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Bai T. Moore Papers, 1919-2004

Electronic finding aid encoded by Megan MacDonald.

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Moore, Bai T.

Bai T. Moore Papers , 1919-2004

Collection No.

23 cubic feet; 22 records cartons, 1 oversized materials box.

Materials are primarily in English.

Bai T. Moore was a renowned poet and author whose work was greatly influenced by his experiences growing up in Liberia. In addition to Moore’s career as a writer, he served as a government official for several years, first as Chief of the Liberian Bureau of Agriculture, and later, as Deputy Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism. This collection consists of government papers, ethnographic materials, published works, manuscripts, and drafts of his writings.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Bai Tamiah Moore was born in the village of Dimeh, 20 miles from Monrovia, and given the name Tamiah. Though the exact date of Moore’s birth was not recorded, it has been approximated as either sometime in 1916 or in October, 1920. The village in which he grew up was ruled by the Dei ethnic group, but was also inhabited by the Gola, Vai, Mandingo, and Bassa peoples. Moore’s parentage was both Vai and Gola, but he identified himself as Vai, using the criteria of patrilineal descent, language, and name. He spoke the indigenous languages of Gola, Vai, Vassa, and Dei. His maternal grandmother was a great and respected storyteller in her home village of Janney. Both his ethnic background and the importance of storytelling in his family were great influences in his life.

Moore was the sixth of seven children, with two older brothers, three older sisters, and one younger brother. Moore's father died while he was a young child, forcing his mother and his older siblings to support the family. Because two of his older sisters were attending an indigenous school for women in nearby Sande, his mother chose to remain in Dimeh after her husband’s death, rather than return to her home village of Janney. While he was still a young boy, Moore's oldest cousin convinced his mother to allow Moore to visit their relatives in Janney. This trip was supposed to last only “a few moons,” but it stretched into a few years. Moore's stay in Janney proved to be very influential in his life because he was immersed and nurtured in the rich culture of the Gola ethnic group while living with his mother’s family. Also as a result of his move to Janney, Moore had his first taste of western culture. After learning his distant cousin attended a mission school in nearby Bendoo, Moore obtained permission to visit the school and to stay with the missionaries who ran it. Soon after his arrival, he was enrolled as a student. There was a large ethnic mix present at the school–Vai, Gola, Mandingo, Kpessi, Basso, Kru and Americo-Liberian students attended. Moore learned English at Bendoo, and there his name was changed to Johnson Moore—Johnson after Reverend R. O. Johnson, and Moore after the Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia that supported the mission. Mommie Bouey, one of the missionaries who ran the school, was so impressed by Moore that she decided he should be given the opportunity to travel to America.

After Moore's mother and grandmother died, he returned to Janney uncertain about whether he wanted to continue his schooling at Bendoo. During this period, he was initiated into the Poro, the male society that educates adolescent boys in the culture of the Gola and officially declares them to have reached manhood. It was at the ceremony signifying his acceptance into the Poro that Moore was given the name Bai/Bye, to be placed before his birth name Tamiah. Henceforth, he would be known as Bai T. Moore . After entering the Poro, he traveled extensively through Gola Country, a journey that would forever flavor his writings.

On August 3, 1929, Mommie Bouey’s promise of sending him to America was finally fulfilled and he departed from Monrovia with Bouey’s husband, Reverend Bouey. Mrs. Bouey and the reverend’s brother, John Bouey, met them when their ship, the S. S. West Ke-Bar, docked in Philadelphia on September 4. From Philadelphia, the Boueys took Moore to Richmond, Virginia, where Moore attended the public high school.

After graduating from high school in 1934, he went on to Virginia Union University where he received a B.A. in biology in 1938. Though he considered going on to medical school, he was unable to do so for lack of scholarship and personal funds. Moore instead began working in Washington, D. C. , while taking graduate courses at Howard University. Moore had a number of interesting jobs during the twelve years he remained in the U.S., including working as newspaper boy, busboy, dishwasher , bellhop and chauffeur.

Moore's aptitude for writing was evident early in his education, particularly when he began contributing to his high school’s publications. Moore's first attempts at writing poetry imitated the voices and styles of American and European poets. When he began to draw from his experiences in Liberia, it was clear that they would be a major source of inspiration and material for his work in the future. He wrote primarily in English, though he did occasionally write in the Vai language, as well.

After returning to Liberia in 1941, Bai T. Moore decided to explore his ethnic heritage extensively. He traveled all over Liberia collecting Vai folktales, and those of other ethnic groups, as well. Moore then settled down to life as a writer, and in time, he accepted a post as a government official. He first took on the position of Chief of the Bureau of Agriculture in the Liberian Department of the Interior, and in 1980, that of Deputy Minister of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism. Upon retiring in 1986, he became a senior advisor and mentor for the Liberian Association of Writers/Society of Liberian Authors, where he worked until his death of a heart attack on Sunday, January 10, 1988.

Major Works

  • 1937. Golah Boy in America. Richmond, VA: Quality Printing Co., 1937 .

    A biographical sketch of his youth in Africa describing customs of the Golah tribe and his journey to “Big” America.

  • 1947. Echoes from the Valley. Robertsport, Liberia: D. Muir Printing Office, 1947.

    A collection of poems with Roland T. Dempster and H. C. Thomas.

  • 1962. Ebony Dust. Monrovia: Ducor Publishing House, 1962.

    A collection of poems. Reprinted in 1976.

  • 1967. Chips from the African Story Tree .

    A collection of Liberian folktales with S. Jangaba M. Johnson.

  • 1968. Murder in the Cassava Patch. Monrovia: Ducor Publishing House, 1968.

    First published in serial form in the newspaper Liberian Star, that same year it was also published as a novel which was reprinted in 1976.

  • 1974. Voices from Grass Roots. Liberia: privately printed, 1974.

    A collection of poems.

  • 1976. The Money Doubler . Lagos & Unicom Books, 1976.

    A novel.

  • 1979. Liberian Culture at a Glance . Monrovia: Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism, 1979.
  • N.D. Monkey Work, Baboon Draw .

    A novel. Unpublished.

  • N.D. Godchild.

    A novel. Unpublished.

  • Arrangement

    The Bai T. Moore Collection consists of 23 cubic feet and is divided into ten series:
    • Conferences
    • Correspondence
    • Ethnographic Materials
    • Government Agencies
    • Organizations
    • Personal Materials
    • Photographs
    • Subject Files
    • Writings
    • Published Books

    Scope and Content


    This series consists of conferences, annual meetings, colloquiums and festivals Bai T. Moore attended. The majority of materials in this series are from the Second Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture and include copies of the submitted conference papers.


    This series includes both personal and professional correspondence including exchanges between Moore and Samuel Doe, Hubert Humphrey, William Tolbert, and William Tubman. Excluded from this series is correspondence with other organizations or agencies as those materials will be found within those particular folders.

    Ethnographic Materials

    The Ethnographic Materials series consists of nine subseries. They are: Art and Crafts , Culture and History, Daily Life, Ethnic Groups and Languages , Music and Dance , Oral History and Folk Tales, Other African Materials , Poro and Sande and Village Profiles. Of particular note in this series is the extensive collection of field notes in the Music and Dance subseries and the Vai materials in the Ethnic Groups and Languages subseries.

    Government Agencies

    The Government Agencies series reflects the organization and hierarchy of the Liberian government. Much emphasis has been placed on the Minsitry of Education subseries and the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism subseries as Moore worked for both agencies. The University of Liberia is another large subseries and is it's own separate government agency and not part of the Ministry of Education.


    This series contains materials from all of the numerous organizations Moore was affiliated with. Some of the larger subseries include Organization of African Unity, Society of Liberian Authors and UNESCO.

    Personal Materials

    This series contains invitations, programs, receipts, greeting cards, legal information and any other personal ephemera belong to Bai T. Moore or his family.


    The majority of photos in this series are unknown and undated. There is, however, a folder of photos from Bai T. Moore's funeral and an album from the Second Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture.

    Subject Files

    The Subject Files series has a variety of different materials that weren't easily housed elsewhere in the collection. Included are materials such as bibliographies, handwritten notes, magazines and newsclippings, religious materials and speeches. Two subseries, Presidents and Receipts, are also included in this series. The Presidents subseries is divided into individual Liberian presidents.


    The Writings series is divided into 4 subseries. The Manuscript subseries are all original works by Bai T. Moore and include manuscripts from his most famous work, Murder in the Cassava Patch . The Plays subseries include a number of titles, many not penned by Moore The Poetry subseries includes Moore's original poems as well as anthologies he has worked on, general reports on poetry and poems that he collected that were not his own. While it can be assumed that all of the materials in the Unknown Manuscripts subseries originated with Moore, there is no way to verify it thus these materials have been separated out.

    Published Books

    This series is divided into two subseries, By Bai T Moore and Other Liberian and African Writings . The first being a variety of titles and editions of Moore's work, the later being a listing of books that Moore collected personally.

    • Indexing Terms

    • The following terms have been used to index this collection.

      • Names
      • Moore, Bai T., 1916-1988
      • Holsoe, Svend E.
      • Tolbert, William R., 1913-1980
      • Townsend, E. Reginald
      • Tubman, William V. S.,--1895-1971
      • African Studies Association
      • International Conference on Manding Studies (1972 : University of London)(Conference on Manding Studies)
      • Liberia. Department of Agriculture
      • Liberia. Dept. of Interior
      • Liberia. Dept. of Planning and Economic Affairs
      • Liberia. Legislature
      • Liberia. Ministry of Education
      • Liberia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Liberia. Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism " source="lcnaf"
      • Liberia. People's Redemption Council
      • Liberia Broadcasting System
      • Louisiana World Exposition (1984 : New Orleans, La.)
      • Organization of African Unity
      • Society of Liberian Authors
      • Unesco
      • University of Liberia
      • World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (2nd : 1977 : Lagos, Nigeria)
      • Places
      • Grand Cape Mount County (Liberia)
      • Israel
      • Liberia
      • Marlyand County (Liberia)
      • Monrovia (Liberia)
      • Topics
      • Art, Liberian
      • Authors, Liberian
      • Bassa language (Liberia and Sierra Leone)
      • Cooking, Liberian
      • Dan language (Côte d'Ivoire)
      • Dewoin language
      • Folklore--Africa, West
      • Liberia--Description and travel.
      • Liberia--History.
      • Liberia--Politics and government.
      • Liberian literature
      • Liberian poetry
      • Oral History
      • Poets, Liberian
      • Short stories, Liberian (English)
      • Vai language

    Separated Materials

    All audio materials have been removed from the collection and stored elsewhere for better storage and preservation. Slides have also been removed from this collection due to their poor quality.

    Administrative Information

    User Restrictions
    All research at the Liberian Collections Project is by appointment only. See collection Guidelines for further information about photocopy requests and permissions for publication:
    Preferred Citation
    [item], Bai T. Moore Papers, Bloomington, IN: Liberian Collections, Indiana University Libraries, 2010.
    Copyright Transferred
    Copyright interests for this collection have been transferred to the Trustees of Indiana University. For more information, contact the Indiana University Liberian Collections
    Processing Information
    Processed by Megan MacDonald.

    Completed in 2011.

    Series: Box 1 Conferences

    Association of the World Festival of Negro Arts, 1963-1965 , undated

    Black Expo, 1973-1979 , undated

    Broadcasting Conferences, 1961-1980

    Conference of African Ministers of Culture, 1975-1977

    Conference of the Liberian Research Association, 1971

    Conference of Ministers on the Harmonisation of Cultural Policies , 1973

    Conference on Manding Studies , 1972 , undated

    3 folders

    Conference on Manding Studies , undated

    The Cultural Contributions of the Black Diaspora to Africa, 1980 , undated

    The Cultural Contributions of the Black Diaspora to Africa, 1983

    Development Objectives and Strategy, 1971

    Encounters Between the Cultural Communities of Africa, Europe and the Arab World, 1981-1982 , undated

    International Conference on Cultural Diversity and National Understanding Within West African Countries, 1970

    International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, 1973

    Lagos Colloquium on Black Civilization and Education, undated

    Lagos Festival, 1977  , undated

    Lagos Festival Receipts, 1976-1977  , undated

    Louisiana World Exposiiton , 1983 , undated

    Miscellaneous, 1962-1979 , undated

    Miscellaneous, 1980-1986 , undated

    Nigeria Symposium on Anglophone and Francophone Literature, 1987 , undated

    Pan African Cultural Festival, 1969 undated

    Problems of Cultural Policy in Africa, 1966

    Second Congress of Black Writers and Artists, 1959  , undated

    Subseries: Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture

    Basic Information Booklet, 1975-1977

    Bills for Purchase of Musical Instruments,1976

    Conference Papers

    “African Folk Music and Dance – Their Future Roles”, undated

    “Africanity in Modern African Literature”, 1977

    Box 2 “Afro-American Nationalism: Social Strategy and Struggle for Community”, 1977

    “Black Civilization and Education", 1975

    “The Development of Pan-African Ideas in the Americas and in Africa Before 1900”, 1977

    “Dravidian and Negro-African: Ethnic and Linguistic Affinities", 1977

    "Educational Views", 1977

    “Edward James Roye and His Family, A Portrait of a Black Midwestern Man During the First Half of the 19th Century”, undated

    “Folklore and Traditional Education in Africa”, 1977

    “The Great Future of America and Africa: From a Nineteenth Century Perspective”,1977

    “The Heritage of Disunification: Politico-Structural Fragmentation and Colonialism in Sierra Leone”, 1975

    “The Historical Awareness of Black Civilization in the Face of the Facts and Problems of Modern History”, 1977

    “The Kabala Complex: Koranko-Limba Relationship in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Sierra Leone”, 1977

    "Paul Robeson and Africa", 1977

    “Poro and Sane Among the Dewoin People of Liberia: Example of an Indigenous Education System”, 1977

    "Psychoblackology", 1977

    “The Retrieval of History: Response to the Culture of Racialism”, 1977

    “The Role of African Historical Consciousness in the Development of Contemporary Africa Societies”, 1977

    “The Role of Women in Traditional Education from the Prenatal Period of Adolescence in the Traditional Societies of Pre-Colonial Ivory Coast”,

    "The Scholar in African Society", 1977

    “Self-Concepts and Attitudes Towards Counseling”, 1977

    “The Silent Minority: Canadians of African Descent”, 1977

    "Temporality and Vision of History, 1977

    “Traditional Informal System of Education in Pre-Colonial Ghana: An Introduction”, 1977

    “The University of Khartoum and Cultural Development in the Sudan”, 1977

    “Was the Black African Ever a Pagan? If No – What Was He?”, 1977

    “What is Black Civilization?”, 1977

    Correspondence, 1976

    Dances, 1976-1977

    Detailed Proposal, 1977-1980

    Entry Form, 1976-1977 , undated

    Exhibitions, 1976-1977

    Guidelines for Consultations, undated


    Second Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1973

    Third Zonal Meeting, 1973

    Fourth Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1974

    Fifth Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1974

    Fifth Zonal Meeting, 1974

    Sixth Zonal Meeting, 1976

    Eighth Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1975-1976

    Modern Dressing Forms, 1976

    News, 1976-1977

    Notes on Draft Agenda, 1973

    Opening Remarks, 1977

    Popular Dressing Forms, undated

    Preliminary Report, 1973

    Profiles, 1975

    Report of Summary and Accounts, 1977

    Staff, 1973

    Supplementary Memorandum, undated

    "Together For Peace" Conference, 1987

    22nd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association , 1979

    World Conference of Mayors , 1981-1984

    World Crafts Council, 1979

    Series: Box 3 Correspondence

    A, 1979-1981

    B, 1941-1987

    Bouey, 1955-1984

    Brown, A.K., 1961-1985 , undated

    C, 1958-1984

    Calvin, Nimene, 1982

    Carey, Robert D., 1966-1969

    Cooper, Sandei, 1975-1981 

    D, 1948-1986

    Davis, William R., Jr., 1979-1980 

    Doe, Samuel K., 1980-1984

    E, 1969-1986

    F, 1972-1986

    G, 1944-1986

    Gbessey, Boima, 1969-1973  

    Gbewolo, Joe-Weiga, 1980 

    Gordon, John C., 1976-1977

    Green/Moore, Tabitha, 1956-1981

    H, 1955-1986

    Holsoe, Svend, 1970-1987

    Humphrey, Hubert , 1963

    Hyman, Mark, 1982-1985

    I, 1977-1987

    J, 1955-1986

    James, Edna E., 1980-1986

    K, 1969-1986

    L, 1958-1986

    M, 1975-1986

    McClain, Johnny A., 1976-1977 

    Miscellaneous, 1958-1984 , undated

    Moore (Tulay), Gillian Loba, 1977-1985

    N, 1955-1987

    Naigrow, Peter L., 1984 

    O, 1984-1987

    Ofri, Dorith, 1969-1987  


    R, 1943-1994

    Richards, Vanjah R., 1977-1981 

    S, 1956-1987

    T, 1949-2001

    Tolbert, William R., Jr., 1973-1974 

    Townsend, E. Reginald, 1967 , undated

    Tubman, William V.S., 1946-1971 

    Tulay, Frederick K., 1966-1977  

    V, 1978-1986

    W, 1973-2001

    Wilson, Donald R., 1983-1986

    Z, 1948-1987

    Series: Ethnographic Materials

    Subseries: Arts and Crafts

    Archaeological Discoveries, 1966

    Benin Bronzes, undated

    Bentol Weaving Center, 1978-1979 , undated

    Liberian Handicrafts, 1969 , undated

    Liberian Masks, 1977-1979 , undated

    Miscellaneous, undated

    "Negro Art in the Life of the People The Present: Confrontation With the West", undated

    “The Potters and the Painterss: Art By and About Women in Urban Africa”, 1977

    Technical Innovation in Popular African Art, 1977

    Subseries: Culture and History

    Bomi Territory, undated

    Cultural Charter, undated

    General Reports on Liberia, undated

    Geographic Names, 1955-1976

    Guide to Monrovia, 1977 , undated

    Hinterland Exploration and Reogranization, undated

    Historical Landmarks and Sites, 1981 , undated

    Historical Sketches of Cape Mount, undated

    History of Maryland County , undated

    "Liberia: The Land, Its Art, and Its People", 1975 

    Liberian Historical Review, 1964  

    "Life in Liberia", undated

    Box 4 "Life in Liberia", undated

    Miscellaneous, undated

    "The Senkolo Story", 1982

    "The Senkolo Story", 1982 , undated

    "The Senkolo Story", undated

    "The Senkolo Story"- Photographss, undated

    William V.S. Tubman Center of African Culture – Lake Piso Bulletins, 1967-1982 , undated

    Subseries: Daily Life

    Agricultural Research Station, 1955-1956

    Cookery, undated

    Death and Burial Rites, undated

    Discussion Group Questions, undated

    Family structure, 1987 , undated

    Farming, undated

    Game Descriptions, undated

    Health and Nutrition, 1972-1985 , undated

    Liberian Hairstyles, undated

    "Liberian Way of Cooking", undated

    Marriage, undated

    Miscellaneous, undated

    Village Council Notes, 1953 , undated

    Work Books/Coloring Books, 1976 , undated

    Subseries: Ethnic Groups and Languages

    Bassa, 1966 , undated

    Bassa, undated

    Chiefdoms, 1965 , undated

    Cultural Patterns in the Loma Tribe, undated

    The Dan and Religion, undated

    Death in Dan Culture, undated

    Dei Miscellaneous, undated

    “Dewoin People of Liberia”, undated

    “Dewoin People of Liberia”, Ch. 1-3, undated

    Gbandi, undated

    Gola, undated

    "Historical Sketch of the Dey Tribe as to Their Origin and Peculiar Customs", undated

    Krahn/Tchien, undated

    Kru/Krao, 1969-1979 , undated

    “Liberia’s Contribution to the Science of Communication”, 1969

    “Liberia’s Heritage of African Language”, 1974

    Mandingo, undated

    Traditional Cooperative Societies, undated

    Translations, undated

    Translations, undated

    Box 5 Tribes of Liberia, 1967-1985 , undated

    “The Tribes of the Western Province and the Denwoin People”, undated


    “Book of Ndole”, undated

    Calendar Project, 1966-1987 , undated

    Cassava-Leaf People, 1967

    Education, 1979 , undated

    Geometric Symbols, undated

    “A Grammar of Vai”, 1976

    Handwritten Notes, 1960-1980,  undated

    History, undated

    Miscellaneous, undated

    Names, undated

    Notes/Letters, 1963-1986

    "Problems of Vai Identity", undated

    Reports, 1963-1976

    Reports, undated

    Script Hut Tax Receipts of Senkolo, 1950

    "The Standard Vai Script", 1962 , undated

    Vocabulary Project, 1967

    Zola Duma Materials, 1927

    "Work Cooperatives Among the De", undated

    Subseries: Music and Dance

    African Field Recordings, undated

    Ballet, 1977 

    Catalogs of Music and Visual Arts, 1970-1973

    Categories of Traditional Songs, 1969

    Field Notes, 1965 

    2 folders

    Field Notes – Handwritten, 1965 , undated

    Indigenous Folk Music, undated

    Kpelle Musical Events, undated

    List of Folk Songs, undated

    Musical Composition, undated

    Box 6 “Musical Instruments of Liberia” , 1968

    Names and Description of Drums, undated

    Programs, 1969-1974 , undated

    “Relationship Between Poetry and Music”, undated

    “Role of the Drum in Traditional African Communities", undated

    Theatre, 1967-1976 , undated

    Subseries: Oral History and Folktales

    Folktales, 1973

    Folktales, undated

    12 folders

    Folktales by Bai T. Moore, 1983 , undated

    Glebo Tribe Traditional History and Folklore, undated

    Hinterland’s Mythology, undated

    Kpelle Folktales, 1973

    Box 7 "Liberian Folklore: A Source of Historical Information, Wisdom and Entertainment", undated

    Oral History Research Project, 1977 , undated

    Oral Traditions of Liberian Tribes, undated

    Proverbs of Liberia , 1963-1984 , undated

    Reports on Folklore, 1964-1978 , undated

    Selection of Vai Poems and Folktales, 1974 , undated

    Stories/Folktales Published, 1963-1971 , undated

    Subseries: Other African Material

    African Culture and National Liberation, undated

    Ethnographic Research Materials, undated

    General African Superstitions and Beliefs, undated

    Miscellaneous, undated

    Outline of Report on Africa, undated

    Religion – Yoruba, undated

    Somali Weather Lore, 1969

    Subseries: Poro and Sande

    “Influence of Islam on Poro and Sande in Western Liberia”, undated

    Miscellaneous, 1983, undated

    “Poro and Sande Among the Dewoin People of Liberia Example of an Indigenous Educational System”, 1977

    Poro and Sande – General, 1969 , undated

    Poro and Sande Initiation, undated

    Poro Report, undated

    Poro Rules and Regulations, 1962

    The Work of Gram Sevaks in the Community Project Area, undated

    Subseries: Village Profiles

    Chugbon, undated

    Dekpeja, undated

    Fuema, undated

    Gbasa Koma, undated

    Geeja, undated

    Gola Valo, undated

    Goyaja, undated

    Jegbeja, undated

    Jila, undated

    Joniga, undated

    Konojefolo, undated

    Lakpasi, undated

    Matai, undated

    Njailoahuh, undated

    Penija, undated

    Structures & Types of Villages, undated

    Tobema, undated

    Village Sites, undated

    Yokoja, undated

    Series: Government Agencies

    Bureau of Folklore, Interior Department , undated

    Bureau of Natural Resources and Surveys, undated

    Constitution, undated

    Subseries: Department of Agriculture

    Dime Rabbit Project,1971-1981

    Dime Rabbit Project, undated

    Extension Training Centre, Agricultural Research Station, 1954 , undated

    Mineral Resources in Liberia, undated

    Research and Development, 1943-1972 , undated

    Department of the Interior, 1931-1968 , undated

    Department of the Interior-Fragile, undated

    Department of Planning and Economic Affairs, 1971-1985

    Department of Planning and Economic Affairs, undated

    Embassy of the United States of America, 1976-1987

    Executive Mansion, 1960-1991 

    Legislature-Annual Reports, 1972

    Box 8 Legislature-Annual Reports, 1974-1976

    Legislature-Annual Reports, 1978 , undated

    Liberian Embassy, 1969-1986 , undated

    Ministry of Commerce, undated

    Subseries: Ministry of Education

    “African Studies in Liberia”, undated

    American Cooperative School, 1970

    Armstrong High School, 1983 , undated

    Bendoo Industrial Mission, 1969 , undated

    Booker Washington Institute, 1973

    Bright Functional School, 1976-1981

    B.W. Harris Episcopal School, 1957-1982 , undated

    Certificates, 1985

    Cleveland Public Schools Broadcasting Scripts, 1957-1959 , undated

    Cleveland Public Schools WBOE Radio Station, 1953-1959 , undated

    College of West Africa, 1969-1987 , undated

    "The Community School (It’s Scope and Significance"), 1977

    Correspondence, 1965-1985 , undated

    Cuttington College, 1958-1981 , undated

    Department of Public Instruction , 1955  

    “Development of Unification in Liberia”, 1963

    Educator Publications, 1965-1984

    “Education in Liberia”, 1979

    Evaluation and Planning, 1964-1976 , undated

    Follett Educational Corporation, 1971

    Guidance Institute, undated

    Haywood Mission School, 1987

    High School Publications, 1972 , undated

    Hilton-Van Ee School, 1975 , undated

    Kapeja School Plans, 1985-1986 , undated

    Liberian Educational and Cultural Materials Research Project, 1970

    The Liberian Fulbrighters’ Newsletters, 1983-1987 , undated

    “The Liberian Junior High School Guidance Series”, 1962

    “Liberians at Work”, 1976

    "Living in Liberia", undated

    Mano River Union, 1974-1977

    Mano River Union, 1978 , undated

    Miscellaneous, 1955-1986 , undated

    Miscellaneous Reports, 1953-1974

    Miscellaneous Reports, 1977-1984

    Miscellaneous Reports, undated

    National Fundamental Education Project, 1957 , undated

    Programs, 1973-1984

    Radio and TV Class Materials, 1958

    Richmond High School, 1981-1984

    St. Patrick’s High School, 1982-1986

    Saint Paul’s College, 1978

    Box 9 Speeches, 1957-1986

    Teacher’s Plan Book, 1984 

    Virginia Union University “Record”, 1979

    Walter F. Walker School, 1974 , undated

    Webbo Fundamental Education Project Reconnaissance Reports, 1955

    William V.S. Tubman High School, 1970-1976 

    Ministry of Finance, 1975-1986 , undated

    Subseries: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, 1948-1984

    Certification of Incorporation of Yamba Development Corporation, 1975

    Foreign Publications, 1957-1977

    Foreign Publications, 1979-1987 , undated

    Foreign Relations, 1966-1985

    "Index to Diplomatic Dispatches from Liberia: 1852-1906", undated

    Miscellaneous, 1975-1985 , undated

    1984 U. S. Campaign, 1984

    U.S. Trade Mission, 1979

    Subseries: Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism

    Administrative Information, 1983 , undated

    Annual Reports, 1976-1983


    "Communications Media in Tropical Africa" , 1962

    Legends and Songs of Liberia, 1964-1965 , undated

    Legends and Songs of Liberia transcripts, 1963-1965

    Legends and Songs of Liberia transcripts, 1966-1968

    Legends and Songs of Liberia transcripts, undated

    Liberian Rural Communications Network, 1985 

    Miscellaneous, undated

    Budget/Finance, 1961-1983 , undated

    Calendars, 1981-1985


    A-H, 1973-1987 , undated

    I-O, 1965- 1992 , undated

    P-Z, 1968-1986  , undated

    "Facts About Liberia", 1971

    Four Year Plan for the Information Wing, 1973-1974

    Four Year Plan for the Information Wing, undated

    Liberia News Agency, 1979-1985 , undated

    Box 10 The Liberia Official Gazette, 1969-2004

    Liberian Information Service, 1958-1965 , undated

    Miscellaneous, 1983-1987

    National Cultural Troupe, 1966-1981 , undated

    National Cultural Troupe Programs, 1966-1979

    National Cultural Troupe Programs, 1980-1981 , undated

    National Redemption Day, 1979-1985

    National Redemption Day, undated

    Notes, 1963-1981 , undated

    Press Releases, 1979-1984 , undated

    Press Service, 1975-1976

    Proposals, 1964-1980 

    Proposals, undated

    Publications, 1969-1978

    Publications, 1980-1982 , undated

    Reports, 1966

    Reports, 1967

    Reports, 1968-1974

    Reports, 1975-1981

    Box 11 Reports, 1983-1985

    Reports, undated

    Reports, undated

    Speeches, 1966-1970 , undated

    Ministry of Justice, 1958-1985 , undated

    Ministry of Justice -Investigation, 1973

    Ministry of Land and Mines, 1975-1985 , undated

    Ministry of Local Government, 1979-1982 , undated

    Ministry of National Defense, 1981-1987 , undated

    Ministry of Public Works, 1976-1984

    Miscellaneous, 1963-1985 , undated

    Miscellaneous Government Reports, 1979-1983 , undated

    National Assembly, 1984-1985 , undated

    People’s Redemption Council, 1980-1984

    People’s Redemption Council, undated

    Press and Publications Bureau, undated

    Progressive People’s Party, 1979-1980

    Proposed Liberian Government Organization Manual, undated

    Senate, undated

    Supreme Court, 1975-1977

    True Whig Party, 1953-1979

    Subseries: University of Liberia

    College of Business and Public Administration, undated

    Correspondence, 1958-1987 

    “The Haywood Struggling Kids”, undated

    Institute of African Studies, 1958-1967 , undated

    Institute of African Studies Seminar Report, 1974 

    Miscellaneous, undated

    National Curriculum Review Project, 1972

    Native Medicine Project, undated

    Protocol for Commencement Convocation, 1978-1981

    Publications, 1958-1985

    Seminars, 1976 , undated

    “A Short History of Libraries in Liberia”, 1973

    Speeches, 1969-1981

    “Statistics of Education in Liberia”, 1970

    Student Papers, 1980 , undated

    The University Spokesman, 1978-1980 , undated

    William V.S. Tubman Teachers College, 1967 , undated

    Series: Box 12 Organizations

    African Cultural Institute , 1977

    African Studies Association, 1969-1979 

    Agribusiness Council, Inc., 1976-1980 , undated

    BAMCO, 1973-1984 , undated

    Bassa Vah Association, 1966

    Bench Kailondo Social and Athletic Club, 2001 , undated

    Boy Scouts, 1984  undated

    Brochures, 1966-1983

    By Laws, 1964 , undated

    Cassell and Collier MacMillan Publishers, 1976

    Century, Incorporated, 1979

    Concerned Youths of Liberia, 1991

    Concerned Youths of Liberia, 1992 , undated

    District Trust Corporation, 1981 , undated

    Economic Community of West African States , 1982

    Harlem Urban Development Corporation , undated

    Horst Erdmann Verlag and Co., 1968-1970

    Institute for International Relations, 1985

    Liberia Data and Research Services, Inc., undated

    Liberian Development Corporation , 1977

    Liberia Finance and Trust Corporation, 1977-1979

    Liberia Finance and Trust Corporation, 1980-1981  , undated

    Liberian Institute of Public Administration, 1974

    Liberian-Ivory Coast Corporation, 1971-1983

    Liberian Studies Association , 1975-1983

    Meeting Minutes, 1970-1985 , undated

    Miscellaneous, 1958-1983

    Miscellaneous, undated

    Miss World University Contest, 1986 , undated

    Subseries: Organization of African Unity

    Conference Materials, 1969-1979

    Cultural Charter for Africa, 1975

    Poems, 1979 , undated

    Reports, 1969-1978 , undated

    Speeches, Addresses and Plays, 1969-1979 , undated

    Peace Corps, 1970-1982 , undated

    Polypeptides, Inc., undated

    River Cess People Organization, 1979-1980

    Subseries: Society of Liberian Authors

    Anthology of Liberian Literature, 1968-1977

    Correspondence, 1974-1987

    KAAFA Bulletins, 1971

    KAAFA Bulletins, 1972

    Box 13 KAAFA Bulletins, 1973-1976 , undated

    KAAFA Poems, 1977

    Minutes and Meetings, 1975-1977 , undated

    Miscellaneous, 1975-1988 , undated

    "Problems Faced by Indigenous Writers", 1984

    "The Role of Libraries in the School System", undated

    United Nations,196801981 , undated

    Subseries: UNESCO

    Bureau of Fundamental Education

    Examinations, 1957 , undated

    Forms and Reports, 1953-1955  , undated

    Plan of the National Center of Fundamental Education, 1954

    Program and Budget, 1956-1958

    Statement of Accounts, 1953

    Surveys, undated

    Teachers Institute Training, 1954-1958  , undated

    Correspondence, 1951-1983

    Meeting, Agendas and Minutes, 1968/1983 , undated

    "Meeting of Experts" Report, 1974-1983

    Miscellaneous, 1983 undated

    Oral History Research Project, 1977 , undated

    Programs, 1974

    Publications, 1952-1983 , undated

    Reports, 1956-1977

    Reports, 1981-1984 , undated

    Training Manuals, 1954

    Training Manuals, 1955

    U.S. Agencies, 1975-1981 , undated

    United States Educational and Cultural Foundation in Liberia , 1973-1986

    U.S. Firms Operating in Liberia, 1983

    United States Information Agency , 1952-1986 , undated

    West Atlantic Technology, 2004

    Women's Organizations, undated

    Yamba Development Corporation, 1972-1976 , undated

    Youth Organizations, 1976-1987 , undated

    Series: Personal Materials

    Church Programs, 1981-2005

    CVs and Resumes

    Family Certificates, 1965-1984  , undated

    Funeral Programs A-F, 1970-2002

    Funeral Programs G-L, 1977-2004

    Funeral Programs M-Z, 1982-2005

    Box 14 Greeting Cards, 1972-1983

    Guest list for Bai T. Moore’s Funeral, 1988


    Home Layout, 1981 , undated

    Information on Bai T. Moore, 1976 , undated

    Invitations, 1959-2002  , undated

    Legal, 1954-1987 , undated

    Life Insurance, 1976-1980

    Miscellaneous, 1972-1993 , undated

    Subseries: Receipts

    Education Receipts, 1969-1984 , undated

    Electric Bills, 1962-1979

    Electric Bills, 1980-1987 , undated

    Housing Rent Receipts, 1974-1987 , undated

    Insurance Receipts, 1976-1989

    Medical Receipts, 1970-1982 , undated

    Motor Vehicle Records and Receipts, 1970-1987

    Paycheck Stubs, 1979-1985

    Tax Receipts, 1971-1987 , undated

    Telecommunication Bills, 1972-1980

    Water and Sewer Bills, 1965-1986

    Subseries: School Work

    Bai T. Moore, Jr., 1973-1984

    2 folders

    Butch Moore, 1982  , undated

    Jackie Moore, 1977-1981

    Moore Family and Miscellaneous, 1978-1981  , undated

    Tito Moore, 1977-1989, undated

    2 folders

    Wedding Programs, 1979-1987 

    Series: Photographs

    Bai T. Moore's Funeral, 1988

    Photographs, undated

    5 folders

    Box 15 Photographs, undated

    4 folders

    Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture Album, 1973

    Series: Subject Files

    Albert Porte Reports, 1978

    "The April 14 Crisis in Liberia",  1979

    Articles and Advertisements, 1973-1984  , undated

    Bibliographies, 1983 , undated

    Diamond Mining, 1977-1985 , undated

    “Don Wilson’s African Journal”, 1979

    “Following the Trail of B.K. Anderson”, 1974

    Foreign Countries, 1969-1986 , undated

    Handbook for Delmarva Archaeology, 1971

    Handwritten Notes, 1967-1982  , undated

    4 folders

    Itineraries, 1969-1983 , undated

    Liberia-Israeli Relations, 1961-1987

    Lists of People, 1978 , undated

    Literature, 1977-2003  , undated

    Magazines and Newspapers, 1967-1977

    Box 16 Magazines and Newspapers, 1981-1987  , undated

    2 folders

    “Manifesto for a New Liberia”, 1974

    Map of Lofa-Gola Chiefdom, 1956

    Miscellaneous, 1940-2003 , undated

    2 folders

    Music Pamphlets,


    News Clippings, 1962-1986  , undated

    3 folders

    1969 Poetry Calendar,


    Notes/Drafts, undated

    Palm Magazine, 1967-1968

    Pamphlets, 1964-1997

    Subseries: Presidents

    Doe, Samuel, 1970-1985 , undated

    Roberts, Joseph Jenkins, Last Will and Testament (copy), 1980

    Tolbert, William, 1975-1978 , undated

    Tubman, William, undated

    Programs, 1975-1984

    Subseries: Receipts

    Bentol Weaving Center Receipts, 1977-1979 , undated

    Book Receipts, 1970-1986 , undated

    Liberian National Dance Company Receipts, 1966

    Miscellaneous, 1950-1987, undated

    4 folders

    Senkolo House Project Receipts, 1970-1977 , undated

    Religion, 1978  , undated

    Religious Publications, 1967-2004 , undated

    Resumes, CVs and Bios, 1975-1985  , undated

    Sheet Music and Lyrics, 1982  , undated

    Speeches, 1919-1979 , undated

    Series: Writings

    Subseries: Manuscripts

    Box 17 A Journey through the Lands of Ancient History: Samarkand, undated

    Bartwe, undated

    Chips from the African Story Tree, undated

    Clean Sweep, undated

    Dolu, undated

    Ebony Dust, undated

    Godchild, undated

    6 folders

    Magnificent Fraud, undated

    Modern West African Short Stories from Liberia, 1977 , undated

    Money Doubler, 1985 , undated

    Monkey Work Baboon Draw, 1984 , undated

    Monkey Work Baboon Draw, undated

    2 folders

    Murder in the Cassava Patch, undated

    2 folders

    Murder in the Cassava Patch Correspondence, 1968-1978

    The Outside One, undated

    Sankawulo, undated

    Stranger Sons, undated

    2 folders

    Box 18 Stranger Sons, undated

    2 folders

    Subseries: Plays

    Come Spring Time, undated

    The Constitutional Convention of 1847, undated

    Cornered, undated

    The Landing of the Pioneers, undated

    Plays, undated

    2 folders

    Snake Woman, undated

    That I May Lead Them Well, 1969

    The Woman With The Black Snake, 1969

    The Woman With The Black Snake, undated

    Zolu Duma, undated

    Subseries: Poetry

    Anthology of Detroit Poets, 1968

    Collection of Poems (not BTM), 1965-1985 , undated

    Collections of Poems (not BTM ), undated

    2 folders

    "Descriptive Phrases in Prose and Poetry", undated

    Echoes from the Valley, undated

    Essays on Liberian Poetry, undated

    Leaves from Love’s Garden, 1976

    Miscellaneous, undated

    Poems A-F, undated

    Poems G-J, undated

    Poems L-R, undated

    Poems S-T, undated

    Box 19 Poems W-Z, untitled, undated

    Publications, 1973 , undated

    The Seeds of Time, 1971

    "Selection of Vai Poems", 1974

    Titles of Poems, undated

    Miscellaneous, undated

    8 folders

    Series: Published Works

    Subseries: Box 20 By Bai T. Moore

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