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The W.A. Whitten Collection, 1962-1991

Series: Artifacts

Willie and Lucille Whitten collected these artifacts during their visits to Liberia in the 1960s and 1970s. They are currently housed at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures at Indiana University. In the finding aid, these items are arranged alphabetically by subject, with subcategories and descriptions provided by Whitten. For a more detailed classification scheme, contact the Mathers Museum.

Subseries: Arts and Crafts


Animal Figures

Crocodile (large)

Crocodile (small)


Early Settlers Dwelling

Wood Carving Wall Plaques

Left Face

Moslem Male

Right Face

Wood Wall Plaques

Plaque With Faces

Plaque With a Village

Wood Sword Plaque

Woven Baskets

Large Basket

Small Tray

Kissi Pennies

Senufo Anklets

Brass Cuff

Brass Open Ring

Steel Open Ring

Society Masks

Poro Society Mask with Hood and Face Cloth

Poro Society Mask

Sande Head Piece for Young Female Initiate

Senufo Mask

Small Mask Probably for Young Female

Subseries: Figurines and Carvings

Soapstone Figures

Kissi Stone Face

Kissi Stone Family

Small Stone God

Wood Bust Carvings

Female with head piece (small)

Moslem male with cap (medium)

Moslem male without cap (medium)

Young female facing left

Young female facing right

Young female with braided hair

Young female with braided hair-high forehead

Young female with long braids

Young female with plain hair

Young female with side view

Young mother and child

Wood Hand-God Figures

Female Figure

Yoruba Ibeji Twin Figure

Subseries: Household Furniture and Utensils


Carrying Net

Chief’s Chair

Clay Water Pot (large)

Clay Water Pot (small)

Condiment Basket – Jar type

Fish/Carrying Basket

Large Wood Spoon

Rice Mortar


Spice/Nuts Mortar

Stools With Four Legs

Large Wood Stool

Medium Wood Stool

Medium Wood Stool

Small Wood Stool

Subseries: Leisure Items


Decorative Game Board

Plain Game Board (with Bean Tokens)

Society Game Board

Musical Instruments

Belly Harp


Medium Drum

Small Drum

Small Talking Drum

Iron Bells

Large iron Bell With Wood Stick & Metal Ring

Medium Iron Bell With Wood Stick & Metal Ring

Small Iron Bell With Wood Stick & Metal Ring

Marimba With Two Mallets

Sasa Gourd Rattler

Subseries: Textiles

Boutique-Type Cloth

Blue Cloth #1

Blue Cloth #2

Blue Cloth #3

Chief's Robes

Robe & Cap from Local Weaved Cloth (black, blue, beige & white)

Robe & Cap Commercially made Cloth (bright black, white & blue)

Robe Probably Made from Local Weaved Cloth (beige)

Female Dress (blue)

Local Made Country Cloth Rolls

Dark Color

Light Color

Male Shirt (blue & white)

Raffia Bag (red & beige)

Weaving Loom Parts

Shuttle (oval)

Shuttle (rectangle)

Thread Filter

Subseries: Tools


Loma Blacksmith Bellows Pair from Vezela Town



Upland Rice Farming Tools


Machete (Cutlass)

Regular Hoe

Scratching Hoe for Rice Planting


Knife with Brass Blade and Bone Handle (copy)

Sword with Sheath (copy)