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Richard E. Norman Collection

Collection Inventory

Series: Distribution Records (Box 1-8)

Arranged alphabetically by state, city, then theater. Includes contracts for film screenings, box office receipts, Western Union and other telegram communicaes, railway receipts, travel expenses, and correspondence regarding films Norman produced and distributed (Boxes 1-7). Also includes records from Norman's management of Famous Theater, Winter Park, Florida as well as distribution records for non-Norman productions to churches and schools (Box 8).

Series: Correspondence (Box 9)

Arranged chronologically. Primarily concerns film making and distribution information. Also includes some more general letters between Norman, actors, theater operators, and distributors.

Series: Publicity

Subseries: Heralds

Box 10 Green-Eyed Monster, 1919

Sleepy Sam, The Sleuth, 1915

Subseries: Heralds, Norman Distribution

Box 11 Champion, The, circa 1937

Goin' to Town, 1935

Henry Armstrong, circa 1938

Box 10 Her Unborn Child, 1930

Nobody's Children, 1920

Box 11 Roar of the Crowd, 1953

Box 12 Roar of the Crowd, 1953

Subseries: Lobby Cards

Box 13 Black Gold, 1927

Crimson Skull, 1921

Box 14 Flying Ace, 1926

Green-Eyed Monster, 1919

Boxes 15-16 Regeneration, 1924

Subseries: Box 26 Lobby Cards: Norman Distribution

Her Unborn Child, 1930

Subseries: Box 17 Title Cards

Crimson Skull, 1921

Flying Ace, 1926

Green-Eyed Monster, 1919

Regeneration, 1924

Subseries: Title Cards, Norman Distribution Box 12

Bronze Venus, 1944

Exile, The 1931

Explorers of the World; Joe Louis; Cotton Club Snappers 4 , circa 1931

Frontiers of '49, 1939

Girl from Chicago, 1932 

Her Unborn Child, 1930

Joe Louis vs. Carnera; Battling Buckaroo , 1935

Monster Walks, The, 1932

Radio Riots, The, undated

Roar of the Crowd, The, 1953

Virginia Judge, The, 1935 

Subseries: Posters

Black Gold, 1927

Bull-Dogger, The, 1921

Crimson Skull, 1921

Flying Ace, 1926

Green-Eyed Monster, 1919

Regeneration, 1924

Sleepy Sam, The Sleuth, 1915

Subseries: Box 18 Press Sheets

Norman Pictures; Book the 4, undated

Black Gold, 1927

Bull-Dogger, The, 1921

Crimson Skull, 1921

Flying Ace, 1926

Regeneration, 1924

Zircon, undated

Subseries: Box 18 Press Sheets: Norman Distribution

Bronze Venus, The , 1944

Debtor to the Law, 1919

Subseries: Box 19 Photographs

Black Gold, 1927

Green-Eyed Monster, 1919

Love Bug, 1919

Regeneration, 1924

Subseries: Box 19 Photographs: Norman Distribution

Pair O'Dice, undated

Subseries: Box 10 Handbills

Flying Ace, 1926 

Regeneration, 1924 

Subseries: Box 10 Miscellaneous

Film Calendars for Famous Theater, Winter Park, Florida, October 1950  and January 1957

"Have You Talent?" Norman Pictures Brochures, circa 1916

Series: Miscellaneous

Subseries: Box 20 Printed Materials, etc. (files 1-10, 21)

Includes blank exhibition contracts, Norman distribution file folder, signed film contracts, film distribution information, theater information, and printed Norman Benefit Show tickets (1-10). Also contains printed Norman tickets and printed Famous Theater tickets (Box 21).

Subseries: Passi Kola (files 11-20)

Includes Norman's handwritten advertisement drafts, ad slogans, correspondence, Passi Kola labels, notes, advertisement printing instructions, Passi Kola recipe, trademark information, and related items.

Subseries: Film Equipment and Props (files 21-27)

Subseries: Stationary (files 28-29)

Subseries: Censorship Materials (files 30-32)

Subseries: Fiscal Information (files 33-35)

Subseries: Box 21 Tickets

Subseries: Box 22 Film equipment-Miscellaneous

Subseries: Box 23 Film equipment-lithographs

Subseries: Box 24 Glass Negatives

Subseries: Box 25 Photographs

Subseries: Box 26 Lobby Cards and Press Sheets

Subseries: Box 27 Photographs

Subseries: Box 28 Miscellaneous