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Henry Babcock Veatch papers, 1941-1997

A Guide to his Papers at the Indiana University Archives

Processed by Dina M. Kellams
Electronic finding aid encoded by Beth Benda

Summary Information

Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management
1320 East Tenth Street
Herman B Wells Library E460
Bloomington, IN 47405-7000
Phone: 812-855-1127

Veatch, Henry Babcock.

Henry Babcock Veatch papers,1941-1997

Collection No.

3 cubic feet

Materials are in English.

Henry B. Veatch, Jr. was a Professor of Philosophy at IU from 1937-1965. Collection consists of his personal papers and writings on such topics as Aristotle, natural law, metaphysics, and ethics. There are five series: Correspondence, 1941-1997, containing correspondence to and from colleagues; Speaking engagements, 1971-1988, containing copies of his public lectures and addresses; Class notes, 1966-1984, containing class lectures, handouts, reading lists, and exams; St. Meinrad group, 1985-1996, containing notes, correspondence, and papers of discussion group formed by Veatch and colleagues; and Writings by or about Veatch, 1941-1993, containing typescripts and publications by Veatch and also reviews of three of Veatch's books.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Advance notice is required.

Biographical Note

Henry Babcock Veatch, Jr. was born August 26, 1911 in Evansville, IN. After graduating high school, Veatch attended Harvard, where he received his A.B. (summa cum laude), M.A. and Ph.D.

Professor Veatch came to the Philosophy Department at Indiana University in 1937 as an instructor. In 1941 he was name Assistant Professor and was named Full Professor in 1952.

Veatch received many awards and honors during his time at IU. In 1954 he became the first recipient of the Frederick Bachman Lieber Award for Distinguished Teaching. He was popular with his students and he was awarded the Sigma Delta Chi "Brown Derby " Award for most popular professor. In 1961 he was named Distinguished Service Professor.

Veatch left IU in 1965 for Northwestern University where he remained until 1973, at which time he accepted a position at Georgetown. There Veatch served as Department Chairman from 1973 to 1976. He retired as a Distinguished Professor in 1983 and returned to Bloomington.

Prof. Veatch was a well known Aristotelian scholar and published several books and countless articles. Among his books are Rational Man: A Modern Interpretation of Aristotelian Ethics (1961), Human Rights: Fact or Fancy (1985), and Swimming Against th e Current in Contemporary Philosophy (1990).


Organized in five series: Correspondence, Speaking engagements, Class notes, St. Meinrad group, and Writings by or about Veatch.

Scope and Content Note

The papers of Professor Henry B. Veatch, Jr. comprise 3 cubic feet and are made up of five series: Correspondence, Speaking engagements, Class notes, St. Meinrad group, and Writings by or about Veatch.

Correspondence, 1941-1997: These folders are arranged alphabetically by correspondent. It consists primarily of correspondence with professional colleagues and includes letters written by Veatch himself. Prominently featured correspondents include Doug Den Uyl, Fred Vogel, and papers from and about Alan Donagan. There is also a large file containing correspondence with publishers, colleagues, co-authors, and his agent concerning Veatch's Humanities in Education typescript (available in Writings By or About Veatch - Typescripts).

Speaking engagements, 1971-1988: This series contains handwritten notes and typescripts of public speaking engagements. Included are Veatch's presentations at the Mills College Conference on Legal and Moral Philosophy. These comprise several folders. Also included in here is Veatch's acceptance speech for the Aquinas Medal, awarded to him in 1971. It is arranged chronologically.

Class notes, 1966-1984: Included in this series are reading lists, syllabi, and exams. The bulk of this series, however, consists of handwritten lecture notes by Veatch. The records by no means represent all of the classes Veatch taught. There are, however, several files containing notes from his Introduction to Philosophy, Metaphysics, Ethical Theory, On Being Human, and Philosophy of Religion classes. Upon moving back to Bloomington after retirement, he and his wife settled in Meadowood where Veatch led some classes. Notes from these are available here. Arrangement is by class, with the lectures ordered chronologically.

St. Meinrad group, 1985-1996: Prof. Veatch and a small number of colleagues formed a philosophical discussion group. Veatch often referred to this group as the "Meinrad Group," as the majority of the members were professors at St. Meinrad Archabbey in St. Meinrad, IN. They would meet and discuss books and articles on philosophy and would share their own recent writings and ideas with the group. Frequent correspondents were Dave Denz, Fr. Guy Mansini, and Fr. Joe Rautenberg. This series consists of two folders - a substantial correspondence file and a file made up of notes and papers from the group meetings.

Writings by or about Veatch, 1941-1993: Organized into 4 subseries: Typescripts, 1978-1993, Publications, 1941-1994, Book reviews, 1941-1997, and Reviews of Veatch's work, 1953-1991. Included in this series are edited typescripts, photocopies, reprints of journal articles, and book reviews. This is by no means a complete collection of his writings, for he was a frequent contributor to academic journals and published several books. This collection includes a copy of his History of the IU Philosophy Department and a typescript of his Humanities in education book, but none of his other monographs.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Henry Veatch, 1998; Accession 98/093.
Usage Restrictions
Copyright interests for this collection have not been transferred to the Trustees of Indiana University. For more information, contact the Indiana University Archivist.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Henry Babcock Veatch papers, Collection 163, Indiana University Archives.
Processing Information
Processed by Dina M. Kellams.

Completed in 1999.

Series: Correspondence, 1941-1997 

Box 1 John D. Arras, 1992-1994 

R. Barnett, 1996 

Myles Brand, 1995 

Sergio Cotta, 1982 

Paul Craddick, 1994 

James Daughtry, 1990 

L. Devaney, 1996-1997 

Doug Den Uyl, 1987-1994 

Misc. papers re Alan Donagan; Donagan on the Creed; My talk at memorial service, 1988-1993 

Michael Dunn, 1996 

Episcopal Church Foundation, 1983-1987 

Ethics Symposium honoring Henry Veatch, correspondence, 1982-1984 

David Forte, 1993-1996 

Zev Friedman, 1988-1993 

Dance Germino, 1989-1990 

Alan Gerwith, 1996 

Robert Greene, 1976-1996 

Charles Griswold, 1990-1991 

Gerald Groff, 1994-1995 

History of I.U. Philosophy Department, correspondence and notes, 1989-1991 

Russ Hittenger, 1989-1991 

Herb Hochberg, 1985 

Human Rights, letters and acknowledgements, 1985-1986 

Humanities book, correspondence re, 1977-1980 

Loren Lomasky, 1983-1984 

Eric Mack, 1990 

Eric Mascall, 1980 

A. Maurer, 1987 

Fred Miller, 1984-1991 

Misc. letters saved, 1983-1995 

Michele Moody-Adams, 1994 

George Nakhnikian, 1986 

Natural Law book, comments from friends on, 1982-1984 

Roger and Ruth Newton, 1990-1994 

David Norton, 1981 

Carl Page, 1993-1997 

Walker Percy, 1989 

A. Platinga, 1988 

Frater Polycarp, 1941 

Rocco Porreco, 1993-1996 

Charles Price diatribe, 1982 

Murray N. Rothbard, 1990-1994 

D. Radiuses, 1995-1996 

Seminaries, correspondence about, 1979-1980 

Robert B. Stewart, 1979 

Richard Stichler, 1994 

Students, correspondence with, 1976-1997 

Swimming Against the Current, letters and acknowledgements, 1990 

Stephen Theron, 1988-1996 

Mark Turiano, 1992-1994 

Fred Vogel, 1970-1992 

Henry Weiner, 1991-1994 

Ted Young, 1992-1996 

Series: Speaking engagements, 1971-1988 

Box 1 "Medalist's Address: A Contemporary Modus Vivendi for St. Thomas" - Acceptance speech for Aquinas Medal, 1971 

Talk to the College freshman - '77; Georgetown University, 1977 

HBV address to Our Lady of the Lake Convocation, Mar 20, 1979 

Tropaia Exercises - talk, 1979 

San Diego Conference and other relevant materials, 1980 

ARC talk - St. Patrick's, Washington, 1983 

Talks at Trinity Episcopal Church, 1986 

Asbury College; I. Paper - Christian Faith and Natural Law; II. Program and Madden letters, 1987 

Miscellaneous talks - introductions, etc.; Introductions for Prof. Shehira Gavezac, Frank O'Bannon, and Prof. Mary Hesse, 1988 

Meadowood talk - The Pursuit of Happiness, undated 

Mills College: Conference on Legal and Moral Philosophy

- lecture 1, undated 

- lecture 2, undated 

- lecture 3, undated 

- lecture 4 - 1st part, undated 

- lecture 4 - 2nd part, undated 

Philosophy as Science and as History - presentation to Philosophy Dept., undated 

"Presidential Address: Folly and Sense in Present Day Philosophy" - speech at annual meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, undated 

Remarks at Notre Dame seminar: "On the Meaning of 'Natural' in Natural Law," undated 

Series: Class notes, 1966-1984 

Box 2 A-11

- Lectures on Ordinary Language, 1972 

- Intro to Philosophy - lectures on Kuhn, et. al., 1975-1979 

- Introduction to Philosophy - Husserl, 1977 

- Intro to Philosophy - Exams and course materials, 1977-1979 

- Introduction - A.J. Ayer - Colby College, 1979 

- Contemporary Philosophy - Lectures on Wild and Classical Realism, undated 

- Introduction - Existentialism, undated 

- Introduction to Philosophy, intro lectures, undated 

- Introduction to Philosophy - Russell - lecture, undated 

C-60: Ethical Theory

- Lectures on Hume and Kant, 1967 

- Exams and course materials, 1974-1977 

- New lectures on Kant, 1974-1977 

- Lectures on Hume, 1977 

- Aristotle - lecture notes, undated 

- Lectures on Existentialism and Altruism, undated 

- Hare, undated 

- lecture on Moore and Aristotle, undated 

Metaphysics course:

reading lists, copies of old exams, 1976-1981 

lectures on Whitehead, 1978 

(Aristotle) - lecture notes, undated 

Aristotle lectures (some concluding summaries), undated 

Lectures on Bergmann - I, undated 

Lectures on Bergmann - II, undated 

Summary lectures on Bergmann, undated 

Lecture on Quine, undated 

Summary lectures on Quine, undated 

On Being Human:

(Christianity, Skinner, Existentialism) - lecture notes and course materials, 1976 

(Plato and Hobbes) - lecture notes and course materials, 1976 

Lectures on Marxism, undated 

Philosophy of Religion:

Exams and course materials, 1966-1974 

Aquinas and Hume lectures, 1974 

lecture notes and course materials, 1974 

lecture notes, 1974 

lecture notes, undated 

Notes on Robinson, undated 

Meadowood philosophy class:

misc., 1984 

Russell lectures and A.J. Ayer, 1984 

lectures - Aristotle, undated 

Aquinas seminar, 1969 and 1972 

Notes on Libertarian Rights, 1981 

Foundations of Aristotelian and Thomistic ethics - notes, undated 

Lectures and materials on Mysticism, undated 

Series: St. Meinrad group, 1985-1996 

Box 2 Correspondence, St. Meinrad Group, 1989-1995 

Notes of group discussions, St. Meinrad Group, 1985-1996 

Series: Writings by or about Veatch, 1941-1993 

Subseries: Typescripts, 1978-1993 

Box 3 "Analysis and Critique of the New Natural Theory of Finnis and Grisez" - edited typescript, undated 

"Commendations and Queries re Liberty and Nature" - Reason Papers, edited typescript, 1993 

"Comments on the Paper by John Finnis -- 'Practical Reasoning, Human Good, and the End of Man'" - edited typescript, undated  

"Deconstruction as the Vehicle of a New 'Liberation Philosophy'" - edited typescript, ca. 1979 

"From Analytic to Post-Analytic Philosophy" - edited typescript, ca. 1985 

Humanities book - edited typescript, undated 

Logic typescripts - LFC Predication - " LFC Predication: The Achilles Heel of Analytical Philosophy?" ca. 1980 

ARC Paper (revised and completed) - edited typescript - " Male and Female in a Possible Christian Anthropology?" ca. 1979 

"Political Liberty and Individual Virtue " - edited typescript, ca. 1978 

"Religion, Morality and Natural Law" - edited typescript, undated 

ARC Paper - edited typescript - A Response to " Images of God: Reflections on Christian Anthropology" ca. 1982 

"Science and Religion: A New Whipping of a Dead Horse?" - edited typescript, undated 

"St. Thomas and the Natural Order of Things" - edited typescript, undated  

"When and How Did Logic Cease to be Logic?" - edited typescript - "How and Why Did Logic Cease to be Logic?" undated 

Subseries: Publications, 1941-1994 

Box 3 "Are There Non-moral Goods?" - reprint, The New Scholasticism, 1978 

"Art and Prudence: Studies in the Thought of Jacques Maritain" - published copy, Maritain Newsletter, 1989 

"A Case for Transempirical and Supernaturalistic Knowledge Claims " - reprint, Mind, Matter and Method: Essays in Philosophy and Science, undated 

"A Caveat Against Professor Fehl" - reprint, Anglican Theological Review, 1959 

"Commendations and Queries Re Liberty and Nature" - published copy, Reason Papers, 1993 

"Comment: On Taking Rights Still More Seriously" - reprint, Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, 1985 

"Concerning the Distinction Between Descriptive and Normative Sciences" - reprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1945 

"Concerning the Ontological Status of Logical Forms" - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1948 

"Deconstruction in Philosophy: Has Rorty Made it the Denouement of Contemporary Analytical Philosophy?" - reprint, Review of Metaphysics, 1985 

"The Defense of Natural Law in the Context of Contemporary Analytic Philosophy" - reprint, The American Journal of Jurisprudence, 1969 

"Discussion: A Rejoinder to Professor Lovejoy" - reprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1947 

"Discussion: Reply to Professor Copi" - reprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1951 

"Does the Grisez-Finnis-Boyle Moral Philosophy Rest on a Mistake?" - published copy, Review of Metaphysics, 1991 

"Good Reasons and Prescriptivism in Ethics a Metaphysical Incompatibility?" - reprint, Ethics, an International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, 1970  

"The Idea of a Christian Science and Scholarship: Sense or Nonsense? " - reprint, Faith and Philosophy, 1984 

"Is Kant the Gray Eminence of Contemporary Ethical Theory?" - published copy, Ethics, 1980 

"Is Quine a Metaphysician?" - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1978 

"Kant and Aquinas: A Confrontation on the Contemporary Meta-Ethical Field of Honor " - reprint, The New Scholasticism, 1974 

"Language and Ethics: 'What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba?'" - published copy, 1971 

"Metaphysics and the Paradoxes " - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1952 

"Modern Ethics, Telelogy, and Love of Self" - published copy, The Monist, 1992 

"A Modest Word in Defense of Aristotle's Logic" - reprint, The Monist, 1968 

"A Neglected Avenue in Contemporary Religious Apologetics " - photocopy of published article, Religious Studies, ca. 1974 

"The New Permissiveness in Philosophy: Does it Provide a Warrant for a New Kind of Religious Apologetic?" - reprint, Phenomenology and Beyond: the Self and Its Language, 1989 

"A Non-Cartesian Meditation upon the Doctrine of Being in Aristotelian Metaphysics" - published copy, ca. 1983 

"Non-cognitivism in Ethics: A Modest Proposal for its Diagnosis and Cure" - reprint, Ethics, an International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, 1966 

"A Note on the Metaphysical Grounds for Freedom with Special Reference to Professor Lovejoy's Thesis in 'The Great Chain of Being'" - reprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1947 

"On Being Old-Fashioned in Philosophy" - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1960 

"On the Metaphysical Status of Natural Law" - reprint, Anglican Theological Review, 1965 

"Paying Heed to Gewirth's Principle of Categorial Consistency" - reprint, Ethics, an International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, 1976 

"Philosophy and Ethics" - reprint, The Great Ideas Today, 1970 

"Philosophy's Great Tradition: What Tasks are Posed for it in Today's World of Philosophy?" - reprint, The Modern Schoolman, 1992 

"Plato, Popper and the Open Society: Reflections on Who Might Have the Last Laugh " - reprint, The Journal of Libertarian Studies, ca. 1978 

"The Problems and the Prospects of a Christian Philosophy - Then and Now " - reprint, The Monist, 1992 

"The Rational Justification of Moral Principles: Can There be such a Thing?" - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1975 

"Some Suggestions on the Respective Spheres of Science and Philosophy" - reprint, The Thomist, 1941 

"St. Thomas and the Question, 'How are Synthetic Judgments A Priori Possible?'" - reprint, The Modern Schoolman, 1965 

"Symposium - Logical Truth" - published copy, The Journal of Philosophy, ca. 1953 

"Telos and Teleology in Aristotelian Ethics" - reprint, Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, ca. 1975 

"Tillich's Distinction between Metaphysics and Theology" - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1957 

"To Gustav Bergmann: A Humble Petition and Advice" - photocopy of published article, ca. 1969 

"Towards a History of the Indiana University Philosophy Department in Bloomington: The Years 1929-65," published copy, 1994 

"The Truths of Metaphysics" - reprint, The Review of Metaphysics, 1964 

"Two Logics, or One, or None?" - reprint, The New Scholasticism, 1973 

"Variations, Good and Bad, on the Theme of Right Reason in Ethics" - reprint, The Monist, 1983 

"The What and Why of the Humanities" - photocopy of published article, ca. 1969 

Subseries: Book Reviews, 1941-1997 

Box 3 Aristotle's Theory of the Syllogism: A Logico-philosophical Study of Book A of the Prior Analytics by Gunther Patzig - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science - published copy, ca. 1969 

The Conditions of Philosophy: Its Checkered Past, Its Present Disorders, and Its Future Promise by Mortimer J. Adler - reprint, The Modern Schoolman,1966 

The Development of Academic Freedom in the United States by Richard Hofstadler and Walter P. Metzger and Academic Freedom in Our time by Robert M. MacIver - published copy, Indiana Magazine of History, ca. 1955 

Dimensions of Morality: Paradigms, Principles, and Ideals by A.S. Cua - reprint, Review of Metaphysics, 1979 

God and Philosophy by Etienne Gilson - reprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1941 

Review of The Harmony of the Soul: Mental Health and Moral Virtue Reconsidered by Neal O. Weiner - photocopy of published article, The Journal of Value Inquiry, 1997 

Heidegger: The Critique of Logic by Thomas A. Fay - published copy, ca. 1977 

Medieval Philosophy by Armand A. Maurer - published copy, ca. 1962 

Modern Theories of Higher Level Predicates: Second Intentions in the Neuzeit by Larry Hickman - published copy, ca. 1980 

Natural Law and Natural Rights by John Finnis - reprint, ca. 1980 

Neal Weiner for The Journal of Value Inquiry - typescripts and correspondence, 1994 

Physics and Philosophy by James A. McWilliams and The Nature and Unity of Metaphysics by George M. Buckley - reprint, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 1948 

Post-analytic Philosophy edited by John Rajchman and Cornell West - reprint, Nous, ca. 1985 

Quine en Perspective: Essai de Philosophie Comparee by P. Goichet - published copy, Review of Metaphysics, ca. 1978 

Right Practical Reason: Aristotle, Action, and Prudence in Aquinas by David Westberg for Speculum - galley proof and photocopy of edited typescript, 1997 

Social Order and the Limits of Law: A Theoretical Essay by Iredell Jenkin - published copy, The American Journal of Jurisprudence, ca. 1980 

St. Thomas and Cajetan; Commentary on Aristotle's On Interpretation - reprint, Journal of the History of Philosophy, 1965 

Substance, Body, and Soul: Aristotelian Investigations by E. Hartman - published copy, Review of Metaphysics,ca. 1977  

Translations from the Philosophical Writings of Gottlob Frege edited by Peter Geach and Max Black - published copy, The Thomist, ca. 1952 

Subseries: Reviews of Veatch's Works, 1953-1991 

Box 3 Human Rights, reviews of, 1986-1990 

Intentional Logic: A Logic Based on Philosophical Realism, review of - published copy, 1953 

Swimming Against the Current, reviews of, 1990-1991