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Burmese Immigrants in Indiana, 2001-2002

Anonymous November 15, 2002 

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54 pages, 3 tapes, 1 7/8 ips, 165 minutes; index

Wooley, Deanna

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Restricted (tapes closed)

Scope and Content Note

The interviewee shares early childhood memories and family background, from the early retirement forced upon their father, to the transition of living in a remote village and then moving to the city of Moulmein. Emphasis on the importance of education and the challenges within the Burmese education system for determining one’s future are key. For this interviewee, life after school was interrupted in 1988 changed dramatically as participation in the student uprisings made it a necessity to flee the country. These experiences are recalled as the interviewee discusses life in a refugee camp and the difficulties faced in getting to the United States. Finally, we learn of the adjustments to life in Fort Wayne, Indiana and future hope for Burma and family.

  • Keywords
    • Corporation Names
    • BBC
    • Immigration Detention Center
    • New Mon State party
    • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
    • Place Names
    • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Fort Wayne, Indiana
    • Rangoon, Burma
    • Thai-Burma border
    • Three Pagoda Pass
    • Subjects
    • democracy
    • immigration law
    • refugee camp
    • student political demonstration
    • Thai police