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J. Gus Liebenow Collection, 1882-2011

Subseries: Box 3 Lecture Notes

Administrative Structure of Interior Service, undated

The African Press – Journalists, Media, etc., undated

Americo-Liberian Ethic, undated

Anatomy of Indirect Rule, undated

Application to Rest of U.S., undated

Biographical Information on District Commissioners, undated

British Pre-Industrial Revolution, undated

The Bureaucracy, undated

Case for Colonialism, undated

Chaga, undated

Code of Laws/Aboriginal Law, 1956  undated

Communication, 1960-1962 undated

Conflicting State Claims, undated

The Congoes, undated

Constitutionalism – Independence of Legislature and Judiciary, undated

Cooperative Society, undated

Country Systems, 1964 , undated

Crisis, Inviting Intervention, 1983 undated

Dams in Africa, undated

District Council, undated

Economic Planning, 1961, undated

Education, 1960-1961 undated

Equality of New States, undated

Evidence of Change, undated

Evidence of Dependency, undated

Extension of Council, undated

Foreign Contacts and Affairs, 1959-1961 , undated

General Overview of Liberia, undated

Government Finances, 1960-1961 undated

The Horn of Africa, 1981-1986 , undated

Judiciary, undated

Knowledge and Political Control, 1961 undated

Land and Geography Factors, 1955 undated

Land Companies, undated

Legal Standing of Ordinance, undated

Liberian Economy/Finances, 1955-1961 , undated

Liberian Elite-Criteria of Leadership Groupings, 1959-1960,   undated

Liberian Frontier Force, 1961-1970  undated

Lindi, undated

Liwali, undated

Local/Central Relationship, undated

Local Government, undated

Makonde, 1967-1968 , undated

Makua and Masasi, undated

Micropolitics in Tanzania, 1956-1964 undated

Miscellaneous Lecture Notes, 1948-1980 undated

Multiple Rules of District Commissioners, undated

Nationalism, undated

Box 4 Native Administration, undated

Parameters of Traditional Politics, undated

Party Systems – True Whigs, 1959-1961  undated

Pawning/Slavery, undated

Performance of Chiefs, undated

Poro-Indirect Rule, undated

Post-1956, undated

Poverty, undated

The Presidency, 1959-1960 undated

Pressure Groups-Communal Activities, 1960-1968  undated

Public Education, undated

Quebec Act, etc., undated

Recruitment of Chiefs, undated

Regional Organizational Study, undated

Religion, 1985  undated

Rewards of the Elite, 1958-1961,  undated

Rewards to Chiefs, 1960,   undated

Role of the Military in Africa, 1983

Rural Politics in Tanzania, 1961-1968, undated

Sierra Leone, 1963-1964 , undated

Sierra Leone and Liberia- Comparisons and Contrasts, undated

Significance of Ordinance, 1984  undated

South Africa , 1980-1982 , undated

South Africa – Prospectus for Change, 1986 , undated

Southern Province- Tanzania, 1956,   undated

Soviet Foreign Policy, 1986 , undated

Stress and Strains, undated

Sukumaland, undated

Supervision of Agriculture Officers, undated

Suspension and Removal of Chiefs, undated

Tanzania, , 1949-1968,  undated

Tanzania, , 1976-1980  undated

Tax Collection, undated

Traditional Period, undated

Treatment of Indians, undated

Tribal Composition, undated

Tribal Ethnology, 1949-1966,  undated

Tribal Notes, 1959-1960,  undated

Turu, undated

Unification Policy Evaluation, 1960-1961 undated

Water and Health, 1968-1982 , undated

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