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Indiana University Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services Office records, 1970-2016

Series: Box 1 Program files, 1989-2007,  undated

Subseries: Box 1 Campus programs & activism, 1989-2004,  undated

Advocates Meeting, 1992

Anti-Harassment Posters, undated

Campus Climate Assessment, 2001

Educational Task Force on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Concerns,

Preliminary Research of Task Force Creation, 1989-1990

General, 1989-1993

(3 Folders)

Meeting Minutes, 1990-1993

Members, 1991-1993

Objective #2 Committee, 1990-1993

Objective #3 Committee, 1991

Objective #4 Committee, 1991-1992

ROTC, 1990-1991

Surveys Materials, 1991-1992


In-Progress, 1990-1993

Final Draft, 1993

Bound with attachments, 1993

Final Report, March 1993 [image]View item(s)

Final Report Attachments

General, 1993 [image]View item(s)

Members, 1993 [image]View item(s)

Meeting Summaries, 1990-1992 [image]View item(s)

Proposal for University Funded Center for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Advocacy, Awareness and Support - Board of Aeons, April 1989 [image]View item(s)

Senate Resolution (Center), 1989 [image]View item(s)

Senate Resolution (ROTC), 1990 [image]View item(s)

Survey for Resource and Services Guide, February 1991 [image]View item(s)

GLB Resource and Services Guide, January 1993 [image]View item(s)

Code of Student Ethics, August 1990 [image]View item(s)

Revised Definition of Family, undated [image]View item(s)

Student Survey, November 1992 [image]View item(s)

Student Survey Flyer, undated [image]View item(s)

Support Services Flyer, undated [image]View item(s)

AIE / VAX Format, undated [image]View item(s)

First Fridays, undated

Fraternity and Sorority Anti-Homophobia Campaign: Lamba 10 Project, circa 2000

(2 folders)

Fraternity and Sorority Anti-Homophobia Train the Trainer Manual, circa 2000

GLBT Ally Information, 2002

It Takes a Team: Education Campaign for LGBT Issues in Sports, undated

The Open Door Publication,

Communications with the Editor,  1987

Folder 1

Folder 2

Correspondence from Indiana State Board of Health, 1987

National AIDS Action Council Reports, 1987

Out on Fraternity Row, 1998

Peer Support Project,






Not Accepted, 1998

Brochures, undated

Box 2 Business Cards & Handout for Training Meetings, undated

Coordinator, 1998-1999

Draft of Applications & Materials, undated

Evaluations, 1998-1999


Fliers Office, 1995

General, 1999-2001

Initial Contact Sheet Viewing Forms, undated

Monthly Meetings, 1997-1998

OID, 1998

Original Training Manual, 1998-1999

Program Master, undated

Publicity and Outreach, 1998

T-Shirts, 1998

Training, 1995-1996

Subseries: Box 2 Speakers and events, 1990-2007 , undated

The Holocaust Revisited: Or How to Address GLBT Issues Without Getting Fired, undated

Hypothetical Situations-Harassment, undated

Trembling Before G-D, undated

St. Louis Student Affairs Workshop on Homophobia, 1990

Other: Portraits of Multiracial Families, 1993-1995

Open House, 1995

Dialogue Days, 1995-1996

Farm Boys, 1995-1996

Crossing Borders, 1997

All God’s Children, 1998

Black Is Black Ain’t, 1998

Impossible Body, 1998

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Family Tour, 1998

You Don’t Know Dick, 1998

Rape, Aggression, Defense, 1999

If These Walls Could Talk, 2000

Tsotso Tiripano, 2000

The Last Locker Room: Homosexuality and Athletics, 2000-2001

Programming, 2000-2002

National Day of Silence, 2001

World Aids Day, 2001

Stevie Jay: Life Love Sex Death, 2001-2003

Previous Performers/Speakers for Events, 2002-2005

Culture Fest, 2003

Focus on Living: Portraits of Americans with HIV/AIDS, 2003

National Day of Silence, 2003

Coming Out Spiritually, 2004

Eric Hinman Performance, 2004

Events Write-Up Fall, 2004

I Was a Teenage Slut, 2004

Just As I Am: Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Minority Writers, 2004

National Coming Out Day, 2004

National Day of Silence, 2004

National Love Your Body Day, 2004

Pizza and the Polls, 2004

Sex, Dating, and Relationships, 2004

Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil, 2004

Events, 2004-2005

Pride Film Festival, 2004 , 2008

Hoosier Rights Campaign, 2005

Performance Ads, 2005-2006

Queer Film Festival, 2005

The Down Low: A Discussion About Race and Sexuality, 2005

Equality Ride, 2005-2006

Sponsored Events, 2005-2006

Program Ideas, 2006

Rainbow Riders, 2006

Planning, Notes, Etc., 2006-2007

Miscellaneous Events, 2006-2007