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John Gay Collection, 1916-2002

Subseries: People & Culture of Liberia

Artist Archetype in Gola Culture , Warren D'Azevedo, 1965 

Changing Africa Through Its Eyes, Melissa Pfeiffer, undated

Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola of Western Liberia , Warren D'Azevedo, 1962 

Emigrants to Liberia 1820 - 1943 , Tom Swick, 1971 

Box 11 Hinterland of Liberia, Sir Alfred Sharpe, undated

Immigrants to Liberia 1865 - 1904 , Peter Murzda, Jr., 1975 

Informational Department of State Publication, 1968 

Liberian National Programme of Integrated Rural/Regional Development , C. Campaigne, 1975 

Near Edge of Change, Tana Christianssen & John Gay, undated

Observing the 1997Special Elections Processing in Liberia , undated

Orientation Towards the Future by Liberian School Children, Ruth Fricke, 1979 

Report of the Seminar on Anthropology in Liberia, 1968 

Setting of Gola Society and Culture, Warren D'Azevedo, 1959 

Tour in the Liberian Hinterland, Braithwaite Wallis, undated

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