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Bai T. Moore Papers, 1919-2004

Major Works

  • 1937. Golah Boy in America. Richmond, VA: Quality Printing Co., 1937 .

    A biographical sketch of his youth in Africa describing customs of the Golah tribe and his journey to “Big” America.

  • 1947. Echoes from the Valley. Robertsport, Liberia: D. Muir Printing Office, 1947.

    A collection of poems with Roland T. Dempster and H. C. Thomas.

  • 1962. Ebony Dust. Monrovia: Ducor Publishing House, 1962.

    A collection of poems. Reprinted in 1976.

  • 1967. Chips from the African Story Tree .

    A collection of Liberian folktales with S. Jangaba M. Johnson.

  • 1968. Murder in the Cassava Patch. Monrovia: Ducor Publishing House, 1968.

    First published in serial form in the newspaper Liberian Star, that same year it was also published as a novel which was reprinted in 1976.

  • 1974. Voices from Grass Roots. Liberia: privately printed, 1974.

    A collection of poems.

  • 1976. The Money Doubler . Lagos & Unicom Books, 1976.

    A novel.

  • 1979. Liberian Culture at a Glance . Monrovia: Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism, 1979.
  • N.D. Monkey Work, Baboon Draw .

    A novel. Unpublished.

  • N.D. Godchild.

    A novel. Unpublished.