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H. K. Banda Archive, 1924-2005 bulk 1950-1997

Subseries: Folder 18 Articles

Includes articles and reports by both agencies and individuals, manuscripts and any other written, unbound documents by authors other than Brody or Banda. Where possible the author, title of work, and publication information has been listed, as transcribed from the document.


Articles are organized according to year. Within years, documents are put in alphabetical order by author or authoring agency.

Folder 18 Unknown Author


Untitled speech, June 1993 

"Chief Vidzuma’s chief’s badge of honour," Nyasaland, 1941 

"Dr. Banda on the Scene"

"Family care: an historical fact: Kasungu allegations a new low, even for UDF!"

"Food practices in Malawi"

"Footpaths to roads to footpaths: coming full circle." 13 May 1999 

"Further report on the Conduct of a Free and Fair Referendum on the Issue of a One Party/Multiparty System in Malawi." [1993?] 

"Genuine gesture or political ploy?"

"Investing in Malawi," update effective April 1, 1990 

"'Leaders' not 'rulers:' a plea to youth." 11 May 1999 

"Mai wa Malawi – Mai Malawi: A Call to Action"

"Malawi." Accessed 2/16/97

"Malawi Congress Party on the Press Trust"

"MCP On Press Trust Bill"

"More Recent Developments"

"New Guardian Outline." 9-12 June 

"The UDF Echoes in the Land of the 'Free.'" 4 June 1999 

"A Woman’s Place." 31 May 1999 

Folder 19 Unknown Date

Blackmun, Barbara and Matthew Schoffeleers. "Masks of Malawi."

Branham, A.K. "Development of the Road System in Malawi." [1974?] 

Chanock, Martin. "The political Economy of Independent Agriculture in Colonial Malawi: The Great War to the Great Depression."

Good, Esther. "Fostering of Children in Ghana: A Preliminary Report."

Kadzamira, Mama C. Tamanda. "Quiet Hours."

Katz, Elain. "Women & Africa: Catalogue 31."

Malawi Congress Party. "The Constitution of the Malawi Congress Party." [1950s?] 

Sauka, M.P. "Cultural Differences."

Phiri, Hancock M. Notes on personal and Malawi history. [197?] 

Folder 20 1990s? 

Brookings Books Order Form

"Ghana’s Anniversary: The Big Six." Accessed 11/10/97

Zarate, Roberto Ortiz de. Political leaders: Ghana. Accessed 9/23/97

Sineta, T.J. "A group of Asians call on the Ngwazi"

Sineta, T.J. "Some virtues of successful leadership"

Sineta, T.J. "The new party tumbles"

Sineta, T.J. "The trace of hypocrisy"

Sineta, T.J. "The challenge of credibility"

Sineta, T.J. "Actions in desperation"

Sineta, T.J. "The new party tumbles"

Sineta, T.J. "The compensation tribunal is not a cue for easy cash"

Sineta, T.J. "The imaginary billions"

Sineta, T.J. "Divide and rule"

Sineta, T.J. "Muluzi misinforms the nation"

Sineta, T.J. "M.B.C. news story: a serious omission"

Sineta, T.J. "From the press saga"

Sineta, T.J. "The stakes of high office"

Weaver, Tony "Africa, dressed in the colours of Europe"

Box 4
Folder 1

Pre 1950 

Extract from the London Gazette of Friday, February 24, 1893, Foreign Office

Fitzroy, A.W. British Central Africa Order in Council, 1902, "Order in Council." Buckingham Palace, August 1902. 

Fitzroy, A.W. "At the court at Buckingham Palace, the 2nd day of November 1907. Present, the King’s Most Excellent Majesty." November 2, 1907. 

Fitzroy, A.W. "At the court at Buckingham Palace, the 21st day of December, 1907. Present, the King’s Most Excellent Majesty in Court." 21 December, 1907. 

"Correspondence in Confidential Prints Only," Colonial Office (Af.) and Foreign Office (C.P.)

"British South Africa Company: Names of officials in Charge of Stations," 1907. 

"The Devonshire Declaration. From Indians in Kenya: a Memorandum," CMD. 1922 

"Guthrie Memorial Church." 22nd June 1940. 

Folder 2 1950-1959 

Atkins, Guy. "The Nyanja-speaking population of Nyasaland and Northern Rhodesia: a statistical estimate." African Studies, Vol 9, Iss 1, p35-39.

"Federation of African Welfare Societies in Southern Rhodesia." African Welfare Bulletin. Bulleting no, 72, February 1950. 

Houlihan, P.M. "Out of the Ordinary: Village Terror, There Are Still Leopards in Nyasaland."

Northern News, LTD. "Federation." Northern Rhodesia. A/495/8/52 

Chief Sombo, W.P. Gomani, N.A. Maganga, M.P.S. Kuntaja, Inkosi Mbelwa II, B.W. Matthew Phiri, I.C.K. Muwamba, Hastings K. Banda. "Petition Against Central African Federation." 19 January 1953. All treaties attached to Chiefs Petition.

Munger, Edwin S. "Racial tension in Nyasaland." American Universities Field Staff. 12 May 1956. 

Nkrumah, Kwame. The speech: extract from the mid-night pronouncement of independence, 5-6th March, 1957., accessed 11/10/97.

"Federal Government, Rhodesia and Nyasaland." Report of Dr. Banda’s arrival. July 8, 1958. 

Parker, Franklin. "Report of a conference on the teaching of English in African schools, 28-30th March, 1958." Salisbury: University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Institute of Education. University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (UCRN) Conference. Outline of African Adult Education in Southern Rhodesia. 28-30th March, 1958. 

Munger, Edwin S. "The tragedy of Nyasaland: Background to Violence, Murder Plot Charges, and Detentions." American Universities Field Staff Reports Service. Central & Southern Africa Series , Vol. VII, no 4. August 1, 1959. 

(2 copies)

Munger, Edwin S. "All African People’s Conference: Africa for Africans only demanded by 240 delegates from 28 African countries." American Universities Field Staff Reports Service . Accra, Ghana , January 8, 1959. 

Nyasaland information department. Nyasaland Information Bulletin. No. 29, 29th August, 1959.  Government Printer .

Folder 3-4 Nyasaland Constitutional Congress 1960 

Seating Plan

Paper no. 1, General Constitutional Position

Library Catalogue



Speakers listed in original order

Transcript of entire conference

  • View All (17)
  • Banda, Hasting Kamuzu
  • Whitehead, Edgar
  • Welensky, Roy
  • Macmillan
  • Sandys, Duncan
  • Welensky, Roy
  • Banda, T.D.T.
  • Cary
  • Lewanika
  • Palmer
  • Roberts
  • Pretorius
  • Hirsch
  • Nkomo
  • Blackwood
  • Chief Chikwanda
  • Thornicroft

Folder 5 1960-1962 

Chiume, Kanyama. The party is supreme and the Ngwazi the supreme leader.

Federal Information Department. "The Monckton Commission: An Explanation of its Composition and Function." 25 January 1960 

Nyasaland Constitutional Conference. "Pledges of support." 29 July 1960. 

Nkrumah, Kwame. "I speak of Freedom." Modern History Sourcebook. accessed 11/10/97

Parker, Franklin. "Education in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. From African Education South of the Sahara, the Yearbook no. 30," Journal of Negro Education Vol 30 no. 3 (Summer 1961). 

Rogers, Cyril A. "University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Race and politics in Southern Rhodesia: Research plan." [1961?] 

U.S. Department of Commerce. "Living Conditions in the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland" . US Government printing office .

"Africa Diary: Nyasaland." December 8-14, 1962. 

"The New, Independent Africa." Time. August 3, 1962. 

Includes envelope

Folder 6 1963-1969 

Thiessen, Henry A. "Some remarks on Transportation and Economic Development in Nyasaland." March 18, 1963 

Ministry of Information (Malawi). Kamuzu’s Biography . July 1964. 

Royal Commonwealth Society. Library Notes with list of Accessions. "David Livingston: Tributes and Memories." January 1964.  New Series no.85.

Royal Commonwealth Society. "Notes on Conditions in Malawi." August

Department of State (U.S.). "Background Notes: Malawi." June 1966. 

Department of Information (Malawi). "Biography of the president of Malawi, His Excellency Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda." July 1967. 

Leistner, G.M.E. "Malawi, South Africa, and the Issue of Closer Economic Co-operation." Occasional Paper no. 13, Africa Institute of South Africa .

Mitchell, J. Clyde. "The Peoples of Malawi, Zambia and Rhodesia."

Royal Commonwealth Society. "Notes on Conditions in Malawi." Aug 1968 

Tangri, Roger K. "Political change in colonial Malawi: A Bibliographical Essay." African Studies Bulletin. Vol. 11, no 3, December 1968. 

Peters, H.S. (trans.) Extract from "Noticias de Beira" Wed, 9 July 1969 

Folder 7-8 Lodge Plans

Proposals for new lodges, includes photos and sketches. Produced by Dalgliesh Linday Group Architects for Hotels and Tourism Ltd in 1971. 

Cape Maclear Hotel Project

Shire River Lodge

Lower Shire Escarpment Lodge

Mt. Mulanje Lodge

Nyika Plateau Lodge

Folder 9 1970-1973 

Richardson, Henry J. "Malawi: Between Black and White Africa, Its Reliance on South Africa Wise or Foolhardy?" Africa Report, February 1970. 

Chimango-Lefani, L.J. "The Traditional Courts in Malawi." [1970?] 

Ministry of External Affairs (Malawi). "Consular Instructions: For the Use of Officers Performing Consular Functions On Behalf of the Malawi Government." January 1971. 

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Malawi). "Biography of his Excellency the Life President." August 1972. 

Williams, Eric Lloyd. "Malawi: Profile of an In-between Country." Optima. Sept 1972. 

"Christians Flee Cruel Persecution in Malawi." Awake. December 8, 1972. 

Kawamba, John. "The History of Currency in Malawi." Vision of Malawi. March 1973. 

Includes 2 Malawian bank notes (2 kwachas).

Preiss, David C. The Bridge and the Laager: "South Africa’s Relations with Africa, With Specific Reference to Malawi. South African Institute of International Affairs." September 1973. 

Vail, Leroy. "The making of an Imperial Slum: Nyasaland and Her Railways, 1895-1945." University of Zambia History Seminar, 12 July 1973. 

Folder 10 1974-1979 

Suzman, Helen. "An Address by Mrs. Helen Suzman, Member of Parliament, Republic of South Africa to the African Studies Seminar," Indiana University. Occasional Papers on South Africa. December 4, 1974. 

Sibale, Donald. "Message of Thanks from Mr. Donald Sibale to His Excellency the Life President of Malawi, Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda." [1975] 

Brown, Lloyd W. "The African Woman As Writer." Canadian Journal of African Studies, Vol IX, no 3, 493-501. 1975. 

Ministry of Finance (Malawi). "Background Information on Investment Prospects." September 1976. 

Mbilinyi, Marjorie. "Women: Producers and Reproducers in Peasant Production." University of Dar es Salaam, Economic Research Bureau Occasional Paper 77.3. November 1977. 

Department of State (U.S.). "Background Notes: Malawi." July 1978. 

Folder 11 1980-1989 

Phiri, D.D. "From Nguni to Ngoni: A History of the Ngoni Exodus from Zululand and Swaziland to Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia." Popular Publications [1982]. 

(Incomplete photocopy)

Streek, Barry. "Rural Organisations in South Africa: A Directory." SALDRU (Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit) Working Paper no. 57. Cape Town , October 1983. 

Yale University Sterling Memorial Library manuscripts and archives. "Manuscript Group Number 1351, Pamphlet Collection." New Haven CT , November 1985. 

Smalley, Martha Lund. Archives and Manuscripts, "Manuscript Group Number 31: Mission pamphlet collection." Yale University , October 18, 1988. p. 2.20

Smalley, Martha Lund. "Special Collections Record Group no. 191: Missionary Postcard Collection." Yale University .

Dellatola, Lesley. "Malawi’s Firm Foundation." Southern Africa Today. January 1988. 

Ministry of Works (Malawi). "Malawi 25 Years of Independence, Photographic Album." [1989?] 

Folder 12 Cox Collection

Includes materials about the Malawi artifact collection, entitled "The Forgotten Legacy of Malawi: African Artifacts from the Cox Collection" at the Whatcom Museum of History and Art, Bellingham, Washington.

Press Releases, June 3, 1988 

(5 copies)

"Valuable artifacts from Africa to be exhibited before their historic return to native country of Malawi."

"The Cox Collection – or how the legacy of Malawi found its way to Bellingham"

"Brief outline of Malawi’s history"

Drafts of Press Releases

Rough draft – Malawi labels and Whatcom Museum catalog record

Exhibition pamphlet, August 1988 

Unclassified memo. "Subject: Aculspec Request" March 1989 

Expense sheet

The Cox collection inventory sheets

Design sketches of commemorative cloth


Folder 13 1992 

Amnesty International, "Malawi: brutal punishments and unexplained deaths in prison."

Amnesty International, "Malawi: prison conditions, cruel punishment and detention without trial."

Amnesty International, "Vera and Orton Chirwa"

Matandani Training School handbook

(2 copies)

(See: June Gilchriese Story)

Folder 14 1993 

"Jehovah’s Witnesses"

"Jehovah is a wonderful God"

"Shocking Religious Persecution in Malawi"

"The Refugee Camp at Sinda Misale"

"Branch Letter"

"Atrocities Against Christians in Malawi"

A Beastly Record--When Will it End?

"The Reign of Terror Made Known Worldwide"

Good news from Malawi

Kelso, Casey C. "The opening of Malawi society." Institute of Current World Affairs . June 1993 

Kelso, Casey C. "The difference between theory and reality in Malawi." Institute of Current World Affairs .

The Kenneth Kaunda Foundation, Ltd. "Prospectus."

Matandani Secondary School. "General Prospectus 1993/94." 1993-1994. 

(See: June Gilchriese story)

Moszynski, Peter. "Update, Malawi: the old man and his chickens." Focus on Africa. p.16.

Washington Report on Africa. Vol XI, no. 19, November 15, 1993 

Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network. "Women and AIDS." ZWRCN Bibliographies no. 5, 2nd edition.

Folder 15 1994 

Chaudhary, Aman P., Rachael Nevins, Carol King, and Nancy Lyon. "Malawi Collection." Yale University Sterling Memorial Library Manuscripts and Archives, manuscript group number 1528

Malawi Congress Party. "A Vision of the Future: The Next 30 years."

Munger, Edwin S. "Malawi I Wood = re 1957 experience w/HKB"

"Residential properties of Malawi’s Former Head of State, His Excellency Dr. H Kamuzu Banda"

(3 copies)

(See also: "Banda’s properties")

Rotberg, Robert I. "Malawi has a chance to improve its Fortunes." Current Affairs South Africa Report .

St. Martin’s press "African Studies 1994-1995" order form

Swinburne, Caroline. "Banda’s Women Break Free." New African.

Folder 16-17 Banda’s Properties

Photocopies of documents used as evidence/exhibits in court trial.

Folder 18-19 1995 

"Congressional Black Caucus Information: Members." Accessed from on 11/14/97.

Donge, Jan Kees van. "Kamuzu’s Legacy: The Democratization of Malawi or Searching for the Rules of the Game in African Politics." African Affairs, 94, p 227-257. 1995 

Government of Malawi. In the High Court of Malawi Principle Registry: the Republic Versus John Zenas Ungpake Tembo, Bail application.

Government of Malawi. In the High Court of Malawi, Criminal case no. 1/98, Friday 22nd December 1995, Judge’s final address to the jury.

Government of Malawi. In the Supreme Court of appeal at Blantyre. MSCA criminal appeal no. 21 of 1995. Judgment.

Government of Malawi. Principal registry, civil cause number 2074 of 1995, the Malawi Congress Party, L.J. Chimango, MP and H.G. Ntaba, MP versus the Attorney General and the Speaker of the National Assembly. Judgment.

Kadzamira, Zemani. "Some reflections on the role of Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda in the political development of Malawi." Pol. History. 1995. 

Kainja, Kate and Situsi Nkhoma. Memorandum: democracy under threat in Malawi. 21st November 1995. 

Phillips, Henry. Untitled. 25 April 1995. 

United Nations. Proposals for consideration in the preparation of a draft declaration. Fourth World Conference on Women. 4-15 September 1995 

U.S. Department of State. "Malawi human rights practices, 1994."

(2 copies)

Wood, J.R.T. "Rhodesian Insurgency" Accessed from 2/9/00

Folder 20-22 Mwanza Commission Verbatim Report

Box 5
Folder 1-7

Mwanza Commission Verbatim Report (cont.)

Folder 8 1996 

British Information Services, Foreign and Commonwealth Office. "Background brief: the 1995 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting."

British House of Lords. "Proceedings: Malawi Murder Trial Acquittals."

Donge, Jan Kees van. "The Mwanza Trial as a Search for a Usable Malawian Political Past." Social Change in Malawi Seminar, Chancellor College. 15-16 March 1996. 

Episcopal Conference of Malawi. "Walking Together in Faith: Our Journey Towards the Year 2000." Pastoral Letter. 14 September 1996. accessed from on 9/25/96

Kamuzu Academy. Newsletter. October 1996 

Kamuzu Academy. Newsletter. December 1996 

Mbvundula, Chikweza. "Chikweza’s Newsbits from Lilongwe." Accessed from on 5/25/96

Mulhern, Jean K. "Wilberforce University: The History Timeline." Wilberforce University Archives.

Munthali, Makhumbira. Malawi’s Human Rights Record. Accessed from on 5/25/96

Mutharika, A. Peter. "The 1995 Democratic Constitution of Malawi." Journal of African Law [?]. Vol. 40, no. 2. 1996. p 205-220.

Page, Mel. "Democracy in Malawi: Ex-pres. Banda’s Apology." H-net, H-Africa. Accessed from on 6/23/2003.

(2 copies)

Walker, W. Denis. "Victims of Communism: Lest We Forget." Rhodesia Christian Group Occasional Newsletter . December 1996. 

Wiyo, Kenneth. "The Malawi Alphabet, from A to Z." Accessed from on 3/10/97

Yale University Library Catalog. "Keyword Searches." 10/17/96. 

Folder 9 1997 

Dr. Kamuzu Banda’s condolence book (Buku la chisoni).

Malawi Update, issue 24, December 1997. (includes Obituary of Dr. Banda by Fergus Macpherson.) Accessed from on 6/23/2003

Ministry of Research and Environment Affairs (Malawi). National Consultation Report for Malawi on Agenda 21.

Ross, Andrew C. "Some Reflections on the Malawi ‘Cabinet Crisis’ 1964-65." Religion in Malawi. No. 7, November 1997 

Tapei Economic and Cultural Office. "Political Structure: Malawi." Economic Intelligence United Ltd.

Folder 10 1998-1999 

Barraclough, Colin. "Trouble in Lusaka." Institutional Investor. Dec. 1998 

Episcopal Conference of Malawi. "Come back to me and live: a call to repentance as we walk together towards the year 2000." Pastoral Letter.

(2 copies)

Cooke, Francis J. "Memorandum: Kamuzu Academy draft constitution, trust deed and two organisational charts for 1998/99." Kamuzu Academy. 20 January 1999. 

Cooke, Francis J. "Memorandum: speech day/prize giving 1999." Kamuzu Academy. 13 May 1999 

Government of Malawi. "In the High Court of Malawi Lilongwe District Registry, civil cause no. 1B of 1999. In the matter of the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections Act 1993 and in the matter of the Electoral Commission Act."

Shepperson, George. "Colin Baker at 70: An Appreciation."

Folder 11 2000-2004 

Cohen, Craig S. Untitled article draft. 8/30/2000 

Horton, W. John. News from home.

Email with uncredited articles.

World Affairs. "Thandika Mkandawire." World Affairs Council Newsletter .

Hristovski, Marietta. "White Fathers." November 9, 2001. 

Republic of South Africa, Minister of Home Affairs. "Immigration Bill."

Republic of South Africa. "Minutes of Proceedings of Joint Sitting." Fourth Session, Second Parliament. Friday 8, February 2002. 

Kamuzu Academy. "Memo: Strategic Planning Exercise." 24 March 2004 

Kamuzu Academy Newsletter. Easter Term March 2004. 

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