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Bai T. Moore Papers, 1919-2004

Scope and Content


This series consists of conferences, annual meetings, colloquiums and festivals Bai T. Moore attended. The majority of materials in this series are from the Second Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture and include copies of the submitted conference papers.


This series includes both personal and professional correspondence including exchanges between Moore and Samuel Doe, Hubert Humphrey, William Tolbert, and William Tubman. Excluded from this series is correspondence with other organizations or agencies as those materials will be found within those particular folders.

Ethnographic Materials

The Ethnographic Materials series consists of nine subseries. They are: Art and Crafts , Culture and History, Daily Life, Ethnic Groups and Languages , Music and Dance , Oral History and Folk Tales, Other African Materials , Poro and Sande and Village Profiles. Of particular note in this series is the extensive collection of field notes in the Music and Dance subseries and the Vai materials in the Ethnic Groups and Languages subseries.

Government Agencies

The Government Agencies series reflects the organization and hierarchy of the Liberian government. Much emphasis has been placed on the Minsitry of Education subseries and the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism subseries as Moore worked for both agencies. The University of Liberia is another large subseries and is it's own separate government agency and not part of the Ministry of Education.


This series contains materials from all of the numerous organizations Moore was affiliated with. Some of the larger subseries include Organization of African Unity, Society of Liberian Authors and UNESCO.

Personal Materials

This series contains invitations, programs, receipts, greeting cards, legal information and any other personal ephemera belong to Bai T. Moore or his family.


The majority of photos in this series are unknown and undated. There is, however, a folder of photos from Bai T. Moore's funeral and an album from the Second Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture.

Subject Files

The Subject Files series has a variety of different materials that weren't easily housed elsewhere in the collection. Included are materials such as bibliographies, handwritten notes, magazines and newsclippings, religious materials and speeches. Two subseries, Presidents and Receipts, are also included in this series. The Presidents subseries is divided into individual Liberian presidents.


The Writings series is divided into 4 subseries. The Manuscript subseries are all original works by Bai T. Moore and include manuscripts from his most famous work, Murder in the Cassava Patch . The Plays subseries include a number of titles, many not penned by Moore The Poetry subseries includes Moore's original poems as well as anthologies he has worked on, general reports on poetry and poems that he collected that were not his own. While it can be assumed that all of the materials in the Unknown Manuscripts subseries originated with Moore, there is no way to verify it thus these materials have been separated out.

Published Books

This series is divided into two subseries, By Bai T Moore and Other Liberian and African Writings . The first being a variety of titles and editions of Moore's work, the later being a listing of books that Moore collected personally.