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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Subseries: Reviews, 1961-1998  

All of the following reviews were written by Dr. Grant

Box 17 Wallace, William A. Review of The Scientific Methodology of Theodoric of Freiberg: A Case Study of the Relationship between Science and Philosophy. Reviewed in Speculum 36, (Jan. 1961) : 188-194.

Gundell. Review of Weltbild und Astrologie in den Griechischen Zauberpapyri 1962 

Crombie, A. C., ed. Review of Scientific Change. Reviewed in American Biology Teacher 26, no. 3 (March 1964) : 216-218.

Lewis, C. S. Review of The Discarded Image: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Reviewed in Isis 56, part 1, no. 183 (1965) : 99-100.

Beaujouan, Guy. Review of Manuscrits Scientifiques Medievaux de L'Universite de Salamanque et de Ses "Colegios Mayores." Reviewed in Isis 56, part 2, no. 184 (1965) : 239-240.

St. Thomas Aquinas. Review of Commentary on Aristotle's Physics. Translated by Richard J. Blackwell, Richard J. Spath, and W. Edmund Thirlkel. Reviewed in Isis 56, part 4, no. 186 (1965) : 474-475.

Baron, Roger, ed. Review of Hugonis de Sancto Victore Opera Propaedeutica: Practica Geometriae, de Grammatica, Epitome Dindimi in Philosophiam. Reviewed in Isis 59, (1968) : 342-343.

Drake. Review of Two News Sciences by Galileo. 1968-1972  

Drake, Stillman and I. E. Drabkin. Review of Mechanics in Sixteenth-Century Italy. Selections from Tartaglia, Benedetti, Guido Ubaldo, & Galileo. Reviewed in Renaissance Quarterly 24, no. 3 (Autumn 1971) : 381-383.

Talbot, H. Review of Medicine in Medieval England. Reviewed in Science 171, no. 3966 (1971) : 55.

Pedersen, Olaf and Mogens Pihl. Review of Early Physics and Astronomy. Reviewed in Journal for the History of Astronomy 7, (1976) : 201-204.

Review of Lexikon des Mittelalters. Reviewed in Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 34, (July 1979) : 382-383.

Murray, Alexander. Review of Reason and Society in the Middle Ages. Reviewed in Isis 71, no. 257 (June 1980) : 340-341.

Gillispie, Charles C., ed. Review of The Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Reviewed in "The DSB: A Review Symposium" by Donald Fleming, Joseph Needham, Edward Grant, and Jacques Roger in Isis 71, (1980) : 633-652.

Hilfstein, Erna, Czartoryski, Pawel, and Frank D. Grande. Review of Science and History: Studies in Honor of Edward Rosen. Reviewed in Renaissance Quarterly 34, no. 2 (Summer 1981) : 213-215.

Wallace, William A. Review of Prelude to Galileo: Essays on Medieval and Sixteenth-Century Sources of Galileo's Thought. Reviewed in Science 214, no. 4516 (October 1981) : 55-56.

White, Lynn. Review of Medieval Religion and Technology: Collected Essays. Reviewed in Archives Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences 31, no. 106 (1981) : 215-217.

Poulle, Emmanuel. Review of Les Sources Astronomiques (Textes, Tables, Instruments). Reviewed in Isis 73, no. 269 (1982) : 596-597.

Maier, Anneliese. Review of On the Threshold of Exact Science: Selected Writings of Anneliese Maier on Late Medieval Natural Philosophy. Reviewed in Isis 74, no. 271 (1983) : 130-131.

Schmitt. Review of Aristotle and the Renaissance. 1983 

Jordanus de Nemore. Review of De Numeris Datis. Translated by Barnabas Bernard Hughes. Reviewed in Historia Mathematica, (1983) : 125-129.

Olson, Richard. Review of Science Deified and Science Defied: The Historical Significance of Science in Western Culture from the Bronze Age to the Beginnings of the Modern Era ca. 3500 B.C. to ca. A. D. 1640. Reviewed in Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 39, (Jan. 1984) : 88-89.

Ferruolo, Stephen C. Review of The Origins of the University: The Schools of Paris and their Critics, 1100-1215. Reviewed in History of Education Quarterly 26, no. 3 (Fall 1986) : 435-437.

Hansen, Bert, ed. Review of Nicole Oresme and the Marvels of Nature: A Study of His "De Causis Mirabilium" with Critical Edition, Translation, and Commentary. Reviewed in Isis 77, no. 286 (1986) : 186-187.

Jardine, Nicholas. Review of The Birth of History and Philosophy of Science: Kepler's "A Defence of Tycho against Ursus" with Essays on its Provenance and Significance. Reviewed in Journal for the History of Astronomy 17, part 2, (May 1986) : 137-140.

Pedersen, Fritz Saaby, ed. Review of Philomena de Dacia and Petrus de Sancto Audomaro, Opera Quadrivialia, 1: Opera Petri Philomenae; 2. Opera Petri de Sancto Audomaro. Reviewed in Speculum 61, (1986) : 248.

Review of Burley on Motion in a Vacuum 1987 

Duhem, Pierre. Review of Medieval Cosmology: Theories of Infinity, Place, Time Void, and the Plurality of Worlds. Reviewed in Speculum 62, no. 4 (Oct. 1987) : 927-929.

Gottfried. Review of Medieval Science and Society 1987 

Pflanze. Review of The Impact of Money... 1987 

North, John D. Review of Chaucer's Universe. Reviewed in Journal for the History of Astronomy 21, (1990) : 215-217.

Cobban, Alan B. Review of The Medieval English Universities: Oxford and Cambridge to c. 1500. Reviewed in Libraries & Culture, a Journal of Library History 25, no. 2 (Spring 1990) : 276-277.

Review of Oresme and Relativity of Motion. 1990 

Kieckhefer, Richard. Review of Magic in the Middle Ages. Reviewed in American Historical Review 96, (June 1991) : 853-854.

Dahlstrom, Daniel D., ed. Review of Nature and Scientific Method Reviewed in The Review of Metaphysics. , (Sept. 1992) : 149-151.

Review of Oresme and Ratios of Lesser Inequality 1991 

Iorio, Dominick A. Review of The Aristotelians of Renaissance Italy, A Philosophical Exposition. Reviewed in Isis 84, (1993). 

de Ridder-Symoens, Hilde, ed. Review of A History of the University in Europe. Reviewed in History of Education Quarterly 33, no. 3 (Fall 1993) : 395-398.

Unpublished review for Technology and Culture 1998 

Schmitt. Review of Experience and Experiment. undated