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H. K. Banda Archive, 1924-2005 bulk 1950-1997

Series: Folder 7 Writings by Brody

Organized into the following subseries: Articles/Statements/Public Announcements, Drafts/Outlines/Notes for Books, Export Promotion Council, Department of Tourism, Course Syllabi, Miscellaneous.

Subseries: Articles/Statements/Public Announcements


Untitled, January 26 1999 

(2 copies)

Business summary: description – production and sale of the music of Malawi in audio cassette and compact disc form for international distribution

Colin Baker Biographical Writings

Great Epic Book Reviews "Sir Glyn Jones: a Proconsul in Africa" by Colin Baker.

Biographical notes

Career in Nyasaland-Malawi

Curriculum vitae


Dr. Charlotte Manye Maxeke: April 7, 1874 - Oct. 19, 1939 - a tribute . Great Epics Newsletter, v. 2, no. 3 (March 1998). 


"Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Society, A.M.E. Church, Transvaal & Zambezi Convention," no date 

Dr. Kamuzu Banda’s condolence books, excerpts (Buku la Chisoni)

Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda: his Detention Continues , February 1998. Great Epic Books

Foreword, 14 March 1998 

The forgotten legacy of Malawi

History revisited: Mandela supports Ngwazi, March 27, 1998. Great Epic Books

June Gilchriese story, 11 May 1994 

Kaunda assassination attempt, October 1997. Great Epic Books

KK’s imprisonment: Chiluba’s Christmas blunder . Great Epic Books

KK released but not freed, January 1, 1998. Great Epic Books

KK undate [sic]: where are the voices of outrage? February 1998. Great Epic Books

Major Wezi Kaunda, 24 December 1951-4 November 1999, In Memoriam. Great Epic Books

Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda March 1958 – 25 November 1997, In Memoriam . Great Epic Books

Notes on the masks of the Zinyau society of Malawi

Statement of Dr. Donald Brody, Mount Soche Hotel, Blantyre, Friday 6 May 1994 

"To the editor," 30 November 1997 

"Trash-talk" from Poland

Twisting Zambian History: letter says it all, 22 April 1998. Great Epic Books

A warm holiday greeting to all. Great Epic Books

When will this stop? KK’s persecution, 19 May 1998. Great Epic Books

Why I care

Zambia’s lunacy continues: KK remains imprisoned . Great Epic Books

Subseries: Folder 8 Drafts/Outlines/Notes for Books

HKB Memoirs 1941-1950, 1st Draft

HKB Memoirs 1951-1960, 1st Draft

Part I: Chronology of major events in the personal life of Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, including events leading to his involvement in Nyasaland politics

Part II: chronology of major events which influenced and lead to the formation and ultimate demise of the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, with emphasis on the role of H.E. Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda, first head of state of the republic of Malawi

Part III: chronology of major events in the presidential years of His Excellency Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda

The rest of the story

Handwritten notes

Draft: "Kanyama Being Sidelined?"

Mama C. Tamanda Kadzamira, "Portrait of a whole woman" or "A life size portrait" or "A portrait"

holographic outline

Banda geneaology notes

Folder 9 The autobiography of Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda: A Proposal for Macmillan Publishing , February 1999 

Chronology of major events in the personal life of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, first president of Zambia, Draft 1998 

(2 copies)

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Part 1, early memories

One Zambia, one nation: the life of Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda , suggested outline KK autobiography, 22 January 1998 

(2 copies)

Press-the beginning. Holograph, cross reference "Press in the 90’s"


Subseries: Folder 10 Export Promotion Council

Broad policies

Confidential study of Malawi exports

Export pricing work sheet

Malawi export promotion plan outline

Proposed organization

Specific objectives

Subseries: Department of Tourism

Blank Forms

Hotel inspection checklist

Monthly expenditure figures

Proposed project evaluation checklist

Tourism task force, sub-committee breakouts

Blank stationary

Folder 11 1971-72 Business plan for the Malawi department of tourism, October 1970 

1971-1973 Business plan for Hotels and Tourism Ltd, January 1971 

Analysis of capital required and capital generated for 12 months after the commencement of Phase I of projected remodelation of Grand Beach Hotel

Kasungu operations division – project summary

Lake Malawi Hotel – project summary

Malawi holiday products – project summary

Malawi Ulendo Tours – project summary

Malawi Village – project summary

Preliminary cost estimates for proposed hotel and lodge development, Malawi, based upon report, specifications and drawings prepared by the Dagleish Lindsay group for Hotels and Tourism, LTD. September 1971 

Shire River Recreation development – project summary

Subseries: Folder 12 Course Syllabi

Chancellor College, Business Administration Course, 1972-73 

Hotels & Tourism, Ltd. Elements of Personal Selling, 1972 

Subseries: Folder 13 Miscellaneous

Handwritten notes from his personal notebook

Addresses/phone numbers