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H. K. Banda Archive, 1924-2005 bulk 1950-1997

Subseries: Speeches

Printed copies of speeches/addresses by numerous individuals.

Chimango, Louis J. Keynote address at the US Investor Mission Conference . Washington D.C. 17 April 1990 

Chimphamba, Brown B. "The mission and functions of the university." Zomba. 23 January 1993. 

Chimphamba, Brown B. "The university and the college of medicine." Zomba. 11 January 1992. 

Dubbey, John M. "Access to the university." Zomba. 12 November 1988 

Mandela, Nelson. Address to Parliament. 6 February 1998. 

Mbekeani, Nyemba W. Statement, Malawi Delegation to the Forty-Eighth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations . New York. 12 October 1993 

Mbeki, Thabo. Statement on the occasion of the debate on the budget vote of the office of the Deputy President, National Assembly . 3 June 1998 

Mbeki, Thabo. State of the Nation Address of the President of South Africa . Cape Town: February 14, 2003 

Mdlalose, F.T. Memorandum for Presentation to the President of South Africa, His Excellency Mr. Nelson Mandela . Pretoria. 22 December 1994 

Ntaba, J.M. Untitled speech to the Assembly. n.d. 

Shepperson, George. Memories of Dr. Banda . Annual lunch of the Friends of Malawi. Wansford, UK 27 May 1998 

Welensky, Roy. The Federation and the Commonwealth . London. 8 November 1961. 

Welensky, Roy. Federation and Nyasaland . 19 December 1962 

Folder 15 Buthelezi, Mangosuthu

Inauguration of the traditional leaders- HIV/AIDS task team. n.d. 

Policy speech. Fourth Session of the Fourth KwaZulu Legislative Assembly . March 1986 

Policy speech. Third Session of the Fifth KwaZulu Legislative Assembly . March 1991 

Policy speech. Fifth Session of the Fifth KwaZulu Legislative Assembly . March 1993 

"The hard road to democracy after liberation" 18th Annual General Conference of the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP). Ulundi, July 17, 1993 

Memorandum for discussion with the Hon Mr F.W. de Klerk . Durban: July 29, 1993 

National Assembly. Cape Town: February 21, 1995 

Statement in reply to remarks by the Hon. President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Nelson Mandela, in the House of the Assembly . February 24, 1994 

Presidential Address, Special General Conference, IFP . Ulundi: March 4, 1995 

"Whither South Africa." Presidential Address, 20th Anniversary Conference of the IFP. Ulundi, South Africa. July 22, 1995 

National Assembly Presidential Debate. Cape Town: February 10, 1998 

National Assembly debate on the vote of the Executive Deputy President . Cape Town: June 3, 1998 

In memory of Nkosinathi Buthelezi. Mahlabathini: February 7, 2001 

(2 copies)

Courage Under Fire Award of the American Conservative Union acceptance speech . Washington DC, February 15, 2001 

National Assembly State of the Nation debate . Cape Town: February 12, 2002 

National Assembly State of the Nation debate . Cape Town: February 17, 2003 

National Assembly, President’s budget debate . Cape Town: June 18, 2003 

"The IFP leading democratic renewal for development, growth, security, and national unity" Presidential address. 28th Annual General Conference on the Inkatha Freedom Party . Ulundi: July 12-13, 2003 

"Reconciliation, development and democracy- making these challenges meaningful for our new generation." 25th Annual National Conference on the Youth Brigade of the Inkatha Freedom Party . Ulundi, August 27-31, 2003 

Joint meeting of the IFP/DA caucuses. Introductory Remarks . Cape Town: September 11, 2003 

Summit meeting of the delegations of the Inkatha Freedom Party and the Democratic Alliance . Opening Remarks. Cape Town: September 15, 2003 

Award as defender of the kingdom and of the monarchy and the Zulu royal house. Acceptance address and a vote of thanks . Ulundi: December 6, 2003 

National Assembly State of the Nation debate . Cape Town: February 9, 2004