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J. Gus Liebenow Collection, 1882-2011

Subseries: Drafts

“Africa’s Place In The Sun”, 1985 , undated

"American Policy in Africa: The Reagan Years" , 1982

“Behavioral Syndromes and Recruitment Patterns of Liberian District Commissioners, Pre-1964”, 1975

“The Central African Federation: An Analysis of the Bases of Opposing Attitudes”, 1951

“Droughts, Dams, and Development: A Study of Water Resources Policies And Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa”, undated

"Food Self-Sufficiency in Malawi: Are Successes Transferable?”, 1986

“Liberia: The Special Relationship with the U.S.A.,” 1992-1994

“The Military Factor in African Politics: A 25 Year Perspective”, 1984

Miscellaneous Drafts, undated

“Native Authority System”, undated

“Nyerre of Tanzania: Part 1, The Legend and the Ledger”, undated

“Prospects for Political Democracy in West Africa”, undated

Box 16 “The Quest for East African Unity: ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward’ “, 1977

“The Republic of Liberia,” 1962

“A Select Bibliography on Liberia”, undated

“Some Problems in Introducing Local Government Reform in Tanganyika”, undated

“Southern Africa: Not Quiet on the Western Front”, 1988

“Tribalism, Traditionalism and Modernism in Chagga Local Government”, 1958 , undated

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