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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Subseries: Research for Much Ado About Nothing, (pub. 1981), undated 

Box 13 Manuscripts and enlargements undated 

(3 folders)

Box 14 Xeroxes relevant to chapter 8 undated 

(2 folders)

Al-Farabi & Peter of Alvernia: On vacuum undated 

Algazali: on void undated 

Amicus: on place undated 

Aristotle: on void undated 

Avicenna: on void undated 

Roger Bacon: on void undated 

Beauvais, Vincent of: on place undated 

Blasius of Parma:

on vacuum undated 

on void undated 

Nicolas Bonetas: on vacuum undated 

Bruno: infinite space undated 


on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

Walter Burley: on place undated 

Johannes Canonicus: on place undated 

Cardano undated 

Cardano, cont., equality of man undated 

Cleomedes: on vacuum undated 

Melchior Cornaeus undated 

Luis Coronel: on place undated 

Bartholomeo D'Amici:

on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

St. John of Damascus: on place undated 

Descartes on space undated 

"Fluid" void undated 

Gaetanus de Thienis undated 

Giovanni di Ascoli Graziadei undated 

Giovanni da Fontana undated 

PS Grosseteste: on place undated 

Henry of Ghent: on place undated 

Hero of Alexandria: on void undated 

Infinite space, Concept of undated 

Interstitial vacuum undated 

The Italian Natural Philosophers undated 

(2 folders)

J.B. de la Grange: on void undated 

Jesuits undated 

John of Jandun: on vacuum undated 

John of St. Thomas undated 

Jordanus de Nemorarius undated 

Albertus Magnus: on place undated 

Emanuel Maignan undated 

(2 folders)

Mathematical infinite, On the undated 

Moerbeke, William of undated 

Nature abhors a vacuum undated 

Nicholas of Autrecourt undated 

Ockham: on void undated 

Oresme: on void undated 

Box 15 Francesco Patrizi undated 

(2 folders)

Paul of Venice undated 

(2 folders)

Peter of Abano undated 

Petrus of Aureoli: on place undated 

John Philoponus: on void undated 

S. Pines: Islamischen Atomenlehre undated 

Place, misc. discussions undated 

Place and ubi undated 

Place, void, space undated 

(6 folders)

Giorgio Polacco undated 

Principle of intertia undated 

Regiomantus undated 

Aegidius Romanus: on place undated 

Rotation of Earth undated 

Duns Scotus: on place undated 

Separate void undated 

Siger of Brabant undated 

Simplicius: on vacuum undated 

Domingo Soto:

on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

Spinoza: on space undated 

Franciscus Toletus: on place undated 

Vacuum, Definitions of undated 

Void, General views on undated 

On void, space undated 

Void, space, action at a distance undated 

Void as discussed in hermetic literature undated 

Void, Experiments in middle ages undated 

Void space undated