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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Series: Research, 1955-1992 

See also box 24, which is the last box and contains index cards full of research notes.

Subseries: Miscellaneous

Box 11 University of Utrecht--Fulbright Scholarship 1955 

Research compiled from European manuscripts




Research notes taken in Europe undated 

(2 folders)

Box 12 Research notes taken in Europe undated 

(2 folders)

Miscellaneous microfilmed manuscripts undated 

Manuscripts by subject undated 

(2 folders)

Manuscripts by library undated 

Microfilm lists undated 

Subseries: Grant Proposals, 1961-1992  

Box 12 American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) 3 Feb 1961 

ACLS award 1974  

Guggenheim Foundation



Indiana University's Research Incentive Program 1979-1982 

NEH (National Endowment for Humanities)

Summer seminar




(2 folders)

Translation proposal 1983  

Proposal: The Medieval Cosmos 1984  

Grant 1984  

NSF (National Science Foundation)

Grants 1959-1971  

Grant G8674 1959-1960 

Grant proposals 1961-1963 

6S-66 May 1963 

Grants: Purchase requisitions 1963-1965  

Grant GS-1074 1966-1968 

Publication subsidy 1967 

Grant GS-1961 1970-1972 

Grants: proposals 1971-1974  

Proposals 1979-1982 

Proposal: The Medieval World View 1979-1982 

Box 13 NSF, cont. Grant: Scientific inertia 1980-1982  

Proposals 1982-1989  

Proposal: The Medieval Cosmos 1984-1989  

NSF-NEH Proposal for Medieval Cosmos 1989  


Proposal: Medieval Cosmos 1990 

Application 1990 

Dir-901 1540 1991-1992 

Newberry Library 1980  

Rockefeller Foundation 1974  

Subseries: Research for articles 1962-1976 

Box 13 Aristotle's Shiphaulers 1962  

Mathematical uncertainty in middle ages undated 

Part I of Oresme's Algorismus Proportionum 1965 

Place and space in medieval physical thought 1976  

(2 folders)

Subseries: Research for Oresme: De Proportionibus...,(pub. 1966), undated 

Box 13 Research/notes undated 

Notes undated 

(4 folders)

Microfilmed manuscripts undated 

(2 folders)

Subseries: Research for Oresme: Kinematics of Circular Motion, (pub. 1971), undated 

Box 13 Arsenal 522 undated 

Florence ASHB 210 undated 

Lawrence de Fundis undated 

Utrecht 725 undated 

Vatican Lat 4082, Pepys 2329 undated 

(2 folders)

Notes and comments undated 

BN 7281 undated 

Cicero on great year undated 

Johannes de Mures undated 

Theodosius of Tripoli undated 

Transparencies undated 

Subseries: Research for A Source Book, (pub. 1974), undated 

Box 13 Research for book, early materials undated 

(2 folders)

Subseries: Research for Much Ado About Nothing, (pub. 1981), undated 

Box 13 Manuscripts and enlargements undated 

(3 folders)

Box 14 Xeroxes relevant to chapter 8 undated 

(2 folders)

Al-Farabi & Peter of Alvernia: On vacuum undated 

Algazali: on void undated 

Amicus: on place undated 

Aristotle: on void undated 

Avicenna: on void undated 

Roger Bacon: on void undated 

Beauvais, Vincent of: on place undated 

Blasius of Parma:

on vacuum undated 

on void undated 

Nicolas Bonetas: on vacuum undated 

Bruno: infinite space undated 


on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

Walter Burley: on place undated 

Johannes Canonicus: on place undated 

Cardano undated 

Cardano, cont., equality of man undated 

Cleomedes: on vacuum undated 

Melchior Cornaeus undated 

Luis Coronel: on place undated 

Bartholomeo D'Amici:

on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

St. John of Damascus: on place undated 

Descartes on space undated 

"Fluid" void undated 

Gaetanus de Thienis undated 

Giovanni di Ascoli Graziadei undated 

Giovanni da Fontana undated 

PS Grosseteste: on place undated 

Henry of Ghent: on place undated 

Hero of Alexandria: on void undated 

Infinite space, Concept of undated 

Interstitial vacuum undated 

The Italian Natural Philosophers undated 

(2 folders)

J.B. de la Grange: on void undated 

Jesuits undated 

John of Jandun: on vacuum undated 

John of St. Thomas undated 

Jordanus de Nemorarius undated 

Albertus Magnus: on place undated 

Emanuel Maignan undated 

(2 folders)

Mathematical infinite, On the undated 

Moerbeke, William of undated 

Nature abhors a vacuum undated 

Nicholas of Autrecourt undated 

Ockham: on void undated 

Oresme: on void undated 

Box 15 Francesco Patrizi undated 

(2 folders)

Paul of Venice undated 

(2 folders)

Peter of Abano undated 

Petrus of Aureoli: on place undated 

John Philoponus: on void undated 

S. Pines: Islamischen Atomenlehre undated 

Place, misc. discussions undated 

Place and ubi undated 

Place, void, space undated 

(6 folders)

Giorgio Polacco undated 

Principle of intertia undated 

Regiomantus undated 

Aegidius Romanus: on place undated 

Rotation of Earth undated 

Duns Scotus: on place undated 

Separate void undated 

Siger of Brabant undated 

Simplicius: on vacuum undated 

Domingo Soto:

on place undated 

on vacuum undated 

Spinoza: on space undated 

Franciscus Toletus: on place undated 

Vacuum, Definitions of undated 

Void, General views on undated 

On void, space undated 

Void, space, action at a distance undated 

Void as discussed in hermetic literature undated 

Void, Experiments in middle ages undated 

Void space undated 

Subseries: Research for Jordanus de Nemore (unpublished) undated 

Box 15 Jordanus: Biblioteque Nationale BN16644 undated 

(2 folders)

Biblioteque Nationale 14737 undated 

(2 folders)

Cambridge Univ. Library 1876 undated 

Milano manuscript C-241INF undated 

(2 folders)

Box 16 Pepys 2329 undated 

(2 folders)

Photocopy of Vatican Manuscript undated 

(2 folders)

Vatican manuscript 2120 undated 

(3 folders)

Vat. Lat. 4455 undated 

(2 folders)

Grant's notes undated 

(2 folders)