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Carl H. Eigenmann papers, 1884-1925

A Guide to his Papers at the Indiana University Archives

Finding aid prepared by Dina M. Kellams

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Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management
1320 East Tenth Street
Herman B Wells Library E460
Bloomington, Indiana 47405-7000
Phone: (812) 855-1127

Eigenmann, Carl H., 1863-1927.

2.4 cu. ft.

Materials are in English unless otherwise indicated.

Carl H. Eigenmann papers, 1884-1925 

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Indiana University alumnus, professor and administrator. A well-known ichthyologist, Carl H. Eigenmann earned his BS, MA and PhD at Indiana University. Eigenmann taught in the Dept. of Zoology for over 40 years, served as Dean of the Graduate School when it was first established in 1908 until his death, and was founder and director of the Indiana University Biological Station in northern Indiana. Collection consists of personal papers, correspondence, and writings of Eigenmann in six series.

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Biographical Note

Born in 1863 in Flehingen, Germany, Carl H. Eigenmann came to Indiana when he was 14 years old. Two years later, he entered Indiana University with the intent of studying law. However, in his second year at IU, sophomores were allowed to choose between Latin and biology for a year's work. Eigenmann chose biology. Studying under the newly appointed professor, Dr. David Starr Jordan, a well-known ichthyologist, Eigenmann found a passion for Zoology. Eigenmann went on to receive his Bachelor's of Science in 1886, his AM in 1887 and his PhD in 1889, all at Indiana University. Eigenmann remained at Indiana throughout his career, first holding a position as Instructor in Zoology, 1886-1887, Professor, 1891- 1927, first Dean of the newly created Graduate School, 1908-1927, and finally as Founder and Director of the Biological Station in Northern Indiana, 1895-1920.

Eigenmann became well-known very early on in his work as an ichthyologist. He became most famous for his valuable contributions on South American fishes and his discovery and work on blind fishes. In 1909 he was asked to be Curator of Fishes at the Carnegie Museum after meeting the Director of the Museum, W. J. Holland, on a train. He held this position from Indiana for 9 years, traveling to Pittsburgh during vacations.

In July 1887 Prof. Eigenmann met Rosa Smith, a fellow ichthyologist with whom he had been corresponding, in San Diego. They married less than a month later. Throughout their lives, they coauthored numerous articles under "Eigenmann and Eigenmann."

Dr. Eigenmann died in San Diego 24 April, 1927.


Personal papers of Carl H. Eigenmann organized in six series: Correspondence, Publications, Board of Trustees, Biological Station, Carnegie Museum and Research.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of the personal papers of Carl H. Eigenmann in six series: Correspondence, Publications, Board of Trustees, Biological Station, Carnegie Museum, and Research.

The Correspondence series, 1884-1920 consists of Eigenmann's incoming and outgoing correspondence. While most files hold only one or two pieces of correspondence, more frequent correspondents include Indiana University President David Starr Jordan and Registrar John W. Cravens.

Eigenmann was a frequent contributor to scholarly journals, eventually writing more than 200 articles on Zoology. Although not complete, the Publications series, 1887-1925, is made up of reprints of a number journal articles written by Eigenmann.

The Board of Trustees series, 1891-1913, consists of reports on the Dept. of Zoology and the Biological Station submitted to the Board by Eigenmann. Two folders, both undated, holds fragments of numerous reports.

The Biological Station series is further organized in two subseries, Correspondence and Teaching and administrative. The Correspondence series holds correspondence about the Biological station, primarily with potential students at the Lake, but also correspondence on Eigenmann's arrest by the deputy fish commissioner at Winona Lake for using fish seines (see correspondence with Z. T. Sweeney and C. E. DeBoos). Included in the Teaching and administrative series are student research, notes, enrollment lists, and receipts and bills for the Station.

The Carnegie Museum series is further organized into two subseries, Annual reports and Correspondence. The series, however, consists primarily of correspondence having to do with Eigenmann's position as fish curator at the Carnegie Museum, a Department of the Carnegie Institute. The most frequent correspondence was carried on with the Director of the Institute, W. J. Holland.

The Research series, 1886-1924, is organized in three subseries: Catalogues and notebooks, Correspondence, and "Eigenmann relics." The series primarily consists of notebooks, catalogues, and notes made by Eigenmann. The "relics" subseries includes items collected by Eigenmann, including pine cones, sea shells and the like.

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Series: Correspondence, 1884-1920 

Box 1 Bouisseau, F. P. 1904 

Bean, Barton A. 1905 

Bean, Tarleton H. 1902 

Bryan, William Lowe 1913-1915 

Bugo, E. 1902 

Bumpus, H. C. 1905 

Cravens, John W. 1902-1903,  1915 

Davenport, Charles B. 1894,  1896 

Dean, Bashford 1917 

Drunis(?), D. W. 1901 

Edmondson, Charles E. 1902-1903,  1907 

Evermann, Barton W. 1898 

Forbes, S. A. 1902 

"Miss Goodbody" 1898 

Haseman, J. D. undated 

Henn, Arthur 1919  [image]View item(s)

Henry, Charles L. 1898 

Henshaw, Samuel 1906,  1914 

Jenkinson, Isaac 1898 

Jordan, David Starr 1884-1917 

Kelly Foundry & Machine Co. 1898 

Kennedy, Clarence H. 1917 

McGammon, Carl undated 

Nichols, John Treadwell 1917-1918 

Nutting, C. C. 1902 

Petruukeviter, Alexander 1906 

Reighard, Jacob 1902 

Riley, William A. 1897 

Royse, L. W. undated 

Shafer, John D. 1918 

"Miss Smith" 1914 

Smith, U. H. 1919 

Tarkington, Booth 1920 

Vandegrift, M. R. 1903 

Ward, Henry B. 1902 

Zeleny, Charles 1909 

Unknown undated 

Series: Publications, 1887-1925 

Box 1 Description of a New Species of Ophichthys (Ophichthys Retropinnis), from Pensacola, Fla. 1887 

Notes on the Specific Names of Certain North American Fishes 1887 

A Review of the North American Species of the Genera Lagodon, Archosargus, and Diplodus 1887 

Additions to the Fauna of San Diego, with Notes on Some Rare Species c. 1889 

Description of a New Species of Cyprinodon 1889 

The Fishes of Cortez Banks 1889 

A Catalogue of the Fresh-Water Fishes in South America 1891 

On the Genesis of the Chromatophores in Fishes 1891 

On the Precocious Segregation of the Sex Cells in Micrometrus Aggregatus, Gibbons 1891 

The Fishes of San Diego 1892 

On the Occurence of the Spiny Boxfish (Genus Chilomycterus) on the Coast of California 1892 

Catalogue of the Fresh-Water Fishes of Central America and Southern Mexico 1893 

The Fishes of Indiana 1894 

Leuciscus Balteatus (Richardson), a Study in Variation c. 1894 

Names and Locations of Indiana Streams 1894 

On the Viviparous Fishes of the Pacific Coast of North America 1894 

Results of Explorations in Western Canada and the Northwestern United 1894 

A Revision of the American Cichlidae 1894 

A Revision of the Fishes of the Subfamily Sebastinae of the Pacific Coast of America 1894 

The Origin of Cave Faunas," "The Amblyopsidae and Eyes of Blind Fishes," and "A New Blind Fish 1897 

The Indiana University Biological Station 1899 

Plans for the New Building of the Biological Station Exploration in the Caves of Missouri and Kentucky 1899 

The Eyes of the Blind Vertebrates of North America 1900 

The Egg and Development of the Conger Eel 1901 

Investigations into the History of the Young Squeteague 1901 

The Leptocephalus of the American Eel and Other American Leptocephali 1901 

Unilateral Coloration with a Bilateral Effect 1901 

The Eyes of Rhineura Floridana 1902 

The History of the Eye of Amblyopsis 1902 

The History of the Eye of Amblyopsis The Eye of Rhineura Floridanaand Zoological Miscellany 1902 

The Physical Basis of Heredity 1902 

The Solution of the Eel Question 1902 

The Eyes of the Blind Vertebrates of North America: The History of the Eye of the Blind Fish Amblyopsis from its Appearance to its Distinction in Old Age 1903 

The Fresh-Water Fishes of Western Cuba 1903 

On a Collection of Fishes from Paraguay 1903 

The Water Supply of Havana, Cuba 1903 

The Gymnotidae 1905 

The Fresh-Water Fishes of South and Middle America 1906 

An Account of Amazon River Fishes Collected by J. B. Steere; with a Note on Pimelodus Clarias 1907 

An Annotated List of Characin Fishes in the United States National Museum and the Museum of Indiana University, with Descriptions of New Species 1907 

Fowler's 'Heterognathous Fishes' with a Note on the Stethaprioninae 1907 

On a Collection of Fishes from Buenos Aires 1907 

The Poeciliid Fishes of Rio Grande do Sul and the La Plata Basin 1907 

The Origin of the Fish-Fauna of the Fresh Waters of South America; the Cuban Blind Fishes 1910 

Description of a New Species of Pygidium 1911 

New Characins in the Collection of the Carnegie Museum 1911 

On Two New Species of Fishes Collected by Miss Lola Vance in Peru 1913 

The Serrasalminae and Mylinae 1915 

Description of a New Sphagebranchus from the Bahamas 1916 

Description of a New Species of Characid Fishes 1916 

New and Rare Fishes from South American Rivers 1916 

On Apareiodon, a New Genus of Characid Fishes 1916 

On the Species of Salminus 1916 

Descriptions of Sixteen New Species of Pygidiiadie 1917 

Eighteen New Species of Fishes from Northwestern South America 1917 

The Homes of Blind Fishes 1917 

The Pygidiidae 1918 

The Irwin Expedition 1919 

Trogloglanis Pattersoni a new Blind Fish from San Antonio, Texas 1919 

The Irwin Expedition to Peru, Bolivia, and Chili 1920 

A Leaf Mimicking Fish 1921 

On a New Genus and Two New Species of Pygidiidae, a Family of South American Nematognaths c. 1921 


Yellow Fever and Fishes 1922 

The Andes of Northern Peru 1923 

Geographical Distribution 1923 

Yellow Fever and Fishes 1923 

Yellow Fever and Fishes in Columbia 1924 

A Review of the Doradidae, a Family of South American Nematognathi, or Catfishes 1925 

Series: Board of Trustees, 1891-1913 


Box 1 1891 





















Series: Biological Station, 1901-1909 

Subseries: Correspondence, 1901-1908 

General "B"

Box 1 Banta, A. M. 1903 

Boyer, G. M. undated 

Bingham, James (?) 1907 

Bryan, William Lowe 1903 

General "C"

Caldwell, Otis W. 1903 

Coons, Charles S. 1904 

Crumbaugh, Naomi 1907 

Cue, Carl L. 1908 

General "D"

Dairupon(?), Charles B. 1903 

Dellinger, O. P. 1903 

Dickey, S. C. 1903 

DeBoos, C. E. 1901-1902 

Frazee, Oren E. 1908 

Gooding, L. L. 1908 

General "H"

Hague, Stella M. 1908 

Harman, Mary T. 1907 

General "M"

Mahaffey, Arthur M. 1903 

McIndoo, N. E. 1903 

Miller, D. O. 1904 

Miller, Livy M. 1908 

Mutchler, Fred 1903 

Moenkhaus, William J. 1903 

Needham, James G. 1903-1904 

Payne, Fred 1903 

Pike(?), F. H. 1903 

Royse, L. W. 1901 

Rutledge, Lois Ann 1908 

General "S"

Scott, Will 1903,  1906 

Semback, Lydia A. 1908 

Smith, U. H. 1903-1904 

Sweeney, Z. T. 1901-1902,  1907 

General "T"

Taylor, William L. 1901 

Thayer, Edna Russell 1907 

Trauseau, E. A. undated 

Vance, Lola 1908 

Waggoner, Alvin 1903-1904 

Zeleny, Charles 1903,  1906 

Correspondence re funds for fieldwork at other Universities and institutions

Ohio State University, Herbert Osborn 1902,  1904 

University of Missouri, George Lefevre 1902 

Geological and National History Survey, E. A. Birge 1902 

unknown undated 

Subseries: Teaching and Administrative, 1895-1909 

Box 2 Student Research undated 

Dillon, Sidney O. 1906 

Turner, E. A.

"Bivalves of Winona Lake" 1901 

Notes from the Biological Station 1895-1899 

Notes, fragments of reports, etc. 1898-1903 

Receipts and bills 1901-1909,  undated 

List of Students at Biological Station 1902-1903,  undated 

Journal of field notes (student entries) 1905-1909 

"Life Histories Course at the M.B.L. (Marine Biological Laboratory)" 1905 

"Lake Studies" Report and draft undated 

Series: Carnegie Museum, 1903-1922  

Subseries: Annual Reports

Box 2 aft. 1904 

aft. 1911 

Subseries: Correspondence, 1903-1922  

Box 2 "Carnegie Museum" 1912-1920 

Driver, Charles S. 1917 

Henn, Arthur 1920 

Holland, W. J. 1903-1914 


McCalmont, John E. 1922 

Stephenson, Henry Thew 1917 

Stewart, Douglas 1914-1918,  1922 

Todd, W. E. Clyde 1912,  1917 

Series: Research, 1886-1924 

Subseries: Notes and Catalogues, 1886-1924 

Box 2 Catalog of Mammals 1886-1907 

Notes 1896 

Notes from the San Diego Biological Laboratory: The Fishes of Cortez Banks 1899 

Crustacea 1902 

Roll Book. Field Notes on Animals 1905-n.d. 

South American Research 1924 

Catalogue of Birds in Indiana University (also: Catalogue of Mammals, Catalogue of Shells) undated 

Holograph manuscript; discusses Pseudoflatystoma fasciatism intermedism? undated 

Holograph manuscript; discusses search for blind fish in Indiana caves undated 

Miscellaneous undated 

Notes on Butterfishes undated 

notebook undated 

Map of South America undated 

Subseries: Subseries: Correspondence, 1899-1916  

Box 2 Minot, Charles S. 1899 

Beveridge, Albert 1908 

Watson, James E. 1908 

Quebec Steamship Company, Limited 1916 

Subseries: Box 3 Subseries: "Eigenmann relics"

1 document case consisting of samples collected by Eigenmann, including pine cones, sea shells, nuts, etc.