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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Subseries: Articles, 1960-1997 

The arrangement of this subseries closely follows the list of articles in Dr. Grant's Curriculum Vitae.

Box 16 "Nicole Oresme and his De Proportionibus Proportionum. " Isis51, no. 165 (1960) : 293-314.

"Nicole Oresme and the Commensurability or Incommensurability of Celestial Motions." Archive for History of Exact Sciences 1 (1961) : 420-458.

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"Jean Buridan: A 14th Century Cartesian." Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciences 16, no. 64 (1963) : 251-255.

"Aristotle's Shiphaulers' and Medieval Criticisms of His Law of Motion." Dixième Congrès International d'Histoire des Sciences 1 (1964) : 587-590.

This article is located in Oversize, Box 24.

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"Henricus Aristippus, William of Moerbeke and Two Alleged Mediaeval Translations of Hero's Pneumatica." Speculum 46, no. 4 (1971) : 656-669.

Materials relating to translation of Philo of Byzantium 1971-1972 

Essay Review of Marshall Clagett, Nicole Oresme and the Medieval Geometry of Qualities and Motions. A Treatise on the Uniformity and Difformity of Intensities known as "Tractatus de configurationibus qualitatum et motuum." Reviewed in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 3 (1972) : 167-182.

"Jordanus de Nemore" 1973 

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Dictionary of the Middles Ages articles 1978-1979 

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Articles in Press 1980-1983 

"History and Philosophy of Science" 1981 

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"Eloge: Edward Rosen" 1986 

"Anomalies in Medieval Science" 1987 

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Lynn White Memoir 1987-1988  

(2 folders)

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Obituary for Vic Thoren 1991-1992  

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