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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Series: Student work 1950-1959  

Box 10 City College in New York

Undergrad term paper May 1950  

Ancient Science Fall 1950  

History II-Ancient Greece 1950  

Ancient History undated 

(University of Wisconsin)

History of Pharmacy Fall 1951 

European Social/Intell. History undated 

Ancient philosophy Fall 1951 

History of Science 1a Fall 1951 

120b History of Science Spring 1951-1952  

(2 folders)

History of Science Fall 1952 

Medieval philosophy Spring 1952-1953  

Various grad courses 1953 

(2 folders)

Notes undated 

Samuel Butler notes undated 

Term papers for hist. of science 1953 

(2 folders)

Term paper: Robert Bacon undated 

Term Paper: Dante and Renaissance 1953 

1a History of Science Fall 1953 

282 Hist. of Science Fall 1953 

(3 folders)

Box 11 170 Hist. of science Spring 1953  

Seminar 205 Fall 1954  

Graduate notes 1951-1957,  1954-1957 

(6 folders)

Medieval Culture 1954-1957 

(2 folders)

120b Medieval science 1954-1957 

Graduate notes: Wisconsin, Columbia Univ. 1954-1957 

Integrated Liberal studies Spring 1957  

History of Italy Spring 1957  

Notes/Research undated 

(2 folders)

Graduate notes--Harvard University Spring 1959  

(2 folders)


(Title page-Chapter V) 1957 

(Chapter VI) 1957 

(Chapter VII-end) 1957 

Doctoral Thesis (same as above) 1957