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Gilder mss., 1781-1984

Series: Box 25 VII. Miscellaneous.

Arranged alphabetically by person or subject, followed by the scrapbooks and oversize materials. One folder per person or subject unless otherwise indicated.

Addresses. One volume and additional lists of names and addresses

Art and artists. Tear sheets concerning art and artists

The Art Students League. Exhibition catalogue, 1925

Autographs. Aldine Club, May 20, 1895  program signed by attendees (2 copies) and additional lists of names

Beaux, Cecilia. Includes materials pertaining to exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1977; exhibition catalogs

(2 folders)

Belle Vue. Book plates, guest book, "Bellevue Log, 1905–1911"

(4 folders)

Calendars (wall). 1897–1909

(8 folders)

Calling cards

Cholmeley–Jones, Nigel. Clippings about NC–J

Cholmeley–Jones, Richard Gilder. Includes program for banquet in his honor, Mar. 3, 1921; biographical; materials related to The War Risk Insurance Bureau; clippings

Civil War. Clippings from The New York Times, Jan. 17, 1861 concerning secession

Clemens, Clara. Invitation and programs for her various recitals; clippings

Cleveland, Grover. Steel engraving of the White House, 3 copies; reprints of various speeches; tear sheet from George F. Parker's A Life of Grover Cleveland

Clubs, societies, etc. Including member list for the Thursday Evening Club, 1884, 1890–1891, 1893; programs for The Fortnightly Club

De Kay, Charles Augustus. Program for dinner in his honor, Aug. 30, 1894; materials concerning The National Arts Club; biographical; copies of clippings

De Kay, George C. "School of the Air of the Americas..." Script, aired on CBS, Mar. 19, 1942; "...pocketbook used during the war"

(2 folders)

Drake, Joseph Rodman. Program for a memorial celebration for JRD; clippings concerning JRD

Drake Park. Materials concerning renovation of Joseph Rodman Drake Monument, 1891-1909

Foote, Mary Hallock. Articles by and about MHF

Friday Evening Club. Guests lists, 1899–1905

Genealogy. Includes correspondence; charts for Gilder and De Kay families; Gilder children birth and christening record; Palmer–Walker family, including 49th Massachusetts regiment re–union ribbons, 1893, 1902, 1904, 1912; Pintard–Gambault family; Rucellai–Bronson family

(14 folders)

Box 27 Genealogy. Miscellany

(3 folders)

Gilder, George de Kay. Includes school grades from Milton Academy; stationery

Gilder, Gwendolyn. Clippings of articles by GG

Gilder, Helena de Kay. American Art Association minutes, June 1 and 7, 1877; dried flowers, including those from her wedding bouquet; engagement book, 1879-1880s; lock of hair; notebooks; "Notes on Art Anatomy Lectures..." ; tombstone memorial; clippings by and about HdeKG; miscellany

(10 folders)

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard. Playbill for "Quits" comedy written by JLG, clippings

Gilder, John Francis. Address book; programs for various concerts; medical procedure description; clippings

Gilder, Joseph Benson. Plan to increase circulation of a Sunday newspaper; clippings by and about JBG

Gilder, Joseph Rodman Drake. Leaves collected from Bull Run battlefield, Oct. 21, 1863

Gilder, Reuben. Report of RG as surgeon to Headquarters, Hicks Creek, Jan. 24, 1781 concerning the Battle of Cowpens; membership certificate for medical society of Philadelphia, Jan. 14, 1874; papers concerning induction into the Society of the Cincinnati

(2 folders)

Gilder, Richard Watson. Book s – advertisements, book jacket, clippings; calling cards; childhood — writing copy books, temperance pledge, missionary book; Citizen's Union, 1897; Civil War – discharge document and Army of the Potomac certificate; Committee of the City Club on the Preservation of the City Hall, 1894; Committee on the Erection of the Washington Memorial; death – obituary copy, etc.; financial — accounts, 1874, 1899–1909 and cancelled checks, 1906-1909; New York Kindergarten Association, 1889–1895; Newark Morning Register and Gilder & Crane firm; programs, menus etc. for tribute dinners, events, speaking engagements, memorial; Tyringham, Mass. — social service examinations; poetry and writings – clippings and tear sheets by and about RWG; miscellany

(31 folders) (see also: Scrapbooks)

Box 28 Gilder, Robert Fletcher. Biographical; clippings

(2 folders)

Gilder, Rodman Drake. Death — biographical, sympathy letters to Rosamond Gilder, prayer at memorial service; financial — account book, 1904 and receipts, 1896-1899; Harvard University — programs for Hasty Pudding Club theatricals, stage directions for Hasty Pudding Club initiation, 1931, notes for Fine Arts 4; clippings of articles by and about RDG; miscellany

(8 folders)

Gilder, Rosamond. Articles about RG, theatre program (see also: Scrapbooks)

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). Biographical – letters from acquaintances; Belle–vue Female Seminary and Flushing Female College – catalog, brochure, etc.; Civil War — passes, leave of absence, letters retrieved from various battlefields; sundial at William and Mary College dedicated to WHG; miscellany

(5 folders) (see also: Scrapbooks)

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). Arctic exploration (Franklin expedition search party, 1879 and discovery of north magnetic pole, 1890) — list of provisions, list of backers, cost estimates, map, copies of letters backing 1890 expedition, printed, clippings; military service — special orders, correspondence concerning reimbursement for horse killed on Petersburg battlefield in 1864, veterans' associations materials

(5 folders)

Gilder family. Clippings

Gilder homes. Clippings

Invitations. For dinners, receptions, etc.

Keats, John. Dried flowers from grave, picked Apr. 19, 1884

McGrew, Dallas. Application for construction or engineering position in tropics, miscellaneous receipts

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. Medical records, letters, etc. concerning birth of Helena Dorothea McGrew; theatrical performances — programs, playbills, contract, clippings; trip to Orient with Dallas McGrew, 1917-1918 – printed ship brochure/agenda, menus, receipts, clippings; wedding — invitation, list of gifts, calling cards, letters, clippings; copper plate of invitation designed by Tiffany & Co.

(6 folders)

Maps. Various parts of the world, including the Arctic, Antarctic. U.S. maps, mostly for New England and specifically Massachusetts, including geological surveys

(5 folders)

Box 29 Maps, cont.

(15 folders)

Menus. For formal dinners

Music and theatre. Mostly programs

(2 folders)

The Music Club. Invitation to join, invitations to events, programs

Nutt, Maria H. Financial — notebooks of expenses, including letters sent, 1872, 1873, 1880, 1886; receipts, ledger page; realia — pressed leaf, hair, "3 hairs from Araby's [horse] tail" "; printed; miscellany

(6 folders)

Obituaries. Clippings, concerning family members

Pintard, John. Ship manifest for "Sche Thorne," June 21, 1815

Rucellai family. Poetry; reprint "Le Cappelle Rucellai in San Pancrazio" 1899

Travel. Europe, 1879-1880. Museum and gallery passes, concert program, menu for dinner in honor of Richard Watson Gilder

Volk, Leonard W. Materials concerning molds of life mask and hands of Abraham Lincoln, including letter from son Douglas Volk, 1891

Whitman, Walt. Pencil used by WW, received from John Burroughs, 1 April 1892

Women's suffrage. Pamphlets and writings

Miscellany. Clippings, tear sheets, pamphlets, catalogs, etc.

(4 folders)

Box 30: Scrapbooks Gilder, Richard Watson

"Public Speeches, Poems, etc. 1877–1903" Mostly clippings, contains one pamphlet written 1904

"PSpeeches & Poems" Printed: clippings, pamphlets, reprints, etc. Loose items removed to separate folder

untitled scrapbook. Letters and poems dedicated to RWG, 1909-1910. All items removed to separate folder

Gilder, Rosamond

"The Literary Career of Rosamond Gilder, 1916 to started Sept. 1916 by Rodman Gilder" Spine: "Letter of R.W.G..." Mostly clippings, 1916-1925. Loose items removed to separate folder

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864)

Untitled scrapbook. Mostly clippings concerning Flushing Female College, 1838–1858. Loose items removed to separate folder

Box 36: Oversize Gilder, Richard Watson

(2 folders)

Certificate: Representative at the National Conference on Trusts and Combinations in Chicago, Illinois, beginning Oct. 22, 1907, appointed by Governor Charles E. Hughes of New York

Certificate: Member of the Tenement Investigation Committee by state of New York, appointed May 4, 1894

U.S. passports, two issued May 24, 1895 and Feb. 20, 1879

Sketch of tombstone inscription

Poetry and writings: clipping and tear sheets by and about RWG

Miscellany. Mostly copies of certificates, theatre poster

Box 37: Folio Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900)

Certificate: Assistant Adjutant General of Volunteers, Oct. 7, 1864, presidential appointment signed by Andrew Johnson