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J. Gus Liebenow Collection, 1882-2011

Series: Writings

Subseries: Book Reviews

“African Politics: Crises and Challenges”, 1987-1988 , undated

“Behavioral Syndromes and Recruitment Patterns of Liberian District Commissioners, Pre-1964,” 1975 

“Colonial Rule and Political Development in Tanzania” , 1972 , undated

“Liberia: The Evolution of Privilege”, 1969-1974 , undated

“Liberia: The Quest for Democracy”, 1986-1990 , undated

Miscellaneous, 1970-1988 , undated

Subseries: Conference Papers

“Africa’s Challenge to America”, 1959

“Food Self-Sufficiency in Malawi: Are Successes Transferable?”, 1985

“Malawi: Strategies for the Attainment of Self-Sufficiency in Food And the Strengthening of the Smallholder Sector”, 1981

“Regional Integration in Africa: Reflections on Problems and Prospects”, 1988

Subseries: Drafts

“Africa’s Place In The Sun”, 1985 , undated

"American Policy in Africa: The Reagan Years" , 1982

“Behavioral Syndromes and Recruitment Patterns of Liberian District Commissioners, Pre-1964”, 1975

“The Central African Federation: An Analysis of the Bases of Opposing Attitudes”, 1951

“Droughts, Dams, and Development: A Study of Water Resources Policies And Planning in Sub-Saharan Africa”, undated

"Food Self-Sufficiency in Malawi: Are Successes Transferable?”, 1986

“Liberia: The Special Relationship with the U.S.A.,” 1992-1994

“The Military Factor in African Politics: A 25 Year Perspective”, 1984

Miscellaneous Drafts, undated

“Native Authority System”, undated

“Nyerre of Tanzania: Part 1, The Legend and the Ledger”, undated

“Prospects for Political Democracy in West Africa”, undated

Box 16 “The Quest for East African Unity: ‘One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward’ “, 1977

“The Republic of Liberia,” 1962

“A Select Bibliography on Liberia”, undated

“Some Problems in Introducing Local Government Reform in Tanganyika”, undated

“Southern Africa: Not Quiet on the Western Front”, 1988

“Tribalism, Traditionalism and Modernism in Chagga Local Government”, 1958 , undated

Subseries: Other Writing Projects

“A War Without Purpose in a Country Without Identity”, 1995 , undated

“Adapting the Cabinet Secretariat to American Needs”, undated

“African One-Party States” Correspondence, etc., 1961-1963 , undated

Bibliographies, 1969 undated

“Book of Knowledge” – Liberia, 1963-1978 , undated

“Central-Local Elite Relationships in the Nation-Building Process in East Africa”, undated

“China 1983”, undated

“Country Orientation Notebook for Africa”, 1984-1985 , undated

Dissertation Drafts and Notes, 1955 , undated

Dissertation Drafts and Notes, undated

Dissertation Proposal, 1953 , undated

“Exploring Healing”, 1991

“The Final Days of Dr. Doe”, 1992 

“Fragments of Marseilles,” In Tempo, 1949

“Journal of African Administration” – Correspondence, 1955-1959

“Kinship, Achievement and Social Change in Tribal Societies” , 1970

“Language in Liberia in the 19th Century: The Settlers’ Perspective” , 1981

Liberia Articles, 1970-1996 , undated

"Liberia: The Quest for Democracy" - Art, 1991

Lists, Tables, Maps – Liberia and the people, undated

Livingston, William, 1959-1963 , undated

Manuscript Consulting, 1976-1980 , undated

Miscellaneous Writing, undated

Notes for Malawi Articles, undated

Notes on Vai Script, undated

“Patterns of Authority in West Africa”, 1951

“Prescriptive Alliance and Ritual Collaboration in Loma Society”, 1991

Photocopies of 19th Century Articles, undated

Poems, undated

“The Rainstick”, 1991

“Rebel Destinies: Remembering Herskovits Autobiographically” , 1991

“Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in Liberia”, 1993

Reviews (not Liebenow), 1977-1978 , undated

“Social Impact of Liberia’s Civil War” – proposal, undated

Somalian Refuges Articles, 1979-1981 , undated

“Some Aspects of Nyamwezi Witch Belief”, undated

“Some Note on Krahn Culture,” undated

South African News Articles, 1981-1986 , undated

Tanganyika Notes and Documents, 1953-1966, undated

Box 17 Tanganyika Photocopied Articles, 1937-1960 , undated

Tanzania, 1955-1968 , undated

“Toward a Typology of Nation Building in New States of Africa” , undated

“Traditional History and Social Structure in Ufipa” , 1964

“Twenty Five Years of African Independence” – Book and Conference, 1982-1984 , undated

World Book, Inc., 1978-1991 , undated

Writings by Other Authors Re: African Politics, 1982-1988

Zimbabwe News Clippings, 1981 , undated

Subseries: Published Materials

“Africa: Four Crises of Political Development,” 1979

"African Economic History" (excerpt), 1976

“Agriculture, Education, and Rurual-Transformation – With Particular Reference to East Africa”, 1969

"American Diplomacy in a New Era" (chapter), 1961

“‘Aspects of International Retaliations in Africa’ - The Quest for Africa Unity” 1978 

“The Chief in Sukuma Local Government”, 1959

"Current History" (article), 1980-1983

“The Establishment of Legitimacy in Dependency Situation”, undated

“Federalism in Rhodesia and Nyasaland”, 1963

"Inquiry Magaine" , 1980

"Issues" A Quarterly Journal of Africanist Opinion, 1979

“Legitimacy of Alien Relationship” The Nyaturu of Tanganyika”, 1961

“Liberia: Growth Without Development”, 1967

“Liberia: The Path to Civilian Rule”, 1982

“Liberian Political Opposition in the Post-Election”, 1988

"Politics in Africa" (chapter), 1966

“Responses to Planned Political Change in Tanganyika Tribal Groups”, 1956

“Survey of Background Material for the Study of the Government of East Africa”, 1954

“A Tanganyika Federation: The Sukuma”, 1960

Subseries: Publishing Houses

CLIO Press, 1988-1989

Cornell University Press, 1966-1986 , undated

Greenwood Press, 1989 , undated

Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc., 1963-1965

Harper and Row Publishers, 1962-1968 , undated

IC Publications, 1980-1981 

IU Press, 1975

IU Press Act: “Liberia: Quest for Democracy”, undated

IU Press: Contract, 1983-1986 , undated

IU Press: Marketing, 1983-1987 , undated

IU Press: Promo for “African Politics: Crises and Challenges”, 1985-1987 , undated

Lerner Publications Company, 1987 , undated

Northwestern University Press, 1969-1980 , undated

Publications Correspondence, 1990 , undated

Reference Publications, Inc., 1981-1983 , undated

Miscellaneous Publication Materials, 1978-1980 , undated

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