"How medical service has deteriorated in Germany under socialized medicine" , undated [image]View item(s)

"Medical Education in Germany," undated  [image]View item(s)

"Remarks on the German Trade Union Movement," undated  [image]View item(s)

"Reorganization of the German Universities," notes and outline, undated [image]View item(s)

"School Reform in Germany," undated  [image]View item(s)

"A Visit to a German Reform School," undated  [image]View item(s)

"A Visit to a Jewish DP Camp," undated  [image]View item(s)

"Western Germany and the Marhsall Plan, " undated [image]View item(s)

Subseries: Subject files, 1947-1952, undated

Addresses and names – Things to do en route to and in Germany, 1947-1948, undated [image]View item(s)

American Council on Education meetings, 1952 [image]View item(s)

Applications for employment, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Arolunann – Museum, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Arrest [by Russians in East Berlin], 1948 [image]View item(s)

Art in Germany, 1948-1949 [image]View item(s)

Berlin situation (clippings file), 1948-1949 [image]View item(s)

Folder 1

Includes 3 issues of The Stars and Stripes: Unofficial Publication of U.S. Occupation Forces in Europe; April 3, 1948; June 19, 1948; and June 20, 1948 and 1 issue of The New York Herald Tribune European Edition, September 29, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Folder 2

Includes 1 issue of The New York Herald Tribune European Edition, September 29, 1948

[image]View item(s)

Clippings (general), 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Commission on the Occupied Areas Meeting, 1949-1950 [image]View item(s)

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

Currency devaluations (clippings file), 1949 [image]View item(s)

Denazification, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Dental education and related correspondence, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Diary on first trip to Germany, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Exchanges: Cultural Exchange Division, 1948 [image]View item(s)

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

General policy of occupying powers toward Germany (clippings file), 1948-1949

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

Box 52 German culture, education and reorientation, 1947-1948

German law, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

German libraries and book publishing, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

German public opinion research, 1948 [image]View item(s)

German re-education, 1947-1949 [image]View item(s)

"The German School," 1947  [image]View item(s)

German Waldorf schools, 1949 [image]View item(s)

"German Youth Between Yesterday and Tomorrow" , 1947-1949 [image]View item(s)

(Includes copy of the publication, available full-text through the University of Wisconsin-Madison: German Youth Between Yesterday and Tomorrow)

Health (German), 1948 [image]View item(s)

Higher Education Panel meeting, 1948-1949

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)

Immigration of Jonas Balys and family, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Inoculations, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Itinerary for trip to Washington, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Münchner Studentenzeitung (Munich student newspaper), 1947 [image]View item(s)

National Conference on the Occupied Countries,

First, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Second, 1950 [image]View item(s)

Nostalgia in Berlin, 1948 [image]View item(s)

OMGUS ECRD staff list, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Passport, 1947, undated [image]View item(s)

Persons and places to visit, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Population (Germany), 1948 [image]View item(s)

(Radio) Conversation on Germany, 1949 [image]View item(s)

Reorientation, 1948 [image]View item(s)

Requests to help persons enter the U.S., 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Resolution by Board of Trustees to grant President Wells leave of absence to work in Germany, 1947 [image]View item(s)

Summer work camps in Germany, 1948-1949

(Folder 1) [image]View item(s)

(Folder 2) [image]View item(s)


Documents, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

Orders and related papers, 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

While in US in relation to assignment, 1949-1951 [image]View item(s)

Welfare (Germany), 1948 [image]View item(s)

Women’s Affairs (Germany), 1947-1948 [image]View item(s)

201 file: Salary and travel expenses, 1947-1951 [image]View item(s)

Series: Box 52 Audio Visual materials, 1988-1998, undated

Dan Quayle tape given to Wells in lieu of a transcript, undated

Ernst and Young Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony, 1992

Interview on early Indiana banking, with Blaine H. Wiseman, 1988

“Memories of Woodburn,” oral history of the Woodburn House, 1995

Sigma Nu College of Chapters, Trent Lott speech, 1998

"Solid as Our Namesake: The Story of the Old Capital Bank," 1989 

(includes commentary by Wells)

"The Spirit of Monroe County," circa 1997 

(includes commentary by Wells)

"The Vision of Herman B Wells," 1993 

"Wells Tea," 1992