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Johnson, J. mss., ca. 1740-1759

Set 11. George William Johnson his Book

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George William Johnson his Book

Description of item:

Mother's name on verso of leaf 36: Iane Iohnson. Thirty six numbered leaves. Words in black on recto, lessons in now-faded red on verso. Bound in brown, orange, and green Dutch paper. Spine damaged, revealing cord ties. Hand-colored printed pictures pasted therein.


Title page: George William Iohnson his Book. Printed and Bound by his Mamma 1745.


Verso: First read all/ the black/ Lessons, and/ then read the/ red ones.


8.5 x 5.3 cm

Bad had lad


Bad had lad/ fad mad glad/ Bag lag nag/ wag rag tag/ All ball call/ fall tall wall/ Ham ram cram;


Verso: I/ hope my/ Dear now/ you have read/ the black les/sons, you will/ read these/ pretty red ones/ very well.

Man pan fan


Man pan fan/ can nan/ Bang hang/ gang fang/ Ant pant rant/ Cap lap map/ Bar far star/ Gard card hard;


Verso: My Son/ pray attend/ The Advice/ of your/ friend/ And strive to mend.

Dark bark mark


Dark bark mark/ ... etc.