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William V.S. Tubman Papers, 1904-1992

Series: Box 21 Series: Religious Organizations

African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1945-1971  , undated [image]View item(s)

Reel 1070.46 The Alexander Tubman Memorial Center: Mount Scott United Methodist Church, 1945-1970  , undated [image]View item(s)

The "At the Throne of Grace" Ministry, 1966-1967  [image]View item(s)

Baptist Church Congregations and Organizations, 1946-1970  [image]View item(s)

Baptist World Alliance Correspondence, 1968  [image]View item(s)

Catholic Missions, 1942-1970  , undated [image]View item(s)

Church of Christ Congregations, 1967-1971   [image]View item(s)

The Church of the Lord (Aladura) Center Street, 1967-1970   [image]View item(s)

The Church of the Lord (Aladura) Congregations, 1965-1969   [image]View item(s)

The Church of the Lord (Aladura) Nigeria, 1947-1969  [image]View item(s)

The Church of the Lord , Carey Street, Monrovia, 1947  , 1948 , undated [image]View item(s)

Episcopal Church Congregations, 1945-1971   [image]View item(s)

Episcopal Church , Liberian Central Conference, 1965   [image]View item(s)

The Episcopal Church , Missionary Diocese of Liberia, 1946-1970  [image]View item(s)

Episcopal Church, Miscellaneous Religious Programs, 1965-1968  [image]View item(s)

The First Methodist Church: Grand Bassa County , 1945-1969  , undated [image]View item(s)

First Methodist Church: Monrovia, 1944-1968  , undated [image]View item(s)

The First United Methodist Church, Monrovia, 1969-1970  [image]View item(s)

Jimmy Barrolle Prayer, undated [image]View item(s)

Journal of the Twelfth Session of the Liberia Annual Conference of the Methodist Church, 1951  [image]View item(s)

Methodist Church Congregations and Organizations, 1937-1969  , undated [image]View item(s)

Liberia Baptist Missionary and Education Convention , 1946-1971  [image]View item(s)

Methodist Church Congregations and Organizations, 1937-1969  , undated

Methodist Hostel for Girls, 1968,   1971  [image]View item(s)

Patten Memorial Church, Monrovia , 1946-1969 , undated [image]View item(s)

Presbyterian Congregations, 1948-1971   [image]View item(s)

Providence Baptist Association and Church, 1945-1971   [image]View item(s)

Seventh-Day Adventist Missions, 1947-1950  [image]View item(s)

St. Thomas Episcopal Church , 1948-1988 , undated [image]View item(s)

United Brothers of Friendship & Sisters of the Mysterious Ten Hymnal Booklet, undated [image]View item(s)

Reel 1070.47 United Methodist Church: Conference Materials, 1945-1971 , undated [image]View item(s)

United Methodist Church: Conference Speeches, 1965  [image]View item(s)

United Methodist Church: Correspondence from Bishops, 1945-1969  [image]View item(s)

United Methodist Church: Ganta, 1950-1969  [image]View item(s)

Miscellaneous Religious Correspondence, 1945-1971 , undated [image]View item(s)

Miscellaneous Religous Programs, Announcements and Invitations, 1945-1970 , undated [image]View item(s)

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