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H. K. Banda Archive, 1924-2005 bulk 1950-1997

Series: Box 18 Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi (CCAM)

This series consists of the research materials collected by Paula Rae Brody (hereafter, PRB) and her manuscripts on the history of the women's organization, Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi ("Women in Development in Malawi"), in which she also played a role. Materials are organized primarily by subject.

Subseries: Folder 1 Book Development

Mock-up copies of book

(2 copies)

Draft Presentation: "Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi (CCAM)," undated

(9 pages)

"draft copy"

Draft Presentation: "Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi (CCAM)," 11/21/93

(9 pages)

Draft Presentation: "Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi (CCAM)"

(11 pages)

final draft presented to Mama and Kainja

"CCAM Book Discussion," memo to Mama from PRB, 24 November 1993

(4 pages; 2 copies, one annotated)

"Draft Outline CCAMBOOK," December 1993 

(4 pages)

"1st Draft Outline CCAMBOOK," December 1993

(4 pages)

Overview of book progress

(1 page)

"Project is nearing completion" fax to William Kadzamira, 1 August 1994

Subseries: Early Notes Folder 2

May/June 1993

(spiral notebook)

Some London notes, 11/22/1993-11/26/1993

(spiral notebook)


(6 pages; loose lined note paper)

Notes entitled "Politics of writing a book," summary of progress for period May 1993-May 1994? 

(yellow legal pad)

Miscellaneous notes

"Scribbler pad," miscellaneous notes throughout pad


(4 pages; loose, small format, light-green notepad paper)

Chronological notecards 1985-1992 

Handwritten notes taken by PRB on other publications

Handwritten notes taken by PRBfrom “Daily Times” [Malawi] on other publications

Subseries: Early Research

Folder 3 "Draft Notes & Questions CCAMBOOK": Introduction-Section 19, January 1994

Includes extracted materials taken primarily from CCAM documents

Folder 4 "Draft Notes & Questions CCAMBOOK": Section 20-End, January 1994

Includes extracted materials taken primarily from CCAM documents

Subseries: Early Manuscript Drafts

Folder 5 Preliminary Draft: Chapter Examples, 28 January 1994

Folder 6 1st Draft: CCAMBOOK

corrected: "draft to Vegas, 28 February 1994," new {corrected} draft to Malawi

Folder 7 Draft, April 1994

"General Thoughts on the CCAM Book Project," April 1994

CCAM Poem, composed June 1993   by PRB

Copy of "Draft Presentation," November 1993

Folder 8 Draft, April 1994

"General Thoughts on the CCAM Book Project," April 1994

Folder 9 Draft, April 1994

"General Thoughts on the CCAM Book Project," April 1994

CCAM Committee Structure diagrams

Subseries: Research, 1994

Folder 10 Notes (part 1)

Handwritten (draft?) memo, 28 April 1994

from PRB to Mama regarding meetings with Hannah Kuwalewale, Esnet Kalyati, and Mrs. Kamtenjeni.

Folder 11 Notes (part 2)

Handwritten (draft?) memo, 3 May 1994

from Paula and Donald Brody to Mama re: "Analysis of New CCAM Logo.

Subseries: Final Manuscript Drafts

Folder 12 Working draft 3 (part 1)

Folder 13 Working draft 3 (part 2)

Folder 14 Camera-ready ms. (part 1)

Folder 15 Camera-ready ms. (part 2)

Subseries: Folder 16 Photographs


Annual seminar


Donations/disaster relief





Kapira and Mwayi Schools



CCAM Magazine

Travel to Malawi

CCAM travel outside Malawi

Subseries: Folder 17 Miscellaneous Documents

Secret Telephone List 1st October, 1988 

for Malawi government officials

3 business cards

"The National Family Welfare Council of Malawi: an overview of mission and functions"


Agriculture development in Malawi

(photocopy; 5 pages)

MSCA Criminal Appeal No. 21 of 1995 

(photocopy; 47 pages)

Malawi national anthem

(photocopy; 1 page)

"Parliamentary and presidential elections, 17 May 1994 : polling station officers' manual"

The general resolution passed by the extra-ordinary conference of the OMM (Mozambican Women's Organisation) in Maputo, November 6-11, 1984 

Supplement to AIM information bulletin no. 101

2 folders (Malawi Department of Tourism; Republic of Malawi)


Envelope addressed to Mrs. P. Brody


Subseries: Folder 18 Other Documents by Paula Brody

List of projects

CCAM poem

Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi – The Founding

Chitukuko Cha Amai m'Malawi: Women in Development in Malawi

[untitled article about CCAM]

Email from Linda Semu

Email from PRB to Linda Semu

Subseries: Folder 19 Memoranda from Paula Brody to Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira

Lanterns, 26 May 1993 

General review of referendum voting, 14 June 1993

(13 attachments; 2 copies)

CCAM Magazine, 23 June 1993 

Proposed article for CCAM Magazine: "Annual Seminar – 1993," 25 June 1993 

CCAM analysis; project ideas, 25 June 1993 

Visit to Macoha Weaving, 25 June 1993

(2 copies)

Organization of CCAM files, 14 December 1995

Chitukuko Cha Amayi m'Malawi: the story of CCAM 1985-1993, 14 December 1995 

Subseries: Folder 20 Articles and Clippings

Subseries: Folder 21 Periodicals

Raising our voices: news from the Global Fund for Women, July 1998

NABW Enterprise: the magazine of the National Association of Business Women, v. 1, no. 1, 1994 

Guardian today, 7-13 January 1994 ; 21-28 January 1994 

Malawi news 17 October 1992 ; 18-24 December 1993

Subseries: Box 19 Miscellaneous Correspondence
Folder 22

Speech by Chairman for Zomba Women's League, 3 March 1959 

Letter to Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira, 16 July 1996 

(2 copies)

sent by PRB, 2nd copy contains handwritten note to Mama from Donald Brody

Diane Duca

Agnes Kavinya

Arnold P. Wendroff

"Letter to the Editor" by Donald Brody, Friends of Malawi

Limbe Muslim Jamaat

Embassy of Israel

Note no. EI/3/88

Subseries: Folder 23 Women in Malawi Documents

Song of the Malawi Women

The role of women in national development: the Malawi experience

The role of women in national development: the Malawi experience: guidelines for discussions

The organizational structure and functions of the National Commission on Women in Development (NCWID), by E.J. Kalyati

Malawi women--poised and ready to develop their country alongside men

An address to American Women's Association on women in Malawi, by E.J. Kalyati


The League of the Malawi Women

Country paper presented at the World Conference of the U.N. Decade for Women: equality, development and peace, 15-26 July 1985

Government of Malawi

Country paper presented at the Fourth Meeting of the Sub-Regional Committee on Integration of Women in Development, 25 February-1 March 1985

Government of Malawi

"Widows fight dispossession"

Subseries: Folder 24 Mama Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira

"Kadzamira inherits all"

Envelope with 2 "with best wishes" cards


(1 page)

Description of back and joint injuries

(1 page; handwritten)

Typed description of back and joint injuries

(1 page)

Photocopy of letter to PRB, 15 December 1995

List of questions Ms Reeders intends to ask Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira

(2 copies)

Answers to Ms Reeders

(2 copies; annotated)

"Cecilia Kadzamira: who is she?" 14-20 August 1993,  The Independent

Mrs. Milika L. Kadzamira, 1911-1978

copies of obituaries

Handwritten notebook: contains information concerning CTK's official activities

writing scattered through the mostly-blank notebook, as well as additional information about Mrs. Milika L. Kadzamira, Cecilia's mother

Subseries: Folder 25 CCAM Organization


(2 copies; color)


National Steering Committee policy guidelines

confidential draft

Terms of Reference:

National Steering Committee

National Steering Committee, Paper 2: Sub-committees

Regional Steering Committee

District Steering Committee

Kwenengwe Farm Sub-Committee


Restaurant Management Committee

Handicraft Centre

Human Resources and Development Sub-Committee

CCAM: Second draft

Some notes and questions on the proposed CCAM

(2 copies)

The role of CCAM and its achievements since its inception--Workshop to review the Nairobi Conference on the U.N. Decade for Women which was held from 15th to 26th July, 1985

(2 copies)

Overview of achievements of CCAM


Intra visitors: guidelines for discussions: suggestions

Progress report

Programme for the one day seminar of CCAM to discuss the new constitution

Subseries: Folder 26 CCAM Brochure

"Proposed pamphlet/brochure for CCAM re: Organization, projects, sites available to visit," 25 June 1993

memo from PRB to Mama

Letter from Brian Basham to Mama, 24 December 1993 

Letter from Brian Basham to Mama, 14 March 1994 

Letter from Harriet Murray to Beatrice Mungomo, 18 August 1994

(2 copies)

Letter, with brochure mock-up, from Brian Basham to Mama, 23 November 1994 

"Analysis of proposed CCAM brochure," produced by Warwick Corporate as written by Brian Basham

23 page draft; memo from PRB to Mama, 9 December 1995

Subseries: Folder 27 CCAM Projects & Activities

A report on past, present and future activities


1-page text accompanying opening of fashion show

"Visit to CCAM Handicraft Center, Saturday, 12 June 1993,  10:30 A.M."

memo from Donald Brody to Mama

Project proposal: Development of Kwenengwe Estate

Project proposal: Drilling of boreholes in drought stricken areas

Project proposal: Integration of child spacing motivation and services within CCAM's community activities

on cover sheet: "Malawi 1993 Annual work plan/budget"

Project proposal: Training of women trainers in managerial skills in various income generating actitivities

Project proposal: Seminar/workshop on women and AIDS in Malawi

National functional literacy on English

letter from H.G. Kawalewale to Mama

Letter from Vincent Chirwa to Mama, 5 November 1990

with "Medical fund (Ezekia)" attachment by N. Nseula

"Coming soon – a new cookbook for Malawi"

"In the kitchen"

Questionnaire for MBC – information gathering for the CCAM recipe book

Progress report: Kapila Primary School by D.C. Salima

Aspects of CCAM as illustrated through the women

(2 copies)

CCAM-OMM discussions briefing notes, 3 December 1992

Handwritten list of projects

(1 page)

Subseries: Folder 28 CCAM Workshops & Seminars

Report on one day mini seminar on income generating activities for women, 19th April 1988 , held at Lilongwe town hall

(2 copies)

Report on the CCAM secretaries and treasurers seminar held at Adult Literacy Centre from 1th-24th July, 1992

Basic learning needs of women in Malawi

(2 copies)

Workshops on safe motherhood, child survival and family welfare management: preliminary report; Gloria L. N. Scott

(2 copies)

Follow-up activities on training workshops on safe motherhood, child survival and family welfare management

(2 copies)

Brief report on workshops on safe motherhood and family welfare management

(2 copies)

Report of the three month handicraft course for out of school youths (leavers)

(2 copies)

Report of the four month handicraft training course no. 2 for female school drop outs

(2 copies)

Workshop on challenges of women and children affairs on health and education, 15th to 19th December, 1992  

Evaluation report on vegetable production and food nutrition workshop, May-June 1993

Subseries: Folder 29 CCAM Business Seminiar

"The business of business"

Suggested article for CCAM Magazine, by PRB, 25 June 1993

Business Seminar I: documents for distribution

memo, with 7 attachments, from PRB to Mama, 28 June 1993

CCAM attendance certificate awarded to PRB

Notes taken by PRB and distributed documents from seminar

Subseries: Folder 30 CCAM Finances

CCAM funds

Bank balances as at 31st March, 1992 

(2 copies, but different figures)

1990  CCAM annual contribution to the National Steering Committee

School fees/farm inputs paid by CCAM

Audit of district CCAM accounts

(2 copies)

Internal audit inspection report of CCAM district accounts

(2 copies)

Audit of CCAM accounts and reconciliatory report

(2 copies)

Subseries: Folder 31 CCAM Finances

Visit to the north, Karonga2 September 1989

Report on the visit to flood and tremor victims

Report on the visit to Tomali: CCAM funded flood victim school project, 16 March 1990

Report on an education visit to South Korea, September 1987

(2 copies)

Report of an educational visit to India, October 1987

Report on CCAM participation in a Zimbabwe international trade fair, April-May 1989

Subseries: CCAM Conference Documents

Folder 32 1986 CCAM Conference

Folder 33 1987 CCAM Conference

Folder 34 1988 CCAM Conference

Folder 35 1989 CCAM Conference

Folder 36 1990 CCAM Conference

Folder 37 1991 CCAM Conference

Folder 38 1992 CCAM Conference

Folder 39 1993 CCAM Conference

Subseries: Folder 40 CCAM Miscellaneous Documents

Press conference note by Donald Brody

Documentary on CCAM

interview with Cliff Saunders of SABC

List of interview questions for Cliff Saunders

"Any other business," extract from report, pp. 17-18


(3 pages)

Minutes, extract, pp. 6-7

"Any other business," extract from report, p. 11

"CCAM helps the needy in Mozambique"

(1 page)

Letter from T.A. Madinga re: paying school fees for 10 primary school students, 19 December 1986

"Request for assistance: Yankho Nanthambwe," ca. March 1992

"Donation of K200,000 towards the drought," 26 May 1992 

"Request for assistance: Chimwemwe Mphedwa, congenital heart disease and Yankho Nanthambwe, hydrocephalus patient, 24 July 1992 "

"Request for medical assistance: Yankho Nanthambwe and Chimwemwe Mphedwa and 24 November 1992 "

"Report on the late Chimwemwe Mphedwa," 31 December 1992

Loose minute: Nsanje flood victims, 10 February 1995

Proposed change in the status of the CCAM (Confidential memorandum to His Excellency the Life President)

Extract from Danish Red Cross / EIU country report

Subseries: Folder 40 Miscellaneous Articles

"Project identification: by Ministry of Community Services"

Letter to Commission on Women in Development from Joyce Banda, 8 July 1992 

Repeal of Section 9 of the Constitution (Confidential memorandum to His Excellency the Life President)

The Secretary's report to the Zanu (PF) Women's Conference held at the National Sports Centre on 4th November, 1989 

"Stop student rape"

(online article)

"Why I'm fleeing South Africa," by Anne Paton

Frontline Malawi: healthcare

Centre to promote girls' education to be opened in Malawi

"Southern Africa: women in politics"

Malawi Council for the Handicapped flyer

Kamuzu Vocational Rehabilitation and Training Centre Magomero brochure

"Women farmers, the 'invisible' producers"

"The alphabet of selling"

"To volunteer or not to volunteer"

extract from a publication

"The spirit of self-help"

extract from Building the nation: Malawi 1964-1974

Appendix A: National Charities Information Bureau, "Basic standards in philanthropy"

extract from The givers guide: making your charity dollars count, by Philip Mackey, 1990

Appendix B: Council of Better Business Bureaus standards

extract from The givers guide: making your charity dollars count, by Philip Mackey, 1990

"Equal access of women to means of communication in Africa, including publishing and the respect of women's human rights in fair portrayal," by Janet Z. Karim

Statement by Honourable Mrs Edda Chitalo to the Fourth World Conference on Women, 1995 

Statement by the Minister of Women and Children Affairs to the World Summit for Social Development, 1995 

Weaving and repairing: the fabric of our communities (Annual report of The Global Fund for Woman, 1997-1998