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Bai T. Moore Papers, 1919-2004

Subseries: Ethnic Groups and Languages

Bassa, 1966 , undated

Bassa, undated

Chiefdoms, 1965 , undated

Cultural Patterns in the Loma Tribe, undated

The Dan and Religion, undated

Death in Dan Culture, undated

Dei Miscellaneous, undated

“Dewoin People of Liberia”, undated

“Dewoin People of Liberia”, Ch. 1-3, undated

Gbandi, undated

Gola, undated

"Historical Sketch of the Dey Tribe as to Their Origin and Peculiar Customs", undated

Krahn/Tchien, undated

Kru/Krao, 1969-1979 , undated

“Liberia’s Contribution to the Science of Communication”, 1969

“Liberia’s Heritage of African Language”, 1974

Mandingo, undated

Traditional Cooperative Societies, undated

Translations, undated

Translations, undated

Box 5 Tribes of Liberia, 1967-1985 , undated

“The Tribes of the Western Province and the Denwoin People”, undated


“Book of Ndole”, undated

Calendar Project, 1966-1987 , undated

Cassava-Leaf People, 1967

Education, 1979 , undated

Geometric Symbols, undated

“A Grammar of Vai”, 1976

Handwritten Notes, 1960-1980,  undated

History, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Names, undated

Notes/Letters, 1963-1986

"Problems of Vai Identity", undated

Reports, 1963-1976

Reports, undated

Script Hut Tax Receipts of Senkolo, 1950

"The Standard Vai Script", 1962 , undated

Vocabulary Project, 1967

Zola Duma Materials, 1927

"Work Cooperatives Among the De", undated