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H. K. Banda Archive, 1924-2005 bulk 1950-1997

Subseries: Folder 16 Press Releases/Open Letters

Includes various organizations’ press releases, open letters attributed to more than one author or organization or with no specified recipient.

Joint press statement by Kenneth Kaunda and Joshua Nkomo. n.d. 

"The 1951 crusade." Petition, White Rhodesia Council. Salisbury, 1951. 

(3 copies)

"Dr. Hastings Banda released by governor." Press release no. 129/60. Nyasaland Information Department. April 1, 1960. 

"Statement by the acting governor." Government statement no. 383/60 with press release no. 384/60 . Nyasaland Information Department. September 27, 1960 

"Governor frees all detainees: control orders are revoked." Press release no. 384/60 with government statement no 383/60 . Nyasaland Information Department. September 27, 1960 

"Dr. Banda condemns intimidation and violence." Press release no. 386/60 with government statement no. 385/60 . Nyasaland Information Department. September 27, 1960 

"Released detainees ‘fit and well.’" Press release no. 387/60. Nyasaland Information Department. September 27, 1960 

"Dr. Banda to be sworn-in as Premier on February 1." Press release no. 69/63. Nyasaland Information Department. January 25, 1963 

Press conference by First Secretary of State, Mr. R.A. Butler, Government House, Zomba, 9 a.m. 30th January 1963 

Hlungwane, Timo Armando Pinto. Statement. MCP National headquarters, Limbe, Malawi. January 25, 1966 

"Prime Minister’s speech at a party organised by Zomba civil servants in Zomba Community Hall on Friday, December 17, 1965." Press release no. 1185/65. Ministry of Information. December 17, 1965 

"Premier to visit the sick on Christmas." Press release no. 1174/65. Ministry of Information. December 21, 1965 

"Silombela appeal dismissed." Press release no. 1176/65. Ministry of Information. December 22, 1965 

Weekly District News. Press Division, Ministry of information. December 1965 

Memorandum. Catholic Bishops of Malawi. Blantyre: April 3, 1992 

"Malawi government’s reply to Amnesty International report entitled ‘Malawi, March/July 1992: mass arrests of suspected government opponents.’" Press release no. MWM 1/92. Permanent Mission of Malawi to the United Nations. September 24, 1992 

"Facts on detention, forfeiture, press in Malawi." Press release no. MWM 2/92. Permanent Mission of Malawi to the United Nations. September 30, 1992 

Chakuamba, Gwanda. "To the Malawi Congress Party candidates for Parliament." 26 April 1994 

Longwe, Aaron. Press Release. Malawi Congress Party . 28th November 1994 

Resolutions. Inkatha Freedom Party Special General Conference. Ulundi: March 3-5, 1995 

"The Press Trust Reconstruction Act 1995." Press release. December 13, 1995 

Memery Crystal Solictors. "The Republic of Malawi v Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda and others." 19 February 1996. 

(2 copies)

PAC Letter to Muluzi. Open Letter from the PAC executive committee to the State President, Members of Cabinet, and the Leaders of the Civil Servants Trade Union . Accessed from on 5/25/1996

Brief Statement by Dr. K. D. Kaunda on the events leading to the attempted assassination in Kabwe on Saturday 23rd August 1997 .

Press conference address by Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, President of the United National Independence Party .

Press statement by the special assistant to Dr. Kaunda for press and public relations, Mr. Muhabi Lungu An open letter to His Excellency Dr. Bakili Muluzi, President of the Republic of Malawi .

Open letter to Chipwalla Nkhate

Statement by Mrs. Sheridan B. Smith, 19 March 1998 

Chiona, James et al. "Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ." March 1998 

Minns, Martin. Malawi Congress Party open letter . March 19, 1999