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H. K. Banda Archive, 1924-2005 bulk 1950-1997

Subseries: Articles/Statements/Public Announcements


Untitled, January 26 1999 

(2 copies)

Business summary: description – production and sale of the music of Malawi in audio cassette and compact disc form for international distribution

Colin Baker Biographical Writings

Great Epic Book Reviews "Sir Glyn Jones: a Proconsul in Africa" by Colin Baker.

Biographical notes

Career in Nyasaland-Malawi

Curriculum vitae


Dr. Charlotte Manye Maxeke: April 7, 1874 - Oct. 19, 1939 - a tribute . Great Epics Newsletter, v. 2, no. 3 (March 1998). 


"Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Society, A.M.E. Church, Transvaal & Zambezi Convention," no date 

Dr. Kamuzu Banda’s condolence books, excerpts (Buku la Chisoni)

Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda: his Detention Continues , February 1998. Great Epic Books

Foreword, 14 March 1998 

The forgotten legacy of Malawi

History revisited: Mandela supports Ngwazi, March 27, 1998. Great Epic Books

June Gilchriese story, 11 May 1994 

Kaunda assassination attempt, October 1997. Great Epic Books

KK’s imprisonment: Chiluba’s Christmas blunder . Great Epic Books

KK released but not freed, January 1, 1998. Great Epic Books

KK undate [sic]: where are the voices of outrage? February 1998. Great Epic Books

Major Wezi Kaunda, 24 December 1951-4 November 1999, In Memoriam. Great Epic Books

Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda March 1958 – 25 November 1997, In Memoriam . Great Epic Books

Notes on the masks of the Zinyau society of Malawi

Statement of Dr. Donald Brody, Mount Soche Hotel, Blantyre, Friday 6 May 1994 

"To the editor," 30 November 1997 

"Trash-talk" from Poland

Twisting Zambian History: letter says it all, 22 April 1998. Great Epic Books

A warm holiday greeting to all. Great Epic Books

When will this stop? KK’s persecution, 19 May 1998. Great Epic Books

Why I care

Zambia’s lunacy continues: KK remains imprisoned . Great Epic Books