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John Gay Collection, 1916-2002

Scope and Content Note

The materials in the John Gay Collection consist of personal papers, publications, newspaper clippings, journals and magazines, interviews, and maps.

Specifically, the Agriculture series contains histories, interviews, names of plant varieities, reports, publications, and farming & land information.

The Culture series contains extensive field notes and papers documenting every facet of Liberian culture, including folklore and social structures. The series also contains the following: hand drawn maps, family histories, interviews, photographs of people and artwork, music, board game rules, myths, and religious information.

The Economy series contains industry case studies, company information, censuses, papers on trade, development, and slave trade.

The Education series contains curriculum information, papers on education development & reform, professional organization information, literacy projects, and papers & reports on problems in the educational systems of Liberia.

The Government series consists of papers on settlers, past presidents, government practices, foreign policy, and civil conflicts. Also included are articles, clippings, reports, maps and information on Liberian geography, interviews & papers on political systems, transcripts & reports on legal cases & trials, agendas, programs, and letters.

The Linguistics series contains Kpelle classifcation papers and field notes & research on the Kpelle language. Proverbs and information on other languages such as Loma & Liberian English are also included.

The Publications series contains scholarly works such as dissertations and theses, essays, official reports, poems, language & educational workbooks, journals, newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.

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