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Plath mss. II, 1932-1977

Series: Oversize



The clippings are divided into writings and miscellaneous. Each is arranged chronologically.

Subseries: Oversize 10 Writings

67 items

All writings are by Sylvia Plath unless otherwise noted and are as follows:

"Poem". The Townsman. Aug. 10, 1941.  2 copies.

View of commencement; drawing]. The Townsman. June 3, 1948.

Plath, Sylvia and Charles Perry Norton. "Youth's Appeal for World Peace". Christian Science Monitor. Mar. 16, 1950.  2 copies. "And Summer Will Not Come Again". Seventeen. Aug. 1950.

"Ode on a Bitten Plum". Seventeen. Nov. 1950.

"White Phlox". Christian Science Monitor. Aug.27, 1952.  2 copies.

"The Perfect Setup". Seventeen. Oct. 1952.

"Initiation". Seventeen. Jan. 1953.  1 complete and 1 incomplete copy.

"Two Villanelles: To Eva Descending the Stair and Doomsday". Smith Review. Spring,

1953.  2 copies. Included is holograph inscription from Plath to Olive Higgins Prouty.

[Proofs of table of contents, p. 52, 54, (235?), 252-255, 280-283, 290-291, 358, 377-379].

Mademoiselle. Aug. 1953.

"Sunday at the Minton's". [Smith Review?] [1953?]

"Circus in Three Rings". Smith Review. Fall, 1954.  Included is holograph inscription from Plath to Olive Higgins Prouty.

"Go Get the Goodly Squab". Harper's. Nov. 1954.

"Mad Girl's Love Song". [Smith Review?] 1954.

"Leaves from a Cambridge Notebook". Christian Science Monitor. Mar. 5, 1956.  2 copies.

"Leaves from a Cambridge Notebook". Christian Science Monitor. Mar. 6, 1956.  2 copies.

"An American in Paris". Varsity. Apr. 21, 1956.  2 copies.

"Smith College in Retrospect". Varsity. May 12, 1956.  2 copies.

"Sylvia Plath Tours the Stores and Forecasts May Week Fashions". Varsity. May 26, 1956.  2 copies.

"Sketchbook of a Spanish Summer". Christian Science Monitor. Nov. 5, 1956.  2 copies. [Drawing; proof]. [Summer, 1958].

"Whiteness I Remember". Christian Science Monitor. Mar. 5, 1959.

"Prologue to Spring". Christian Science Monitor. Mar. 23, 1959.  2 copies.

"'Yadwigha, on a Red Couch, Among Lilies' (A Sestina for the Douanier)". Christian Science Monitor. Mar. 26, 1959.  2 copies.

"Bathtub Battle Scene". Christian Science Monitor. Apr. 25, 1959.  2 copies.

"The Bull of Bendylaw". Apr. 1959.

"Above the Oxbow". C Christian Science Monitor. May 4, 1959.  2 copies. One has holograph inscription from Plath to Olive Higgins Prouty.

"Kitchen of the Fig Tree". Christian Science Monitor. May 5, 1959.  2 copies.

"A Walk to Withens". Christian Science Monitor. June 6, 1959.

"Explorations Lead to Interesting Discoveries." Christian Science Monitor. Oct. 19, 1959.

Hughes, Ted. "Gulls Aloft". Christian Science Monitor. Dec. 12, 1959.

"Memoirs of a Spinach Picker". Christian Science Monitor. Dec. 29, 1959.

"Mushrooms". Harper's. July 1960.

Hughes, Ted. "Fourth of July". Harper's. July, 1960.

"The Net Menders; Benidorm, Spain". New Yorker. Aug. 20, 1960.

[Excerpts from "Stars over the Dordogne" and "Heavy Women" published in Poetry, Mar. 1962.  Typescript.

"Blackberrying". New Yorker. Sept. 15, 1962.

"Oregonian Original". New Statesman. Nov. 9, 1962.

"Suffering Angel". New Statesman. Dec. 7, 1962.

"Seven Poems; Two Campers in Cloud Country, The Elm Speaks, Mystic, Amnesiac, Mirror,

Among the Narcissi, and The Moon and the Yew Tree". New Yorker. Aug. 3, 1963.

[Mimeographed poems: "Aftermath", "Snakecharmer", "Sculptor", "Hardcastle Crags", and "Green Rock, Winthrop Bay", all by Sylvia Plath; and "The Retired Colonel", "Esther's Tomcat", "Pike", "Sunstroke", and "Roosting Hawk", all by Ted Hughes.]

"Admonition". [Smith Review?]

"Denouement". [Smith Review?]

"Leaving Early".

"Mosaics - An Afternoon of Discovery". Christian Science Monitor.

"Pennines in April". [Mademoiselle?]

"Tulips". New Yorker.

"Verbal Calisthenics". [Smith Review?]

"A Winter's Tale". New Yorker.

Subseries: Oversize 11 Miscellaneous

52 items

Includes clippings about Plath's 1953 suicide attempt.

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