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Muller mss., 1910-1967

Series: Research and Education

Arranged chronologically. The early files cover Muller's education, from Morris High School to his college years and includes entrance exams, class notes, and experiments. Later files include lecture notes for classes he taught, as well as speeches and talks he gave elsewhere, and data and notes for both his and his students experiments. Also included are notes taken by Muller from lectures given by others. Lectures and speeches, including transcripts, notes and related materials given outside his classes may also be found in the Writings section.

Box 1 1902-1904  College entrance examination board.

Mimeographed exams, June l4, l902 & June l904, verso of p.1 has HJM note.

(2 folders)

ca. 1903  Biology notebooks (2), Morris High School.

Contain class experiments and demonstrations.

1905?  "Book showing the derivation of the signs explained in the other paper" (original belongs to Thea Muller.)

Includes Xerox copy "Symbols from Muller's own shorthand" lp., prepared by T.M.

1906, Feb. 5-1907, June.  Chemistry notebook (Morris High School)

1906, Mar.  Chemistry notes.

(Mimeographed sheets with HJM annotations; high school class)

1906, Apr. 23-Nov. 26.  Morris High School report of grades

1906, June 18-23 and  1907, June. College entrance examination, report of grades

ca. 1906-1907  Physics worksheets (with HJM annotations). Morris High School

1907  "In the cause of science" by HJM.

[published? in Morris High School annual, 1907] (original belongs to Thea Muller).

1907  Morris High School annual and commencement exercise program

1908-1910  Columbia University, report of grades

1910?  Eugenics: The journey to the promised lands no man himself may reach (drawing).

[part of Writings: Revelations of Biology and their Significance?]

1910, Mar. 3-Apr. 29.  College lecture notes: Wilson's cell course.

1 vol.

1910, Mar. 3-May 19.  College lecture notes:

Education; Educational biology; Physiology; Cellular Embryology (Wilson's cell course); Experimental Zoology (Morgan); Experimental Embryology (Morgan).

1 vol. and loose sheets

1910 Sept.  Columbia University: Registration book of H.J. Muller.

[original belongs to Thea Muller]

1910?  College lecture notes on heredity (Sumner and Morgan).

1 vol.

1911, July-Aug.  College lecture notes on embryology.

1911 M.A. Thesis by HJM.

Autograph, lacks p. 1 and final page(s).

1911?  Notes (lecture?) on brain anatomy

1911?  Quotations from "Chance or purpose in the origin and evolution of adaptation" by T.H. Morgan, 1910.

Contains HJM changes and annotations to the quotations

1911-1912  Animal Biology Course, Cornell University

ca. 1911-1912. Data notes: General physiology records/experiments.

1 vol.

1911-1912  Gene character (portion of a paper on gene character).

1911-1912?  A theory of hearing, 4p.


1912, Jan. 20.  Invertebrate zoology examination book, Columbia University

1912?, Feb. 14. College lecture notes on reproduction, pharmacology.

1 vol.

1912, Aug. 15-Oct. 1  Data notebook: includes truncate wing x-ray experiment.

1 vol.

ca. 1912  College lecture notes on physiology; pharmacology.

1 vol.

1912?  College lecture notes on psychology, the cell, education.

1 vol.

1912?  College lecture notes (miscellaneous loose sheets).

1912?  A suggestion as to some features of the mechanism of irritation (unpublished note on neural physiology).

1913, June 11-1914, July 7  Truncate experiments [data notebook] "T"

1913, June-1914, July  Data notebook L: linkage experiments.

1913, Oct.-1914, Dec.  T2 data notebook (inserts)

1913, Nov. 18  T2 data notebook: Truncate analysis [inserts removed to separate file]

1913, Dec. 15  Regeneration (experiment or class notes?)

1913?  Data notebook Y: linkage experiments - X chromosome

1913  Data notebook Y: linkage experiments - X chromosome (inserts removed from Data notebook Y)

includes: The linkage relations as shown by a study of many factors simultaneously - unpublished

1913? The living world [outline sketch for unpublished book] including "game of eugenics."

1913  Roll Book, ES67 (English to Foreigners).

Contains lecture notes on Wilson's Cytology course, Mar.-Apr. and on Calkin's Protozoa course.

1914  Linkage data for dissertation.

1 vol.

1915, Dec.-1916, May  Data notebook: linkage data; truncate analysis, etc.

1915?   Data notebook Y: Map distances for 1st and 2nd chromosomes.

Loose sheets inserted

ca. 1915  Data for Ph.D. dissertation

[loose sheets]

1915?  HJM's shorthand.


1918, July 26-Nov.  Data notebook: Lethal experiment

(Includes two ms. writings: A qualitative study of mutation in the x-chromosome of Drosophila, by Edgar Altenburg and The nature of the gene and the possible physical significance of synapsis, by H.J. Muller).

1918  Beaded wing analysis

1919, July-Aug.  Data notebook: Temperature induced mutations (with inserts)

includes drafts of Altenburg & Muller article: "Rate of change of heredity factors in Drosophila."

1919, Sept.  Data notebook IV: Lethal experiment.

Woods Hole (partially in Edgar Altenburg's hand).

1919?  Criticisms of beaded wing paper by Edgar Altenburg with marginal notations by HJM.

[pp. 4-12 of a letter to HJM]

pre-1920  Research notes and data

1920?, June 30-Aug.  Data notebook: lethal localizations and sex ratio studies

1920, July-Dec.  Miscellaneous data notes

1920?  Class roll book: Columbia University.

Lecture insert on "genetic change in Drosophila"

1920?  Cytological technique (based largely on courses given by E.B. Wilson)


1920  Data notebook I: Age

1920? Data notebook: linkage data of 3rd chromosome

1920  Muller and Altenburg. A study of the character and mode of origin of eighteen mutations in the Chromosome of Drosophila.


Box 2 1921, Jan.-Feb.  Data notebook II

1921, Oct.-1922, Sept.  Data notebook: Chem[istry].

Also contains other data, poems, shorthand exercises

1921-1922  Zoology 106.

Lecture notes and tests

1921-1927  "Texas" Research notes, data, teaching materials from Muller's tenure at the University of Texas

(6 folders)

1922, Oct.?-1923, Mar.  Technician's data notebook: X-ray induced chromosome loss

ca. 1922  Data notebook and manuscripts for Edgar Altenburg's The measurement of mutation frequency in the X chromosome of Drosophila and Muller's A study of the character and mode of origin of eighteen mutations in the X-chromosome of Drosophila

1922-1923  Technician's data notes: X-ray induced chromosome losses

1924  Laboratory Directions in Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene (Zoology 6), University of Texas


ca. 1925  Plans for crosses

1926-1927  "X-ray experiment, 1926-27. X-rayed Nov. 3, 1926." Production of mutations by x-ray (includes 1921 data for stock crosses; cover title: B 1921)

1 vol. [Nobel Prize experiment]

1926-1927  X-ray mutation experiment starting Fall of 1926.

1 vol. [Nobel Prize experiment]

1927, Oct.-1929, Mar.  Data notebook X: mutation experiments.

1 vol. & loose sheets

1927?  Mutation experiment data

1927-1929  Plans

1930, Nov. 7  Method of Cooperation outline

1930-1939  Miscellaneous data and experiment notes, incl. notes on Agol article

1932, Jan. 15  Radium Emanation Corporation certificate

1932, Feb. 9  How x-rays can remake living things.

The Worcester R. Warner Memorial Lecture in Science under the auspices of The Cleveland Engineering Society. Commemorative folder with announcement of lecture and clippings

ca. 1932  Address to the student forum, Texas

1932  Data notes, fragments, etc.

1932  Notes for writings? on genetics and evolution

ca. 1932  Rokitzky, Ferry, Schapiro and Sidoroff. Data for temperature shock in Drosophila

1932 Scute data

1932  Timofeef-Ressovsky. Data on temperature effects

1932-1933?  Demonstration chart for paper #66

1932-1933  Russia memorabilia.

Includes notes, fragments, supply orders; two address books; American Express bank book; Russian daily record book for 1934 (blank); and miscellaneous printed items

(3 folders)

1933?  Data from Krner, including some from Maggie Vogt

1933?  Proposals for investigations concerning the genetic effects of radium

(typescript carbon)

1933?  Russian study of twins.

Plan of research at the Medical-Biological Institute where HJM was consultant

1933-1934  Materials needed for cytological work by the Institute of Genetics, Academy of Sciences

1934 Russian bibliography on abortion, ca. 1923-1933.

1934  Scute data

1934-1935  Miscellaneous experiment notes, data, etc.

1935, Feb.  Prokovjeva. Drawings and photos of scute

Box 3 1935  An agreement for socialist competition between the Section on evolution and breeding of Domestic Animals and the Section on Mutation and Problems of Genes of the Institute of Genetics of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union

1935?  Data

1935  Data and notes

1935  Evolution outline

1935  The gene and mutation in relation to division and rearrangement of the heredity material.

Two experimental data worksheets in Russian

1935  Kerkis, J. The preponderance of physiological mutations.

manuscript and mimeo copies

1935  Muller and Prokovjeva. The Structure of the Chromonema of the Inert Region of the X-chromosome of Drosophila.

Notes, drawings, reprint (LOW 97)

1935-1937  Institute of Genetics, Moscow (includes reports, recommendations, notes, etc.).

Also on Kosikoff; Appendix to Report on Dissertation of H. Emme

(2 folders)

1935-1937?  Muller, et al. [Russian colleagues] Mutation Production.


1936, Nov. 7  Strong, Anna Louise. The Miracle-maker of Odessa.


1936?  Aim of experiments


1936  Drosophila Bibliography.

Academy of Sciences of USSR Press. Printed with numerous holograph corrections and notations. Smuggled out of USSR to Spain. Later printed in Edinburgh.

See also: Writings.

1936? Notes on work with co-workers, Institute of Genetics, Moscow.

Title from envelope

1936  Vestuale, Felicia? Main Facts


1936-1937  Institute of Genetics, Moscow:

[Work plans]

1937, Mar. 7  Latest plans H.J.M.

1937, Mar.-Apr.  [Blood transfusion file]

incl. printed material, 1935-36; draft of a paper?; notes on transfusions; pamphlet by Duran-Jorda, The Service of Blood Transfusion at the Front organization - Apparatus; Bethune's Canadian Blood Unit.

1937, Sept. 10-1940, July 18   [Data notebook. Contains notes of work by Russian colleagues; ultraviolet experiment notes; sex ratio experiment data; in back written upside down, is daily schedule, 1936, Mar. 14-16, for HJM];

numerous loose sheets laid in, incl. radiation dosage data; some sheets removed but filed in folder with volume.

1937?  Experiment data and notes

1937?  Genetic considerations (notes)

1937  List of mutant loci (omitting most lethals) arranged according to chromosome and serial order so far as determined;...

1937?  Passages on eugenics

(material for a paper?)

1937?  Suggestions for experiments

1937  Talk in Madrid, Spain

1937?  Work notes (title taken from box in which located)

1937?  Work of the department of mutation and the gene from September 1933 to December 1936 (Report of H.J. Muller)

1937?  Work plans for others

1937-1954  Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh

(2 folders)

1938, Jan. 13-May 30  Ultra-violet irradiation of Drosophila data;

incl. sheets of miscellaneous data, etc.

1938? Mar. 12  The nimble knight (comic piece on chess)

1938  Bridges' map

1938  Data and experiment notes on dosage compensation.

1938  Notes

1938?  Scheme of crossings of Mr. I.A. Ahmed.

3p. [found in 1938 data notebook]

1938  Student data notes

1939, Feb.-May  Biology 7 (Genetics), schedule and references

1939, Apr.  Biology 1, exam

1939, Apr.-1940, Apr.  Report...on work done by aid of grant from Scottish Cancer Control Organisation

1939, Aug.-1940, Aug.  Report of Section F, Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh.

1939  Sidky, A.R. Gonosomic Mosaicism involving a lethal.

[student paper? prepared for HJM's L489 Genetics course at University of Edinburgh] 11p.

1939?  Experiment data; lists of stocks developed

1939?  Memorandum on the needs of the Drosophila work at the Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh

[for Rockefeller Foundation]. 12p

1939  Notes

1939?  Theoretical data on dosage compensation?

1940, June-July  Experiment data on dosage compensation?

1940, Aug.?  Report of Section F, Institute of Animal Genetics, University of Edinburgh, August, 1939 to August 1, 1940.

3 copies

1940?  Koller, P.C. Analysis of the complementary steriles in D. melanogaster x D. stimulans hybrids.

[typescript accompanied by autograph notebook sheets of data and illustrations.]

1940  MacKenzie, K. and Muller. Mutation effects of ultraviolet light in Drosophila.

Includes three of MacKenzie's data books and notes, Oct. 1939-May 1940; drafts and notes for article; typescript of article with numerous autograph changes in HJM's hand

(4 folders)

1940  Sex ratio experiment data

1940  Student data

1940-1941  The genetic effects of radiation.

Lecture given at Amherst Science Club.

1940-1945  Notes on lectures attended

1940-1945  Data and notes

(2 folders)

1940-1948  Data and notes

Box 4 1941, Mar. 12  Ives. Allelism in Drosophila Lethals.


1941, May 7  1941, May 14  Notes for radiobiology lectures given at Amherst seminar

1941, May 9  Changing the biological basis of heredity.

Notes for lecture given at Smith College

1941, Summer  Toast to Delbruck and wife, Cold Spring Harbor

1941, Nov. 5  The physical basis of inheritance.

Given to Poultry Breeders' School, Mass. State College. Also contains program for 1940 school which Muller may have attended, but did not speak; and, notes for Nov. 17, 1943 lecture to Poultry men patterned after this lecture

1941, Nov.  Notes for talk at Amherst alumni meeting

1941?  Acetabularia.

1941?  Literature on speciation.

Marked for printer.

1941?  Report of H.J. Muller on general program of work

[i.e., cancer studies]. [appeal to National Cancer Council for research funds]

1941 Report on work done at Cold Spring Harbor during the summer of 1941

1941  Twin memorandum, Nos. 1 and 2; Twin bulletin, Sept. 1941

1941  X-ray data on crystalline proteins

1941-1942  Biology 35 laboratory.


1941-1942  Notes on seminar and symposium lectures by others

1941-1944  Amherst College.

Miscellaneous materials concerning stay at Amherst College

(2 folders)

1941-1944  Muller and F.A. Hays. Mutations induced in domestic chickens by ultraviolet light irradiation:

experiment plan; data notebooks and loose sheets

(4 folders)

1941-1945  Age and Poultry experiments notes

1941-1945  Data and notes

(3 folders)

1942, Feb. 19  Doctoring for our genes.

Notes for lecture given to Amherst pre-meds.

1942, Feb. 26  Notes for lecture on the gene, given at physiology seminar, Clark University, Worcester, MA

1942, Mar. 16  Physical basis of inheritance.

Notes for lecture in anthropology

1942, Apr.  Experiment "B" on translocation [data].

("exp. with M. Kohn")

1942, Sept.-1943, Jan.  Biochemistry 23. Exams, lab schedules, handouts, etc.

1942, Oct. 9-1943, Jan.  Biology seminars.


1942, Oct. 19-1943, Nov. 16  Science Club lectures

1942, Oct.-1943, May Biology 35-36. Genetics lectures

1942, Nov. 27  Gene nature and reduplication.

Notes for biology seminar lecture

1942, Dec.-1944  Pupal irradiation experiments

1942  Conditions for the mating of Xenopus

1942-1943  Irradiation studies on the nature of heterchromatin

(Rockefeller grant - Amherst) Also contains correspondence with Rockefeller Foundation

1942-1948  Drosophila materials for cultures.

(including correspondence with suppliers)

1943, Feb.-Apr.  Biology II: Botany and Genetics

1943, Mar. 13  Dosage compensation.

Notes for seminar lecture

1943, July-Oct.  Biology I.


1943, Oct.-1944, May  Biology 35-36

1943, Nov. 19  Genetics of sex.

Notes for seminar lecture

1943  Translocation cross data

1943-1944 Biology, Chemistry and Physics seminars.


1943-1944  Translocations Y+ and Ybw+, laboratory work

1943-1945  Age experiment.

Record book 3 (series 46...) 1 vol.; loose sheets for exp. data series 1-18 and 19-45, removed from Record Book 3

(2 folders)

Box 5 1943-1945  Age experiment: Goldstein data

(2 folders)

1943-1945  Age experiment: data by others.

1943-1945  Age experiment: data & individual data slips

(5 folders)

1943-1945  Radiation experiments with mice (notes).

Acted as consultant, work done in Rochester, NY

1943-1946  1958 Zoology Department, Columbia University. Newsletters

1944, Feb.-May.  Biology II. Notes, handouts

1944, July  Evidence of the meticulousness of selection.

Notes for lecture given at Woods Hole

1944, July-Oct.  Biology I. Lectures notes

1944, Oct.-1945, June  Biology II. Notes, exam

1944, Nov.-1945, Feb.  Biology 35. Notes, lab exercises, exam

1945, Apr. 4  Age & mutation.

Notes for "Coll. conf. lecture"

1945, Apr. 16-18  Biology I. Lecture notes

1945, May 8  What use genetics.

Notes for lecture given at Westfield

1945, May 14  Evidence of the evolutionary importance of insensible gradations.

Notes for lecture

1945, Nov. 9  Dangers associated with the use of X-rays

[program for one session of meetings celebrating the 50th anniversary of discovery of X-rays] London.

1945  Age in Relation to Frequency.

Notes, draft of pp. 33-50, typescript of pp. 49-73

1945?  Evolution class.

Notes, drawings

1945?  Lecture on radiation, with reference to target theory - Amherst?.

1945?  Remarks at dedication of Cancer Research Laboratories, Detroit

1945-1949  Evans, Robley D. Quantitative inferences concerning the genetic effects of radiation on human beings.

Reprint and related materials

ca. 1945-1949  Map of most useful loci. [chart].

1945-1964  Notes for lectures to Tracy Sonneborn's classes

1946, Feb.-June   Mutation and the gene.

Lecture summaries, 84p. and exam.

1946, Mar.-Oct. Advanced Genetics. Lectures notes, supplementary exam, etc.

1946, Dec. 12  Lecture at Lund, Sweden.


1946, Dec.  Talk to Genetics Society of America, Boston.

Lecture notes

1946? Class lecture on X-chromosome and mapping of regions

1946  Data: garnets, phenotypes, prunes.

[see also Laboratory assistants papers]

1946  Data and experiment notes

1946?  Draft of proposal for cancer research program and support documents

ca. 1946  Laboratory assistants' papers.

Includes papers by A.M. Hannah, R. Marie Valencia, J. Valencia.

1946-1947  Data and notes

1946-1948  Zoology 232. Laboratory projects, elementary genetics

1946-1948  Zoology 232A. Exams, grades, information on students

1946-1950  Lecture notes for various class sessions, seminars, and meetings

1946-1950  Data and notes

1947, Apr. 9  Mutation and Radiation.

Talk given at Clinton Laboratories. Notes

1947, Oct.-1948, Jan.  Advanced Genetics.

Lecture notes

1947-1949  Data and notes

1948, Feb. 20  Genetic effects of radiation.

Lecture at Jewish Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. Notes

1948, May 11  Lecture to Chemistry Club of Bloomington High School.


[1948]  "Earlier specific locus data (pre 1949)."

(has some as early as 1925, other data on IU stationery). Title from HJM folder label.

1948  Evidence of the precision... illustration and notes

1948?  Lancelot Hogben, F.R.S. Information

[a curriculum vitae]

1948 or 1949  Genetic effects of radiation.

Lecture to MD's

1948-1949  List of formal lectures

1948-1949  U.S. Public Health Service grant - methods

1948-1950  U.S. Public Health Service grant - ultraviolet experiment

1948-1958  Notes, final and midterm exams for Zoology 344, 366, 465, 565, 575

1949, Feb. 19  Radio broadcast for Radiodiffusion Francaise.

Mostly correspondence and several program schedules

1949, May 5  Proposed M.A. exam

Box 6 1949, Oct. 1  Hsieh, C.C. and John Erickson.

Experiment to demonstrate relative mutation rate as affected by the presence of the scute YL chromosome.

1949, Oct.-Nov.  Transcripts from audograph records of class lectures

1949, Oct.-1950, Jan.  Z344. Lecture notes, mid-term and final exams, several student lab reports

1949?  Binomial and Poisson Distributions: Fiducial Limits of the Expectation

1949  Oxygen concentration in the induction of mutations.

Lecture by Edmondson?

[1949]  Induced mutations at specific loci [data].

[1949]  Mutants, pre-1950

1949  Neutron and radiation compiled data

1949  Notes

1949-1950  Z565, Mutation and the gene.

Telfer's notes?

1949-1959  Student rosters, book orders, other class materials

1940s.  Map of most useful loci

1940s.  Radiation Damage

1940s?  Superbar(Bs) dosage effects.

Negatives and illustrations

1950, Feb.   Research program of H. J. Muller

1950, Spring  Telfer, J.D. A study on the mutagenic action of ozone.

A progress report for HJM.

l950, July-1951, Oct.  Edmondson, Margaret. The Induction of Sterility Mutations by Ultra-violet Radiation.

Experiment reports

1950, Sept. 29  U.S. Public Health Service grant.

Telfer's data

1950, Nov.  Telfer, Jim and John Erickson. Ozone experiment

1950  Comprehensive annual report of work done on Grant EG-9C from the American Cancer Society for the period from July 1, 1949 to June 30, 1950

1950  Zoology 344. Exam

1950-1951  Printed Schedule of classes, IU Bloomington

1950-1959  Class and student notes, etc.

1951, Feb. 16  Experiences of science in Russia.

Lecture given at DeLand, Florida to БББ honorary biology fraternity

1951, Jan.-June  Lecture notes for Evolution I

1951, May 10  Freedom and social responsibility.

Talk give at Freedom House. Notes

1951, June 11  Muller's notes from lecture by Gustaffson

1951, Oct.-1952, Jan.  Z565, Mutation and the gene.

Lecture notes and 1951 mid-term exam

1951?  Data on crossovers on irradiations

1951  Notes by Julian Huxley while here as Patten lecturer;

final exam for Evolution Z465 given June 5, 1951

1951  Student experiment data, course information,...

1951  Ultra-violet radiation: data, research, etc. by Edmondson, Margaret, Edgar and Luolin Altenburg.

1951-1952  Byers, H.L. Lethals derived from cells...

1951-1952  Lecture notes, and drafts for course descriptions and announcements

1951-1953  Z465 Evolution.

Notes by Frank N. Young, with special lectures by the following: A.C. Kinsey, R.E. Cleland, and Julian Huxley

1952, May 20  Lecture given at Neumann's seminar in anthropology.


1952, May  Talk to visiting high school science students and their teachers.

Lecture and notes

1952, Oct.-1953, Jan.  Lecture notes for Evolution II

1952, Nov. 3-6  Correspondence and illustrations for lectures at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

1952  13 photographs of Aeromedical Field Laboratory and balloon experiments;

data and notes

1952  Notes on Failla's manuscript

1952  Iyengar, Shanta V. Report

1952-1953  Cancer data

1952-1953  Lab notes and data; Edmondson report of June 9, 1953;

list of names (of possible lecturers?)

1952-1953  Research data

1952-1962 Zoology 366. Final exams

1953  Data and notes

1953  Frye, Sarah. Correspondence and stock lists

1953  Kramer, Jody. Crossing-over data and correspondence

1953  M14-M31 neutron lethals from neutron experiment: research data

1953  Zoology 565. Radiation and Mutagenesis.

Lecture notes

1953-1954  Abrahamson and Telfer.

Progress report

1953-1954  Verderosa, Fred and Muller. Extents of Deficiencies

(2 folders)

1954, Aug.  Notes for talk in Honolulu

1954, Summer  Abrahamson and Telfer. Data (notebooks)

vol. 1: 54-7A, Series 11-18, neutron & neutron control

vol. 2: 54-7A, Series 21-26, x-ray & x-ray control

vol. 3: 54-9 & 10, Series 31-42, neutron & neutron control

Box 7 vol. 4: 54-7B, Series 71 1-300, low dose x-ray

vol. 5: 54-7B, Series 71 301-500, low dose x-ray

vol. 6: 54-7B, Series 72 1-300, low dose x-ray

vol. 7: 54-7B, Series 72 301-500, low dose x-ray

vol. 8: 54-7B, Series 75-76, high dose x-ray

vol. 9: 54-7B, Series 77 1-300, x-ray control

vol. 10: 54-7B, Series 77 301-500, x-ray control

vol. 11: 54-7B, Series 78 1-300, x-ray control

vol. 12: 54-7B, Series 78 301-500, x-ray control

Box 8 1954  Abrahamson and Herskowitz. Research data

1954  Abrahamson and Telfer. Progress reports, proposed experiments, and correspondence

1954  Herskowitz, Irwin H. and Muller. Evidence for Nonlinear Arrangement of Chromosomes in Drosophila.

Correspondence, data and report

1954  Herskowitz, Irwin H. and Muller. Genetic Effect of Radiation on Populations "Productivity Project"

Correspondence, data and report

1954  Meyer, Helen, Shanta V. Iyengar, et al. Ultra-violet experiments. U.S. Public Health Services grant.

Correspondence, data, reports, etc.

1954?  Quastler. Notes and data

1954-1955  Genetics laboratory. Handouts for lab crosses

1954-1955  Research notes

1954-1957  Schalet, Abe. Progress report and data

1954-1957  Zoology 365. Exams

1955, Jan. 12  Notes for lecture given to Sonneborn's Heredity class

1955, Feb.-June  Z565, Mutation and the gene.

Lecture notes and mid-term exam

1955, Apr. 20  Lecture in advanced genetics by Herskowitz.

"...probably gave this lecture in Muller's course when M. was away to a meeting" [note by TM]

1955, Oct. 20  Neutron experiment data

1955, Oct.  Notes for genetic lab course

1955-1965  Notes on experiments, etc.

"These outlines and data from experiments were unassorted [sic] in a large box, probably transferred there for moving. I left most papers in the order - disorder - in which they were, but bundled together those that were near each other...April 13. 81 Thea Muller"

(17 folders)

1956, Feb. 22  1956, Feb. 24 Lecture notes for Frank Young's class - Evolution Z465

1956  Data

1956  Oster, Irwin. Data

1956-1959  Data

1957, May 10  Evolution of life.

Notes for lecture given at the University of Chicago

1957, May 31  Statement for the Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

1957, June 7  An interpretation of radiation damage to the exposed individual on the basis of changes induced in the chromosomes of his somatic cells.

Notes for genetics seminar, University of Missouri

1957, Oct.  Scheme for experiment with Drosophila

1957, Dec. 10  Biological problems in the conquest of space.

Notes for lecture given at I.U. Men's Quad

1957, Dec.  Crowell, Villa B. Experiment to determine percentage of larval-pupal death due to x-irradiation of P1 males: research data.

1957  Radiation Genetics.

Lecture notes

1957-1958  Crowell and Herskowitz. Heterosexual activity and longevity of the Drosophila male.

Abstract, notes, data

1957-1964  Notes from lectures attended by Muller

1958  Chovnick, A. Proposed research on: Structural and functional studies of a complex locus in Drosophila melanogaster

1958  Cosdan-Korn, E. Crowding. Experiment data

1958  Experiments and data

1958-1960  Data (notebook)

1959, Feb.-May  Evolution class.

Lecture notes

1959-1960  "Invisible" detrimental mutations: data

(see Reprint 304)

1959-1960  Genetics & medicine.

Notes for lecture?

1959-1960  Notes on experiments

1959-1961  Calendars (incomplete)

1959-1961  Chronic vs. acute data

1959-1963  Zoology 465. Lecture notes, exams, student rosters, lists of books

1960, Feb. 22  Introduction of Peo Koller.

Notes only

1960, Oct. 22  Suzuki, David. "lumped data"

1960, Nov. 16  Human life as viewed by modern genetics.

Notes for speech given to I.U. theologians and a group of scientists from Eli Lilly

1960-1961  Research data

1960-1962  Chronic vs. acute data

Box 9 1961, Jan.  Wagoner, Dale. Research data

1961, June 24  Notes

1961, Summer  White, Patti. Research data

1961, Nov. 6  What we should know about the Soviet Union.

Notes for speech given to Phi Kappa Psi. (also given at Drake University, Oct. 17, 1962)

1961, Nov. 16 Radiation Damage.

Notes for speech given to Military Conference personnel, Indianapolis

1961, Nov. 28  Introduction of Rabinowitch talking on "Science & scientists in the Soviet Union"


1961, Dec. 6  Civil defense. Notes for speech or lecture?

1961  Genetic basis of somatic damage: data

(see LOW 306)

1961  White and Bart. Research data

1961 Zoology 575. Lecture notes and exam

1961-1962  Zoology 565 (Mutation and the Gene).

Lecture notes and exam

1962, Jan. 16  Talk for dinner held at Harvard Club, by Dr. Grace.


1962, June 18  The core of our being.

Notes for talk given to high school science students (see also: Writings: 1953)

1962, Nov. 2  Recent trends and developments in genetics.

Notes for talk given to RESA of Monsanto, St. Louis

1962  Chronic acute, data

1962  Crosses

1962  A toast to Julian Huxley

1962  Wood, Vida. Research data

1963, Jan.  Data

1963, June 4  Evolutionary conclusions from code synonymy.

Notes for talk given at Cal. Tech.

1963, June 17  Evolution: past, present and future

1963, Oct. 4  Test ban treaty.

Notes on speech given to Steelworkers' Institute at I.U.

1963, Nov. 26  Data

1963  Data and notes

1963  Lieb, Margaret. Research data

1963  Wall schemes

1964, Feb. 28  An estimate of the magnitude and modes of expression of the genetic damage produced by ionizing radiation.

Notes for lecture for Harvard seminar

1964, June 23  A few tricks with chromosomes and genes in Drosophila.

Notes for lecture

1964, Aug. 15-16  Experiment data

1964?  Data

1964  Menninger Foundation.

Correspondence and other materials pertaining to Muller's role as consultant

1964  Introductory remarks to seminar at City of Hope?

1964 or 1965  Kaplan. Research data, including slides

1964-1965  Rinehart, Robert. Chronic and acute, research data

1965, Feb. 9  Darwin today.

Notes for telephone talk given to Stephen's College

1965  Evolution class. University of Wisconsin.


1965-1966  Data and notes

1966, June 4  Notes on Fritz Sobel's paper on "repair"

1966, Sept. 28  Notes

1966  Evolution, Zoology 410 (University of Wisconsin)

Lecture notes, exams, "Tree of Life," "Probable Interrelations of Selected List of Multicellular Animals," clippings

(see also: Audiotapes of lectures)

(5 folders)

1966  "Muller's last notes"

n.d., Auerbach, Charlotte. Chronic-Acute. Data

n.d., Charts

(see also: Oversize)

n.d., Class notes

n.d., Class texts on evolution

n.d., Data and notes

(7 folders)

n.d., "Drosophila figures"

Includes drawings and data on Drosophila

(4 folders)

n.d., Ehrlich, Betty. Research data

n.d., Experiment notes and labels

n.d., Handouts on linkage and crossing over

n.d., Longevity of celibate and non-celibate males of Drosophila melanogaster

n.d., Miscellaneous photographs:

Mutated colony developing from a single irradiated and appearance of a normal colony; typical giant developing from x-irradiation of normal cells of human skin and typical giant developing from x-irradiation of normal cells from Chinese hamster lung; bone marrow cell from a human female showing 46 pairs of chromosomes

n.d., Moving model of mitosis - instructions.

(Model was patented)

n.d., Notes

n.d., Notes corresponding to slides? or other illustrations? of meiosis of a lily and grasshopper.

n.d., Notes taken at Makin's lecture

n.d., Previous experience and courses completed by several students

n.d., Reports

n.d., Schemes 2 and 3 for detection of lethals in chromosomes

n.d., Supply stock (mice) for teaching

n.d., Ultra-violet experiments. Data

Oversize n.d., X-chromosome map of different Drosophila species and many additional charts used for teaching and/or lectures