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Gilder mss., 1781-1984

Series: VI. Photographs.

The photographs are arranged by persons, places, scrapbooks and miscellaneous. The persons subseries is generally portraits, either cabinet or calling cards. Individuals also appear in the places subseries and in the scrapbooks, though they are not identified in this list. The number of images is given after the name or place, if there is more than one. The number may include duplicates. Mostly undated. Date given where known.

Box 23 Persons. Arranged alphabetically. See also: Boxes 32, 35 and 36.

Alden, Henry Mills, 1906

Allen, Joe

Allen, Mary

Ashe, Elizabeth, 1918

Aus der Ohe, Adèle. 2

Beaux, Cecilia. 11, and 37 negatives "R.G.& C. Beaux Paris 1921?"

Boissière, Térèse. 2

Bronson, Kate C. de Kay, 1864, 1874. 4.

Brooks, Charles J., 1866

Brooks, Phillips. 2

Brown, John (1810–1882)

Browning, Robert, 1872

Bryant, William Cullen

Burnell, Kate Mapes

Burling, W.R.

Burlingham, Dick, 1942

Burnett, Lionel, 1878

Burnett, Vivian, 1878

Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1872

Burroughs, John. 1, and 7 snapshots, some with RWG taken near Slabsides, Milton, NY, ca. 1900

Charnley, Catharine

Choate, Joseph Hodges

Cholmeley–Jones, Richard Gilder, 1915.  2, and 2 photographs "Headquarters base Sec. #2, Bordeaux, Gironde, France"

Clarke, Capt. John, 1862

Clemens, Clara, 1904, 1906.  3, and 5 snapshots of her wedding, 1909, some with her husband Ossip Gabrilowitz and her father Samuel L. Clemens and 2 negatives

Cleveland, Frances Foote, 1887, 1888. 12 portraits including one with her mother and her children, and 13 snapshots, and one photograph of the White House

Cleveland, Grover. 11 snapshots of GC, et al. "Trip to Otis mill," in 1901, 11 snapshots of GC fishing with RWG, 1 group snapshot with GC, RWG, Joseph and Charlie Jefferson

Cleveland, Richard, 1900.  2

Cleveland, Ruth, 1895

Clymer, Ella Dietz, 1873. 5, and 1 of Edward Manuel Clymer

Condit, Alice. 1 and 1 of her unnamed sister

Cromwell, E.G.

Box 24 Persons, cont.

De Kay, Adrian, 1896

De Kay, Charles, 1876

De Kay, Drake. 2

De Kay, Edwalyn. 2

De Kay, George C., 1862

De Kay, Commodore George Coleman

De Kay, Janet Hallock Drake, 1865. 10

De Kay, Sidney, 1885. 2

De Rosales, Louise Bagg. 4

Dix, John Adams

Douglas, David

Drinker, Ernesta, 1907. 3

Dufous, Bessie

Eaton, Wyatt

Egan, General

Egan, Maurice Francis, 1889

Eggleston, Edward

Elliott, Maud Howe

Eugénie de Montijo, empress, with the Prince Imperiale

Farley, Pvt. Morgan, 1942. 2

Field, Kate

Foote, Mary Hallock and family, 1877–1901. 17

Foxcroft, Frank

Gamble, Jan, 1953

Garland, Hamlin

Gelston, Clain, 1916–1919. 5

Geylin, Peggy Marks, 1915

Gilder, George de Kay. 2

Gilder, Helena de Kay, 1862–1908. 25

Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson Gilder. 5

Gilder, Jane Nutt and sister Maria Nutt

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard, 1874. 3

Gilder, John Francis, 1856. 9

Gilder, Joseph Benson, 1848–1909.

Gilder, Richard Watson. 26

Gilder, Robert Fletcher. 2

Gilder, Rodman Drake, 1879–1899. 4

Gilder, Rosamond, 1966, 1975. 4, and 3 related snapshots

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). 5, and 3 portraits taken with an Eskimo female, 1of an Eskimo child, 5 calling or cabinet cards of 5 men given to WHG during his 1883 trip to the far east, including 1 from Col. Carreau taken in Saigon, Vietnam

Greely, Adolphus and family

Gréville, H.

Guiney, Louise Imogen

Guizot, [François?]

Harwood family. 8, including 3 of RWG and Elizabeth F. Harwood

Hazard, Caroline, 1903

Herter, Polly, 1917–1918. 3

Howarth, E.C. (aka Clementine). 3

Holland, Dr. J.G.

Hughes, Arthur

Hunt family of Bordentown, NJ. 4

Ingersoll, Nan

James, William and family

Janvier, Thomas A.

Jefferson, Joseph, 1889

Johnson, Robert Underwood, 1902

Kammerer, Olivia

Lansdale family, 1899–1909. 6, including two with RWG

Lazarus, Sarah

Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1865

Liszt, Franz

Logan, Sidney

Lowell, James Russell, 1882, 1889. 5

Loyson, M. Hyacinthe

Lucas, June (Richardson), 1912, 1923. 4, includes 1 with her nephew Harold Richardson

Lucas, W.P., 1923

Lyttle, Sarah M. Gilder, 1898. 4

McDonald, George

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 8

Maillard, Louise. 2

Marryat, Florence

Mason, McDonell

Miller, May, 1862

Mitchell, Weir

Modjeska, Helena

Moore, Mrs. Lucien B.

Moore, Nellie Nelson and Richard

Morse, A.G.

Murphy, Alec

Murphy, J.B.

Nicholls, Francis F.

Nicholls, Frank N.

Nickerson, Albert

North, Marjorie

Paderewski, Ignacy Jan

Palmer, Francesca de Kay Gilder

Palmer, George W. 2

Puron, Martina Pintard Gilder. 2

Pearson, Elizabeth Borden. 2

Perkins, Louise

Reid family — Doris and Dorian. 6

Roumanille, Joseph. 2

Rucellai family and residences, 1885–1951. 22

Saint–Gaudens, Augustus, 1901

Sand, George

Smith, Roswell

Stedman, Edmund Clarence

Stickney, Elizabeth W.

Stillman family

Sully, Thomas. 2

Thaxter, Celia

Thayer, Mary, 1870

Thayer, Abbott

Turner, Hetty

van Rensselaer, Mariana Griswold (Mrs. Schuyler). 2

von Schweden, Max Stricky, 1861

von Seckendorff, Adolf, 1861

von Stosch, Leonora. 2

Walker, Almira

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 1892

Ward, Olivia Sullivan. 2

Waugh, Ida

Waugh, Samuel Bell

Weiss, Henri, Marie–Claude and wife, 1932. 2

West, Fanny

Whittier, John Greenleaf

Wilkins, Mary E.

Wilson, Robert Burns

Withington, Paul, 1918

Unidentified persons

(3 folders)

Box 25 Groups. Includes family and friends. 37

Box 32: Oversize Alden, Henry Mills

Cleveland, Grover. Miscellaneous, including photograph of house, will, and plaque from room where GC was born. 5

Gilder, Helena de Kay. 2

Gilder, Richard. 2

Harwood, Elizabeth

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 6 formal wedding photographs

Nadal, E.S.

Palmer, Francesca Gilder

Reid, Doris

Speyer, Leonora and family

Groups. Including one of RWG, Stanford White and William Stewart atop the Washington Memorial Arch in New York City. 3

Unidentified. 2

Box 35: Oversize Cleveland, Grover. Framed portrait with signature

Box 36: Folio Mitchell, Weir

Box 25 Places. Arranged alphabetically. See also: Box 34

Avignon, France. Felix Gras, et al. 12

Bordentown, New Jersey. Mostly of Belle Vue, includes 2 of Natale, RWG manservant. 12

Bordentown, New Jersey. Belle Vue. 10

Bordentown, New Jersey. Belle Vue. 4

Bordentown, New Jersey. Gravestones of RWG and Dorothea Gilder McGrew. 11

England and Paris, France. Includes snapshots of George Darwin's family and Paris Exposition. 1910. 61

Europe. 1910. 38

Europe. RWG, HdeKG and children. 41

Hickory Farm, Tyringham, Massachusetts. 7

Marion, Massachusetts.

(5 folders)

New York City, New York. No. 55 Clinton Place (13 E. 8th St.). 4

New York City, New York. 103 E. 15th St. Gilder residence. 9

New York City, New York. View from Century Office (33 E. 17th St.). 2

New York City, New York. Washington Memorial Arch. 2

Pine Hill, New Jersey. 14

Redding Center, Connecticut. Methodist Federation Church. 4

Tyringham, Massachusetts. Hickory Farm. 7

Venice, Italy. Venetian infant asylum. 5

Miscellaneous. 14

Box 25 Scrapbooks

"Dorothea Gilder Her Book" Dismantled scrapbook

"Photographs" Probably put together by Dorothea Gilder McGrew. Some loose photographs inserted

Box 34 New York City, New York. No. 55 Clinton Place (13 E. 8th St.). Large scrapbook of photographs: family portraits, rooms, copies of paintings, etc.

Box 32: Oversize Miscellaneous. Includes photographs of monuments, scenery, interiors, etc. 7, and 5 negatives

Box 25 "Stage for Memorial Meeting for R.W. Gilder"

Box 33 Glass negatives. Various subjects. 18