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Whiting, Indiana: Generational Memory, 1991-1993

Westerfield, Herschel; Westerfield, Beverly July 26, 1991 

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Physical Description

44 pages; 2 tapes, 1 7/8 ips, 90 minutes; index

Berry, Chad

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Scope and Content Note

Herschel Westerfield, born on November 19, 1933, and his wife Beverly Westerfield, born on July 24, 1935, recall their respective childhoods, memories, and traditions rooted in rural Kentucky. They share their memories of the Great Depression and World War II, as well as life before electricity and indoor plumbing. In addition, they speak of the family and Christian values they have as the foundation of their life and family.

  • Keywords
    • Corporation Names
    • Whiting Southern Baptist Church
    • Place Names
    • Kentucky
    • Subjects
    • alcohol
    • electricity
    • family values
    • Great Depression
    • indoor plumbing
    • Kentucky oil fields
    • local crime
    • urban changes
    • World War II