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Richard S. Westfall papers, 1942-1996

A Guide to his Papers at the Indiana University Archives

Processed by Rosemary Lovely.
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Summary Information

Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management
1320 East Tenth Street
Herman B Wells Library E460
Bloomington, IN 47405-7000
Phone: 812-855-1127

Westfall, Richard S.

Richard S. Westfall papers, 1942-1996

Collection No.

8.3 cubic ft. (9 boxes)

Materials are in English.

Consists of research notes, copies of published works, lecture notes, and class notes related to Richard S. Westfall's research on the scientific revolution in Europe, especially his biography of Newton. Also includes material on Galileo, mechanics, dynamics, and related topics. Includes a small amount of biographical and family material.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research except for two folders of letters of recommendation, which are restricted. Also, many of the images housed in the photography collection were obtained by Prof. Westfall from other Universities. While they may be viewed, reproduction rights and copies of these images should be sought from the respective Universities.

Advance notice is required.

Biographical Note

Richard Samuel Westfall was born April 22, 1924, in Fort Collins, Colorado, the son of Alfred van Rensselaer and Dorothy M. (Towne) Westfall. He graduated from Fort Collins High School in 1942 and enrolled at Yale University. He left Yale in 1944 to serve in the U.S. Navy for two years, then returned to complete his B.A. degree in 1948. He remained at Yale for graduate study, receiving an M.A. degree in 1949 and a Ph.D. in 1955. His doctoral dissertation was published by Yale University Press in 1958 as Science and Religion in Seventeenth Century England. There were subsequent editions in 1970 and 1972.

Westfall was known worldwide for his work on the history of the scientific revolution in 17th-century Europe, particularly the life of Isaac Newton. His major works include Never at Rest (1980), regarded by historians as the definitive biography of Newton and translated into Italian, French, and Japanese; Force in Newton's Physics: The Science of Dynamics in the Seventeenth Century (1971), translated into Italian; and The Construction of Modern Science: Mechanisms and Mechanics (1971), translated into Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Greek.

Among Westfall's many professional honors were the Pfizer Award (1972 and 1983), an annual prize for the best book in the history of science, given by the History of Science Society, of which he was past president (1977-78); the Leo Gershoy Award of the American Historical Association (1982); the George Sarton Medal of the History of Science Society (1985); and election as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Royal Society of Literature (both in 1982). He was awarded the Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal of the Yale Graduate School Alumni Association (1988).

Westfall taught history at the California Institute of Technology (1952-53), the State University of Iowa (1953-57), and Grinnell College (1957-63), before joining the faculty of the Indiana University Department of History and Philosophy of Science in 1963 as Professor of History of Science. He was given the additional title of Professor of History in 1966, and became Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science in 1976. He retired with the rank of Distinguished Professor Emeritus in 1989, and died in 1996 at the age of 72.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Gift; Gloria Westfall, 1997; Accessions 97/063 and 97/075.

Transfer; Carol Green, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, 1997; Accession 97/087.

Usage Restrictions
Copyright interests for this collection have not been transferred to the Trustees of Indiana University. For more information, contact the Indiana University Archivist.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Richard S. Westfall papers, Collection C139, Office of University Archives and Records Management, Indiana University, Bloomington.
Processing Information
Processed by Rosemary Lovely.

Completed in 1997.

Scope and Content Note

This collection consists of the papers of Richard Samuel Westfall, Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science and Professor of History, who was a member of the faculty of Indiana University from 1963 to 1996. It covers the period from 1942 to 1996, with the bulk of the material dating from 1956 to 1996. The material is in a number of formats: videotapes, audiotapes, computer disks, typescripts, reprints of articles, books, bundles of 5" x 7" note cards, and correspondence files. Material is arranged into 9 series, as follows:

Series 1 - Biographical Material: This series consists of clippings and other biographical material about Westfall, with dates ranging from 1942 to 1996.

Series 2 - Family Material: This series consists of a binder containing biographical material on Professor Alfred Westfall, father of Richard S. Westfall, with dates ranging from 1953 to 1969, and a folder containing Christmas letters from Richard S. Westfall and his wife, dates ranging from 1963 to 1995.

Series 3 - Student Papers: This series consists of 7 folders, each containing a typescript of a paper written by Westfall while he was a student at Yale. One of the papers is coauthored. Most of the papers are in binders. One paper is dated 1949, when Westfall was working on his M.A. degree. The others are undated. However, Westfall's senior essay can be assigned a date of 1948, the year he completed his B.A. degree. Folders are arranged with the two dated papers in chronological order, then the remaining papers in alphabetical order, with the coauthored paper last. Also in the series is Westfall's Ph.D. dissertation from Yale University.

Series 4 - General Subject Files: This series consists of correspondence and other records related to Westfall's research, publications, teaching and administrative duties. Records are arranged in alphabetical order and were created in the period from 1963-1996.

Series 5 - Lectures and Class Notes: This series consists of 2 subseries: Lectures and Class Notes. Most of the records in this series are undated. Some of the material in the Lectures subseries may be from Indiana University class lectures, and some is definitely from outside lectures, as it is identified as such. Material in the Class Notes subseries consists primarily of typescripts, often very extensive and detailed, and many annotated in Westfall's handwriting, often with heavy use of abbreviations. The Class Notes subseries also includes paper copies of transparencies used in Westfall's classes.

Series 6 - Publications: This series comprises 4 subseries, which date from the period 1951 to 1996. Subseries 1 consists of folders containing correspondence related to Westfall's publications and lectures, as well as reviews of his work, arranged in alphabetical order. Subseries 2 consists of folders containing typescripts, several edited by Westfall, and page proofs, arranged in chronological order. Subseries 3 consists of folders containing Westfall's reprints, articles, reviews, catalogs, and essays, arranged in chronological order. Subseries 4 consists of a copy of Westfall's coedited work containing the writings of Newton.

Series 7 - Computer disks: This series consist of disks containing many of Westfall's publications, lectures, research notes, and letters of recommendation.

Series 8 - Videotapes and Audiotapes: This series consists of videotapes and audiotapes by or about Westfall, including audiotapes of a sermon he delivered and of a memorial service for him, and videotapes of his contribution to a televised "Biography" of Newton, and of a CBS interview with Westfall. The records in this series date from the period 1987 to 1996.

Series 9 - Research Files: This series consists of 2 subseries. Subseries 1 consists of a "Catalog" of short biographies of scientists, which Westfall was compiling for a publication he never completed. This subseries comprises 21 folders and is arranged alphabetically. Subseries 2 is composed primarily of notes taken by Westfall from his readings, written on 5"x 7" plain paper sheets, which have been wrapped in bundles of acid-free paper and placed in boxes in the same general order in which they were received. Where Westfall provided descriptions, these have been retained. Otherwise, a description has been supplied for each bundle. None of the bundles of notes are dated.


This collection is organized in nine series: Biographical material, Family material, Student papers, General subject files, Lectures and class notes, Publications, Computers disks, Videotapes and audiotapes, and Research files.

Separated Material

Photographs and negatives were transferred to the Archives Photograph Collection. They are filed under Westfall, Richard, Collection 139. NOTE: Some photographs include images of manuscripts, diagrams, etc. used in some of Westfall's books. Books, journals, theses and dissertations not written by Westfall were removed from the collection. Transparencies were photocopied and originals were discarded as well as third copies of reprints.

Series: Biographical Material, 1942-1996 

Box 1 Westfall, Richard S. - Biographical - Clippings, etc., 1942-1996 

Westfall, Richard S. - Biographical - Obituaries, 1996 

Westfall, Richard S. - Resumes, 1996 

Series: Family Material, 1953-1995 

Box 1 Prof. Alfred Westfall, father of Richard S. Westfall, 1953-1969 

Family Material - Christmas Letters, 1963-1995 

Series: Student Papers by Richard S. Westfall, 1948-1949,  undated 

Box 1 Senior Essay: The Disruption of Isolationism, 1948? 

Karl Marx, the First International ..., 1949 

The Army's Program to End the Civil War, undated 

The Influence of the Commercial Revolution ..., undated 

The Marxist Conception of History, undated 

The Relations of Science and Religion ..., undated 

Westfall et al., Statistics and Legislation ..., undated 

"Christianity and the Virtuosi: Science and Religion among the English Scientists of the Late Seventeenth Century." (Ph.D. in History thesis from Yale U.), undated 

Series: General Subject Files, 1963-1996,  undated 

Box 1 Argentina, 1992-1993 

Bisenzio Maps, 1983 

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1985-1993 

Center for Behavioral Sciences, 1984 

Certificate of Election to Internationalis Scientarum Historiae Comitatus, 1986 

Conferences Attended & Titles of Papers, 1966-1983 

Correspondence - General, 1967-1992 

(Wilbur Lucius) Cross Medal, 1987-1988 

Danish Family Circle undated 

Dasgupta, Partha, and Paul A. David, 1987-1988 

Dutch Science, 1994 

Faculty Reports, 1963-1988 

Florence, 1987  

Foster, C.W., Canon, Sir Isaac Newton's Family, undated 

Haniuda, Yoko - Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd. Publishers, 1981 

History of Science Prelims, 1966-1990 

History Prelims, 1969-1976 

Keynes, Milo, 1994 

Kolb, Edward W. - Fermilab & University of Chicago, 1995  

MacLachlan, Jim, to Richard S. Westfall, 1987-1988 

National Science Foundation - Reviews of Proposal, 1986 

Phi Beta Kappa, 1986-1993 

Professional Commitments and Obligations, 1992-1996 

Qian, Wen-Yuan: Correspondence, 1988-1992 

Refereeing - Boyle Edition, 1989-1990 

Refereeing - JHI, 1988 

Refereeing - PACEM, 1986-1987 

Review Obligations, 1995  

Scientific Community - Bibliographies, 1985-1987 

Scientific Community - List by Robert Gascoigne, undated 

Scientific Societies in 17th C - Bibliographies, undated 

Toynbee, Arnold - Letter, 1963 

Letters of Recommendation, 1965-1990 

2 Folders

Restricted - in Box 4

Series: Lectures and Class Notes, 1970-1991,  undated 

Subseries: Lectures, undated 

Box 1 Galileo and Newton: Different Rhetorical Strategies, undated 

Galileo, Patronage, etc., undated 

Justification of History of Science, undated 

Lectures (#1), undated 

Lectures (#2), undated 

Newton as Culmination, undated 

Newton Lectures, undated 

Not Two Cultures - Either One or a Hundred, undated 

Subseries: Class Notes, 1970-1991,  undated 

Box 1 Class Notes, X 301 (1 of 2), 1970-1971 

Class Notes, X 301 (2 of 2), undated 

Box 2 X 220 - Emergence of Modern Science, 1983-1991 

X 506 - Scientific Revolution (1 of 3), undated 

X 506 - Scientific Revolution (2 of 3), undated 

X 506 - Scientific Revolution (3 of 3), undated 

History of Science 18th & 19th Centuries, undated 

History of Science - Transparencies (1 of 4), undated 

History of Science - Transparencies (2 of 4), undated 

History of Science - Transparencies (3 of 4), undated 

History of Science - Transparencies (4 of 4), undated 

Series: Publications, 1951-1996,  undated 

Subseries: Correspondence Relating to Publications and Reviews of Westfall's Work, 1980-1996 

Box 2 Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment Article, 1989  

Cesi Article for AHR, 1989  

Dibner Institute Paper, 1996 

"Floods Along the Bisenzio" - Article, 1988 

Ischia Meeting Paper, 1989-1990 

Never At Rest - Condensed Edition, 1991-1995 

Never At Rest - Foreign Language Editions, 1990-1994  

Never At Rest - Reviews of (Folder 1 of 2), 1980-1981 

Never At Rest - Reviews of (Folder 2 of 2), 1982-1989 

New Dictionary of National Biography - Isaac Newton Article, 1995-1996 

"Newton and Halley" Conference Paper, 1983-1990  

Newton Intro for Easton Press, 1989  

Newton Reader, 1991-1993 

Newton Symposium Paper, 1984-1989 

"Newton: Theologian," 1990  

Newton's Theological Mss (Folder 1 of 2), 1982-1984 

Newton's Theological Mss (Folder 2 of 2), 1984-1989 

Newton's Cosmology - Encyclopedia Material, 1989-1991 

Oxford - Herbert Spencer Lecture, 1988-1992 

Oxford Conference on the Scientific Revolution-Paper, 1989-1992 

Patronage and Science in the 17th Century, 1986-1987 

Royal Society Transactions - Introduction, 1983-1984 

Science Teaching - Conference, 1991-1992 

The Scientific Revolution: An Encyclopedia-Article, 1994-1995 

Studi Galileiani pub. by Vatican Observatory Pubs., 1983-1989 

Subseries: Typescripts and Page Proofs, 1960-1996,  undated 

Box 2 "Isaac Newton, Observation, and Experiment" - Typescript, 1960 

Illustrations for Never at Rest - Edited Typescripts and Proofs, 1980 

Introduction (to Transactions Volume) - Typescript, 1984 

"The Trial of Galileo" - Typescript, 1985 

"Federico Cesi and the Accademia dei Lincei: Patronage and Early Modern Science" - Typescript, 1989 

"Newton and Halley," by Gerald Funk and R.S. Westfall - Typescript, 1989 

"Isaac Newton, Theologian" - Edited Typescript, 1990 

"Charting the Scientific Community" - Proofs, 1993 

"Isaac Newton" (Dictionary of National Biography) - Typescript, 1996 

"The Background of the Mathematization of Nature" - Edited Typescript, undated 

Subseries: Reprints and Copies of Articles, Reviews and Catalogs, and Essays Included in Edited Works, 1951-1996,  undated 

Box 2 "Lord Russell and the United States," 1951  

"Unpublished Boyle Papers Relating to Scientific Method," 1956  

"Isaac Newton: Religious Rationalist or Mystic?," 1958 

"Isaac Newton, Observation and Experiment," 1960 

"The Development of Newton's Theory of Color," 1962 

"The Foundations of Newton's Philosophy of Nature," 1962 

"Newton and His Critics on the Nature of Colors," 1962 

"Newton's Reply to Hooke and the Theory of Colors," 1963  

"Short-writing and the State of Newton's Conscience, 1662," 1963  

"Newton and Absolute Space," 1964  

"Isaac Newton's Coloured Circles Twixt Two Contiguous Glasses," 1965 

"Newton Defends His First Publication: The Newton-Lucas Correspondence," 1966 

"Newton's Optics: The Present State of Research," 1966 

"Hooke and the Law of Universal Gravitation," 1967 

"The Science of Optics in the Seventeenth Century," 1967 

"Uneasily Fitful Reflections on Fits of Easy Transmission," 1967 

Box 3 "An Essay Review: The Correspondence of Isaac Newton," 1968 

"Huygens's Ring and Newton's Rings: Periodicity and Seventeenth Century Optics," 1968 

"Introduction" to The Posthumous Works of Robert Hooke, 1969 

"A Note on Newton's Demonstration of Motion in Ellipses," 1969 

"Circular Motion in Seventeenth-Century Mechanics," 1972  

"Newton and the Fudge Factor," 1973 

"Ray, John," 1974 

"Hooke, Robert," 1975 

"The Changing World of the Newtonian Industry," 1976 

"Newton Enthroned: His Correspondence from 1718 to 1727" - Review of The Correspondence of Isaac Newton, 1979 

"Newtonus Absolutus," 1979 

"The Career of Isaac Newton," 1981  

"Reflections on Ravetz's Essay," 1981  

"Newton's Theological Manuscripts," 1982 

"The Problem of Force: Huygens, Newton, Leibniz," 1982 

"Galileo and the Accademia Dei Lincei," 1983  

"Alchemy in Newton's Library," 1984 

"Newton and Alchemy," 1984 

"Newton and the Scientific Revolution," 1985 

"Science and Patronage: Galileo and the Telescope," 1985 

"Newton and the Scientific Revolution," 1987 

"Patronage and the Publication of Galileo's Dialogue," 1987 

"Galileo and the Jesuits," 1988 

"Galileo Heretic: Problems, As They Appear to Me, With Redondi's Thesis," 1988 

"Floods Along the Bisenzio: Science and Technology in the Age of Galileo," 1989 

Review of A.W.F. Edwards, Pascal's Arithmetical Triangle, 1989 

"The Trial of Galileo: Bellarmino, Galileo, and the Clash of Two Worlds," 1989 

"Making a World of Precision: Newton and the Construction of a Quantitative World View," included in Some Truer Method 1990 

"Newton, Halley, and the System of Patronage," included in Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, 1990 

"Galileo and Newton: Different Rhetorical Strategies," included in Persuading Science, 1991 

"Isaac Newton: Theologian," 1992 

"Newton and Christianity," 1992 

"Science and Technology During the Scientific Revolution," 1993  

Review of Alan E. Shapiro, Fits, Passions and Paroxysms, 1994  

"La Biografia di Isaac Newton," 1995 

Review of Margaret S. Osler, Divine Will and the Mechanical Philosophy, 1996 

"Voyages of Scientific Discovery," 1996 

"The Influence of Alchemy on Newton," undated 

"Newton and the Hermetic Tradition," undated 

"Reply " to Hall, undated 

Subseries: Books Written or Edited by Westfall, 1995 

Box 3 Newton. Texts, Backgrounds, Commentaries, edited by Richard Westfall and I. Bernard Cohe, 1995 

Series: Computer Disks, 1990,  undated 

Envelope 1 (5" disks): undated 

Box 3 "Trial Gal.Txt; Sunspots.Txt; Phases.Txt," undated 

"Trial Gal.Txt," undated 

"Newt Culm.Txt; N & Sci Rev.Txt," undated 

"N Sci: Pers.Txt; Newt Culm.Txt," undated 

"Lilly Exhibn Bak," undated 

Envelope 2 (5" disks): undated 

"MM: Reviews, Gjertsen, Baird; Westmar, Precis, Instit. Rep; Sarasoka II, Funkenst.Rev," undated 

"MM: Math Intl.Txt," undated 

"F," undated 

"Lilly 1, Astro 1,2,3; Mechs, Optics, Chem, Bio1, Bio2, Math, Phil Nat; Instruts, Export, Scidxity (?), SciSocys, Journts, Newton," undated 

"NEH, Rep - MM; Newton Princip.Txt, NewtCulm.Txt," undated 

"MM: Trial Gal.Txt, Koyre.Txt, KoyrComp.Txt," undated 

Envelope 3 (3.5" disks): undated 

Reader - "Alagarott, Bemis, Newtfory.New," undated 

"Condensed Edition, Indexed: Chaps 1-8," undated 

"Condensed Edition, Indexed: Chaps 9-13," undated 

Condensed Edition: "Biog 9-10," undated 

Condensed Edition: "Biog 11-12," undated 

Condensed Edition: "Biog 13-14," undated 

Condensed Edition: "Biog 15 (W/Bibl)," undated 

Newton: Cosmol, Disccalc, Enlight, undated 

Lectures & Miscell, undated 

Galileo, undated 

Envelope 4 (3.5" disks): 1990  undated 

"Condensed Edition of Biography" : Chaps 1-8, undated 

"Condensed Edition of Biog." : Chaps 9-13, undated 

"Backup: Letters," undated 

"Miscellaneous 2: Vatican Lectures, Greece Dignity, Dobbs and Others, Letter, Lectures, Notes," undated 

"Backup: Book Reviews, Letters," undated 

"Companion to Newton," undated 

"Bib Rvew1=Newton; Bibrevew2=Newtonianism," undated 

"N & Xity, Patronage, Japan, Biografy, Dobbs, EncyRel, Scicommy, Full Encycsri(-5), mathns, Mothizn, PatModsc, Trial, ScieRev, Sr&Hist (4e), Spencer, Phases, Sunspots, Sci&Tech," undated 

"Misc.Files - Mostly Letters of Recommendation, etc.," undated 

"Recommendation Letters" 1990 

Envelope 5 (3.5" disks):, undated 

Catalog Backup: "#1: Intro, Instrons, dBase, Thoughts, I1, SceCommy.dbf, Expand.prg, Exp_Tech.prg," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#2: I2," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#3: I3, I4," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#4: I5, I6," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#5: I7, I8," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#6: I9, I10," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#7: I11," undated 

Catalog Backup: "#8: I12, I13," undated 

Envelope #6: 3.5" disks:, undated 

"Backup Disks," undated 

"S - Professional Disk 1 (Profnl)," undated 

"S - Profnl Disk 2," undated 

"S - Scholp Disk 1," undated 

"S - Scholp Disk 2," undated 

"S - Scholp Disk 3," undated 

"S - Scholp - 4," undated 

"S - Scholp - 5," undated 

"S - Scholp 6," undated 

"S - Scholp 7," undated 

"S - Scholp 8," undated 

"S - Scholp 9," undated 

Series: Audiotapes and Videotapes, 1987-1996,  undated 

Type 1 Analog Audio Cassettes, 1987-1996,  undated 

Box 3 "Sermon" by Richard S. Westfall, 1987  

Unknown brand

"Memorial Service for Richard S. Westfall," 1996  

Unknown brand

"Ideas," Isaac Newton Special, undated  


Videotapes, 1995,  undated 

"Pro and Con #812 - Astronomy" May 2, 1995 

VHS; 3M T-30

"Biography" - Sir Isaac Newton: The Gravity of Genius, undated 

VHS; Unknown brand

"CBS Interview - Sam Westfall," undated 

VHS; Memorex T-120

Series: Research Files, undated 

Subseries: Box 4 Notes for the "Catalog," undated 

Catalog - A, undated 

Catalog - B-Ba, undated 

Catalog - Be-Bor, undated 

Catalog - Bos-But, undated 

Catalog - C, undated 

Catalog - D, undated 

Catalog - E, F, undated 

Catalog - G, undated 

Catalog - H, undated 

Catalog - I, J, K, undated 

Catalog - L, undated 

Catalog - M-Ma, undated 

Catalog - Me-My, undated 

Catalog - P, undated 

Catalog - R, undated 

Catalog - S-Si, undated 

Catalog - Sl-Sy, undated 

Catalog - T, undated 

Catalog - U, V, undated 

Catalog - W, X, Y, Z, undated 

Catalog: Versons of, undated 

Scientific Community, undated 

Subseries: Box 5 Note Card Bundles: Headings Provided by Westfall, undated 

Bibliography Generally Relevant to Newton, undated 

Newton Bibliography, undated 

Newton's Dynamics, undated 

Reading Notes: Boyle, etc. (1 of 2), undated 

Reading Notes: Boyle, etc. (2 of 2), undated 

Newton Chapter of Dissertation, undated 

Reading Notes: Sciic Socys in 17th C ..., undated 

2ndary Reading on Theol, undated 

Bibliographical Citations (#1), undated 

Bibliographical Citations (#2), undated 

Reading Notes: Barrow, etc., undated 

Newton Correspondence, undated 

Reading Notes: Charleton, etc., undated 

Boyle Paper, undated 

V - Browne - 1, undated 

Corres Among Theol Papers, undated 

Box 6 Notes from Galileo Seminar, undated 

Discourses, undated 

Genl Econ H, undated 

Galileo & Bellarmino, undated 

Roger Seminar on Generation, undated 

Stevin, undated 

Galileo, undated 

Marci, undated 

Kepler, undated 

From the Seminar on Biography, undated 

Hooke and Technology, undated 

Introduction to Brewster, undated 

Descartes on Chemistry, Making a World of Precision, undated 

Misc Notes on the Accademia, undated 

Accademia dei Lincei, undated 

Notes on a Variety of Topics Related to Galileo, undated 

Greco: Anatomy, undated 

Misc. Notes on Galileo, undated 

Pardies on Force, undated 

Galileo on Force I, undated 

Galileo on Force II, undated 

Marcotte, undated 

Pemberton, undated 

John Ray, undated 

Charleton, undated 

Wilkins, undated 

Leibniz, undated 

Hooke Biblio, undated 

Reading Notes: Old, etc., undated 

Roberval on Force, undated 

Borelli on Force, undated 

Dechales, undated 

Leibniz's Corres, undated 

Hooke Biog for DSB, undated 

Huygens, undated 

Wallis: Mechanica (& Wren on Impact), undated 

Hooke, undated 

Statics: Aristotle through MA, undated 

Lemery, undated 

Boyle (On Chemistry), undated 

Van Helmont, undated 

Paracelsus, undated 

Ancient Atomists, undated 

Arist: Physics & De Caelo, undated 

Dyksterhuis, undated 

Mayow, undated 

Baconian Utilnismundated 

More, Gassendi, Lucretius, Charleton, Digby ... Boyle, undated 

2ndary Reading on 17th C Mechs, undated 

Gassendi, undated 

Descartes I, undated 

Descartes II, undated 

Descartes Mechanics I, undated 

Descartes Mechanics II, undated 

Box 7 Acceleration & Gravity, undated 

Science & Religion Article, undated 

Shorthand Article, undated 

Notes on Streete, undated 

Cambridge Career - Post Grad - Not Usable, undated 

More, Cudworth, Sendivogins ..., undated 

The Notebooks - (Morgan ... Fitzwilliam), undated 

Fudge Factor, undated 

2ndary Reading on Math, undated 

Divers Notes - Apparently from 70's & Optics, undated 

2ndary Reading - Hermeticism & Alchemy, undated 

Galileo & the Accademia - Galileo & the Telescope, undated 

Descartes, undated 

Galileo & the Jesuits, undated 

The Trial of Galileo, undated 

Galileo & Patrons - Bits on Patronage - Cesi & Patronage, undated 

Bisenzio, undated 

Miscell Notes on Galileo - Magini's Mirror - Linus and Copernicanism, undated 

Galileo's Circle, undated 

Newtonian Popularizers, undated 

Notes for the Art on the Origines, undated 

Various Camb & Trin Pieces of Info, undated 

General Items on N's Alc, undated 

Phases of Venus - Sunspots - Technology & Science in Galileo's Circle, undated 

History of the U, Mostly Before 1660 (Not Used in Biog), undated 

Boyhood & Family, undated 

Notes for Chapter 1, undated 

Chap 1 - 1 , undated 

Math Section in Chapter 1, undated 

Chap 3 , undated 

Chap 3 - 1, undated 

Chap 3 - 2, undated 

Associated w/Chap 3 - Notebook 3996, undated 

Chapter 4, undated 

Anni Mirabile - Chapter 5 (1), undated 

Anni Mirabile - Chapter 5 (2), undated 

Concluding Matl of Chap 5 - Math Probs - Ontol of Force, undated 

Fellowship & MA - 1st Part of Chap 6, undated 

Chap 7 - 1 (1), undated 

Chap 7 - 1 (2), undated 

Chap 7 - 2 (2), undated 

Chap 7 - 1 (4), undated 

Chapter 8 - 1, undated 

Box 8 Chapter 8 - 2, undated 

Chap 9 - 1, undated 

Chap 9 - 2 (1), undated 

Chap 9 - 2 (2), undated 

Chap 9 - 2 (3), undated 

Chapter 10 - 1(1), undated 

Chapter 10 - 1 (2), undated 

Chapter 10 - Not Used, undated 

Chap 11 - #1, undated 

Chap 11 - #2, undated 

Chap 11 - #3, undated 

Chap 12 - 1, undated 

Chap 12 - 2, undated 

Chap 12 - 3, undated 

Chapter 13 - 1, undated 

Chapter 13 - 2, undated 

Chapter 13 - 3, undated 

Chap 14 - 1, undated 

Chap 14 - 2, undated 

Chap 14 - 3, undated 

Chap 15 - 2 (1), undated 

Chap 15 - 2 (2), undated 

Chap 15 - 2 (3), undated 

Box 9 General Works, undated 

Pre-Science, undated 

Late 17th & Scientists, undated 

Religion, undated 

Mysticism, undated 

Misc., undated 

Science & Religion, undated 

Religion, undated 

General History of Science, undated 

Intellectual Structure of Society, undated 

Individual Scientists, undated 

Social and other aspects of Science, undated 

Virtuosi as a group - TRS, undated 

Info on individuals - biographies, etc., undated 

Bibliographies, undated 

Printed collections, letters, undated 

MSS Sources, undated 

Unidentified bundle, undated 

History of Science, undated 

Sources - 17th century Scientists, undated 

Intellecual History, undated 

Descartes, undated 

Galileo, undated 

Scientific Societies, undated 

Scientific Estimation, undated 

Economic History, undated 

17th & Economic History, undated 

Prosopography, undated 

History of Education, 17th century Education, undated 

Cambridge, undated 

16th - 17th century Europe, undated 

17th century Europe, undated 

Technology, undated 

Mint, undated 

Man & Nature, undated 

Biography, undated 

History of Religion, undated 

Chronology, undated 

Science & Religion, undated 

Brewster, David, undated 

Patronage, undated 

Untitled 1, undated 

Untitled 2, undated 

Untitled 3, undated 

General Environment, undated 

Intellectual History (general), undated 

Liberalism, undated 

France, undated 

Statistics on Post Bou England, undated 

English Intellectual History, undated 

Cultural History (general), undated 

Collectivism, undated 

England, undated 

Conservatism & the Right, undated 

Medieval Literature, undated 

Medieval Philosophy, undated 

The Army, undated 

Medieval Communication & Capitalism, undated 

Intellectual History, undated 

Tudor & Stuart England, undated 

17th century England, undated 

Germany, undated 

Modern France, undated 

Philosophy of History, undated 

American History, undated 

Russian History, undated