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McEvoy, Frederick Dean

Frederick Dean McEvoy Collection, 1956-1979

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Materials are primarily in English

The collection consists of field notes, research material, manuscripts and conference papers. Also included is a list of conference dates and papers that coincide. There is also a removed material Bibliography.

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This collections is open for research. Please contact the Liberian Collections Project for access.

Biographical Note

Frederick Dean McEvoy was born on December 17, 1935, to Jesse and Reita Smith McEvoy in North Platte, Nebraska. McEvoy gained his initial experience in archaeology in 1951, as a summer assistant on an archaeological dig in North Dakota, under the direction of Dr. Richard P. Wheeler. Upon graduation from North Platte High School in 1953, he entered the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, completing one year of course work as an anthropology major. McEvoy subsequently joined the U.S. Navy and was trained as an air traffic controller; he served in the Philippines from 1958 to 1961. He married Hilda Seitz McEvoy in 1957; the couple had two daughters, Karen and Gwen. After discharge from the Navy in 1961 , McEvoy returned to the University of Nebraska, studying anthropology, with a focus on the Omaha Indians. Following graduation in 1964, he received a Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellowship for graduate study in anthropology at the University of Oregon . Studying under Dr. Vernon Dorjahn, McEvoy was awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship for field research in Liberia from 1967-1968. Upon completion of his Ph.D. at University of Oregon, McEvoy taught anthropology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and subsequently at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. While at Marshall University, McEvoy was also co-editor, along with Dr. Svend Holsoe, of volume 6 and 7 of the Liberian Studies Journal (1975-1977).

McEvoy left academia in 1979, moved to Denver, and initially worked for the non-profit organization, Denver Opportunity. From 1981 to 1989, he served as the Director of Research and Education at the Colorado State Civil Rights Division. In the mid-1990s, McEvoy worked for the West Virginia Division of Culture and History in Charleston. McEvoy relocated to his hometown of North Platte, Nebraska, in 2002; he passed away on April 1, 2007.


There are two main series Publications and Manuscripts and Field Notes and Research Material. Within the Publications and Manuscripts series there are two sub series “McEvoy” and “Other.” Within the Field Notes and Research Material there are three sub series, “Field Notes,” “Research Material,” and “Liberian Research Binders.” Liberian Research Binders are a sub series of their own due to their overlapping of both field and research material and the large number of binders in collection. Due to a large amount of overlapping material Field Notes and Research Material is the largest of the two series. All folders are listed chronologically, unless titled undated, which were then listed alphabetically at end of series.

Scope and Content

The collection consists mostly of field notes and research material describing McEvoy’s time in Africa, primarily the Sabo region and the Firestone rubber plantations. Within the research and field material are maps, tables, charts. These usually consist of information on Migrant workers in the Sabo region. The collection also includes various manuscripts and conference papers written by McEvoy himself and other authors. Also included is a list of conference dates and papers that coincide as well as a removed material bibliography. Further more, it will be mentioned that the folder listed “Field Note Journals” are the raw material from which more understandable and typed field notes would come.

Removed Materials

Below is a list or material that was removed from the Frederick McEvoy Collection. The material that was removed from the collection was either duplicates of material in the collection or was easily accessible in another format. The materials listed are arranged in alphabetical order by author.

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  • Papers by Conference

    Below is a list of conferences and papers from those conferences. The papers are listed in a alphabetical order by the paper’s title.

  • Eleventh Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association- Los Angeles, California, October 16-19 1968
  • Port Hardcourt: IBO Politics in Microcosm by Howard E. Wolpe
  • Research on the Uses of Kinship in Sabo Labor Migration by Frederick McEvoy
  • American Anthropological Association- Seattle, Washington, November 22, 1968
  • Kinship Obligations and Entrepreneurship: Conflicting or Supplementary? by Frederick McEvoy
  • Society for Applied Anthropology- Mexico City April 10 1969
  • Culture and Family Planning by Steven Polgar
  • Conference on Social Science Research in Liberia- Stanford University, August 1-2 1969
  • Some Problems in Sabo Kinship and Community Organization by Frederick McEvoy
  • Liberian Research Conference - 1970
  • What Liberians Call Themselves and Each Other by Svend Holsoe
  • Third Annual Conference on Liberian Social Science Research - University of Delaware 1971
  • Tubman and Liberia: The Grandeur and Potential Crisis of Charismatic Leadership by Losay A. Lalugba
  • 15th Annual Meetings Northeastern Anthropological Association- Potsdam, New York April 16-19 1975
  • The Lack of Kpelle Entrepreneurs in Liberia: Current Trends and Prospects for the Future of Kpelle Society by Gerald M. Erchak
  • Eighth Annual Meeting of the Liberian Studies Association- Indiana University, Bloomington April 8-10 1976
  • Change within the Social and Political Structure of the Sikleo Kru by Thomas E. Hayden
  • Conference Schedule Eighth Annual Meeting of the Liberian Studies Association
  • Ethnicity and Trade: Hawkers and Petty Shopkeepers in Pandambu, Sierra Leone by Barry Issacs
  • Liberia and Sierra Leone: Alternative Patterns of Central-Local Linkage by Christopher Clapham
  • Liberian-Firestone Relations: Some Policy Implications for Economic and Social Development by James Teah Tarpeh
  • Loma Households and the Production of Rice: Implications for Commercial Production by Jeanette E. Carter
  • Patterning in Food Purchasing Activities and Preferences in Monrovia, 1970: an Oblique Factor Analysis by Vernon R. Dorjahn and Barry Issacs
  • Sabo Migrant Households by Frederick McEvoy
  • Survey of Psychological Research in Liberia by Orin James Martin
  • The Search for Matilda Newport by Jane Martin
  • Thomas Buchanan: Anti-Slavery Governor of Liberia, 1839-1841 by Dr. Rodney Carlisle
  • Unpublished Letter from Bassa Cove in 1847 from a Black American Missionary: Political and Medical Implications
  • Administrative Information

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    Series: Publications and Manuscripts

    Subseries: McEvoy

    Kinship Obligations and Entrepreneurship Conflicting or Supplementary , 1968 

    Migration from the Hinterland , 1968

    Research on the Uses of Kinship in Sabo Labor Migration , 1968 

    The Significance of Labor Migration for Sabo Kinship , 1968

    Some Problems in Sabo Kinships and Community Organization , 1969

    Sabo Migrant Households , 1976

    Slavery in Africa: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives , 1979

    Ethnic Identification of Kru Speaking People , undated

    History, Tradition, and Kinship as Factors in Modern Sabo Labor Migrants (abstract), undated

    Levels of Ethnic Reality: Understanding 'Traditional' Politics in Southeastern Liberia , undated

    Subseries: Other

    Wolpe, Howard E. Port Hardcourt: IBO Politics , 1968

    Polgar, Steven. Culture and Family Planning , 1969

    Holsoe, Svend. What Liberians Call Themselves and Each Other , 1970

    Lalugba, Losay A. Tubman and Liberia: The Granduer and Potential Crisis of Charismatic Leadership , 1971

    Understanding Ethnic Realities Among the Grebo and Kru of West Africa , 1973

    Honnold, Edward. Firestone , 1975

    Massing, Andreas. Ivory Coast's Development and its Impact on Liberia , 1975

    Southwestern Association of Africanists , 1975

    Wells, Louis T. Dr. Harley in Liberia , 1975

    Carlisle, Rodney. Thomas Buchanan: Anti-Slavery Govenor of Liberia 1839-1842 , 1976

    Carlisle, Rodney and Martin, Jane. The Search for Matilda Newport , 1976

    Carter, Jeanette E. Loma Households and the Production of Rice: Implications for Commercial Production , 1976

    Clampham, Christopher. Liberia and Sierra Leone: Alternative Patterns of Central-Local Linkage , 1976

    Dorjahn, Vernon R. and Issacs, Barry. Patterning in Food Purchasing Activities and Preferences in Monrovia 1970: an Oblique Factor Analysis , 1976

    Eighth Annual Meeting Liberian Studies Association , 1976

    Hayden, Thomas E. Change Within the Social and Poltical Structure of the Sikleo Kru , 1976

    Issacs, Barry. Ethnicity and Trade: The Hawkers and Petty Shopkeepers in Pandembu, Sierra Leone , 1976

    Martin, Orin James. Survey of Psychological Research in Liberia , 1976

    Tarpeh, James Teah. Liberian-Firestone Relations: Some Policy Implications for Economic and Social Development , 1976

    Unpublished Letter from Bassa Core in 1847 from a Black American Missionary: Political and Medical Significance , 1976

    Dorjahn, Vernon R. The Present Setting for the Indigenous Economies of Sierra Leone and Libera , undated

    Schmokel, Wolfe W. Liberia, Germans, Britian, and the United States 1905-1918 , undated

    Self Concepts of Elderly Liberian Settlers , undated

    Service, Elman. History and Evolution: or Revolution Betrayed , undated

    Sisay, Hassan. Black Loyalists in Search of the Promised Land , undated

    Sundiata, I.K. The Dilemma: Afro-America and America-Liberia 1930-1934 , undated

    Weissange, Karin. The Mutual Realtionship Between Loma and Mandingo in Liberia According to Oral Tradition , undated

    Series: Field Notes and Research Materials

    Subseries: Field Notes

    Manuscripts and Field Notes, 1958-1967

    Sabo Field Notes (Murdock System), 1966-1968

    Sabo Field Notes (FPCO), 1966-1968

    Sabo Field Notes, 1967

    Field Note Journals, 1967-1968

    Subseries: Liberian Research Binders

    Draft Research/ Notes on Literature/Some Field Notes, 1965-1966

    Cavalla FPCO Plantation Census Forms/ Plantation Workers, 1966-1968

    Census Forms/Genealogies/ Wufuke/Sweke/Sikuke/Jikeh, 1966-1968

    Field Notes, 1966-1968

    Rainfall/Weather, 1966-1968

    Sabo Migrants/Plantation Notes and Analysis, 1966-1968 

    Subseries: Research Materials

    Various Charts, 1932-1969

    Porter Notes and Reproduction, 1956

    Sabo Migrant Workers, 1958-1968

    Age-Grades/Age-Groups of Grebo and Kru, 1962-1967

    Calculations, 1962-1967

    Liberian Census, 1962

    Ports of Trade, crica 1963-1965

    McEvoy- Thesis Draft, 1963-1967

    Miscellaneous, 1963-1967

    Archival Notes-Liberia, 1965-1967

    Miscellaneous Notes from Published Sources, 1965-1967

    Notes and Charts, 1965-1968

    On West African Plantations, 1965

    Background Historical Notes and Articles 1, 1966

    Employment Histories Wufuke, 1966-1968

    Kinship, 1966-1968 

    Migrant Organizations, 1966-1967

    Slide and Negative Logs, 1966-1967

    Archaeological Site Survey Form, 1967

    Background Historical Notes and Articles 2, 1967-1975

    Delafosse- Vocabulary, 1967

    Genealogies, 1967

    Household Census Forms w/ Maps and Write-ups, 1967

    Inter-town Relations, 1967-1968

    Language, 1967

    Linguistics, 1967-1968

    Maps: Drafts, crica 1967

    Miscellaneous Notes, 1967

    Sabo Kinship Terminology, circa 1967-1968

    Summary Notes, 1967

    AAA "The Significance of Labor Migration for Sabo Kinship", 1968

    Wage Labor, circa 1968

    Thesis Illustrations- Tracings, 1969

    Map: Proof, 1978

    Article Prep :Factors Effecting Labor Migration from Small Work Villages, undated

    Charts; Genealogical Survey, undated

    Classification of African Cultivated Plans by Type and Origin, undated

    Miscellaneous Research Material, undated

    Word Lists: Sabo and Tienpo, undated