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Gilder mss., 1781-1984

Series: II. Writings. Box 15

Arranged alphabetically by author. Dates given where known. Additional writings, particularly clippings and tear sheets, may be found under series VII. Miscellaneous

Beaux, Cecilia.

4 poems

Bienenstock, Jennifer. Article: "The Career of Helena de Kay Gilder, 1874–1886" 1979

Bronson, Katherine C. de Kay. 2 volumes of poetry: "Leaves from my Journal from Venice to Algiers" and "Recollections of My First Decade" 1943

(2 folders)

Brownell, Henry Howard. 2 poems: "The Bay Fight" and "The River Fight" written in HdeKG's hand

Butler, Ellis Parker. Story: "Lamp Chimneys Out of Old Bottles"

Cornaro, C. Article: "A Venetian Infant Asylum"

Cleveland, Grover. Article on Venezuela for The Century Magazine; speech at the Fellowcraft Club during the presidency of RWG

De Kay, Charles. Articles: "Joseph Rodman Drake: A Sketch of His Life," "On a Bronze Buddha in the U.S. National Museum" (reprint, 1891), and "Sea Fights on the Spanish Main" (reprint, 1918); volume of poetry: "Season Poems" and various miscellaneous poems

De Kay, James Elsworth. Book: "The Book of the Children of De Kay" 1838

D., M. M. [Mary Mapes Dodge?] Poems: "At Last" and "A Warning to Young People"

Fitzpatrick, Sister Martha Ann. Book: "Richard Watson Gilder: Genteel Reformer"

Foote, Mary Hallock. Articles: "Browning in Venice" (reprint) and "The Harshaw Bride" Idaho Yesterdays, vol. 20, no. 2, Summer 1976;  various poems

Box 16 Gilder, Helena de Kay

Talk: "Caricature" Given to Wednesday Afternoon Club

Talk: "The Complications of Modern Society"

Poem: "Hilda"

Talk: "Joseph Jefferson" Given to Wednesday Afternoon Club

Article: "A Letter on Women's Suffrage." Pamphlet and reprint, includes additional writings on women's suffrage

Article: "Mary Hallock Foote" for The Book Buyer, Aug. 1894

Prose and sketches: "The Pansy Book, made by Helena De Kay for Mary Hallock"

Article: "R[obert] Lincoln" 1913

Poem: "Shakspere vs. Bacon" With note: "Delivered before the Prof. of Yale in reply to Ignatius Donelly's [sic] Criptogram"

Talk: "Shelley" Given to Wednesday Afternoon Club

Book: concerning Theodore Rousseau

Notebook of poetry and prose

Notes after Richard W. Gilder's death

Miscellaneous untitled writings and notes

Gilder, Jeannette. Articles: "Literary Critics of New York Newspapers, 1882" and "Miss Fanny Parnell at Bordentown" ; poems: "Way Back to the Old Place and Sit Down" and "My Creed"

Gilder, Joseph Benson. Various poems and articles including the poem "What Means The Century to You?" and the article "Was Captain Kidd a Pirate?"

Gilder, Richard Watson

Lists of writings. Includes lists of unsigned contributions to The Century. Includes lists of unsigned contributions to The Century

Autobiographical notes

(2 folders)

Poem: "Avignon 1879"

Poem: "Bards" Printing plate

Poem: "Bianca"

Address: "Christian Citizenship" Given to the Presbyterian Social Union of Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1905. Reprint

Book of poetry: "A Christmas Wreath" Table of contents only

Article: "Eureka: The barber takes care of the flowers"

Early poems, 1893

Book of poetry: "For the Country" Table of contents, preface, notes

Article: "The Funeral Train" For the Newark Advertiser , Apr. 24, 1865. Also includes correspondence, drawing, clippings and photograph of Lincoln

Article: "Holy Week in Jerusalem" Also includes pressed flowers "Calvary 27 March 1896"

Humorous verses, 1897-1910

(2 folders)

Address: "Ideals of Life" Commencement speech, Wellesley College, June 23, 1903

Article: "The Kindergarten: An Uplifting Social Influence in the Home and the District" Charities, vol. XI, no. 5, Aug. 1, 1903, Union League Club, Chicago

Newspaper: The Leaflet, no. 1–16, 1860, edited by RWG

Tribute volume: "The Memorial Meeting at Springfield" A Memorial of Josiah Gilbert Holland, Discourses and Tributes, called forth by his death, October 12, 1881. Printed, not published. Edited and introduction by RWG

Book of poetry: The New Day: A Poem in Songs and Sonnets . Poems, a review and related material

(4 folders)

"Notes on Letter Books I, II, III, and part of IV, 1880 to 1890"

Notes on letters received by RWG

Article: "On the Reading of Poetry"

"Poems 1893, for H de K and no one else"

Poems — drafts and fragments

(2 folders)

Poems "not included in A New Day... Nov. 29, 1894"

Poems "unpublished"

Poems and Inscriptions. "Dummy" and book jacket, 1901

Poems and prose, drafts and incomplete

(2 folders)

Box 17 Gilder, Richard Watson

Book of poetry: "The Poet and his Work" Printer's copy

Letter to the Editor of the New York Times: "President Cleveland's True Character" and book jacket, Dec. 12, 1888. Proof and notes

"Report of the Tenement–House Committee of 1894"

Tribute volume: "Robert Collyer" Edited by RWG

Memorandum: "Rodman Gilder from his father 1897"

Newspaper: St. Thomas Register, Vol. 1, no. 1–3, edited by RWG

Book of poetry: "Times and Seasons: Poems by Richard Watson Gilder" Bound, Dec. 1880–May 1885

Music: "To Thee, Eternal Soul, Be Praise!" Music by Arne Oldberg, lyrics by RWG

Article: World's Fair, Paris, 1900

Gilder, Robert Fletcher. Article: "Excavation of Earth–Lodge Ruins in Eastern Nebraska" Reprint, American Anthropologist, Vol. 11, no. 1, Jan.–Mar, 1909

Gilder, Rodman Drake

Article: "Notes for Around Gramercy Park." 1915

Newspaper: "The Chimney–Seat" An illustrated paper. No. 1,Dec. 1889, first and second editions; No. 1, Summer series, incomplete, undated

Newspaper: "Mark Twain in New York, Brief Outline of an Illustrated Book" 1938

untitled materials

Gilder, Rosamond de Kay

Book: Dialogue. Unpublished book of letters between Helena de Kay Gilder and Mary Hallock Foote. Includes index, outline, National Endowment for the Humanities grant application, various drafts and extensive file of copies of letters between HdeKG and MHF

(31 folders)

Box 18 Gilder, Rosamond de Kay

Book: Dialogue, cont.

(12 folders)

Book: Letters of Richard Watson Gilder. Includes "Archives" notebook, advertisement, notes, list of illustrations, some illustrations, and an extensive file of copies of letters to and from RWG, many from The Century Magazine files

(24 folders)

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). Notebook on various topics, 1833; sermons

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900).

Book: Untitled Arctic book for boys. Outline, chapter one and notes

Article: "Fall of Santoy" Rough draft

Article: "Fur Seals at Home" Draft

Article: "On a Chinese Gunboat After Pirates" Draft

Article: "Wauker" Incomplete draft concerning Ivan Coudron

Incomplete/untitled articles

Harwood, Elizabeth Foote. Articles: "All the Fools are not Dead Yet" Oct. 13, 1874;  "Santymoty or St. Timothé" and "Trips and Things"

Higginson, Henry Lee. Talk: "Students of Harvard University and Men of the Grand Army of the Republic!"

Howe, Julia Ward. Poem: "A Visit to C.H."

Box 19 Janvier, Catharine. Short bio of Richard Watson Gilder, 1911; poems: "The Sequel" and "The Tortoiseshell Cat" 1914

Janvier, Thomas A. Short bio of Cecilia Beaux; poems: "Li nouvèn Troubadour," "Avignoun 1879" and "Les Troubadours"

Johnson, Lee Ann. Book: Mary Hallock Foote (Twayne U.S. Authors Series). Working copy, Feb. 14, 1979

Latta, Caroline J. Dodge. Article: "The Lady is a Critic"

MacDonald, George. Various poems

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. Poems, notes

Nadal, E.S. Article: "R.W.G. & H.deK.G."

Rucellai, Nannina Fossi. Book: "'Cousin Edith' by Her Daughter" Jan. 1968.  Contains original photographs

(2 folders)

Sechendorff, Adolf von. Various poems

Smith, Herbert F. Abstract: "The Editorial Influence of Richard Watson Gilder, 1870–1909"

(2 folders)

Sovereign, Mary E. Article: "The Power of Music" Mar. 16, 1847

Stoddard, Richard Henry. Various poems

Thomas, Edith Matilda. Play script: "Madame Mistletoe or The Christmas Music–Box" ; Article: "Shelley: A Study of Temperament in Poetry" ; various poems

Townsend, Amy. Article: "Social Doings in Penn's Metropolis"

Warner, Charles Dudley. Article: "Calvin: A Study of Character"

Wheelock, Phyllis de Kay.

Article: "Admiral William Brown: Father of the Argentine Navy" The Recorder, vol. 17, Apr. 1955

Article: "An American Commodore in the Argentine Navy" The American Neptune, vol. 6, no. 1, Jan. 1946

Article: "Commodore George De Kay and the Voyage of Macedonian to Ireland" The American Neptune, vol. 13, no. 4, Oct. 1953

Article: "Levant Journal" Lands East, vol. 1, no. 9, Nov. 1956

Article: "The Levant Journal of Capt. George C. De Kay" Lands East, vol. 1, no. 10, Dec. 1956

Williams, Mary Ellen. Article: "Angle of Repose and the Writings of Mary Hallock Foote: A Source Study" 1980

Various authors. Volume of poems: "Poems to a Poet: Presented by his Friends the Poets to the Wife of Richard Watson Gilder" Bound. 1910

Various authors. "Richard Watson Gilder's Record of Friendship" Bound. 1852–1853

Various authors. Writings about Richard Watson Gilder

(2 folders)

Various authors. Individual poems arranged alphabetically by author. Includes Kenyon Cox, Rudyard Kipling, and Celia Thaxter

Various authors. Poems dedicated to Richard Watson Gilder and Helena de Kay Gilder

Various authors. Mostly extracts from articles mentioning Richard Watson Gilder

Unknown authors.

(3 folders)