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Edward Grant papers, 1950-2001

Subseries: Subseries: Materials relating to courses at Indiana University, 1961- 2000  

Box 4 X207--The Occult in Western Civilization

Experimental Course Proposal Fall 1973  

Clippings on occult


(3 folders)



Course Syllabi

Fall 1976,  1979,  1980 

Fall 1980,  1984,  1985 

Fall 1985  

Fall 1986  

Fall 1987  

Fall 1991  

Fall 1998  

Spring 1998  

Questionnaires Spring 1977-1978  

Quiz 2 undated 

5 week exams 1975-1991 

10 week exams 1976-1988  

15 week exams 1974-1988  

Miscellaneous, outlines, notes undated 

(2 folders)

Readings Packet Spring 1998  

(2 folders)

Introductory Lecture Fall 1976-1991  

Occult Powers Fall 1979 

Magic Fall 1980 

Magic Lecture II Fall 1991  

Magic Lectures Spring 1998  

X207, cont. Astrology undated 

Bibliographies on occult topics undated 

Egyptian Magic undated 

ESP undated 

Gnosticism, Cabala, Hermeticism undated 

Magic in Middle Ages undated 

Medieval Cosmos undated 

Notes on evidence undated 

Notes on the occult undated 

Notes on scientism undated 

Notes on skepticism undated 

Possession and exorcism undated 

Box 5 Spiritualism undated 

Superstition undated 

UFOs undated 

Witchcraft undated 

(3 folders)

Memorabilia from course undated 

X211, Survey of the History of Science Fall 1973  


Questionnaire Spring 1974  

Jan 1975  

Apr 1975  

X336, Religion and Science

Handwritten Notes (no order) undated 

(2 folders)

Religion and Science Fall 1971 

Introduction Fall 1985  

(2 folders)

Egypt and Mesopotamia Fall 1985  

Plato lecture Fall 1985  

Spring 1992  

(706) Student papers Spring 1992  

Aristotle lecture undated 

Galileo lecture undated 

Newton lecture undated 

Various lectures undated 

(2 folders)

17th Century England undated 

18th Cent. Theology undated 

19th Cent. undated 

Miscellaneous papers undated 

Box 6 X336, cont. The advent of Christianity undated 

Aristotelianism in 16th Cent. undated 

Copernicus undated 

Eternity of world undated 

Genealogy and age of Earth undated 

Greek religion undated 

(2 folders)

Hermeticism undated 

Hexaemeral literature undated 

Hooykaas undated 

Islam undated 

(2 folders)

Medieval science and theology undated 

History of science film course:

The Ascent of Man undated 

Film Lists undated 

M500 Bibliography of medieval studies undated,  Spring 1987 

(2 folders)

X501, History of Science

Mimeographed sheets 1961-1963  

Fall 1962 

Student Papers Fall 1962  

X502, Medieval Medicine Spring 1959-1960  

X505, History of Science

General Fall 1966-Spring 1991  

Miscellaneous handouts undated 

X505/405, Lectures 1-37 1971,  1979 

Introduction 1977,  1991 

Miscellaneous student papers


1981,  1985,  1991 


1987,  1989,  1991 

Spring 1987  


Spring 1987  

Spring 1989  

Spring 1991 

Handouts/Exams Spring 1991 

Alchemy undated 

Box 7 X505, cont. Ancient Egypt undated 

Ancient and Medieval science undated 

Aristotle undated 

(2 folders)

Aristotle's scientific method undated 

Bibliography on the history of medieval science undated 

Bibliography on special topics undated 

Biographical sheets undated 

Early Middles Ages chartres undated 

Egypt and Mesopotamia undated 

Greek Astronomy undated 

Greek Biology undated 

Greek Mathematics undated 

(2 folders)

Greek Medicine undated 

Hexaemeral literature undated 

Intention and remission of forms undated 

Islam undated 

Medieval cosmos undated 

Medieval dynamics undated 

Medieval Latin medicine undated 

Medieval optics undated 

Mesopotamia undated 

Box 8 X505, cont. Plato undated 

Plurality of worlds undated 


pluralists, atomists undated 

monists undated 

The problem of motion in middle ages undated 

Proportions of motion undated 

Science in late antiquity undated 

What is motion? undated 


Lectures undated 

History of Science Survey Fall 1993 

Student papers

Fall 1993 

Fall 1994 

Aristotle celestial region undated 

Christianity undated 

Latin encyclopedists undated 

Neoplatonism undated 

Ptolemy undated 

X520, Logic of Science Fall 1960 

X521, Student papers Fall 1968  

H610, Philosophy and Science in Medieval Thought

Fall 1968  

Handwritten notes Fall 1970 

The medieval university Fall 1981  

Medieval intellectual history


(2 folders)

Fall 1984 

Medieval universities Spring 1986  

Intellectual history and universities Spring 1987 

Fall 1989  

(2 folders)

Spring 1992  

(2 folders)

Box 9 X614, X615, Handwritten notes 1967-1973  

X614, Colloquium in Medieval Science Spring 1982  

X616, Ancient Atomism Fall 1968  

(2 folders)

X617 Fall 1988  

X705, Seminar in History of Medieval Science

Spring 1996  

Lecture on Med. Natural Philosophy Spring 1996  

Medieval universities Spring 1996  

The Medieval university and the reception of Aristotelian learning Spring 1996  

Translations Spring 1996  

Doing science in late middle ages Spring 1996  

Renaissance of late 12th Cent. Spring 1996  

Seminar: Medieval Optics Spring 1963  

Course Proposal: Medieval World View undated 

Bibliographies: Medieval Science undated 

Ph.D. Qualifying Exams 1969,  1980,  1991-1993 


Occult Spring 2000  

Clippings Spring 2000  

10 week exam Spring 2000  

15 week exam Spring 2000