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Frederick Dean McEvoy Collection, 1956-1979

Series: Publications and Manuscripts

Subseries: McEvoy

Kinship Obligations and Entrepreneurship Conflicting or Supplementary , 1968 

Migration from the Hinterland , 1968

Research on the Uses of Kinship in Sabo Labor Migration , 1968 

The Significance of Labor Migration for Sabo Kinship , 1968

Some Problems in Sabo Kinships and Community Organization , 1969

Sabo Migrant Households , 1976

Slavery in Africa: Historical and Anthropological Perspectives , 1979

Ethnic Identification of Kru Speaking People , undated

History, Tradition, and Kinship as Factors in Modern Sabo Labor Migrants (abstract), undated

Levels of Ethnic Reality: Understanding 'Traditional' Politics in Southeastern Liberia , undated

Subseries: Other

Wolpe, Howard E. Port Hardcourt: IBO Politics , 1968

Polgar, Steven. Culture and Family Planning , 1969

Holsoe, Svend. What Liberians Call Themselves and Each Other , 1970

Lalugba, Losay A. Tubman and Liberia: The Granduer and Potential Crisis of Charismatic Leadership , 1971

Understanding Ethnic Realities Among the Grebo and Kru of West Africa , 1973

Honnold, Edward. Firestone , 1975

Massing, Andreas. Ivory Coast's Development and its Impact on Liberia , 1975

Southwestern Association of Africanists , 1975

Wells, Louis T. Dr. Harley in Liberia , 1975

Carlisle, Rodney. Thomas Buchanan: Anti-Slavery Govenor of Liberia 1839-1842 , 1976

Carlisle, Rodney and Martin, Jane. The Search for Matilda Newport , 1976

Carter, Jeanette E. Loma Households and the Production of Rice: Implications for Commercial Production , 1976

Clampham, Christopher. Liberia and Sierra Leone: Alternative Patterns of Central-Local Linkage , 1976

Dorjahn, Vernon R. and Issacs, Barry. Patterning in Food Purchasing Activities and Preferences in Monrovia 1970: an Oblique Factor Analysis , 1976

Eighth Annual Meeting Liberian Studies Association , 1976

Hayden, Thomas E. Change Within the Social and Poltical Structure of the Sikleo Kru , 1976

Issacs, Barry. Ethnicity and Trade: The Hawkers and Petty Shopkeepers in Pandembu, Sierra Leone , 1976

Martin, Orin James. Survey of Psychological Research in Liberia , 1976

Tarpeh, James Teah. Liberian-Firestone Relations: Some Policy Implications for Economic and Social Development , 1976

Unpublished Letter from Bassa Core in 1847 from a Black American Missionary: Political and Medical Significance , 1976

Dorjahn, Vernon R. The Present Setting for the Indigenous Economies of Sierra Leone and Libera , undated

Schmokel, Wolfe W. Liberia, Germans, Britian, and the United States 1905-1918 , undated

Self Concepts of Elderly Liberian Settlers , undated

Service, Elman. History and Evolution: or Revolution Betrayed , undated

Sisay, Hassan. Black Loyalists in Search of the Promised Land , undated

Sundiata, I.K. The Dilemma: Afro-America and America-Liberia 1930-1934 , undated

Weissange, Karin. The Mutual Realtionship Between Loma and Mandingo in Liberia According to Oral Tradition , undated

Series: Field Notes and Research Materials

Subseries: Field Notes

Manuscripts and Field Notes, 1958-1967

Sabo Field Notes (Murdock System), 1966-1968

Sabo Field Notes (FPCO), 1966-1968

Sabo Field Notes, 1967

Field Note Journals, 1967-1968

Subseries: Liberian Research Binders

Draft Research/ Notes on Literature/Some Field Notes, 1965-1966

Cavalla FPCO Plantation Census Forms/ Plantation Workers, 1966-1968

Census Forms/Genealogies/ Wufuke/Sweke/Sikuke/Jikeh, 1966-1968

Field Notes, 1966-1968

Rainfall/Weather, 1966-1968

Sabo Migrants/Plantation Notes and Analysis, 1966-1968 

Subseries: Research Materials

Various Charts, 1932-1969

Porter Notes and Reproduction, 1956

Sabo Migrant Workers, 1958-1968

Age-Grades/Age-Groups of Grebo and Kru, 1962-1967

Calculations, 1962-1967

Liberian Census, 1962

Ports of Trade, crica 1963-1965

McEvoy- Thesis Draft, 1963-1967

Miscellaneous, 1963-1967

Archival Notes-Liberia, 1965-1967

Miscellaneous Notes from Published Sources, 1965-1967

Notes and Charts, 1965-1968

On West African Plantations, 1965

Background Historical Notes and Articles 1, 1966

Employment Histories Wufuke, 1966-1968

Kinship, 1966-1968 

Migrant Organizations, 1966-1967

Slide and Negative Logs, 1966-1967

Archaeological Site Survey Form, 1967

Background Historical Notes and Articles 2, 1967-1975

Delafosse- Vocabulary, 1967

Genealogies, 1967

Household Census Forms w/ Maps and Write-ups, 1967

Inter-town Relations, 1967-1968

Language, 1967

Linguistics, 1967-1968

Maps: Drafts, crica 1967

Miscellaneous Notes, 1967

Sabo Kinship Terminology, circa 1967-1968

Summary Notes, 1967

AAA "The Significance of Labor Migration for Sabo Kinship", 1968

Wage Labor, circa 1968

Thesis Illustrations- Tracings, 1969

Map: Proof, 1978

Article Prep :Factors Effecting Labor Migration from Small Work Villages, undated

Charts; Genealogical Survey, undated

Classification of African Cultivated Plans by Type and Origin, undated

Miscellaneous Research Material, undated

Word Lists: Sabo and Tienpo, undated