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The W.A. Whitten Collection, 1962-1991

Subseries: Published Materials

african arts/ arts d’afrique . Volume 1, Number 1, Autumn 1967

The African Studies Center of the University of California at Los Angeles

Balk, Diane M., “Liberian takeover came as no surprise to vice president”

From the Courier-Journal, Louisville, KY , April ____, 1980

Corder, S. Henry, editor. Lofa Times

A newspaper published bi-weekly by the Lofa County Publication Project, a writing association, November 4, 1966, Voinjama, Liberia.

Dash, Leon. “Liberia Moves Toward Civilian Rule 3 Years After Military Took Power”

From The Washington Post, Washington, D. C., April 17, 1983

Dash, Leon. “Tolbert Dies in Liberian Army Coup”

From Washington Post Foreign Service, Washington, D. C., April __, 1980

Dennis, James C. Sr., Publisher, Palm , Volume 1, Number 1, April 1966

Liberia's Monthly Newsmagazine

Dennis, James C. Sr., Publisher, Palm , Volume 5, Number 10-12, circa November 1969

Liberia's Monthly Newsmagazine

Dennis, James C. Sr., Unificiation Volume 1, Number 1, August 1966

Liberia’s Cultural, Social and Economic Review. Pp. 2-3 missing

Dennis, James C. Sr., Unificiation Volume 1, Number 2, October 1966

Liberia’s Cultural, Social and Economic Review.

Dietz, Betty Warner and Michael Babatunde Olatunji. Musical Instruments of Africa - Their Nature, Use and Place in the Life of a Deeply Musical People. The John Day Company, New York, 1965.

Introduction by Colin M. Turnbull, Curator of African Ethnology, American Museum of Natural History including his LP plastic record of African music

Dostert, Pierre Etienne. Africa 1980 – The World Today Series. Stryker-Post Publications, Inc, Washington, D. C., Harpers Ferry, W. Va.

Kennedy, Robert H., Editor. Inside Lofa County

With introduction by Bill Frank.

Martin, Donald M. “Tragedy in Liberia” , The Commission.

Magazine of the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, June/July 1991.

Robbins, Warren M. African Art in American Collections. Fredrick A. Praeger Publishers, 1966

In English and French.

Sarkesian, Sam. Faces of Africa. American Cultural Center, United States Information Service , circa 1965-1969

Schwab, George and George W. Harley. "Tribes of the Liberian Hinterland." Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Anthropology and Ethnology , Vol. 31, 1947, 536 pp

An authorized reprint of the original edition, produced by University Microfilms- Xerography by University Microfilms, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1964

Sutherland, Efua. Playtime in Africa . Murray Printing Company, Forge Village, Massachusetts, 1969.

Wilkinson, David R., editor. “Couple maintains faith during Liberian civil war.” The Tie, News about the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary , Volume 59, Number 2 Spring 1991

From Louisville, Kentucky.

Wreh, Tuan. THE LOVE OF LIBERTY , The Rule of President William V. S. Tubman in Liberia 1944-1971., C. Hurst & Company,London, 1976