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Bai T. Moore Papers, 1919-2004

Subseries: Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture

Basic Information Booklet, 1975-1977

Bills for Purchase of Musical Instruments,1976

Conference Papers

“African Folk Music and Dance – Their Future Roles”, undated

“Africanity in Modern African Literature”, 1977

Box 2 “Afro-American Nationalism: Social Strategy and Struggle for Community”, 1977

“Black Civilization and Education", 1975

“The Development of Pan-African Ideas in the Americas and in Africa Before 1900”, 1977

“Dravidian and Negro-African: Ethnic and Linguistic Affinities", 1977

"Educational Views", 1977

“Edward James Roye and His Family, A Portrait of a Black Midwestern Man During the First Half of the 19th Century”, undated

“Folklore and Traditional Education in Africa”, 1977

“The Great Future of America and Africa: From a Nineteenth Century Perspective”,1977

“The Heritage of Disunification: Politico-Structural Fragmentation and Colonialism in Sierra Leone”, 1975

“The Historical Awareness of Black Civilization in the Face of the Facts and Problems of Modern History”, 1977

“The Kabala Complex: Koranko-Limba Relationship in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Sierra Leone”, 1977

"Paul Robeson and Africa", 1977

“Poro and Sane Among the Dewoin People of Liberia: Example of an Indigenous Education System”, 1977

"Psychoblackology", 1977

“The Retrieval of History: Response to the Culture of Racialism”, 1977

“The Role of African Historical Consciousness in the Development of Contemporary Africa Societies”, 1977

“The Role of Women in Traditional Education from the Prenatal Period of Adolescence in the Traditional Societies of Pre-Colonial Ivory Coast”,

"The Scholar in African Society", 1977

“Self-Concepts and Attitudes Towards Counseling”, 1977

“The Silent Minority: Canadians of African Descent”, 1977

"Temporality and Vision of History, 1977

“Traditional Informal System of Education in Pre-Colonial Ghana: An Introduction”, 1977

“The University of Khartoum and Cultural Development in the Sudan”, 1977

“Was the Black African Ever a Pagan? If No – What Was He?”, 1977

“What is Black Civilization?”, 1977

Correspondence, 1976

Dances, 1976-1977

Detailed Proposal, 1977-1980

Entry Form, 1976-1977 , undated

Exhibitions, 1976-1977

Guidelines for Consultations, undated


Second Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1973

Third Zonal Meeting, 1973

Fourth Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1974

Fifth Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1974

Fifth Zonal Meeting, 1974

Sixth Zonal Meeting, 1976

Eighth Meeting of the International Festival Committee, 1975-1976

Modern Dressing Forms, 1976

News, 1976-1977

Notes on Draft Agenda, 1973

Opening Remarks, 1977

Popular Dressing Forms, undated

Preliminary Report, 1973

Profiles, 1975

Report of Summary and Accounts, 1977

Staff, 1973

Supplementary Memorandum, undated