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Bai T. Moore Papers, 1919-2004

Series: Ethnographic Materials

Subseries: Arts and Crafts

Archaeological Discoveries, 1966

Benin Bronzes, undated

Bentol Weaving Center, 1978-1979 , undated

Liberian Handicrafts, 1969 , undated

Liberian Masks, 1977-1979 , undated

Miscellaneous, undated

"Negro Art in the Life of the People The Present: Confrontation With the West", undated

“The Potters and the Painterss: Art By and About Women in Urban Africa”, 1977

Technical Innovation in Popular African Art, 1977

Subseries: Culture and History

Bomi Territory, undated

Cultural Charter, undated

General Reports on Liberia, undated

Geographic Names, 1955-1976

Guide to Monrovia, 1977 , undated

Hinterland Exploration and Reogranization, undated

Historical Landmarks and Sites, 1981 , undated

Historical Sketches of Cape Mount, undated

History of Maryland County , undated

"Liberia: The Land, Its Art, and Its People", 1975 

Liberian Historical Review, 1964  

"Life in Liberia", undated

Box 4 "Life in Liberia", undated

Miscellaneous, undated

"The Senkolo Story", 1982

"The Senkolo Story", 1982 , undated

"The Senkolo Story", undated

"The Senkolo Story"- Photographss, undated

William V.S. Tubman Center of African Culture – Lake Piso Bulletins, 1967-1982 , undated

Subseries: Daily Life

Agricultural Research Station, 1955-1956

Cookery, undated

Death and Burial Rites, undated

Discussion Group Questions, undated

Family structure, 1987 , undated

Farming, undated

Game Descriptions, undated

Health and Nutrition, 1972-1985 , undated

Liberian Hairstyles, undated

"Liberian Way of Cooking", undated

Marriage, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Village Council Notes, 1953 , undated

Work Books/Coloring Books, 1976 , undated

Subseries: Ethnic Groups and Languages

Bassa, 1966 , undated

Bassa, undated

Chiefdoms, 1965 , undated

Cultural Patterns in the Loma Tribe, undated

The Dan and Religion, undated

Death in Dan Culture, undated

Dei Miscellaneous, undated

“Dewoin People of Liberia”, undated

“Dewoin People of Liberia”, Ch. 1-3, undated

Gbandi, undated

Gola, undated

"Historical Sketch of the Dey Tribe as to Their Origin and Peculiar Customs", undated

Krahn/Tchien, undated

Kru/Krao, 1969-1979 , undated

“Liberia’s Contribution to the Science of Communication”, 1969

“Liberia’s Heritage of African Language”, 1974

Mandingo, undated

Traditional Cooperative Societies, undated

Translations, undated

Translations, undated

Box 5 Tribes of Liberia, 1967-1985 , undated

“The Tribes of the Western Province and the Denwoin People”, undated


“Book of Ndole”, undated

Calendar Project, 1966-1987 , undated

Cassava-Leaf People, 1967

Education, 1979 , undated

Geometric Symbols, undated

“A Grammar of Vai”, 1976

Handwritten Notes, 1960-1980,  undated

History, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Names, undated

Notes/Letters, 1963-1986

"Problems of Vai Identity", undated

Reports, 1963-1976

Reports, undated

Script Hut Tax Receipts of Senkolo, 1950

"The Standard Vai Script", 1962 , undated

Vocabulary Project, 1967

Zola Duma Materials, 1927

"Work Cooperatives Among the De", undated

Subseries: Music and Dance

African Field Recordings, undated

Ballet, 1977 

Catalogs of Music and Visual Arts, 1970-1973

Categories of Traditional Songs, 1969

Field Notes, 1965 

2 folders

Field Notes – Handwritten, 1965 , undated

Indigenous Folk Music, undated

Kpelle Musical Events, undated

List of Folk Songs, undated

Musical Composition, undated

Box 6 “Musical Instruments of Liberia” , 1968

Names and Description of Drums, undated

Programs, 1969-1974 , undated

“Relationship Between Poetry and Music”, undated

“Role of the Drum in Traditional African Communities", undated

Theatre, 1967-1976 , undated

Subseries: Oral History and Folktales

Folktales, 1973

Folktales, undated

12 folders

Folktales by Bai T. Moore, 1983 , undated

Glebo Tribe Traditional History and Folklore, undated

Hinterland’s Mythology, undated

Kpelle Folktales, 1973

Box 7 "Liberian Folklore: A Source of Historical Information, Wisdom and Entertainment", undated

Oral History Research Project, 1977 , undated

Oral Traditions of Liberian Tribes, undated

Proverbs of Liberia , 1963-1984 , undated

Reports on Folklore, 1964-1978 , undated

Selection of Vai Poems and Folktales, 1974 , undated

Stories/Folktales Published, 1963-1971 , undated

Subseries: Other African Material

African Culture and National Liberation, undated

Ethnographic Research Materials, undated

General African Superstitions and Beliefs, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Outline of Report on Africa, undated

Religion – Yoruba, undated

Somali Weather Lore, 1969

Subseries: Poro and Sande

“Influence of Islam on Poro and Sande in Western Liberia”, undated

Miscellaneous, 1983, undated

“Poro and Sande Among the Dewoin People of Liberia Example of an Indigenous Educational System”, 1977

Poro and Sande – General, 1969 , undated

Poro and Sande Initiation, undated

Poro Report, undated

Poro Rules and Regulations, 1962

The Work of Gram Sevaks in the Community Project Area, undated

Subseries: Village Profiles

Chugbon, undated

Dekpeja, undated

Fuema, undated

Gbasa Koma, undated

Geeja, undated

Gola Valo, undated

Goyaja, undated

Jegbeja, undated

Jila, undated

Joniga, undated

Konojefolo, undated

Lakpasi, undated

Matai, undated

Njailoahuh, undated

Penija, undated

Structures & Types of Villages, undated

Tobema, undated

Village Sites, undated

Yokoja, undated