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Plath mss. II, 1932-1977

Series: Box 14 Miscellaneous

Folder 1 Cards

25 hand-made and 4 purchased cards for special occasions for Plath's family.

Folder 2 Drawings

26 items

Includes landscape(crayon); 3 children with a kite (pencil); The Moonmaidens (pencil); a church (pencil); a small house (pencil); 2-story house (pencil); girls with three rabbits, with the inscription"To Mother" (colored pencil); incomplete sketch of warrior, with sketch of woman on verso (both pencil); A Merry Chase (pencil); The Pied Piper (pencil and crayon); A "French" court lady (pencil); Resi, July 19, 1944 (pencil); young girl and old man, with the "To Grammy, July 20-21, 1944" (pencil); girl angel, mounted on black construction paper (colored pencil and water color); two child angels (colored pencil); elf pulling wagon (colored pencil); elf and mouse under umbrella (colored pencil); peasant girl (pencil and crayon); Warren playing cards, [Aug. 22, 1948?] (ink); Mother, Aug. 22, 1948 (ink); girl's head, [Spring, 1940], with drawing of ballerina on verso (both pencil); self-sketch, [1948] (pencil); small deer with flowers on its back (pencil and water color); portrait of Plath, done by Marilyn Fraser, June 21, 1945 (chalk or crayon); and self-portrait (chalk). [Self-portrait in Oversize no. 9]

Folder 3 Paper dolls

118 paper dolls and costumes hand-made by Plath, 57 purchased paper dolls and costumes, and 1 envelope with 5 decals.

Folder 4 Baby Book, ca. 1932-1933 

Includes picture, lock of hair, and detailed information concerning Plath's infancy by Aurelia S. Plath.

Folder 5 Hair

Includes one lock, 1932; one lock, 1938; one lock, July 30, 1941; a tress, Aug. 1942; braids, Aug. 22, 1945; and one lock, Fall 1949.

Folder 6 Passport. June 29, 1955

Box 14
Folder 7


40 items

All are black and white unless otherwise noted

Arranged chronologically.

There are also numerous photographs of Plath and her friends in High School and Smith Scrapbooks, Oversize nos. 3 and 8. See vertical file for computer-generated listing.

Plath. [Oct. 13, 1933].  In cardboard frame.

Plath and brother Warren. Spring, 1937.  Mounted on cardboard.

Plath and brother Warren. [Spring, 1937].  On verso of above.

Plath in nurse outfit. Sept. 1940.

Star Island Conference group picture. June 1949.  Autographs on verso.

Plath, studio portrait. Fall, 1952.

Plath and Myron Lotz. Dec. 1952.

The following are photographic proofs of Plath done by Eric Stahlberg?, of Northampton,

Mass. [ca. 1954]

Small photo advertising Eric Stahlberg as a photographer.

1 1/2" x 1 1/2" side view.


Front view.

Front view, sitting at slight angle.

Front view, wearing string of pearls.

Front view, close-up.

Front view, wearing white sweater (2).

Front view, looking to left.

Front view, looking down and to right.

Front view, big smile.

Side view, looking at crystal ball held above head.

Front view, sitting at angle, bare shoulders.

Holding crystal ball in front of face.

Face only, leaning on hand. Mounted on cardboard.

Note from Eric Stahlberg indicating pictures he likes.

Plath in front of Wellesley house. Sept. 11, 1955.

Aurelia and Warren Plath. Dec. 1955.

Plath and brother Warren, made into Christmas card. 1955.

Plath and Ted Hughes in Paris. 1956.

Plath and brother Warren in Paris. 1956.

Plath and Ted Hughes. 1956.

1957 birthday card to Aurelia Plath from Plath and Hughes. Plath in boat at Yellowstone. 1959.

Plath in boat with fish at Yellowstone. 1959.

Plath and daughter Frieda. Apr. 1961.

Plath and children Frieda and Nick. [1962?].  Color.

Plath and daughter Frieda. [1962?].  Color.

Plath and son Nick. [1962?].  Color.

Plath. Head only; mounted on cardboard. n.d.

Woods and field with river. n.d.

Box 14
Folder 8

Printed items

Correthers, L. Young. These Blooming Friends. A Little Book of Garden Scandal. San Diego: E. P. Wilson Co., 1934.

Brugnani, Eugénie Faure. Un appel à Jeanne d'Arc pour la France. May 22, 1941.  [Club

des Femmes de France de Boston?]

Far Horizons. Mimeo. July 1, 1949.  [From the Star Island Conference]

Life. International Editions. "The Atom; A Primer for Laymen." A reprint from Aug. 1, 1949.

The AP Style Book for Teletypesetter Circuits. New York: The Associated Press, Aug. 1951.  Art Institute of Chicago. Sargent, Whistler and Mary Cassatt; by Frederick A. Sweet. Chicago, 1954.

Drew, Elizabeth. Poetic Patterns. A Note on Versification. Northampton, Mass., The Kraushar Press, 1956.  [Many underlinings by Plath.]

Abrams, M. H. A Glossary of Literary Terms. New York: Rinehart & Co., 1957.  (The Rinehart English Pamphlet Series)

Box 15
Folder 1-66

Publications Scrapbook

Consists of correspondence and check stubs relating to publications and clippings.

Box 15 Miscellany

109 items

Includes 80 envelopes and folders with notes by Aurelia S. Plath.

Folder 67 Miscellany

Folder 68 Miscellany

Folder 69 Miscellany

Folder 70 Miscellany

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