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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

A Guide to the Papers at the Indiana University Archives

Electronic finding aid encoded by Magia Ghetu

Summary Information

Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management
1320 East Tenth Street
Herman B Wells Library E460
Bloomington, IN 47405-7000
Phone: 812-855-1127

Grant, Edward, 1926-

Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Collection No.

24.6 cu. ft.

Materials are in English

Edward Grant, a Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and History and Philosophy of Science taught at Indiana University for over thirty years. This collection consists of 24.6 cubic of Edward Grant's papers. Consists of correspondence, research, drafts, publications, and course and lecture notes. By far the largest series in the collection is the Teaching series and includes materials from Grant's years teaching as a graduate student at the Univ. of Wisconsin and then later at Indiana. The bulk of the series, though, consists of folders relating to the courses he taught in the IU Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science. The Publications series contains information on many of Grant's publications, including his books Much ado about nothing and Source book in medieval science.

Access Restrictions

Select files closed to researchers. These files are marked RESTRICTED in the finding aid.

Advance notice is required.

Biographical Note

Edward Grant, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History and History and Philosophy of Science at Indiana University, was born in 1926. He began his higher education at the City College in New York, graduating Cum Laude in 1951, and continued to the University of Wisconsin, where he received his Masters and Doctorate in the History of Science and Medieval History in 1957. During this time, Dr. Grant spent a year at the University of Utrecht as a Fulbright Scholar (1955-1956).

Dr. Grant began his successful teaching career while a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. He was an assistant to a well-known scholar in the field, Dr. Marshall Clagett, whom he would continue to respect and correspond with throughout his career. Before arriving in Bloomington, Indiana as an Assistant Professor of History, Dr. Grant spent two years teaching at the University of Main (1957-1958) and Harvard University (1958-1959).

Dr. Grant's teaching career at Indiana University spans over thirty years, beginning in 1959. He was instrumental in starting the department later to be known as History and Philosophy of Science and became Distinguished Professor of both that department and History. Dr. Grant also served as Chairperson of History and Philosophy of Science between 1973-1979 and 1987-1990.

A distinguished medievalist, Dr. Edward Grant wrote prolifically throughout his professorship at Indiana University. Among his numerous books are the multi-volume A Source Book in Medieval Science and Much Ado About Nothing: Theories of Space and Vacuum from the Middle Ages to the Scientific Revolution. Dr. Grant also published a variety of articles and reviews in such respected journals and publications as Isis, History of Science, Dictionary of Scientific Biography, and The New Catholic Encyclopedia.

In addition to his abundant writings, Dr. Grant was also a prominent member of several organizations, such as the Medieval Academy of America, the Academie Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences, and the History of Science Society for which he served as Vice-President (1983-1984) and President (1985-1986). Dr. Grant was also a frequent lecturer for organizations such as the Phi Beta Kappa Associates Panel of Distinguished Speakers (1990-1998).

Some of Dr. Grant's various achievements are recorded in listings such as Who's Who in America, Directory of American Scholars, Men of Achievement, and Dictionary of International Biography.


Organized in six series - Correspondence, Teaching, Student work, Research, Publications and Professional activities.

Scope and Content Note

The Edward Grant papers are organized in six series-- Correspondence, Teaching, Student work, Research, Publications, and Professional activities.

The Correspondence series is arranged alphabetically with the most frequent correspondents making up their own folders. The contents of the letters include insight into Dr. Grant's publications, research, and letters from colleagues and students. Some folders are restricted because they contain detailed research proposals. The Correspondence series comprises 2 cubic feet.

The second series, Teaching, is further organized into two subseries--Dr. Grant's materials before beginning his career at Indiana University and after. The bulk of the series consists of folders relating to a variety of courses taught in the History and Philosophy of Science department at I.U. The folders are arranged by course and consist of exams, questionnaires, readings, and handwritten notes. This series comprises 7 cubic feet.

Dr. Grant's work as a student makes up the third series and consists of notes taken from his undergraduate and graduate courses. Some folders contain original research leading up to his dissertation, of which two copies are included. This series comprises 2 cubic feet.

One of the largest series, Research, is further organized into eight subseries- -Research proposals, Research for articles, Miscellaneous research, and Research for five of Grant's books: (Nicole Oresme: "De Proportionibus Proportionum" and "Ad Pauca Respicientes", Nicole Oresme and the Kinematics of Circular Motion. Tractatus de Commensurabilitate Vel Incommensurabilitate Motuum Celi, A Source Book in Medieval Science, Much Ado About Nothing, and Jordanus de Nemore's Arithmetica (unpublished). Included in this series are several National Endowment for the Humanities and National Science Foundation research proposals, microfilmed manuscripts used for his books, handwritten notes, and Xeroxes. There are five oversized folders that pertain to this series, stored in box 23 of the collection. A box of index notes containing notes from Dr. Grant's extensive research completes the series. This series comprises approximately 4 cubic feet.

The Publications series consists of three subseries--Articles, Reviews, and Materials relating to books. The articles subseries contains drafts, correspondence and some published articles. It is arranged in chronological order and there is one oversized folder stored in the last box. Similarly, the Reviews subseries is arranged chronologically and contains drafts and published reviews. The Books subseries is arranged chronologically and contains galley sheets for some of the books, published copies (not of all books), reviews, and permissions. This series comprises approximately 4.5 cubic feet.

The final series of the collection documents Dr. Grant's Professional activities. It is further organized into five subseries--Professional associations, Professional committees, Lectures, Biographical information, and Office files. The first two subseries consist of correspondence pertaining to various associations and the Committees subseries also includes appraisals of History of Science departments at a number of universities. The Lectures subseries consists of drafts of talks given at conferences, meetings, banquets, and universities. Information about Dr. Grant's various Who's Who Listings and some miscellaneous items are contained in the Biographical subseries, including honors and awards, and memorabilia from Dr. Grant's trip to England. The last subseries is comprised of Dr. Grant's files pertaining to the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science and the Department of History Included are minutes of meetings, faculty annual reports, and book acquisition information. This series comprises approximately 4.5 cubic feet.

Separated Material

Departmental files were removed to create a separate collection (C198).

Related Material

See Collection C198, Indiana University Department of History and Philosophy of Science - Chair's records, 1973-1991

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Accession 98/028, 98/038, 2000/067, 2001/057

Gift; Edward Grant 1998-2001.

Usage Restrictions
Copyright interests for this collection have been transferred to the Trustees of Indiana University. For more information, contact the Indiana University Archivist.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Edward Grant papers, Indiana University Archives, Collection C184.
Processing Information
Processed by Magia Ghetu

Completed in 2002.

Series: Correspondence, 1957-1996 

Box 1 A 1958,  1980-1996 

Ashworth, William 19 Nov 1984,  25 Nov 1985 

Asua, Miguel de Mar-Jun 1992  

B 1958-1959,  1965,  1973,  1980-1990 

Basalla, George 1979-1980  

Brackenridge, Bruce 1979  

Burrows, Barry undated 


Burton, Dan




Byrnes, Robert F. 1958-1959,  20 Feb 1985  

C 1978-1988,  1992-1996 

Cadden, Joan

1967-1988,  1994-1995 



1967-1981  cont.




Cagle, William 1978  

Capshew, James H. 1991  

Caroti, Stefano 11 Feb 1985,  1995 

Chien-Yeh, Yang 13 Apr 1988,  12 May 1988 

Christiansen, Eric H. 1977  

Cimino, Guido 1991  

Clagett, Marshall 1957-1958,  1960-1961,  1977-1987 

Cohen, I. Bernard 1981-1984,  1992-1995 

Cook, Robert 1977 

Crowe, Michael 1980  

D 1959,  1977-1991 

Dales, Richard C. 1978,  1981-1983 

Davis, Edward B (Ted) 1982-1986  

Day, Carol


1975-1986  cont.

(2 folders)


Diamont, Alfred Aug 1984  

Dick, Steven J. 1975-1987  

Dougherty, Jude P. 1982-1984  

Drake, Stillman 1972-1973 

E 1978-1990  

Eastwood, Bruce 1971,  1987-1995 

Evensen, Karen 4 Feb 1991  

F 1959,  1978-1984 

Franz, Frank Feb 1980  

Freudenthal, Gad, 12 Sep 1983,  25 May 1983 

G 1957-1958,  1975,  1980-1996 

Gabriel, Astrik L.



Goddu, Andre 1983-1990 

Grandy, David 1991 

Grant Family cards undated 

Gros Louis, Kenneth 1979,  1984-1985 

Grunbaum, Adolf 1978-1979  

Guerlac, Henry 1958-1959  

H 1958,  1968-1998 

Hansen, Bert 18 Sep 1971,  1978-1984 

Harris, Steven James 1993 

Harvard University 1958  

Hoskin, Michael 1957-1959  

I, J 1975,  1980-1989 

Jennings, Ted 1978  

K 1976-1990 

Korn, Phil 1986 

L 1976-1986,  1995 

Lindberg, David C.




Livesey, Steven 1992  

Lohr, Charles 1979-1988  

Lowengrub, Morton 1978,  1990-1996 

Lu, Yan 18 Apr 1993 

M 1968,  1976-1996 

Maienschein, Jane 1978-1985  

McMullen, Emerson Thomas

1988-1991,  1996 



Meyer, Eric 1984-1991  

Meyer, Leslie




Mitchell, Linda 1987-1989  


Multhauf, Robert P. 1977-1980  

Murdoch, John

1961,  1978-1994 



Box 2 N 1980-1990  

National Science Foundation 1959  

North, John D. 1984-1990,  1995 

O 1952-1959,  1964,  1978-1991 

Osler, Margaret J.




P, Q 1982-1996  

R 1966,  1977,  1982-1996 

Rosen, Edward 1979  

Ryan, John W. 1980-1987  

S 1977-1995  

Schmitt, Charles B. 1979-1986  

Scott, Walter G. 1979  

Shaw, James R. 1977-1978,  1986 

Shixiong, Sun 1987-1990 

Simmons, George C. 1978-1979  

Smith, Joel 1989-1990  

Smith, Mark 1977-1979,  1983,  1992 

Sobol, Peter G.




Sokal, Michael M 1990  

Solt, Leo F. 1959,  1983-1984 

Souffrin, Pierre 1982-1986 

Swerdlow, Noel 1974  

Sylla, Edith 1980,  1988-1991 

T 1978-1990  

Taylor, Kenneth L. 30 Apr 1982,  1988-1989 

U, V 1957,  1969,  1984-1991 

Unguru, Sabetai 1978-1991  

UCLA 1961-1962 

University of Maine undated 

Van Egmond, Warren




W 1957,  1979-1993 

Weinstein, Donald 1978-1979  

Wells, Herman B 1959,  1984,  1990 

Wheeler, Helen 1986-1988  

Woolf, Harry 1958-1959  

Y, Z 1977-1986  

Yokoyama, Masahiko 1982  

Miscellaneous Correspondence 1977-1991  

Letters for Colleagues





Letters and Proposal Reviews


(2 folders)



Letters for Students 1973-1993  

(2 folders)

Grant's comments on proposals 1991  


Unsolicited Manuscripts 1983-1999  


Series: Teaching, 1951-2000  

Subseries: Materials prior to Indiana University, 1951-1959 

Box 3 University of Wisconsin, History of Science

1a (Clagett) Spring 1951  

1a, quiz materials Spring 1951 

1b (Clagett) Spring 1954 

1b (Stauffer) Spring 1954 

University of Maine

History Dept., outlines 1956-1958  

Dept. of History and Gov't. 1957-1958  

Economic History of Europe Fall 1957-1958  

(2 folders)

History of Science Fall 1957-1958  

Economic History of Europe Spring 1957-1958 

Survey of W. European Civ. Spring 1957-1958  

History of Science Spring 1957-1958  

(2 folders)

History Exams 1957-1958  

Harvard University

Natural Sciences 3 1958-1959 

(6 folders)

History of Science Tutorial 1958-1959 

History of Science, Lectures 1958-1959 

Old Examinations 1952-1960  

Subseries: Subseries: Materials relating to courses at Indiana University, 1961- 2000  

Box 4 X207--The Occult in Western Civilization

Experimental Course Proposal Fall 1973  

Clippings on occult


(3 folders)



Course Syllabi

Fall 1976,  1979,  1980 

Fall 1980,  1984,  1985 

Fall 1985  

Fall 1986  

Fall 1987  

Fall 1991  

Fall 1998  

Spring 1998  

Questionnaires Spring 1977-1978  

Quiz 2 undated 

5 week exams 1975-1991 

10 week exams 1976-1988  

15 week exams 1974-1988  

Miscellaneous, outlines, notes undated 

(2 folders)

Readings Packet Spring 1998  

(2 folders)

Introductory Lecture Fall 1976-1991  

Occult Powers Fall 1979 

Magic Fall 1980 

Magic Lecture II Fall 1991  

Magic Lectures Spring 1998  

X207, cont. Astrology undated 

Bibliographies on occult topics undated 

Egyptian Magic undated 

ESP undated 

Gnosticism, Cabala, Hermeticism undated 

Magic in Middle Ages undated 

Medieval Cosmos undated 

Notes on evidence undated 

Notes on the occult undated 

Notes on scientism undated 

Notes on skepticism undated 

Possession and exorcism undated 

Box 5 Spiritualism undated 

Superstition undated 

UFOs undated 

Witchcraft undated 

(3 folders)

Memorabilia from course undated 

X211, Survey of the History of Science Fall 1973  


Questionnaire Spring 1974  

Jan 1975  

Apr 1975  

X336, Religion and Science

Handwritten Notes (no order) undated 

(2 folders)

Religion and Science Fall 1971 

Introduction Fall 1985  

(2 folders)

Egypt and Mesopotamia Fall 1985  

Plato lecture Fall 1985  

Spring 1992  

(706) Student papers Spring 1992  

Aristotle lecture undated 

Galileo lecture undated 

Newton lecture undated 

Various lectures undated 

(2 folders)

17th Century England undated 

18th Cent. Theology undated 

19th Cent. undated 

Miscellaneous papers undated 

Box 6 X336, cont. The advent of Christianity undated 

Aristotelianism in 16th Cent. undated 

Copernicus undated 

Eternity of world undated 

Genealogy and age of Earth undated 

Greek religion undated 

(2 folders)

Hermeticism undated 

Hexaemeral literature undated 

Hooykaas undated 

Islam undated 

(2 folders)

Medieval science and theology undated 

History of science film course:

The Ascent of Man undated 

Film Lists undated 

M500 Bibliography of medieval studies undated,  Spring 1987 

(2 folders)

X501, History of Science

Mimeographed sheets 1961-1963  

Fall 1962 

Student Papers Fall 1962  

X502, Medieval Medicine Spring 1959-1960  

X505, History of Science

General Fall 1966-Spring 1991  

Miscellaneous handouts undated 

X505/405, Lectures 1-37 1971,  1979 

Introduction 1977,  1991 

Miscellaneous student papers


1981,  1985,  1991 


1987,  1989,  1991 

Spring 1987  


Spring 1987  

Spring 1989  

Spring 1991 

Handouts/Exams Spring 1991 

Alchemy undated 

Box 7 X505, cont. Ancient Egypt undated 

Ancient and Medieval science undated 

Aristotle undated 

(2 folders)

Aristotle's scientific method undated 

Bibliography on the history of medieval science undated 

Bibliography on special topics undated 

Biographical sheets undated 

Early Middles Ages chartres undated 

Egypt and Mesopotamia undated 

Greek Astronomy undated 

Greek Biology undated 

Greek Mathematics undated 

(2 folders)

Greek Medicine undated 

Hexaemeral literature undated 

Intention and remission of forms undated 

Islam undated 

Medieval cosmos undated 

Medieval dynamics undated 

Medieval Latin medicine undated 

Medieval optics undated 

Mesopotamia undated 

Box 8 X505, cont. Plato undated 

Plurality of worlds undated 


pluralists, atomists undated 

monists undated 

The problem of motion in middle ages undated 

Proportions of motion undated 

Science in late antiquity undated 

What is motion? undated 


Lectures undated 

History of Science Survey Fall 1993 

Student papers

Fall 1993 

Fall 1994 

Aristotle celestial region undated 

Christianity undated 

Latin encyclopedists undated 

Neoplatonism undated 

Ptolemy undated 

X520, Logic of Science Fall 1960 

X521, Student papers Fall 1968  

H610, Philosophy and Science in Medieval Thought

Fall 1968  

Handwritten notes Fall 1970 

The medieval university Fall 1981  

Medieval intellectual history


(2 folders)

Fall 1984 

Medieval universities Spring 1986  

Intellectual history and universities Spring 1987 

Fall 1989  

(2 folders)

Spring 1992  

(2 folders)

Box 9 X614, X615, Handwritten notes 1967-1973  

X614, Colloquium in Medieval Science Spring 1982  

X616, Ancient Atomism Fall 1968  

(2 folders)

X617 Fall 1988  

X705, Seminar in History of Medieval Science

Spring 1996  

Lecture on Med. Natural Philosophy Spring 1996  

Medieval universities Spring 1996  

The Medieval university and the reception of Aristotelian learning Spring 1996  

Translations Spring 1996  

Doing science in late middle ages Spring 1996  

Renaissance of late 12th Cent. Spring 1996  

Seminar: Medieval Optics Spring 1963  

Course Proposal: Medieval World View undated 

Bibliographies: Medieval Science undated 

Ph.D. Qualifying Exams 1969,  1980,  1991-1993 


Occult Spring 2000  

Clippings Spring 2000  

10 week exam Spring 2000  

15 week exam Spring 2000  

Series: Student work 1950-1959  

Box 10 City College in New York

Undergrad term paper May 1950  

Ancient Science Fall 1950  

History II-Ancient Greece 1950  

Ancient History undated 

(University of Wisconsin)

History of Pharmacy Fall 1951 

European Social/Intell. History undated 

Ancient philosophy Fall 1951 

History of Science 1a Fall 1951 

120b History of Science Spring 1951-1952  

(2 folders)

History of Science Fall 1952 

Medieval philosophy Spring 1952-1953  

Various grad courses 1953 

(2 folders)

Notes undated 

Samuel Butler notes undated 

Term papers for hist. of science 1953 

(2 folders)

Term paper: Robert Bacon undated 

Term Paper: Dante and Renaissance 1953 

1a History of Science Fall 1953 

282 Hist. of Science Fall 1953 

(3 folders)

Box 11 170 Hist. of science Spring 1953  

Seminar 205 Fall 1954  

Graduate notes 1951-1957,  1954-1957 

(6 folders)

Medieval Culture 1954-1957 

(2 folders)

120b Medieval science 1954-1957 

Graduate notes: Wisconsin, Columbia Univ. 1954-1957 

Integrated Liberal studies Spring 1957  

History of Italy Spring 1957  

Notes/Research undated 

(2 folders)

Graduate notes--Harvard University Spring 1959  

(2 folders)


(Title page-Chapter V) 1957 

(Chapter VI) 1957 

(Chapter VII-end) 1957 

Doctoral Thesis (same as above) 1957 

Series: Research, 1955-1992 

See also box 24, which is the last box and contains index cards full of research notes.

Subseries: Miscellaneous

Box 11 University of Utrecht--Fulbright Scholarship 1955 

Research compiled from European manuscripts




Research notes taken in Europe undated 

(2 folders)

Box 12 Research notes taken in Europe undated 

(2 folders)

Miscellaneous microfilmed manuscripts undated 

Manuscripts by subject undated 

(2 folders)

Manuscripts by library undated 

Microfilm lists undated 

Subseries: Grant Proposals, 1961-1992  

Box 12 American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) 3 Feb 1961 

ACLS award 1974  

Guggenheim Foundation



Indiana University's Research Incentive Program 1979-1982 

NEH (National Endowment for Humanities)

Summer seminar




(2 folders)

Translation proposal 1983  

Proposal: The Medieval Cosmos 1984  

Grant 1984  

NSF (National Science Foundation)

Grants 1959-1971  

Grant G8674 1959-1960 

Grant proposals 1961-1963 

6S-66 May 1963 

Grants: Purchase requisitions 1963-1965  

Grant GS-1074 1966-1968 

Publication subsidy 1967 

Grant GS-1961 1970-1972 

Grants: proposals 1971-1974  

Proposals 1979-1982 

Proposal: The Medieval World View 1979-1982 

Box 13 NSF, cont. Grant: Scientific inertia 1980-1982  

Proposals 1982-1989  

Proposal: The Medieval Cosmos 1984-1989  

NSF-NEH Proposal for Medieval Cosmos 1989  


Proposal: Medieval Cosmos 1990 

Application 1990 

Dir-901 1540 1991-1992 

Newberry Library 1980  

Rockefeller Foundation 1974  

Subseries: Research for articles 1962-1976 

Box 13 Aristotle's Shiphaulers 1962  

Mathematical uncertainty in middle ages undated 

Part I of Oresme's Algorismus Proportionum 1965 

Place and space in medieval physical thought 1976  

(2 folders)

Subseries: Research for Oresme: De Proportionibus...,(pub. 1966), undated 

Box 13 Research/notes undated 

Notes undated 

(4 folders)

Microfilmed manuscripts undated 

(2 folders)

Subseries: Research for Oresme: Kinematics of Circular Motion, (pub. 1971), undated 

Box 13 Arsenal 522 undated 

Florence ASHB 210 undated 

Lawrence de Fundis undated 

Utrecht 725 undated 

Vatican Lat 4082, Pepys 2329 undated 

(2 folders)

Notes and comments undated 

BN 7281 undated 

Cicero on great year undated 

Johannes de Mures undated 

Theodosius of Tripoli undated 

Transparencies undated 

Subseries: Research for A Source Book, (pub. 1974), undated 

Box 13 Research for book, early materials undated 

(2 folders)

Subseries: Research for Much Ado About Nothing, (pub. 1981), undated 

Box 13 Manuscripts and enlargements undated 

(3 folders)

Box 14 Xeroxes relevant to chapter 8 undated 

(2 folders)

Al-Farabi & Peter of Alvernia: On vacuum undated 

Algazali: on void undated 

Amicus: on place undated 

Aristotle: on void undated 

Avicenna: on void undated 

Roger Bacon: on void undated 

Beauvais, Vincent of: on place undated 

Blasius of Parma:

on vacuum undated 

on void undated 

Nicolas Bonetas: on vacuum undated 

Bruno: infinite space undated 


on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

Walter Burley: on place undated 

Johannes Canonicus: on place undated 

Cardano undated 

Cardano, cont., equality of man undated 

Cleomedes: on vacuum undated 

Melchior Cornaeus undated 

Luis Coronel: on place undated 

Bartholomeo D'Amici:

on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

St. John of Damascus: on place undated 

Descartes on space undated 

"Fluid" void undated 

Gaetanus de Thienis undated 

Giovanni di Ascoli Graziadei undated 

Giovanni da Fontana undated 

PS Grosseteste: on place undated 

Henry of Ghent: on place undated 

Hero of Alexandria: on void undated 

Infinite space, Concept of undated 

Interstitial vacuum undated 

The Italian Natural Philosophers undated 

(2 folders)

J.B. de la Grange: on void undated 

Jesuits undated 

John of Jandun: on vacuum undated 

John of St. Thomas undated 

Jordanus de Nemorarius undated 

Albertus Magnus: on place undated 

Emanuel Maignan undated 

(2 folders)

Mathematical infinite, On the undated 

Moerbeke, William of undated 

Nature abhors a vacuum undated 

Nicholas of Autrecourt undated 

Ockham: on void undated 

Oresme: on void undated 

Box 15 Francesco Patrizi undated 

(2 folders)

Paul of Venice undated 

(2 folders)

Peter of Abano undated 

Petrus of Aureoli: on place undated 

John Philoponus: on void undated 

S. Pines: Islamischen Atomenlehre undated 

Place, misc. discussions undated 

Place and ubi undated 

Place, void, space undated 

(6 folders)

Giorgio Polacco undated 

Principle of intertia undated 

Regiomantus undated 

Aegidius Romanus: on place undated 

Rotation of Earth undated 

Duns Scotus: on place undated 

Separate void undated 

Siger of Brabant undated 

Simplicius: on vacuum undated 

Domingo Soto:

on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

Spinoza: on space undated 

Franciscus Toletus: on place undated 

Vacuum, Definitions of undated 

Void, General views on undated 

On void, space undated 

Void, space, action at a distance undated 

Void as discussed in hermetic literature undated 

Void, Experiments in middle ages undated 

Void space undated 

Subseries: Research for Jordanus de Nemore (unpublished) undated 

Box 15 Jordanus: Biblioteque Nationale BN16644 undated 

(2 folders)

Biblioteque Nationale 14737 undated 

(2 folders)

Cambridge Univ. Library 1876 undated 

Milano manuscript C-241INF undated 

(2 folders)

Box 16 Pepys 2329 undated 

(2 folders)

Photocopy of Vatican Manuscript undated 

(2 folders)

Vatican manuscript 2120 undated 

(3 folders)

Vat. Lat. 4455 undated 

(2 folders)

Grant's notes undated 

(2 folders)

Series: Publications, 1961-2001 

Subseries: Correspondence, 1963-1988  

Cambridge University Press

Box 16 1972-1980  


John Wiley Press 1965-1972 

(2 folders)

University of Wisconsin Press

Halftones for 2 published books 1966,  1971 

Oresme volumes undated 

Correspondence regarding Oresme De Proportionibus... 1963-1966,  1988 

Correspondence for Source Book 1968-1974  

Correspondence for Much Ado 1978-1981  

Subseries: Articles, 1960-1997 

The arrangement of this subseries closely follows the list of articles in Dr. Grant's Curriculum Vitae.

Box 16 "Nicole Oresme and his De Proportionibus Proportionum. " Isis51, no. 165 (1960) : 293-314.

"Nicole Oresme and the Commensurability or Incommensurability of Celestial Motions." Archive for History of Exact Sciences 1 (1961) : 420-458.

"Late Medieval Thought, Copernicus, and the Scientific Revolution." Journal of the History of Ideas 23 (1962) : 197-220.

"Hypotheses in Late Medieval and Early Modern Science." Daedalus Summer (1962) : 599-616.

"Jean Buridan: A 14th Century Cartesian." Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences 16, no. 64 (1963) : 251-255.

"Aristotle's Shiphaulers' and Medieval Criticisms of His Law of Motion." Dixième Congrès International d'Histoire des Sciences 1 (1964) : 587-590.

This article is located in Oversize, Box 24.

"Aristotle's Restriction on His Law of Motion: Its Fate in the Middle Ages." In L'Aventure de la Science. Mèlanges Alexandre Koyré (Histoire de la Pensée, vol. 12). Paris: Hermann, 1964 : 173-197.

"Motion in the Void and the Principle of Inertia in the Middle Ages." Isis 55, no. 181 (1964) : 265-292.

"Bradwardine and Galileo: Equality of Velocities in the Void." Archive for History of Exact Sciences 2, no. 4 (1965) : 344-364.

"Part I of Nicole Oresme's Algorismus Proportionum ." Isis 56, part 3, no. 185 (1965) : 327-341.

"Aristotle, Philoponus, Avempace, and Galileo's Pisan Dynamics." Centaurus 11, no. 2 (1965) : 79-95.

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"On the Origin of the Medieval Version of Equality of Fall for Unequal Bodies in the Void: A Critique of Duhem's Explanation." Actes du XI Congrès International d'Histoire des Sciences Warsaw/Cracow, 1967 , vol. 3, 19-23.

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Subseries: Reviews, 1961-1998  

All of the following reviews were written by Dr. Grant

Box 17 Wallace, William A. Review of The Scientific Methodology of Theodoric of Freiberg: A Case Study of the Relationship between Science and Philosophy. Reviewed in Speculum 36, (Jan. 1961) : 188-194.

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Unpublished review for Technology and Culture 1998 

Schmitt. Review of Experience and Experiment. undated 

Subseries: Box 18 Files related to Grant's book Nicole Oresme: "De Proportionibus Proportionum" and "Ad Pauca Respicientes" , published in 1966  .

Changes in volume 1963-1965  

Plates 1963-1965  

Proof Sheets 1960 

Review of volume 1966 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book Physical Science in the Middle Ages , published in 1977 

Box 18 Hardbound copy of book 1977 

Copy of Japanese translation 1982  

Review of Physical Science undated 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book Nicole Oresme and the Kinematics of Circular Motion , published in 1971 

Box 18 Manuscript 1971 

(2 folders)

Review of volume 1971 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book A Source Book in Medieval Science , published in 1981 

Volume II of manuscript is missing.


Box 18 1967-1968 



(from Wisc. Univ. Press) undated 

Material for Source Book 1974  

Selections to be typed 1974  

Topics 1974  

Manuscript of Source Book Vol. I

(preface-pg. 54) 1974  

(pg. 55-186) 1974  

(pg. 187-271mm) 1974  

(pg. 277-416) 1974  

(pg. 417-481) 1974  

Vol. III (there is no Vol. II)

(pg. 1013-1116) 1974  

(pg. 1117-1216) 1974  

(pg. 1217-1324) 1974  

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(pg. 1409-1497) 1974  

Box 19 Vol. IV

(pg. 1498-1664) 1974  

(pg. 1665-1784) 1974  

(pg. 1785-1908) 1974  

(pg. 1909-2043) 1974  

Vol. V

(pg. 2044-2175) 1974  

(pg. 2176-2299) 1974  

(pg. 2300-2407) 1974  

(pg. 2408-2537) 1974  

(pg. 2538-2622) 1974  

(pg. 2623-2748) 1974  

Errors in Source Book undated 

Review of volume 1976 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book Much Ado About Nothing: Theories of Space and Vacuum from the Middle Ages to the Scientific Revolution , published in 1981 

Box 19 Preface undated 

Edited page proofs undated 

(3 folders)

Review of volume undated 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's work In Defense of the Earth's Centrality... , Varorium Reprints, published in 1984 

Box 19 Studies in Medieval Science (indexed articles) 1981 

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Review of volume 1984  

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book Mathematics and its Applications to Science and Natural Philosophy in the Middle Ages published in 1987 

Box 19 Materials for volume 1987 

Line figures 1987 

Review 1987 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book Planets, Stars, & Orbs: The Medieval Cosmos, 1200-1687 published in 1994 

Box 19 NEH Publication: Planets, Stars, Orbs 1992-1993  

The Medieval Cosmos (Book) 1976 

Medieval Cosmos, Chapters 1 & 2 1988  

Review of volume undated 

Copy of volume 1994  

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book The Foundations of Modern Science in the Middle Ages , published in 1996 

Box 20 Edited galley sheets 1996 

(3 folders)

Copy of book 1996 

Subseries: Files related to Grant's book God and Reason in the Middle Ages , published in 2001 

Box 20 Correspondence 2001 


(pg. 1-127) 2001 

(pg. 128-279) 2001 

(pg. 280-421) 2001 

(pg. 422-578) 2001 

(pg. 579-end) 2001 

Series: Professional Activities, 1958-1997  

Subseries: Professional Associations, 1966-1997  

Academie Internationale D'Histoire des Sciences

Box 20 1966-1984 

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(correspondence) 1967-1972,  1989-1991  

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(Midwest Center correspondence) 1991-1998  

(Midwest Center general) 1991-1998  

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History of Science Society

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Corresp. relating to Grant's Vice Presidency

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Corresp. relating to Grant's Presidency 1985-1986  

1985  Council meeting

Lilly Exhibit for HSS 1985 

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Corresp. relating to above 12 Nov 1985,  Feb-Nov 1986 

Pittsburgh meeting 1986 

committee appointments for 1986  

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Council meeting 1986 

Communications 1989-1990  

Box 21 Madison banquet 1 Nov 1991 

Madison meeting 2 Nov 1991 

Corresp. relating to Madison Celebration 1991  

Sarton Medal 1992 

General 1997  

XIth International Congress of the History of Science 24-29 Aug 1965  

Medieval Academy of America 1988-1992 

U.S. Nat'l Committee of the Intern'l Union of the History... (USNC/IUHPS)

1964,  1967-1969 

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Subseries: Professional committees, 1969-1996  

Box 21 All-University committee 1973 

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Subseries: Lectures, 1958-2000  

Box 21 IU Dept. of History 31 Oct 1958  

Purdue Univ. 18 Feb 1960 

Alumni Institute 3 Jun 1960 

Voice of America Oct 1962  

Denver Talk 29 Nov 1962  

XIIth International--Paris Aug 1968  

Symposium on trends and prospects 7 Apr 1972  

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San Francisco Paper 1973 

Hemphill Lecture 1976  

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Phi Beta Kappa at IU 18 Apr 1979  

Annual Banquet of History of Science 29 Dec 1979  

Intern'l conference on Christianity and Science 23-25 Apr 1981  

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Journee d'Histoire de Mathematiques 10 Jun 1983  

Universite de Nice 11 Jun 1983 

N.Y. Academy of Sciences 25 Jan 1984  

DP Dinner 18 Apr 1984 

APA materials 26 Apr 1984  

Stanford University 2 Oct 1984 

Haskins Lecture, 28 Dec 1984  

Alberto Coffa Memorial 19 Jan 1985 

Box 22 Annual meeting of History of Science 3 Nov 1985 

Clagett Banquet 25 Oct 1986  

HSS Annual meeting Oct 1987 

Visiting Historians Mar 1988 

Midwest Physicists Assoc. 9 Oct 1989 

HSS Brooklyn College 13 Oct 1989 

Scott Gordon Retirement 1989 

Phi Beta Kappa Lecture Series 1991-1996 

(Folders 8-20)

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Phi Beta Kappa lectures, miscellaneous 1992-1996 

Albert of Saxony Conference 19-22 Jun 1990  

Harvard Sci-Theology Symposium

Fall 1990  

History Dept. Luncheon group 1990 

Medieval Studies--IU 6 Feb 1992  

The Taejon Expo '93, 29-30 Apr 1993  

Claremont Grad. school 29 Oct 1993 

"Why you should believe that modern science began in the middle ages" 18 Jan 1995  

Lindberg Banquet 27 Oct 1995  

BBC Presentation 11 Feb 1996  

Medieval Academy of America 11-13 Apr 1996  

Memorial Service for Richard Westfall 6 Dec 1996  

Rice University, 14 Mar 1997 

(2 folders)


Scientific Revolution workshop 18-19 Apr 1997  

Oxford University,

28 Jul 1999  

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29 Jul 1999  

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 16-20 Aug 1999 

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Indiana University, 04 Feb 2000 

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DePauw University undated 

Subseries: Biographical Information

Box 22 Honors and Awards 1961-1982 

Listings--Who's Who in America, etc.



Copernicus Exhibit--Lilly Library Aug-Sep 1973 

Public Appearances/Clippings undated 

Memorabilia from trip to England 1969-1970  

Miscellaneous undated 

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Box 23 Corresp. requesting publications devoted to history and philosophy of science 1960 

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Funds from Research and Graduate Development--IU 1985-1986  

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Faculty Annual Report 1986 

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Undergraduate Courses in Science, Technology and Society, IUB 1986 

Faculty Annual Report



Distinguished Professors Research Funds 1990-1991 

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Distinguished Professors Research Funds 1991-1992 

Faculty Annual Report




X207 Course Evaluation undated 

Departmental Miscellania undated 

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Box 24 Oversized Materials (legal size folders)

From Publications series: "Aristotle's Shiphaulers" 1964 

From Research for Much Ado

Walter Charleton undated 

Franciscus Bonae Spei undated 

Gratiadei, Ruvio, Javelli undated 

Jaques Le Febure undated 

Jesuit Authors undated 

From Professional Activities, Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous files undated 

Box 25 IBM Cards undated 

8 bundled stacks of IBM cards containing research notes.

There is a typed key to these IBM cards to facilitate use.

Index Cards undated 

11 bundles of index cards grouped by research topic (for example: Darwin, Medieval Science, Feudalism).